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Blissfully Domestic Relaunch & A Giveaway!

by | Sep 3, 2008 | Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

Blissfully Domestic Relaunch & A Giveaway!

Hey all you amazing nesters! I’m so impressed by the fall ideas you all have shared so far! Everything from decorating ideas, organization, home makeovers to baking bread and beyond. It is so inspiring! Nesting is in FULL FORCE in blogland. More ideas are being added so keep checking the links on the Welcome to Fall Nesting Week post!

I was telling some folks that I start summerizing my house in about April. So for six or seven months I am celebrating summer, but then I usually try to cram fall into about four weeks. Not good, since Fall is my favorite season! So, GIVE FALL A FAIR CHANCE! START NESTING NOW!

Even Martha Stewart got into the action for Fall Nesting Week (did you see her link on Mr. Linky?). We Domestic Divas need to support each other!


Now, yesterday was supposed to the official relaunch of Blissfully Domestic. But as with all things technical, issues occurred. Some of us got a peek, some didn’t. It just wasn’t fair. But, things happen. Did I tell you about my own blog relaunch last week? For 15 hours all you could see was an alligator where my blog used to be! Nice! Then, for awhile all you could see was a page that said, “WHOA, DUDE, SURFING IS DANGEROUS!” You just have to have a sense of humor about these things. But have no fear, next Monday Blissfully Domestic will relaunch for real!


While I will be postponing the gift certificate giveaway until Blissfully Domestic launches next week, I have a little giveaway for YOU all this week, because I like you. So how about this book to tide us over until next week, eh?

Blissfully Domestic Relaunch & A Giveaway!
All you have to do is leave me a comment here on this post with your email address, deadline is will be Sunday September 7th at 9pm PST.


NOTE: If you link The Inspired Room up in your blogroll with my NEW address, I give you a bonus entry. Because then I know we are really friends!

And, by the way, THANK YOU to those of you who have gone over and VOTED for me on Divine Caroline! So nice of you, I’m so touched! It really is an honor to be nominated and thought of! If you enjoy The Inspired Room, I appreciate the support as always.

So, carry on, dear nesters!

It is not too late to join in the Fall Nesting party!
We are just getting warmed up!

PS. Here are a few links to some other giveaways you might want to enter, courtesy of Blissfully Domestic Contributors…there may be more but this is what I know about right now…




Also, Neutral Dwelling is kindly offering a 10% discount in honor of Fall Nesting Week! See the coupon code in the sidebar.

photo: fall inspiration from one of my blogging BFF Meg Duerksen



  1. Liz

    Hey Melissa,

    Love the pumpkin shot! I’m growing white Pumpkins next year :) ~ Liz

    Lizs last blog post..Fall Nesting Week Part 2

  2. Mrs. Rabe

    Hi Melissa!
    This is so fun!
    I am going to begin my fall nesting when we return from our trip to Williamsburg next week. I will be refreshed and full of inspiration and ready to cozy up the nest!

    I would love to be entered in your give away [email protected]

    Mrs. Rabes last blog post..Lovely Day

  3. teresa

    Good Morning-
    Wow, I had a blast yesterday, checking out all the great ideas- I’ve even started a file. :} How fun!
    Thanks for having the inspiration to start of this fall loveliness !
    Have a great day-

  4. Deb Wire

    I absoulutely loved all of the pumpkins running up your steps. I am eager to have some for my doorway, but alas in the south I must wait until October or they will spoil and disolve in a mushy puddle. I am going to do mine in October, and am thinking of something artificial until then. Thanks for the great inspiration. Deb

  5. We are THAT family

    This book looks wonderful. It would compliment my deep love for the pumpkin.

    We are THAT familys last blog post..Grace-Based Parenting Tip & Giveaway

  6. Megan

    I’ve been looking forward to nesting week and am loving what I’m seeing. Thanks a bunch!

  7. Elena

    I love the title, Pumpkin Chic! Looks like a fun read. Elena

    Elenas last blog post..Family Reunion

  8. Aleca

    Oh how I love FALL! I’m a Fall baby and had a Fall wedding in ’05. I absolutely love decorating for this season!

    Alecas last blog post..Public Speaker?

