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A Little Chit Chat in the Kitchen

by | Aug 6, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Domesticity

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A Little Chit Chat in the Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen!

Ok, well it isn’t my kitchen but sit down anyways. Since I am in over my head with wedding plans, I’m not getting to visit with you as much as I’d like. So today I’d give you all a break from analyzing our observation photos (unless you are behind, then go ahead and catch up with us) and we’d just sit down at the kitchen table for a little chat. I have a whole new batch of observation photos for us to check out next week while I am running around like a wedding planner.

Speaking of the big week coming up, do you all know you can visit me over on Twitter? Yeah, 42 of you know that, but the rest of you don’t all rush over in a stampede to follow me at once. I know it is tempting, with all our spare time and all. I’ve actually tried to keep it on the down low (I’m getting so hip I can barely stand it), but if you get tired of all this style talk and want to hear me ramble about day to day stuff, like when I need coffee or fall off the moving truck ramp and bruise my leg, come on over. It gets a little crazy over there, but it is kind of fun. I’d like to know if you are on Twitter too!

DISCLAIMER: Don’t get scared when you see my photo on Twitter. It really is me. I was experimenting with my camera on my laptop and captured a look you probably haven’t seen yet. Fussypants (of the Blissfully Domestic Soon-to-be-Empire) wants me to keep it, you know, to mix things up a bit, being that I am a Domestic Diva and all. Everyone can’t be all sweet looking with aprons. My new photo shows my darker, more Matrix-ey side. Kind of like Trinity. It’s a little dangerous to look that cool, but I’m OK with it.

Ok, it was lovely just chatting with you today. Hey, if you want to discuss that kitchen, feel free! Or if you want to talk about Twitter or whatever, I’m all ears!

Happy day to you all!

Photo: Southern Accents, designer Mary Evelyn McKee


  1. My Mélange

    It may not be YOUR kitchen, but I sure wish it was mine!!! I love it :)

  2. teaorwine

    Drawn to the oversized subway tiles..clean and sparkly!

  3. Kathleen Grace

    Love that kitchen! Cute pic on Twitter:>) Speaking of analyzing rooms…hop on over and give me your 2 cents worth on my hideous, undecorated bedroom if you get a chance. It’s undergoing a transformation and I need all the help I can get. (Don’t hate me when you see my ugly little secret of an undecorated room)

  4. lylah ledner

    i’ll be there in about 5 . . . .and, i can help with the wedding stuff….have done 2 daughters and a number of other adorable brides. oh, do you want me to stop off at stumptown first and bring a fresh bag of brew?

    the twitter look? love it.

    on a deco note: you show a lot of the big bright white walls and for some reason, it’s drawing me back to the white. my hubs will kill me. i went from white to britsh tan to this golden retriever (dunn edwards) and from those gross tile floors that i thought i could chip out myself (yeah, that was dumb) and those brown cabinets to this: and dark walnut 5″ plank hardwood….love it…but, everytime i see the white walls…hmmmm….maybe i need to take more estrogen or something…

    ok…i need coffee…bless you and you day

  5. Suzette

    While I like a room with lots of white…and I do like the subway tiles look…this room doesn’t work for me. It looks like a converted morque or something. I don’t know….

    I think the table is too dressy for this room. And the chair covers! They would make it through one weekend of slap-dash, hash-slinging cooking at my house. In other words, it doesn’t look to me as if real people live and cook in this room.

    It needs big blue or red color splashes, for starters. Maybe yellow. Not sure….

  6. Jen R

    I’ll go check twitter out. I am curious to see what it is… Jen R

  7. Jan

    I have been thinking about twitter lately. I am just not sure yet.

    Love the kitchen a whole lot. It is just beautiful. I love that picture of you by the way.

    Take care you cool diva.

  8. Chris

    I love everything about a white room, and the wood floors and table in here make it just perfect. I don’t really know what Twitter is, so I’m heading over there now! Thanks for the invite!

  9. pam

    Good luck with it all, I’d be stressed out of my mind.

  10. Melissa

    Good morning ladies. Wish we were all having coffee at the table today. My brain is a bit on overload with wedding details, right now I’d love to be chatting with you instead. But, back to planning! I hope some of you will sign up on Twitter. I hated it at first, and resisted it because I didn’t want MORE to do. But I am getting over that now. It is fun to have little moments of connection where you don’t have to do a whole blog post, you can just say HI! :-) I can see using it to pass on cool tips and info too, as some Twitter users do. It is just fun to be able to connect over things like we might if you lived next door and we saw each other over the fence. The key for me is to just not leave it on all day. That way it is just a tiny thing, not too consuming.

