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Sweet Escape: Playtime

by | May 16, 2008 | Sweet Escape

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Sweet Escape: Playtime

Sweet Escape: Playtime

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could be a kid again? At least the part where you could head to the park to play without a care in the world? Where you could spin and twirl and laugh the day away?

Sweet days. Relive them as best you can!

Happy weekend, everyone! xoxo

Photos: My son at the park


  1. M.Kate

    When my children were babies, I wished they grow up so I dont have to change diapers and wake up at night, then they were toddler and so cute and wished they never grow up and now entering into teenager-hood, i wish they are forever toddlers. Yes, we all wish to be a child again, carefree and problem-free :)

  2. Alison Gibbs

    How much fun it would be to be a child again. They have much better toys and playgrounds now.

  3. melissa lewis - off the wall

    Oh yes indeedy! I just love watching the world through a kids eye’s. Its so spectacular and fun!

    What a sweet post.

  4. Kari

    YES, sister…I sure do!!! :D Esp on the days when my back hurts or I’m tired and I watch my kids run circles around me!!! Yeah, try those makeup items out….I am totally pleased with them. If you like COLOR girl, and I’m sure you do…you’ll love the eye shadows!! :) What did you think about AI this week? Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  5. cathy

    I’d love to run off to the playground and play!!! I never thought I would long for the days when my children were toddlers, but I do now… they are getting married, having their own children…hey, I’ll have a grandbaby soon to take to the park….maybe I’ll just relive some of those days with the little one:)))

  6. this is glamorous

    Looks like he’s having fun :) Happy weekend {again}, Melissa!

  7. Diana

    Looks fun – missing the playground!

  8. rosieswhimsy

    Yes indeed ……. I am so looking forward to revisiting all these fun times when grandbaby arrives. I think I will cherish even more each stage this baby goes through than my own children…..and that was pretty fabulous! :-) Rosie

  9. Trina

    What great pictures. Life is so simple and makes much more sense, actually, when we see things the way children do. A great reminder for the weekend! Have a great one!
    Trina xx

  10. Donna Kay

    Lately, I have wished for many days like that! Just some “me” time. But we Moms always feel so selfish when we think like that. Thanks for the “swing”!!!!


  11. Beverly

    I would definitely love spinning and twirling. But, I do think these days it would make me dizzy.

  12. Polly

    Thank heavens there’s Heaven! We’ll get to play again =) Blessings… Polly

  13. Teri

    I would love to climb the crab apple tree in my parents backyard with a book & escape like I used to. We had some serious flooding in our area & FEMA bought the neighborhood out, tore down all the houses and made a park out of the area. My childhood home is gone but that tree is standing there yet. So are all the dreams that a little me dreamed all those many years ago. I think someday soon I will pack a picnic lunch, take my two little ones still at home there and read to them under my tree.

  14. julia

    Hi Melissa,
    oh what sweet pictures of your son! days at the parks with the kids were some of the most memorable times ever. This is a really special post. Thank you Melissa.
    love j

  15. Becky K.

    Those were the days…

    It is fun to drop the heavy stuff of life and just spend time out there with the kids, enjoying the things they enjoy.

    Happy weekend!

    Becky K.

  16. Seeb

    I think the kid inside me is still alive,I love playing with my 5year old son.We have to treasure these moments.the time fly and they turn to young man that have no time for playing with us:)
    I enjoyed your escape to childhood,it’s my everyday escape.these escapes help us to remain fresh as kids.

  17. Jrizzo

    Oh to have the simplicity of being a kid again! THe funny thing is my kid’s always say they want to be grown up!
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I am glad I stopped by here, have a great weekend!
    JEn R

  18. Jrizzo

    Oh to have the simplicity of being a kid again! THe funny thing is my kid’s always say they want to be grown up!
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I am glad I stopped by here, have a great weekend!
    JEn R

  19. Penny

    I need to schedule in a play day soon! Happy weekend, my friend..

  20. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Oh yes, sometimes I feel just that way. Great photos of your son!

  21. marita

    yes i do miss being a child, running around in the meadows, chasing cows, climbing trees, sleighing and skating, falling down and getting up again…
    these days and these old bones, more falling down and tougher getting up again ;))

    have a great weekend melissa!!
    you son looks adorable enjoying his time at the most!

  22. Liberty Post Editor

    When I was young we would spend hours on the merry-go-round…we would get so dizzy and laugh for hours…I thought those years would last forever. Then I watched my children play at the park and I thought those years would last forever. Now I am watching my grandchild play at the park and I think these years will last forever… my memory they will last forever. I love this post. Thank you. You have such a wonderful way with images and words and that’s what I adore about you and your blog…….

  23. Dena

    There is nothing more relaxing that viewing the world through the eyes of a child. I’d love to spend a day in the park just swinging and playing :)


  24. Tara


    SO hard to let our sprits go as we get older–it takes EFFORT to achieve!

  25. Debra W


    Such a handsome young man! You are such a wonderful Mommy and somehow I can just picture you playing with your son. I totally agree with what you said, my dear BFF. Wherever you are in the scheme of life, try to take the time to enjoy the moment.


  26. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    What a wonderful day! Yes, I’d love to be a kid again, minus the worries later that follow of course. Your son is a cutie patootie!!!



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