  9. Pumpkin Pink Cottage

    The Fall Nest is a Blast I love it,,,and I was Wahooing when I saw Martha,…yeah,…I love your website here and I’m adding you on both of my blog pumpkin pink cottage and my The Creative Crown Blog…Okay I’m excited about this give away, I love Country Living and I love pumpkins…double the fun…huggs, Lisa

    Pumpkin Pink Cottages last blog post..Wahoo look what I found…Talk about Ideas

  10. Cindy

    I do love fall but let’s not rush it! I live in Maine and know it will be cold for long enough–if the trees already starting to change colors and the acorns dropping at an amazing rate –are any indication. You have inspired me to look for pumpkins at farmers market this week but it’s still summer and I plan to enjoy the warm days as long as possible!
    I do love your photos and will try to link my long neglected blog to yours later today, but now I’m going to ride my bike and enjoy the sun.

  11. Penny

    Loving the pumpkins! Please enter me in your giveaway…and of course I have your linked on my blogroll!!

  12. Kathy

    Hi Melissa, my blogroll was updated immediately! I didn’t want to miss a single thing here at The Inspired Room. Winter comes soon enough here in Vermont too but there’s no doubting that fall is on it’s glorious way. Please sign me up for the Pumpkin book giveaway. Thanks for being so generous! I’ll jump in with nesting posts in a day or so. This is fun! ~Kathy

    Kathy @ Shocking Pink Threads last blog post..Weekend Treasure

  13. Stacey

    I’d love to be entered in the giveaway! And you’re in my blogroll, too :)! The pic of the pumpkins is gorgeous–can’t wait for pumpkins to show up at the farmer’s market here.

    [email protected]

    Stacey @ The Blessed Nests last blog post..Fall Dining Room

  14. Mary Kay


    What a great idea! Where I live in Florida, we don’t really have Fall, so I can enjoy it vicariously through your posts!


  15. Lisa

    Wow, you’re really on a roll with your new blog. Lots of goodies and new things to check out.

    Lisas last blog post..Oh, Baby!

  16. Melissa

    “Fall is a state of mind and being…” Do I sound poetic?

  17. Maven

    Hey Melissa,

    Count me in! I love to decorate my front porch with pumkins…

    Mavens last blog post..The Fine Art of Baking Bread, Being Human, and Finding Grace

  18. Pamela

    I have added your new link to my list of Splendid Locales. It looks lovely here.

    Hello to Winston!

    Pamelas last blog post..

  19. Jane

    Thank you for offering a giveaway, and such a wonderful one as we usher Autumn in with gladness!

    You’re on my list of places of visit (sidebar on my blog) and I’m adding your site and giveaway information to my blog post today.

    While I have a private blog I’ve already invited you (check your emails) so you can come make sure it’s there. :o)

    Bless you!

  20. ~Heidi

    That got me thinking…..fall is my favorite time of the year too. And when Christmas gets here I’m always anxiuos to decorate for that too so fall kinda gets the short end of the stick. And I’ve been mentioning to others that I’m ready to decorate already and they keep saying “Oh no not yet” But to heck with them. I’m divin’ in!

  21. Nihal

    Hi Melissa,
    Oh orange, the popiest color and my favorite one. So I HEART pumpkins, and soon the time will come to decorate our homes. I’d love to be lucky and big THANKS for this kind & thoughtful opportunity to win.
    And, you’re already linked in my Daisy Friends ”Blogroll” list, and time to time I love to jump here and see your beauties.
    Have a beautiful day & Miles of Smiles.

    ~N at CrossRoads

    Nihals last blog post..O Sole Mio

  22. Jan

    I love give-aways…and I love your blog!! I have you on my Blog Roll and have for quite some time!!


    Jans last blog post..Come To Jesus…Part 4

  23. Cheri

    My eyes just lit up when I saw that book, what a great give away. I love Fall, it is my favorite time of year and I haven’t started to decorate yet (until I get back from Washington) so maybe I’ll win and there will be cute ideas in there that I can use.


  24. Shirl

    You were already on my blogroll as I come to your site often. Love your site and I LOVE pumpkins! Especially white ones!

    Shirls last blog post..Fun with letters

  25. Kate

    Count me in! Thanks for all the gorgeous ideas.

  26. Karin

    Autumn decorating will begin for me in few weeks. I’m trying to hold onto summer as long as I can. :)
    Your blog is lovely and such a soothing place to visit. I find myself coming back often, so I don’t miss anything. :)

    Karins last blog post..Excuse Me, I Have To Go Wii.

