Outdoor Rooms: Create Your Own Escape!

Outdoor Rooms: Create Your Own Escape!

Thought you might enjoy a peek into the backyard of a fellow reader! I completely gasped when Teresa sent me her photos! This property is MAGNIFICENT! I’d feel like I lived a resort everyday!

Outdoor Rooms: Create Your Own Escape!

While not everyone can live on a property this expansive with such a glorious view and beautiful features, we can use whatever space we have to create a magical escape for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be big and glorious, it can be small and intimate. This is part of evaluating the space you have and deciding how to use it. If you make use of what you already have and use it effectively, you can conjure up a perfectly wonderful experience wherever you are! Teresa has definitely made the most of her space. I hope we are all invited over for a pool party!

Outdoor Rooms: Create Your Own Escape!

This photos are the property of Teresa Andersen, click here to visit her blog! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely space with us, Teresa!


  1. I so love wispy curtains outside. It just makes you feel like your in an Arabian romance movie! I am planning a new space out front……don’t know how far along I’ll get with it this year….but know I know….it has to have wispy curtains. :-) Rosie

  2. Melissa, this is gorgeous! We looked at gazebo’s today. I’d love to work one in at the edge of our patio. I think I might just have to have some of those wispy curtains…if this dream comes true!


  3. This is a glorious outdoor space. I’m so glad your reader shared with all of us.

    I have a gazebo on my wishlist, too. I want to put it in our woods. We got the bridge over our creek bed. Now if we can just get the gazebo.

  4. Alison Gibbs says:

    Wow – lucky Teresa.
    She has a beautiful outdoor area.

  5. WOW! That is incredible!

  6. This is gorgeous. One can have all that she has created(provided you are loaded with money) except those tall magnificent mountains in the back ground. How do you get those??

    Where is this property?


  7. My goodness, I’d never leave my house if my backyard looked like that :) Absolutely stunning.


  8. WOW…stunning doesn’t even describe it. When is Teresa having us ALL over? ;)

    I will have to shoot some pics from our two porches (one atrium and one covered patio) – although they are nothing like this.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  9. Oh Teresa – what a lovely garden you have ! Thank you SO much for sharing !! Oh I feel like I am THERE!


    Hugs bug Ms Melissa!

  10. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Beautiful!!!!!

  12. What gorgeous spaces! I think I’d only need an itty-bitty house if I had these outdoor spaces to live in. Spaces to enjoy with family and friends … or by oneself, reflecting on all the goodness in life.

  13. Breathtaking for sure! I am in Arizona visiting many resorts with views such as these! How blessed are these owners to have such Oasis in their own back yards!!

  14. what a beautiul back yard…i want that pool!!!
    xxxooo Ruth

  15. Oh how I love the outdoors. I’m happiest in my gardens.
    I simply adore the rustic bench with the shabby chic
    pillows, below. We are building a screened in back porch
    this summer and I want some funiture like this. I already
    have a iron bed that’s going in it. Looooove all the
    decorating ideas.

    Hugs, RoseMarie

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a beautiful blog here, I love the pictures of the rooms oh and the post about your daughter getting married – that is beautiful!

  17. Very, very nice! It will be a few weeks before I can send photos ’cause it will be that long before I can plant flowers, get out the lawn furniture, etc. :)

  18. I’m her sister and I just love her backyard, it is a die for yard, she does wonderful things all over her place; inside and out. I’m glad she shared it with you all.

  19. What a beautiful place!

  20. where is this???? so gorgeous!!! California?

  21. Breathtakingly beautiful!

  22. Stunning garden!!!!

  23. This looks like the area where I grew up (the mountains in the back), although we didn’t have such a huge backyard or view — San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks Ca???? Beautiful

  24. Lovely…I think the outdoor bar is so neat!

  25. She has a gorgeous yard! I’d never go on vacation – it’s so beautiful!


  26. wow…. that gazebo is awesome… when is the party ?

  27. A very sweet escape indeed! The view is amazing, as is all the billowy white fabric.

    {Hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend.}

  28. Oh, so pretty…makes me want to redo my backyard

  29. May I please move here? :-)


  30. I love this, it reminds me of Charleston, SC or Savannah… All it’s missing are live oaks dripping with spanish moss and magnolia trees

  31. Outdoor spaces are my favorite!!



  32. Thank you for all the great outdoor room posts, great inspiration!

  33. How fun to see my pictures on your blog- Seeing as I love visiting your site. Thanks

  34. What a fabulous post! I love peaking into other people’s outdoor rooms … and these images are lovely.


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