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Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

by | May 15, 2008 | Gardens & Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

I’ve had a number of readers send me photos and links to great outdoor rooms. THANK YOU so much, you are all so helpful to me, thank you! I will be sharing each and everyone of your ideas and photos over time! Today I thought I would share some photos from Australian garden designer Peter Fudge. I found his amazing portfolio through Australian reader Chantal, who has the lovely blog Interior Dreaming. I was so inspired by the photos of this landscape designer. As much as I love color and flowers, I am always drawn to green gardens.

I love the idea of using shapes, layers and textures to create interest. This designer has done a masterful job! This is just a small sampling of his work.

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

I love this! Repeating plants down a walkway and a piece of garden statuary. Stunning!

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

LOVE! What a nice little spot to sit and enjoy the layers of greenery!

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

Symmetry always works well and is visually soothing

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

Cozy seating in dappled shade and pretty spring pillows!

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

Love the use of vine covered old shutters and chandelier in the outdoor space.

Outdoor Rooms: Layers of Green

A few ideas for thought:

  • Try repeating plants along borders for a unified and cohesive look
  • Create layers of green plants utilizing different shapes & textures
  • Utilize evergreen shrubs as a base for long lasting garden landscapes
  • Use old shutters, thrift store tables, old chairs and garden statues to create architectural interest
  • Use outdoor fabric to make pillows for benches

Photos: Peter Fudge


  1. Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

    Stunning post! We are just about to start a major renovation to our outdoor entertainment area and these gorgeous photo’s are just the sort of thing we are going for. Thanks for sharing Melissa, I will have to show my husband to inspire him!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  2. CC


    I’ve blogged a few times before but have yet to “introduce myself” to you nor tell you how much I love your blog! It’s one of those simple things in life that make me happy. You’ve always got such beautiful pictures and ideas to share with us. Thank you!!!!

    We too have a Westie! Aren’t they just the best!?!?! They think life is all about them and they are always sooooooo happy to see you. :)

  3. My Mélange

    Lovely, all of them. My fav is the last one. It looks so French to me…

  4. janet

    I love the “green-ness” and all the textures …so soothing.


  5. Virginia

    Sipping my coffee, visiting your blog – what a way to start the morn! I’ve got hedges, boxwoods on my list to revamp my backyard. These pictures clinch the deal. Thank you, Melissa, for adding such beauty to the day!

  6. Pat

    I love these spaces, Melissa. Of course, I love the look of the shutters. We’re talking over an idea to remove the ceiling fan and use a chandelier on our back porch.

    I have a few photos of our outdoor spaces on my current post. We’re finally having a few sunny days, between storms, etc. So we did a little outdoor shopping therapy, yesterday.


  7. Kari

    Hey girlfriend!
    Thanks for popping by…I’m sorry your guy wasn’t there on Tues…did you enjoy the show though? Hopefully so! We shall see what happens next week…

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the picts you have this post…NATURE is the best design because it’s made by THE designer! Isn’t it great how much serenity and peace it brings us when we stop and enjoy it?! Great ideas as always, Melissa!! :) Thanks for sharing…

    Have a wonderful day!! :)

  8. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    It’s an incredibly cool and refreshing look that this designer has created. Perfect for summer heat!

  9. Christi from Charm & Grace

    I checked out a book from our library recently called Garden Room by Timothy Mawson. It has some exquisite outdoor spaces. I am the cottage garden lover, so I am dreaming of having a “really and truly” cottage to live in someday soon (I want to downsize from my 5 BR, 4 BA, 3 level home desperately) and with it a lovely, manageable cottage garden. Your photos inspire me with all their lush green-ness!


  10. Lara

    I would really love to spend the day in that space today. What an inspiration! I agree with Janet… sooo soothing.

  11. Rhoda

    Beautiful pics! I’m always on the lookout for some pretty shabby pieces to use outside. I love to add those to the garden areas and plan on doing more. Thanks for the eye candy!


  12. Beverly

    Melissa, I could just sit down amongst all of this beauty and soak it in. The problem would be that I would never get any work done.

  13. Donna Kay

    THat last picture is definitely my favorite with the shutters and chandy – what great pictures – thanks.

  14. Carla

    I WANT THIS YARD!!!!!! Love everything about it!

  15. A-M

    Melissa, I have awarded you a ‘Kreativ Blogger’ award. I think it originated in Sweden amongst my Swedish friends, also obsessed with interiors! I have mentioned you in my post today so hopefully you’ll meet more lovely bloggers. Now to make my coffee, enjoy the dawn, while my boys sleep, and savour your images. Have a great day. A-M xx

  16. Seeb

    I love all that cozy places especially pillows,what great colors,white and green,spring:)
    thanks,in my last post I had a collection of garden accessories,
    fill free to check out in spare time.

  17. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    These are gorgeous. I love those old worn shutters with the ivy growing along side of it. I currently have a very barren back yard, but am working on making it my dream yard. I have several used shutters like this lying around in my studio, I will now have to find a place to implement this idea. Gorgeous:)

  18. Lorajean

    I am swooning over every one of these images!! *sigh* i love beautiful landscaping!

  19. Trina

    I heart an outdoor chandelier…now if I could only convince my husband!

  20. Chantal

    Thank you sooo much for the mention of my blog, I am fairly new to the blogging world and I am still trying to find my feet. I have also linked you to my blog. If all your readers love what you have just posted they are in for a treat when you publish more on peter on when they discover PB. (Don’t want to give away the surprise) Thanks again Melissa it is so nice to see comments on my posts.

    Chantal Butcher
    interior dreaming

  21. Wonders Never Cease

    So pretty. And I do love a shutter screen.
    Thank you for all that gorgeous green.
    Very restful.

  22. diana

    shopping list for my plain jane yard… chippy shutters,ivy,outdoor chandy, crusty old statue,boxwoods… oh so much inspiration…. thank you melissa.

  23. JO

    Wow simply stunning ….. love that path of lavender… can you imagine the heavenly scent as you take a walk?… the shutters with the ivy is another favorite….. one could lose oneself in the beauty of it all…

    Wish I had a yard… right now …. making do with what I have…. thanks for the fabulous ideas!!


  24. All Things Blue

    Stunning pictures. I wonder if I can cram all these beautiful ideas into my tiny garden (and still have room for my son’s ‘soccer field’). I’ve found your blog through A-M, and she’s absolutely right to pass the ‘kreativ blogger’ on to you.
    Have a great day!

  25. this is glamorous

    In love with the last space, with the vine-covered shutters–so idyllic . . .

  26. Alexandra

    Oh, how charming and luscious. Beeeautiful.

  27. VO

    I’ve really enjoyed visiting your site; fantastic pictures and a wonderful source of ideas!
    Hope you don’t mind if I added your link to my blog.
    Love from France.

  28. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi M!! How are you sweet lady! Peter Fudge’s work is amazing isn’t it? This garden is SUPREME! We too love color but like to keep it contained in pots, the background always looks fresh and gorgeous then! We have some other fantastic Aussie gardeners too, surprise hey? We are not all desert and kangaroos !! lol Have a gorgeous Sunday dear Meli! Hugs to you and Winston :) xoxo

  29. M&Co

    Beautiful! Perfect inspiration .-)


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