  27. Wendy

    Hey Melissa,
    This is so fun. I usually decorate later in September, but got inspired to start early. Thanks for being a great hostess. Ü

  28. Amanda-The Eck Life

    ooooo!!! I want that book! it looks awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and start thinking about it in July!! :-)

    Amanda-The Eck Lifes last blog post..Fall nesting week

  29. jackie

    I am having a great time with all of this fall nesting! And I did have a post about the fall nesting party. I do want to be entered in the giveaway. I am new to this so if there is something I need to do for the second entry I will be glad to. Can’t wait to look at some more great fall ideas.

    jackies last blog post..Fall Inspirations

  30. Shaila

    I too love fall… I stumbled upon your great website and YES you ARE added to my blog roll!!! I wanna win the book!!!

    Shailas last blog post..Cracks me up!

  31. Joan

    Hi Melissa – I love your blog, love your pictures, love pumpkins, LOVE autumn.
    You’re definitely an inspiration.

    Joans last blog post..Vineyard Steeples …

  32. Kirstin

    Hi Melissa. It has been fun browsing everyones ideas. and I did check out Martha’s post…wonder if she browsed any of ours.

    I linked you on my blogroll with your new addy as soon as you changed it (C:

    Kirstins last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday: Day Planners

  33. Candace

    Ooo Autumn… bring it on!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and have added you to my blogroll.

    Candaces last blog post..I’m back – I think!

  34. Sara Dodson

    I love your blog! I would like to be entered in your giveaway: [email protected]

  35. DonnaC

    I just found your website and absolutely love it! I will have to try all those pumpkins up my front stairs next month.

  36. brandi

    What a sweet post! I would love to enter your giveaway!

    I don’t know what a blog roll is but I’ve had you listed as one I follow. Love your blog!

    Thanks, Brandi

    brandis last blog post..Happy Fall! {Part 2}

  37. Carla

    Love the pumpkins and Mums! My fav Fall decorations. I would love to have that book! You are in my blogroll!!! And I visit every time you put up a new post. :o) I have not a creative gene in my body, but I am always inspired by the pics your share. Keep them coming!

    Carlas last blog post..Asleep…….

  38. Jamie

    I love giveaways! and I already linked to your new site on my blog. School starts tomorrow…fall nesting for me will start the day after. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

    Jamies last blog post..{ Lazy Summer Day }

  39. Linda

    Oh how I love fall…and everything that goes along with it! I’d love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you for your generosity.

    Lindas last blog post..SPT Challenge

  40. Corinne

    Hi! I love your blog and your many wonderful photos and ideas. I have linked to you on my blog, because I want everyone to come and be inspired!

    Corinnes last blog post..For The Love Of Going Green

  41. Marilyn

    I love decorating for Fall….and Winter …and Spring … and Summer!

  42. Chris

    Having a little trouble getting the fall things out because when you do that in NH, it means winter is not far behind. But I plan on getting to it over the weekend. Love your web site.

    [email protected] on my Quiltss last blog post..Charm Bracelets

  43. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    It is currently 98 degrees here in Phoenix so I need all the inspiration I can get! :)

    Laura Ingalls Gunns last blog post..Dorm Room Decor

  44. Beverly

    I updated my link for you on my blog roll. You know we all love you, Melissa.

  45. Deb

    Love the pumpkin filled front steps :-)
    Autumn’s my favourite season too. The Country Living book looks wonderful ~ I’d love to be entered into your giveaway.

    Debs last blog post..

  46. DebbieCalif

    Hi Melissa, this has been so much fun. The only thing better would be all of us together at a restaurant or a craft store discussing ideas! Since you started this party…my creative juices are flowing…seeing what everyone is doing. Thanks for your part in organizing us all! I love it.
    Blessings, Debbie

    DebbieCalifs last blog post..Meet Miss Punkin’ Poo

  47. Joanne Kennedy


    I have you on my favorites list and I also added a link to your giveaway on my blog.

    I would love to win your giveaway.

    I love your Fall ideas too.


    Joanne Kennedys last blog post..EVEN I THINK THIS IS TAKING PINK TO FAR!!!

  48. janet

    Well sign me up please, and I changed tour address on my blogroll a couple of weeks ago ( whenever it was that you announced it). You know I am such a Melissa wannabe, lol.

    [email protected]

    janets last blog post..HISTORIC KETCHIKAN

  49. Michelle

    Fall is my favorite time of the year, I can’t wait to get my things out and start decorating.

    Take Care

    Michelles last blog post..Blissfully Domestic

  50. Emily

    I have had you linked up since you switched. And here is my comment. Now pick me, I really need help with my pumpkin decorating.

