Sweet Escape: Last Weekend Was Better

Sweet Escape: Last Weekend Was Better

Ok, well this was last Saturday’s picnic in the park and 78 degree sun warming our toesies. Don’t you love our picnic goodness? All the essentials right there, baby.

This Saturday it is supposed to snow. Whatever.

Love to you all…I’m going to dig out my mittens again.

EDITED TO ADD: PS. Yes, notice my last few posts. I’m having some serious issues. Lots of Sweet Escape posts, posts about beds and now junk food. So not glamorous. Such is my life.


  1. Melissa,

    Looks like you had a wonderful picnic with all of the essentials! You are my kind of gal. So sorry that you are having to pull out the mittens, once again! Yuck. I guess that will be a good excuse to build a cozy fire and move your picnic indoors. There is good in everything!

    Things are coming along at our beach house. We ordered patio furniture today, and even added some Sunbrella pieces to the order. Thanks for the tip! We also took care of ordering a couch from Pottery Barn, so I am moving forward. Any progress happening on your beach house remodel?

    Sending big hugs to my BFF!


  2. It’s good to know you have vices too. I sometimes think I’m the only one doing this kind of thing!

  3. I was wondering myself over at the Green Greek if I should opt for Spring or Winter photos in my posts. And I was wondering about photos altogether at the Happy Turtle. So , yes, this week end I have some issues, too, you might say…with photography!
    Do you know how Oreos got their name? Perhaps I should write a post, but that may take long, so here is the story:
    The name has nothing to do with the Wikipedia posts. I’ve got firsthand from a friend who used to live in Chicago and recently came back. It comes from the Greek word Oreos, menaing beautiful. But I must write about that in more detail!
    Whatever you do, have a nice, soul filling time.

  4. God! Look at that spelling! Am I in a hurry!

  5. It’s a sweet, sweet life. You just enjoy it!

  6. WOW, those are DEF MY picnic essentials…LOVE LOVE LOVE A & W Root Beer…I knew you were my kind of gal! :D NO WAY are you getting snow?!!! You poor dear…where in the tarnation do you live? I am wishing you LOTS and LOTS of “spring-like” weather today!! Have a blessed weekend… :)

  7. Wow, Melissa, that is crazy weather! Hope tings get nice and stay nice for you soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Snow??????UGH. I would take the Oreo’s and head for bed.

    StaY warm this weekend.

  9. Snow? Outrageous!

    I’d love just such a picnic!

  10. And I was just thinking that the picnic had gone the way of the dinosaur. Looks like it was chocolatey fun.

    – suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  11. Uh, oh, sweetheart…seems what you need is a fabulous PROJECT ! Nothing like a good project to get our minds full, our blood circulating and get EXCITED. Excitment is the stuff we’re made of so if you are wanting to eat, escape, and sleep….
    YOU GO FIND A GOOD PROJECT…and then, please share it with US !
    HUGS and more hugs,

  12. I LOVE Doritos! I could eat a whole bag on my own with no problem! I do believe Mother Nature is confused! We also have been having odd weather. First it’s in the 80’s then it’s a Freeze Warning then back into the 80’s and so on.

    Take care,


  13. BJ, Yeah, I’m definitely WORKING A LOT and a good project would be most fun. I’m still working on that magnetic chalkboard door from the Spring Fluffing Post! I’ll share it when it is done. Had a little glitch in trying to make it magnetic, but got that solved now. And really, all that junk food wasn’t for me. It was for my son to make the picnic special since we eat NO JUNK food on a regular basis. Really, it was for my son! I ate some of it. Ok, half of it.

  14. I truly believe that a bit of junk food now and then is good for the soul.

    Some days my soul runneth over. Sometimes we just have to say amen to abundance.

  15. My kind of day! I love your blog. Next to painting I’m a real house devotee, and I always look forward to your posts.

  16. You get some homemade chocolate chips on the table and I will come up…oh, wait…did you say SNOW?!?! We were out at the ball fields this morning and it was in the 80’s…sounds like you need a VACATION to someplace WARM (Ft. Lauderdale is great this time of year…hint hint!!) ;)


  17. Snow? Say it isn’t so!

    It has been unusally warm here for April. We have had 2 days in the mid 80’s…..I am not complaining!

    I think it’s quite OK to have a snacking spurge now and again and lazy mornings in bed. Hubby and I schedule snack feasts…..where we get dressed in our PJ’s and just have all sorts of yummy snacky foods on a tray in out room on the bed. We call them bed picnics. I think that is what you need!

    Good Weekend, my Friend
    :-) Rosie

  18. Chie Nicolaisen says:


    Jst live life to the fullest…ENJOY the best of it…

    Have a nice w/nd!

