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Observation: Textured Living Room

by | Sep 7, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

Observation: Textured Living Room

For those of you new to this game we’ve been playing periodically on The Inspired Room, WELCOME! From time to time I publish “OBSERVATION” posts. By observing a room, we are able to stretch our creativity, our ability to understand design, refine our tastes, and to help all of us start to see things from a new perspective. After we make our observations, we share them in the comments. Then we can all learn from each other.

Come on, trust me. It’s fun! I love this game.

Mostly this is a positive feedback kind of exercise, we are looking for things we notice about the room. There is no right or wrong or expected comment. We aren’t really here to say what we don’t like (someone loves this room!), this is more about discovering interesting things we notice and sharing them with everyone else.

Here are some ideas to jump start the conversation, but feel free to share on anything about the room:

  • How would you describe this style?
  • What is the mood of the room?
  • Describe the personality of people who might live in a room like this?
  • What are the main things you notice when you first look at this photo?
  • What are some subtle features that you notice when you look more closely?
  • Notice things like the shapes, the textures, the colors, the proportions, patterns, etc.
  • What is something you can learn from this style or how the room is put together?
  • What role does the architecture play in this room?
  • If someone wanted to create a room like this, what are some of the significant things they should incorporate?

Enjoy observing, and don’t forget to share with us what you noticed. Many of you have commented how much you are learning by both sharing AND reading what others share. I agree this is a great way to learn about design!

Need more help with what to look for? Read the explanation post here.
Want to see the previous observation posts? Click here.

Have fun observing!

Photo: Southern Accents


  1. Rosie's Whimsy

    This looks like a room where friends meet. It’s expansive yet cozy …… formal but relaxed (especially love the window treatment). I could definitely live with this room except there would be a cat on every chair and sofa top looking out those gorgeous windows!

    Rosie’s Whimsys last blog post..Sewing Therapy

  2. Terri Steffes

    At first I thought of it as being very masculine,… then I noticed the touches of purple/lavender and the crystal dishes. So now I think of it as a place anyone would feel comfortable in!

    Terri Steffess last blog post..Tailgating Season!

  3. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    While I am certain that I could spend some time in that room and be perfectly content, it’s much like a Wyeth painting — too beige for my tastes. I would need more color — lots more color. I really like the trunk coffee table.

    Vee~A Haven for Vees last blog post..Times Are Tough

  4. Connie

    I love the room, it looks like something I would do. I love the addition of the childs recliner and the relaxed feel of the room. I want to redo my house in all white and that is my project for the winter.

    I am going to try to link to your site for the Nesting series, but I’m new to this and I’m not sure I can do it. I don’t really have much up for nesting yet, but will have it up this evening, as I’m just now getting round to it today. I love your site and all the great ideas, and will be taking some of those ideas and using them this winter. Thank you.

    Connies last blog post..More New Stuff

  5. duchess

    I absolutely love this room. It’s very comfortable & pretty at the same time. You wouldn’t have to worry about putting your feet up.
    Love the texture in the rug as well – it’s still neutral without being boring.

    duchesss last blog post..Gymnastics Begins

  6. Suzette

    The first things I noticed were the trunk and the textured rug. Immediately, the room felt masculine to me. But, then I noticed the feminine touches, and eventually just decided the main feature of this room is comfort. This isn’t a room that I would oooh and ahhhh over, but I think I would be very much “at home” here – and that may be its most important feature.

    Suzettes last blog post..Turkey Basters! AAAARGH!

  7. CC

    Oh, this room makes my heart sing! :) The windows, the window treatments, the seagrass rug, the lamps and pillows, and that coffee table/trunk. Aaaahhhhhhhh……..

  8. Kristen

    I love this room. There’s an air of formality to the room–it could definitely be used for evening entertaining. But the couch and chairs, obviously for comfort, make this a room very easy to live in. I really like the shades that are way up there next to the ceiling. And of course, I LOVE the large windows and ample amount of natural light!

    Kristens last blog post..Fun weekend!

  9. Joanna

    Showing off ways to bring in femine touches to a masculine room. (agreeing with Terri here) The little touches of purple, this must be the lady of the homes favorite color. You just wouldn’t think of purple in that room. The couch looks really comfortable, reminds me of my own. I am not fond of the print on the chair and window treatments but then again the floarl print isn’t my style. I believe that an older couple lives here. Because it reminds me of something that my grandparents would have decorated their homes like.