    Emilys last blog post..RSS Feed Problem

  51. Kristen

    I just came across your blog while visiting Nesting in Pleasant View.
    I have to say – you blog is gorgeous and I will definitely be back! I love to nest and just posted a Seasons post on my blog yesterday. It’s been 90+ degrees here in Indianapolis this week – wahhh! Can you hear me crying – I want fall! I officially start my fall nesting on Saturday (always the Sat. after Labor Day) I do have one pumpkin out – have to!

    Kristens last blog post..WFW ~ Nor Rain Nor Drought…

  52. supermommy

    I love your site and having the fall decorating week has totally inspired me to get all of my things out. Thanks for making me feel a little less guilty for starting my decorating early.

    supermommys last blog post..This, That and Labor Day

  53. Bonnie

    Oh, the sight of a bright pumpkin on a doorstep is a most wonderful thing!! :)

  54. Bella Casa

    Hi Melissa, me again, lol. Considered me entered because that book is toooooo cute :) I have a link for your blog on my blog list, too, so that makes 2 entries, hooray :)

    Please send me the info on the Divine Caroline, I will vote for you!


    Bella Casas last blog post..Candice Olsen + Pumpkins =

  55. Mandy Ford

    What a fun book to give away! Just found your blog and love it!

    Mandy – [email protected]

    Mandy Fords last blog post..{fall}

  56. Gina

    Hello, Melissa. So nice to meet you. I found your blog through Lady Jane’s and I’m so glad I did. It is simply lovely. Please do enter me in your drawing and I will gladly add you to my blogroll. I look forward to getting to know you.


    Ginas last blog post..Life Is Very Different Now

  57. Emily - aka Suburban Momma

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and it has become one of my favorites.

    Would love to be added to your drawing! I have added you to my blogroll too.


    Emily – aka Suburban Mommas last blog post..

  58. Meghan

    Awesome giveaway.
    Thanks for the oppt to win.

    I so need to get my home in “fall” mode.
    Raising 3 boys & a manchild is exhausting work so decor usually get’s done when no one is home.
    Wish for me that no one is home soon!

    Meghans last blog post..A fellow, kick ass blogger!

  59. debbi

    Love the pumpkins! Please enter me in your giveaway

  60. Christine

    A giveaway! My favorite!!!

    [email protected]

  61. Maria

    I’d love to be entered in the giveaway! But I am in Sweden so I understand if I will be left out. You’re in my blogroll, and have been for some time. Wanted to tell you that I enjoy the things you teach us and the ideas you put into our heads so we can start spinning.

    Marias last blog post..Can`t help it but the

  62. susan

    Enter me please! Thanks!

  63. Kristen Sunna

    I’ve been working on my fall nesting all weekend, but it’s still not ready for picture posting…hope to join the party soon though.

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks for all the inspiration!
    [email protected]

    Kristen Sunnas last blog post..New Grout!

  64. Cherie B

    I think I will start my fall decorating next week! I am very inspired!
    Love this website. Hope I am chosen to win.

  65. Jessica C

    Today I saw some leaves on the ground . Fall is right around the connor

    Jessica Cs last blog post..eggs in water

  66. Kim

    I just found your blog and absolutely LOVE it! So much great stuff! I feel like I just stumbled on a wonderful magazine!!! Looking forward to being a regular reader! Thanks for the great site….

    Kims last blog post..Works For Me ~ Movies & Recipes

  67. lucinda

    I just love fall decor! Maybe in the next few weeks I can get started on putting it out!

  68. Mrs. B

    OOooh! I think I NEED that book! So pretty please enter me in the drawing! And I updated your link in my blog roll last week. Sorry to hear Blissful D isn’t up and running yet. I can’t wait to check it out!

    Mrs. Bs last blog post..Baby Steps Into Fall

  69. Joan

    Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s so nice of you to have this giveaway.

  70. Amy from Texas

    I love pumpkins and Fall!! Sign me up for 2 entries, you’re going on my blog roll tonight:-) I can’t wait to get in on the Nesting Week too.

    Amy from Texass last blog post..Halloween Blog Party

  71. jayne

    Is it Fall already???? I love pumpkins…. Thank you for the giveaway…

    jaynes last blog post..September has arrived

  72. Heather

    I have had such a great time looking at all the wonderful fall decorations. Hope you do this for Christmas. Finally added you to my blog roll too.

    Heathers last blog post..floodwall and dining room table redo

  73. glenda

    Fall is definitely my favorite season and it was fun browsing all the Fall decorations and ideas.

    glendas last blog post..Do you see what I see?

  74. Ruth

    Please enter me into your give away! I would love the book on pumpkins. Thanks!

