The Inspired Room Has Moved

The Inspired Room Has Moved


Friends! I am so happy you are here! This is my new blog home!

Note: if you got here through, I have officially MOVED not only to a new address but a new server and format!

I’m getting all settled in and will be trying to get my new blog all pretty and useful for you all. Moving is a messy business so thanks for your patience while I am putting things away and fixing things up to my liking.

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  1. SO excited about your new blog. I’ve subscribed, and am looking forward to all your posts!

    Layla :-)
    The Lettered Cottage

  2. THANK YOU! Oh, my, what an ordeal moving is! More details and updates soon!

    Happy day!

  3. So exciting! Can’t wait to see how you settle in!

  4. OOOooohh, loving the new blog. Very fresh and neat looking! Since I have already been through this process, I am wishing you very few glitches as you get things transferred. So far, it looks great!


  5. I’m here! I’m here!! I feel like I was running around a school building trying to find my new class! You’re in my reader, and I’m ready to drool at more pictures!

  6. So funny. You wouldn’t believe how many emails I got from people running around wondering where I went! I didn’t even know where I went. I was lost in cyberspace for awhile there. So glad to be back, glitches and all.


  7. It is looking fabulous…also like the new “crisp clean” look. {I thought your old site was lovely too……
    So do tell, why the change? I’m kind of slow, when it comes to all these new things. :-]

  8. Welcome to your new home! I really like the new site, I look forward to seeing your new posts on it, have fun!

  9. Well the move all happened rather suddenly, thus the confusion around here. I was moving my blog to its own address (which you all knew about) and then I was informed that I really needed to move to my own SERVER too. Geek language. I was told to do it immediately, the sooner the better.

    So I decided to take the plunge and just do it this week before the fall festivities got under way! And as long as I was moving, it was advisable to get a new template! Oh boy! No time to prepare one, I just had to move quick! So without warning I was wiped off the face of the internet! POOF! Gone.

    When I was finally back on there were just a few issues to deal with. And now I am going to go to work trying to fix up the place here a bit. Any suggestions? I’ve never had the option of customizing anything before. My old blog was not flexible in that way.

    Happy day to you all. I am so glad you found your way back and I won’t be all alone here, talking to myself.


  10. PS. I have a great web person who helped me tremendously. There is no way I could’ve done any of this myself. I’ll put his link up later when I can find it or feel free to email me for his contact info.

  11. YAY!! I LOVE your new blog! Congrats!

  12. Don’t you worry. Everyone will find you! You can’t hide! :)

  13. Love the new blog! So glad that it linked me right to it!
    Have a great day.

  14. i’ve been thinking about doing this myself. what platform are you using now?? just curious. i wanted to move to wordpress but got soooo confused… i hate technology, and i refuse to be any nerdier than i already am :)

  15. I’m herre, and I’ve updated your link on my blog. It’s looking really good, I just know you will have fun things in store for us:>)

  16. Love the clean, bright and inspiring look :-) it’s fabulous woman!

  17. lindsey w/ coveiter says

    I’ve updated my feed reader and am here to congratulate you on your new home! I look forward to more wonderful posts.


    { Lindsey }

  18. Your new home looks great, Melissa! I love the new decor. Take a bit of a rest … you deserve it after moving all those boxes!

  19. Your new site is lovely, and Edward sends his best to Winston!

  20. Howdy!
    Oh my goodness..I’m away for a bit..and look what you’ve done! LOOOOVEEEN the new blog!! It’s light and bright and soo fabulously you!
    If life can ever calm down..{does it ever?lol?} I soo want your advice with our big ole’ master bedroom..{ I haven’t forgoten}
    You are such an inspiration dear!! I so appreciate you and your blog.
    have a wonderful rest of the week and a great Labor Day.

  21. Finally got the link to work! Love the new look, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store! Congrats!

  22. I love your new home! Have fun redecorating!

    Take Care

  23. Wow, everything is so bright and airy and crisp here. Love the new look. Congrats on working out those early glitches during your transition to this new site.

