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Fanciful Fun: A Tea & Costume Party!

by | Jun 28, 2008 | Creative Inspiration & Projects

Fanciful Fun: A Tea & Costume Party!

Guess which one is me? I am all dressed up in my sock animal costume, ready for a party (and about to dive in to my little pastry)!
I must admit, I am rather embarrassed by the simplicity of my costume,
but it has been a rather busy week…besides, I rather like sock animal costumes.

After a few days of talking about myself and my life, I am sick of myself. Really, I’ve had it with ME. I am ready to escape the real world into the world of imagination for some fanciful fun. Will you join me? Come on, the real world gets oh-so-serious. Houses-sch-mouses, how much work they are, let’s leave them behind for awhile! I am sending you off this weekend to enjoy the creativity of some of the most talented and creative folks as they celebrate:

“A Mad Tea Party (of the costume variety)!”

Fanciful Fun: A Tea & Costume Party!

Fanciful Fun: A Tea & Costume Party!

Here, please try one! In honor of the festivities I have brought cupcakes (from Saint Cupcake in Portland, Oregon).

This event is hosted by one of my great blogging buddies Vanessa, who not only has inspired me to new heights of imagination and creativity, but she is a generous and sweet friend. I am so honored to know her. I enjoy chatting with her sometimes long after we should have shut down our computers — we get sillier and sillier as the night wears on. She cracks me up.

Vanessa contributed to my last Creative Inspiration Week and amazed us all with her creative genius, as she does each week on her amazing blog A Fanciful Twist. I definitely mean this, she is a creative genius. I adore this girl. Her festivities are not to be missed. So please, I send you off to her magical tea party to see what wondrous things she has planned! So, leave your cares behind and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for stopping by (please tell me, do you think I look silly in my costume?)! Don’t forget a cupcake on your way over! Please tell Vanessa I sent you! Now, hurry on, have fun! Be sure to click on the party links in her sidebar to see all the people participating!

Fanciful Fun: A Tea & Costume Party!

P.S. Congratulations, Miss V on 200 posts!

Instructions for Martha Stewart’s sock and glove critters can be found here.


  1. rosieswhimsy

    You are adorable ….which ever one you are! I am guessing the white rabbit :-)

    Isn’t it fun to have a little “fantasy” with our “tea”?

  2. Sandy

    What a fun blog event, is that you hiding in the rabbit costume? Hard to tell through those sock ridges! Have a great weekend!

  3. the Farmer's Wife

    Oh yeah…I visited that Tea Party first thing this morning. OH WOW. I’m going back later. I think you’re the character on the left. Right? Oh no, I mean, correct?

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. The Mystic Fairy

    Oh me oh my I’m late for a very important date, did someone say tea party!
    Your blog divine, stop at mine for a glass of wine!

  5. Kelley

    You look wonderful silly in your costume. Enjoy the party it is turning out to be a great mind vacation.

  6. Beverly

    Just let me say, that I think you look charming. Such a fun post.

  7. Paris Parfait

    Tea parties are so delightful, aren’t they – especially a wild, wacky one organised by the fabulous Miss V?

  8. Kathryn

    What a fun paaarty! I adore the sock characters. I hope they stop by my tea party for party hats, baubles, and some moondancing.

  9. A Fanciful Twist

    Miss Melissa!! I just looove visiting you!! Your posts are always so fresh and clear! LOOOOOOve the little critters and the edibles!!! You are such a delight to the blogoshphere my friend!! xoxoxoxoox HONKING TIL THE END!!! i adore you to the moooooon!!!

  10. Sue - TheMagicBartender

    Happy Mad TEA Party!!
    Nice to meet You!

    I’m tryin’ to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
    LOL ;-D
    Cheers, Sue `*>~[

  11. Theresa

    Happy Mad Tea Party Day!
    Your little critters are adorable. I can’t wait to eat a cupcake! It was lovely stopping by for some tea.

  12. Laura Bray

    Very cute! You picked the perfect costume!

  13. Mari-Nanci

    Awwww, another one of these Tea Party entries. :-))))

    ‘Smilnsigh’ blog

  14. Tara

    I think you are ethe rabbit since you are buzzing around for the wedding!

  15. Debra W

    Hello sweet friend!

    I have missed you so much. I will going back to catch up on all that has been going on in your life, but I just had to say hello first!

    I have been a bad bloggy friend lately, but I am hoping to get better very soon. Please know that even when I don’t stop by regularly, I DO think about you often! Thanks for the cupcake.


  16. 3rdEyeMuse

    my guess would have been the pup (as you appear closer to the goodies). :) either way it’s so nice to meet you … both & thanks for the cupcake – so moist and delightful!

    cheers! ~M~

  17. Irma's Rose Cottage

    Love your costume. Enjoyed the party, please stop by for more partying, cake and tea.

    Irma :)

  18. kayellen

    Happy to see you joined in the party!!!
    Looks like a yummy cupcake:)
    Vanessa throws the best tea parties!!


  19. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    This is beyond precious, sweet and wonderful. It brought a smile to my face. I am inspired to bake some cupcakes and have a tea party with my kids.

  20. Sherry

    There is nothing better for the soul sometimes than slipping into a “costume” to another life, to have a fanciful trip down the rabbit hole to magic and make believe…it keeps us young at heart and alleviates stress!! I’m so happy to see you at Vanessa’s party!

  21. Julie

    Sweet Melissa!
    I have missed you darling. And I’m looking forward to catching up with you. The tea party is too cute. And I could eat a few more cupcakes!


  22. titus2woman

    Forgive me, LORD, as I am JEALOUS! What FUN!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  23. Pat

    Cute and fanciful post, Melissa.

    We’re going to the lake tomorrow afternoon. I didn’t get around to a creative inspiration for hiding things. You would be surprised what is hidden here and there at our house! And where it’s hidden!

    Have a wonderful week!

  24. Trina

    I’m headed over there right now. I cannot resist a tea party!
    Trina xoxo

  25. sherri

    both costumes are adorable. I am glad to finally meet you. Have a fun day.

  26. Kat

    What fun! Cute photos too.

    Thanks for your visit and prayers.


  27. rochambeau

    Silly? Absolutely NOT!!! You look Stunning in your sock~animal attire!! Listen, it’s not every day you can eat a dessert from the Saint Cupcake! I’m savoring every bite!! YES to the special. wonderful, amazingly creative person VANESSA! She IS a GENIUS!
    Hope you have a great night. I’m going to submit your name for the “Best Dressed” at the Mad Tea!!


  28. Melissa

    Thank you all for popping by and supporting Miss V in her celebrations! While I did feel silly in my most humble costume (did you see the glitter and boas and crowns everyone was wearing?), I enjoyed myself just the same. There is nothing like tea and dancing with friends! Even if I was glitterless and had buttons for eyes. I held my sock head high and kicked up my sock feet and danced a few jigs. Thank you all for enjoying a bit of fun and fancy…if we can’t celebrate even the smallest of things, what fun would life be?!

  29. Paula Clare

    Saint cupcake? How wonderful a name! And thank you for allowing us to pop in ! I see from another post that you enjoy hot tubs? Join the mersisters and I in our hot tub for a sparkling glass of pink champagne, won’t you? The party will go on well into the night, so come on over!

  30. megan duerksen

    oh man i can’t tell you how bad i wish those cupcakes were real right now. I am dying for some chocolate.

    cute party. :)


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