    Ruths last blog post..Summer Pictures Part 1…

  75. Sherrie

    Oooh, pumpkins! My all-time favourite, natural decorating item! And Country Living! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book, but I’ve loved their other ones. And my picture and decorating suggestions involved… pumpkins! They’re just so cute.

    Sherries last blog post..stoping to smell the flowers

  76. Sue

    What a cute book Melissa. Thanks for entering us in the give away. The nesting project has bun so fun. I’m off to update your blog info on my blogroll.

    Sues last blog post..Fall Nesting Week

  77. Emma

    Fall is my favorite season! I love everything associated with it–pumpkins, apples, leaves changing color!

  78. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    I am loving everything over at BD, so many great and talented contributors:) Very excited about many posts to come, so I subscribed immediately!

  79. Pat

    HI Melissa…I’d love to be entered in the drawing! I have your new address in my list!

    Pats last blog post..~Nesting~

  80. maggie

    Wow I started fall decorating earlier today. Living in FL we don’t get fall early, but hoping it comes soon..
    Have a bless week,

    maggies last blog post..I am in Luv!

  81. paige

    just found your blog tonight & i love it!
    i love love love pumpkins & so i love love love your pumpkin porch picture
    posted a link to you on my blog

    paiges last blog post..I heart your blog, too

  82. Shannon

    Love your blog. Yes, I have you listed on my blogroll. Thanks for hosting this wonderful week of fall inspiration!!!

    Shannons last blog post..

  83. ColleenM

    This looks like such a cool book. Thanks for the chance!

  84. Rae

    What a fabulous time I have been having on your blog! Thanks for your inspiration and for getting us all together to kick off fall!

    Raes last blog post..Welcome!

  85. Kathy  :)


    I love the all the pumpkins on the steps. Pls enter me in your giveaway.’

    Kathy :)

  86. Kari

    I’d love that book! I need all the creative help I can get!

  87. Dolly

    Ouuu the pumpkins look wonderful!
    I love pumpkins!

    Hugz, Dolly

    Dolly @ From My Cherry Hearts last blog post..Tick Tock Tick Tock

  88. Kate

    What a nice group of pumpkins! I’ve never seen the white ones before. Will have to look for those.

    Kates last blog post..Stocking Details

  89. Maggie


    I love Fall Nesting Week and the Pumpkin Chic book is great, count me in please! Thanks for the inspiration, it is just the boost I need. Maggie

  90. Karen

    Hi Melissa,
    Oh, I just love all of those pumpkins cascading down those steps. I love this time of year, my favorite. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful decorating ideas for your fall nesting week. Karen

    Karens last blog post..A Bouquet of Awards

  91. Kimba

    Oooooooo! Pick me! Pick me! What a great giveaway! And your new address is, of course, in my blogroll. :-)

    It’s been so great seeing all of your reader’s ideas this week. I’ve been so inspired. I’ve got another fall post tomorrow. Such fun!

    Kimbas last blog post..I’m Gettin’ in the Mood

  92. Deputy's Wife

    I never know what to do with all of my pumpkins! Great book to figure it out with!

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

    Deputy’s Wifes last blog post..Turtles, Pictures, Poop

  93. mishelle

    enter me . And you r on my bloglist.. mishelle

  94. Naphtali

    I am so excited to start decorating for fall. thanks

    Naphtalis last blog post..Saturday Mornings

  95. Robin

    Oooh…I am going to pay close attention and come back often,.,,I have not put out one single Fall decoration yet and I am really feeling the heat!!!!

    Robins last blog post..One Year Blogaversary….

  96. Susie

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  97. Melissa in Mel's World

    Girl, you have gone and done it AGAIN! Your creativity astounds me, and your style humbles me, so I am THANKFUL that we are friends and you can “teach” me some of your mad skills! Ha!

    I am SO LOVING your new look and how much you have grown with your bloggy home!

    xoxo (so much love),
    Melissa ;)

    Melissa in Mel’s Worlds last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – The Gulf

  98. Dawn-Hydrangea Home

    Hey Melissa – I have fixed your link and would love to enter your giveaway!
    [email protected]. This has been a fun week – I am very inspired – just need more hours in a day!

    Dawn-Hydrangea Homes last blog post..Goodbye Summer

  99. Joanne

    Pumpkin Chic — how appropriate!! Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this fabulous giveaway? Joanne ~~ [email protected]

  100. Kristin

    that book looks fun!