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  19. Yes, you took all my favorites on your picnic! :)

    Your weather sounds a lot like ours here in Ohio.
    I don’t dare plant annuals until the middle of May…and even then its if-y.

    Kimberly :)

  20. Yep… sometimes we need to speak comfort and rest into our lives. I know that I do!

  21. It snowed like mad for about 10 minutes today! Wow, glad the weather man warned us about that! That is snow for Portland, Oregon. Usually not much to worry about! :-)

  22. Yes I agree….Just had a fun day away shopping at the barn with Heather Bullard my sisnlaw..and ate an amazing cupcake.. yummy!
    We all need that away time from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and….. work….. oh yeah and blogging:)


  23. Oh gosh please don’t say snow…. I have my herbs… and tomatoe plants,…cucumbers… zucchini…. okra… etc… ready to be planted…. its like 80 here… been way too hot for April and I am doing my best to keep the air off…. I don’t get along with heat…. anything over 65 is too hot for me!!

    Looks like a good time with that picnic…. oreos…

    You go girl.. enjoy that junk food..!!



  24. Ohhh A&W Rootbeer! The best way to picnic! Hope your weather turns back around and warms up soon..

  25. Nothing wrong with dreaming or going off the rails every now and then. All looks and sounds great to me. Sally Ann http://www.agoodsort.com

  26. Hey Melissa – tough isn’t it? We had that lovely forcast last weekend – and thankfully no snow came – so I’m hoping that your forcast ends up the same! It’s raining and high 50’s – low 60’s here – however two days ago it was 81…..go figure!
    Have a great weekend!!

  27. I tend to escape to picnics and dreams of far away places too when the weather gets yucky or the days get overwhelming =) It’s sunny here but cold still. However the weatherman assures us that it’ll be in the 70’s today. Of course, he also said it would rain three days ago, and it did…. yesterday! Predictably unpredictable. Blessings… Polly

  28. Dear Melissa,

    Hugs to you bug – wow it snowed? It level 3 tropical stormed here yesterday.

    hugs bug


  29. I love that your posts are so real Melissa, ahhh rootbeer and chips, it just doesn’t get much better!
    love j

  30. That’s my kind of picnic!!!! :) Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. It is funny how fast time goes by and it’s the little things like a picnic or footprints that we remember.
    Jen R

  31. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    LOLOLOL! Hey, what is a picnic without a little junk food? Just don’t let the ants carry off those Oreos! Got milk?


  32. Snow? Oh gosh, Spring has just arrived here, and I would hate if it started snowing again ;-) Hope your weekend was lovely, with or without mittens ;-)

  33. Spring can’t make up its mind here either. We had snow yesterday – are you in the Pacific Northwest? But today, Sunday, the sun is shining again and hopefully the temperatures will warm up this week. Then you can have more picnics – with magazines (the best kind) soon!

  34. Melissa, your “edit” got me laughing, Let’s get real… is anybody’s life really glamorous? Glamour is a mirage… We just do the best we can to make our lives feel glamorous, but when it comes down to it glamour is really only in fairy tales. Let’s face it, laundry and dishes have to get washed, housecleaning has to be done, diapers have to be changed, cars need repairs, …none of which encapsulate my idea of glamour.

    Beauty, on the other hand, is real and attainable. Just bring in some flowers or beautiful fabrics or special furniture or lovely paint color. People with real families and real “unairbrushed” homes and real complicated lives might not have a glamorous life, but we CAN live beautifully in spite of it all. (Nod to Alexandra.) And, Melissa, you inspire us to live beautifully! For that we say, “thank you!”


  35. Thank YOU all for understanding and being here whether I talk about gorgeous fabrics, beautiful living or the disasters of life. Somehow they all tie together for me, in that crazy mixed up package of life! It is all beautiful in its own sort of way. :-)

    Girls, YOU make blogging so special, and I am humbled and honored to find you all here no matter what my life looks like! LOVE YOU ALL!

  36. Well…..you had all my favorite food groups represented so I don’t see any problem. It seems to be consistent with what I have been consuming for dinner the last 2 weeks. This too shall pass!
    Lisa & Alfie

  37. To me, the more scary thing is…. this is exactly what I would have chosen (except diet A and W root beer with my oreos, please!)

  38. It seems that so many people’s spring is turning to snow. I am glad to say that we have warmer weather forecast but certainly not in the 70’s as you now seem to have.
    Enjoyed all the escape posts.

  39. Looks like someone needs a vacation….. Hope life and the weather settle down soon.

  40. this is glamorous says:

    Read the “snow” part in disbelief–at least it was a short burst and hopefully it’s much, much better now! Hope you had a lovely weekend regardless.


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