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Dream Big Dreams!

Dream Big Dreams!

Dreams come a size too big,

so that we can grow into them.

-Josie Bisset

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Sweet Escape: Holiday Weekend, Drive Bys & Shopping

Sweet Escape: Holiday Weekend, Drive Bys & Shopping

Phew, this has been a long week! Did it seem extra long to the rest of you? It all went by in a blur, but I was ready for the week to be over a few days ago. I’m ready!

Special thanks to all of you who enjoyed and commented on the Drive By! It is always so much fun to do my drive bys now because I can share them with you. Before it was just me stalking and gawking, all by myself. It is kind of sad, now that I think of life before blogging. LBF, that is what we should call it. LBF, it was just me, driving up and down streets and alleyways, enjoying all the loveliness with no one around that I could say “LOOK AT THIS, FRIENDS!!!” Being able to share things makes life more fun. You are such a great group of friends, I appreciate that you like to gaze at beautiful things, just like me.


I just had an idea. Let’s do something fun. We are overdo for some fun. If you do a drive by, and you link back to my drive bys, I’ll link to your drive bys. Then more people can enjoy DRIVE BYS all over the world! Let’s do it!

I think this will work. I’ll do a special DRIVE BYS: AROUND THE WORLD post linking back to all of your Drive Bys, once enough of you have posted about DRIVE BYS: AROUND THE WORLD on your blog. When you do your post, just link back to my Drive By post from this week. You can also email me link (address in sidebar). Then, I’ll gather up all of your posts and link back to you all in a special DRIVE BYS: AROUND THE WORLD post. YIPEE! This will be fun! Spread the word! I’ll announce this again later…

Will someone make me a button for this? I don’t know how. THANKS CRE8TIVA FOR VOLUNTEERING!

Ok, so, for those of you in the U.S., it is a holiday weekend! Woo Hoo!

There is nothing like a long holiday weekend for a Sweet Escape! I hope you all have wonderful plans for Memorial Day weekend. I might be heading to the BEACH HOUSE, in which case I will come back with photos! But, if they are refinishing the floors, I won’t be going for another week or so. It really is almost done. Almost. It better be, because we are planning to hold my daughter’s wedding reception there this summer!

Happy weekend! Blessings to you all. Be safe, brave and courageous when you do your Drive Bys.

Sweet Escape: Holiday Weekend, Drive Bys & Shopping


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Chairs: Robert Stubbert Cottage Living online
Daisies: Melissa Michaels