    Kristins last blog post..Last Fall…

  101. Lynda

    I can’t resist throwing my name into the ring for a chance to win this book! How do you do it all, Melissa???? And so beautifully??? I’m off to read more “nesting” posts!

  102. rue

    I linked your blog as soon as I found it :)

    Please enter me for the giveaway too!


    rues last blog post..Fall Nesting Week

  103. Teresa

    This giveaway would be awesome! Thanks for such a great blog!

    Teresas last blog post..Be afraid……

  104. Sandy

    Found your site through a friend’s blog. I just love it! Thanks for the inspiration…

  105. maggie

    I love everything about fall except the season that follows. I’ve started my fall nesting but I need to add to it. I’d love to win your book as a source of inspiration. Love your blog and tthanks for the giveaway.

  106. Laurie

    Please sign me up for the givaway! Laurie

  107. Debbie

    I just started reading your blog and I am hooked!

  108. Julie M.

    I’m so excited for Nesting Week! I admire all your creativeness! Thanks for the inspiration!

  109. Janet

    What a great giveaway. I would love to have it. I have my fall decor dusted off and ready to go, although my pumpkins are still on the vine. Love your blog

    Janets last blog post..

  110. Irene

    Lovely, just lovely. Melissa, could you please pass on the prayer request for a young lady I met through the Happy Turtle? I’ve learned about her just today. Thank you.

  111. Wendy

    What a great give-a-way. Thanks!
    I have you linked too. :)

  112. denise

    I love your Fall Nesting idea and it;s fun to follow all the links and see God’s creativity working in so many women and their homes. For me, the book on our coffee table would be a little nesting. And once in awhile, I could snuggle up in fleecy throw to be inspired again and again.

    You are terrific!

  113. Brandy

    I’m usually more of a reader than a commenter, but I’m curious as to the many ways to decorate with a pumpkin. Hmm, how many can there be?
    [email protected]

  114. Cynthia

    I love your blog and look forward to reading all the new posts! Fall Nesting Week is inspiring; I’m wanting to create new decorations even though it’s still over 100 degrees here.

  115. kris

    Love that pumpkin picture! Definitely feeling like Fall around here!

    kriss last blog post..Porch Decor for Fall

  116. dawn

    Hi! When you first suggested the “Fall Nest Week” I thought I couldn’t possibly get in the mood with 90 degree weather in Wisconsin…finally. Now today we are at 60ish and I am going full speed ahead. I did change the link in my blogroll, and I will post some of my nesting later in the weekend!

    dawns last blog post..Cupcake swap

  117. Jai

    Love your photos! Looking forward to more ideas. You have a really nice blog.
    I started “Fall Nesting” around 11pm Labor Day evening. :) Started with my front door, working on the entryway and kitchen. Maybe I’ll be bold enough and try photos.

    [email protected] last blog post..Back to School …

  118. deezie

    Oh I love contests!!! but I love Fall more :) I do not have a blog but would love to follow you all and join in and of course be entered in the contest.
    I cant’ wait to decorate for Fall, but its so hot here still, its so hard to get into the sseason, I am still swimming here. Maybe this weekend I will go ahead and decorate I really can’t wait

  119. Julie

    Melissa I love your blog what great ideas Fall is my favorite season I love pumpkins and eating anything pumpkin:)

    Julies last blog post..A little fall and a project

  120. Julie

    Melissa I love your blog what great ideas for Fall. I love pumpkins and eating anything pumpkin:)

    Julies last blog post..A little fall and a project

  121. Elizabeth Gibson


    I advertised about your Fall Nesting Week and Give-Away on my blog twice! August 26th and Sept. 1 or 2nd. I am soooooo inspired by all the great ideas on this site. It is my very favorite spot on the Internet (so is

    Have a terrific day!

  122. Jeremie Shaffer

    I LOVE FALL TOO!!!!! I’d love to be entered into your giveaway! Keep the great ideas coming!

  123. bj

    What a wonderful idea…to Nest and get it all fluffed and soft and colorful for Fall. Pls. enter me in your fabulous book giveaway.
    hugs, bj

    bjs last blog post..WHERE MY BLOGGING WORLD BEGINS…….

  124. Chi

    Awww how sweet :D Count me in to :)

  125. Holly

    Beautiful thoughts, ideas and photos! Thank you for the inspiration!

  126. Anne

    I’ll bet that book is chock full of inspiration! acarp[at]

    Annes last blog post..A Day in the Dark

  127. Leslie

    Love your website!!!! I have been here a whole bunch of times since finding you the other day from another Leslie’s blog.