  11. Christine Annette

    This is such a weird quinky dink I put on the teapot full of water before I got online to read my favorite blogs, I just got done with your post and the whistle is going off. So I stopped and put in the tea bags to brew. Now I can share a hot cup of tea with you as I write about this fabulous kitchen! (First I’m sorry to hear how stretched thin you are right now, take a timeout when you can to relax!) Back to the kitchen, I love it. It is so simple and clean. I have to say that I don’t think I’d like my table in the middle of the kitchen, I’d rather have a side nook for it. A large unusual island would make it rather nice. The accessories on the table give the kitchen that finished look and viewing it without them it would be a little plain. I guess I like the little pops of green for accent. I think I’d put this on my top 10 favorite kitchens! Thanks for sharing it! Take care and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!
    Smiles, Christine

  12. Mary-Laure

    I love the white brightness of that kitchen. I want to cook there!

  13. cathleen

    I like your sense of humor, Melissa. You have a happy day as well.

  14. anne

    It is a “bit” too “white” for me, but I like the style of the units and having the table is a big plus point.

    Now following you on twitter!! :-)

  15. abbreviated

    …pass the krispy kreme donuts please.

  16. Mrs. Q

    Love your Trinity pic on Twitter! You look fabulous!

  17. Melissa

    Thanks Mrs. Q! :-) I didn’t scare you?

  18. inmystudio

    I love this kitchen…I want this kitchen! I love all the white. It looks so clean. I like how the wood in the room, (floor, table, countertops) give all that white a warm feeling. The accessories on the table and countertops add little touches of color that also add to the warmth.

  19. Candi-Teal Chic

    Good to see you’re on twitter! Just added ya :)

  20. Julie

    Love it love it love it! Clean, bright, spacious, warm, airy, welcoming, contrasting solid with soft…wonderful! Especially likethe slipcovers, for a simple way to dress the room differently.

    I can picture breakfast and breezes and happy anticipation for the day… Tea and cookies and a girls’ gabfest in the afternoon with little kiddies playing on the floor… Hot cocoa and candles and a wrap on a cool rainy night, all warm and cozy… (I’m wishing my way toward Fall with that one!)

    Btw, I see “1am” in your heading. Yikes!

  21. Lisa

    Another fab kitchen. But do you think it could withstand spaghetti sauce and my two youngin’s? lol.

    Good luck on the big week coming up!!!!!!

  22. Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

    Greetings at the kitchen table from this week’s mother of the bride! When I have a minute, I’ll have to check out your ramblings on Twitter. Sounds like fun! I hope you are enjoying your wedding preparation as much as I am enjoying mine. Best wishes to you! Don’t forget to take a minute for rest and to reflect on this special time!

  23. Kim

    What a beautiful kitchen. I love the fresh clean look of the kitchen, balanced by the warmth of the kitchen table. I would love to hang out there chatting it up.

  24. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Not my favorite kitchen…oh, we’re not critiquing today.

    That’s your picture? :D

    Have fun with all the wedding plans and events…keeping you and yours in my thoughts.

  25. rosieswhimsy

    Oh fun! My son was wanting me to “twitter” when he was home in May but I said ” who do I know that is “twittering” :-) Now I know!!

  26. twinkle

    twinkle and twitter…maybe it could be my next big thing.
    I love weddings!
    Thought that feeling would go away after my divorce from my husband of 26 years, but it really hasn’t.
    I still believe in love.
    My new husband (of 3 years) swept me off my feet and we married in Tennessee. I was in my blue jeans and we had waded barefoot in the Pigeon Forge River just before heading to the marriage license office. That one was more romantic than my first with all of it’s drama.
    Best wishes on your DD getting married. Would love to hear details and see pictures of wedding gowns and flowers. And, of course, simple chapels in all their wedding finery.

  27. Debra W

    YOU ARE ADORABLE NO MATTER WHAT!!!! That Twitter pic is pretty “shady” though, if you catch my drift! I would love to spend some time sitting around the kitchen table chatting with my dear BFF! I know you are up to your ears in wedding plans, so enjoy! I think you might need Franc to come over and help you!


  28. Fifi Flowers

    NOTE to self… READ MELISSA’s sidebar before you ask silly questions. Awww… your daughter is getting married… WOW!
    I recognize that chair photo… it looks so empty without Winston… maybe you should photograph him in the chair like my painting of him!
    Ok… how about that cup of coffee… and you spill the beans…


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