  24. YAY!!!! I’m here at your NEW HOME and I love it…wow, like why don’t I spend a few hours taking the tour?? Beautiful!! Congrats….so excited for you and all the big stuff coming up!! Hey, do you have a bloggy button that we could post to advertise YOU and your WEBSITE??!!!! :)

  25. yay! you’re back and the gator is gone! welcome back!!!

  26. I’m here. And I love it!!! Love the new look!!!

    Wishing you a happy ‘Tasha Tudor Remembrance Day In Blog Land,’ today Aug. 28th.

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    Smilnsigh blog

  27. Good Morning. I love the new look of your site. I gave you an award on my blog. and really you don’t have to do anything with it. I just wanted to let you know and others know what a great blog you have and that you have inspired me.

    My girls are in the process of painting their room. Actually we are painting our house. I stepped out of the box of my “normal” colors and it’s been kind of fun. The girls went with bright colors and now are going to paint circles all over the walls.

    Thank you for inspiring your readers to observe, dream and try something new.

  28. Thank you very much for your site, It is really inspiring!

    If it is possible I would like to see a post about tv set. How to decorate around them? Where to put them ect.

  29. Have no fear, you’re not alone. I updated your link on my site, so don’t forget to remind your other blog buds to do the same.

  30. Welcome to your new home! :)
    I love checking in here as often as possible to drool over the pictures you provide, and wish I could do them in my home. :)

    (Oh, plus you’re Megan’s BFF and I’m her stalker so I guess that makes me your stalker too… ??) Haha!

  31. Wow, I go away for a week and ZAP, things have really changed around here. Everything looks great – and you sound like (write like) you’re FULL of energy and bursting with ideas!
    I’ve been resisting the idea of fall but looking at the grey skies and drizzle outside makes me face reality. So I hope to get involved with the fall decorating posts – hopefully this weekend.
    Love the cupcakes – you and your girls did a fabulous job. And the candy bar looks beautiful with all the glass and shine.


  32. Congrats on your move! Jen R

  33. Moving is not fun! I will update my link.

  34. Melissa,
    Love the crisp new look! Looking forward to more posts :)


  35. Hi Melissa! I love the new website! I’m looking forward to Fall Nesting Week too!

  36. Happy moving!!! Everything looks so different but yet so familiar. I know we will have so much fun here.

    Have a great day! Suzy

  37. Just lovely! Congratulations and MUAH back! A-M xx

  38. This loads so much faster now!!! I love all your wonderful ideas.

  39. so looking forward to checking your site out and getting to know you, I can see already you have tremendous taste! ;-)

  40. Im thrilled with this new look. Goodness lady you have outdone yourself!

    Hey I like that nesting thing above but is that just an announcement or is there going to be room for comments. I mean how do we let you know we want to do it or isnt that necessary? Do we just wait until the linky is up and then join? And another thing is that fall nesting thing just for people with gorgeous homes and for designers like you or is it for us common folk too? :) I hardly see how we can come close to what you professionals do. Im just in awe!

  41. Welcome to your new cyberhome! I hope you have fun settling in.
    I’d so much like to sit at that nook of your first photo and have a cup with you. Also could you please stop by my place and pick the first housewarming award?
    Have a lovely weekend. I so much appreciate your friendship and comments.

  42. Love your new site! I am planning on participating in your fun fall event!

  43. Hi Melissa

    love the new look, I’ve updated, of course! the inspiration over here is fab…

    my whole house and blog are about me nesting, I’ve been pondering what to post for your leetle partay, however it’s just about Spring here in Australia, and I’m so pleased to be pulling out of winter, I’m like, hmmm a fall nesting project?? Sooo, can any nesting project count, I think I have a million buzzing around my head..

    A Beach Cottage

  44. Oh Melissa – I LOVE IT!!! The new look – love it!

  45. Emily-Sarah Lineback says

    Just another note of congratulations on your new home and new look! Your site shares and inspires such beauty and inspiration…

  46. I just found your blog. Love it! I added you to my blogroll, and to my bloglines feeds so I can follow you. I am fairly new to blogging. Would love it if you could visit me sometime. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    Silver Trappings

    Shannons last blog post..

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