    I would love to entered into your giveaway. [email protected]

    Leslies last blog post..I’m so Ready for Fall

  128. Mary Isabella

    Please enter me. I love Fall…m..

  129. Nathalie Brault

    Hi, so nice of you to offer this giveaway. Thanks. Love your blog, it’s simply delicious. Full of inspiration and great ideas, keeps me coming back for more. Keep up the good work.

    Nathalie Braults last blog post..A killer snake in my garden

  130. Dixie

    I just dicovered you blog and I am still pouring over it and soaking it all in. I love it!! Thank you for sharing so much for those like me who are “nesting challenged” and need inspiration and ideas!!

  131. Pearl Maple

    Added a post and a linky thingy for the Fall Nesting party. Have enjoyed all the posts and inspiration but most of all really got the message of ‘work with what you have’.

    My decorated corner is celebrating the recent acceptance of shabby chic with a harvest bounty of seashells collected from around the globe. Thank you.

    Pearl Maples last blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  132. Alyce

    We always have so much fun carving our pumpkins. My husband is actually the one who is really good at it. This would be perfect!

    akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Alyces last blog post..First Day of School

  133. Catherine

    Hi Melissa,
    I was amazed when I saw that Martha Stewart had linked in to your Nesting party. Way to go girl! Love the giveaway!

  134. Deby

    What a great giveaway…and so inspiring to start on Autumn/FALL….my favorite time of the year…

    Debys last blog post..Pay it Forward

  135. Teri Cole

    I love your blog, it is soooo beautifully done!! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  136. Georgia

    Just stumbled on your blog, I love it!!! Love the giveaway… thank you!

  137. Georgia

    adding you to my links

  138. Theresa N

    I could use this book now. The Indian corn and pumpkins are setting on the table saying “where do I go?”

  139. Mary Ellen

    WOW, I was wandering in blog land and found you……….I am definately going to post you to my blog and tell about your give-away………sigh, why do I do that???? It just makes less of a chance for me to win….sigh…..see I am not the smartest kid on the block….

  140. christagirl

    Just found your site! Love it and love to decorate for fall!

  141. Nancy

    Oh, I love fall…so add me to the givaway and I will add you to my blog roll….Love all the inspriation you share….Blessings, Nancy

    Nancys last blog post..~Home Tour Part 1~

  142. Wendy

    I’d love that book! I’ve added you to my blogroll (us BD divas gotta stick together ;) ) Way to go having Martha link to you (I saw that too…wow.)

    Wendys last blog post..The Desk

  143. Teri

    Oh I need to decorate for fall! Especially to put me in the mood since the temp. is still in the 100″

  144. JO

    OH Dear …. I am so out of touch with everyone and everything…. but did want you to know that I added your new link as soon as I got your email so you are there…. does that makes us friends LOL



  145. Sharon D.

    Hi Melissa,

    I just found your website and am looking forward to having a cup of tea, relaxing and enjoying the posts. Thanks for entering me:)

    Sharon D.
    zokiemichael(at) sisna(dot)com

  146. Monica

    I am so enjoying your new site – so beautiful and refreshing! Thank you for all your hard work to share it all with us! :)

    thehomespunheart (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Monicas last blog post..A Handcrafted Christmas: Button Jewelry

  147. Julie

    LOVE your blog, super cute ideas! I am crazy about ANYTHING having to do with fall, even though here in Texas it is debatable that we even have this season! So I go overboard with nesting! Thanks for sharing

  148. kari & kijsa

    What a great giveaway! As always we would love to enter to win such a great inspiring book!

    kari & kijsa

    kari & kijsas last blog post..A Little Before…Part 2

  149. kimberly

    I see I’m not the only one whose favorite season is Fall. I just stumble across your site and am loving it!

    kimberlys last blog post..Another Conversation

  150. Beck

    there’s nothing wrong with some seasonal cramming! :)

  151. Kam A

    I would love to be entered- looks like it is full of great ideas!

  152. Emily-Sarah Lineback

    Wonderful, all the way around! All those plump pretty pumpkins and the magical book cover (and the cool breeze from Hanna) are diminishing my goodbye-summer wistfulness. After all, autumn is SUCH a gorgeous time of year. Thanks for continuing to motivate, inspire, and simply lift our spirits (along with always offering us visual goodies, special treats, and exciting giveaways)!

  153. Teresa Baker

    I just found your site and can’t wait to come back and visit for a while longer. :-)
    Please enter me in the drawing. That book looks like a lot of fun.
    Have a great weekend!

  154. Susan Mohler

    I love the beauty of your blog – and the colors of autumn make it all the better. You are the last blog I read each time. Something akin to a warm cup of coffee at the end of the day, I save the soothing & comfortable stop here for last. :) It’s always a refreshing visit here, full of such fresh ideas for a beautiful home~

    Susan Mohlers last blog post..Friday, September 05, 2008

  155. Teah

    Please enter me in your lovely contest. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration. Teah

  156. Kay Phillips

    I just discovered your blog and it’s great! I love your philosophy on decorating and changing everything with the season. I tend to decorate for me…. I like a pretty home and I feel so much better about my life when my home is clean and pretty!

    Kay Phillipss last blog post..The End of Summer and Other Depressing Thoughts

  157. McGee

    Okay, I have to admit that I can’t really get into the fall nesting just yet when it’s 90+ degrees here in Texas, but I like all of the ideas and photos that you are sharing! :)

    [email protected]

    McGees last blog post..A story, by Meredith

  158. Heart 4 My Home

    I have already started to do my fall decorating in our home. Boy how I love the holiday seasons. I just love the Fall colors. But especially since I live in the deep South and we have hot, hot, hot summers…I always look forward to the first cool weather that moves in.

    Thank you for hosting such a festive, fun give-a-way. I have posted a link to your site on my blog.


    Heart 4 My Homes last blog post..The Inspired Room Fall Give-a-Way

  159. Cathy Young

    Looks like an awesome book. I loved your blog !!

  160. cherry

    Ohhh what a wonderful give-away….I would love that book. I have linked you on my blog. cherry

    cherrys last blog post..A Tale by Poe….

  161. Kari

    LOVE it….beautiful!!! And I totally voted for you…. xoxo :D

    Karis last blog post..Sad sad very sad day

  162. Nicole

    Love your giveaway offer…please sign me up! I have gotten a lot of inspiration from your site for my fall decor – thanks! And of course you are on my blog list!!! Take care and happy fall!

    Nicole @ The Gravess last blog post..Bring Those Fall Recipes Out of Hiding!

  163. Janet

    Wow, I was just introduced to your website by reading the last Heart4MyHome and I am very excited to join your mailing list. Last Christmas we visited Victorian Cape May, NJ and I just wanted to share with you how they recycled their fall pumpkins. They spray painted them silver and used them in amongst their Christmas decorations and let me tell you it added a very unique flair. Hope you like the idea, too, as I will be doing the same this year when I decorate our outdoors.

  164. Meghan

    I just love this time of year! And I love a wonderful giveaway! I would definitely like to enter – thank you so much! And if I had a blog, I would definitely think to you! :)

  165. Sara

    I love the great ideas & could always use MORE :)

    Saras last blog post..Blanket Raffle

  166. Debbie/Four Angel's Momma

    Wow, my BFF,

    Look at you go!!!! You are amazing. I have you all updated on my blogroll, but that’s because I would never want to lose track of your site! You mean so much to me, dear one.

    Please enter me into your giveaway. But just so you know, you are awesome even when you don’t do giveaways! MWAH!!


    Debbie/Four Angel’s Mommas last blog post..Can I Get a Hallelujah?

  167. Mary/Mariah

    Well you did it , you inspired me to get out my Fall box and see what I can do to enjoy this fall and brighten up my home . I really love fall . I think I’ll do some thing on my deck this year , Thanks . Mary

    Mary/Mariahs last blog post..I know who holds tomorrow

  168. Jamilyn

    I’ve always wanted some tips on decorating with pumpkins because they are so autumnish and I love them!

    [email protected]

    Jamilyns last blog post..Our BIG News!

  169. Gari-Ann in TX

    I’m trying to get motivated to start decorating for fall. I love fall. I love all things related to fall. However, it’s still 95+ degrees here, and we’re still in our pool, so it’s hard to put the summer stuff up. ;) So I’m reading everyone’s blogs to inspire me to get started. Have a great week!

  170. Barbara

    I recently found your sight……it is wonderful! I am ready for Fall and all the beauty that nature brings and the cooler temps.

  171. Beth

    I want to win! Pick me! Today is such a beautiful summer day, I am still in denial that Fall is almost here.

    Beths last blog post..Nesting and Giving Thanks

  172. Susan

    Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. This week I’m planning on doing some fall nesting.

    Susans last blog post..The Day After the Storm.

  173. Sandy

    I’m LOVING all the fall decorations! While I’m really trying to get my brain moving in that direction, I’m definitely behind. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

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