    Joannas last blog post..How This Southern Girl Made Her Drink Koozie!

  10. katherine

    Hi Melissa – I just used one of your photos and linked to your site – let me know if you mind – thanks! I love, love your blog :)

    katherines last blog post..Decorating

  11. tricia

    I’d call this County meets British Colonial. The amount of texture is amazing…I can actually feel the room. All that texture, especially from the blinds and carpet, along with the pattern on the drapes, keep the room from being boring despite the limited color palette.

    tricias last blog post..

  12. Stacey

    I personally LOVE this style, a neutral, textured mix of masculine & feminine. I do this in my own decorating. Formal meets casual. Traditional meets modern country. Leather & floral. Rough & dark meet smooth & light. LOVE this. I also like that even with the large windows there’s a plan for evening, dark winter days with the chandelier and lamps. The lighting adds a cozy warmth that many homes lack. I am going to add this pic to my “inspiration board”!

    Stacey @ The Blessed Nests last blog post..Sunday Reflections

  13. Girly Stuff

    They did such a nice job with all the textures. I love the symmetry with the decorating tables, lamps, and chairs. When did shoving the tops of the pillows into a V start? Or have I just now started noticing it? The room is definitely my style…but it needs some toys…nothing says “finished” like Fisher-Price!

    Girly Stuffs last blog post..Two Posts For the Price of One

  14. Nancy

    This looks to me like a combination of Shabby Chic and British Colonial. The floral patterns in the curtains and the chair are very much Shabby Chic, but a lot of the furniture is very formal rather than the rustic or antiqued furniture that is used in the Shabby Chic style. Nice combination for someone who is tired of the SC style, but still wants to incorporate some favorite SC elements.

  15. jane

    this IS a textured room! it is formal without being stuffy. i can really learn about the art of layering and the use of many textures. also, the room shows a great range of color value within its mostly monochrome choice. i like the peaceful feeling of the room. it is full, for sure, but it makes it easy for lots of conversation, and reading in the comfy furniture with feet up or tucked under. the architecture is important, but is blended with the furnishings so neither is competing for attention. they share it and enhance each other. jkj

  16. Karen B

    I love this room! This reminds me of one of my favorite rooms that was in Cottage Living a couple of years ago. The walls were painted a pale aqua, or maybe it was the ceiling. Anyway, the room has so much texture, it is still bright and cheery even with a monochromatic color scheme. I have blinds like these and have yet to pick fabric for draperies. This may be a possibility! By the way, Girly Stuff, the V’s have been around for awhile. But they’re only possible with down/feather pillows.

    Karen Bs last blog post..New York City Shopping

  17. nel

    It seems like quite a masculine room to me, mostly in the colors used and the timber furnishings. I like that it has been softened with the comfort factor in the lounge and other soft furnishings… including those gorgeous curtains. Lots of texture and details everywhere you look! I think in reality it would have a much more feminine feel to it.

    nels last blog heart’s not in it

  18. Pearl Maple

    Your title of Texture sure says what this room is about. Lots of the other posters have labelled it formal but it is a very touch me and feel me room without being stuffy or too structured. You could easily curl up on that sofa with a good book and put your feet up. It feels like this family are well travelled with classical interests, family because there are feminine touches and evidence of children, and travelled with interesting brickabrack from different parts of the globe on display.

    Inspired by your blog and the shabby chic fans am in the process of repainting my place shades of cream and learning much from your site and everyone’s posts.

    Pearl Maples last blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  19. Jen

    I love this room. The color palatte can feature that dark brown color easily because there is so much natural light from those amazing windows! Also, the floor covering and the backgrouond color in the drapes and several other fabric prints are light. It seems warm and cozy & fresh and light at the same time.

    The first thing I noticed in the room were the wood toned matchstick blinds. After that, I tuned into the large windows and the warm, cozy sofa. As I further study the picture, I saw the few bits of purple scattered throughout on the pillow, throw blanket, and several small accents on the end table. I also love that although there is a ton of natural light, there are 3 lamps visual in the picture in addition to the chandelier. I am not an overhead-light-kind-of-girl, so I am a big fan of lamps as well as overhead lights that can be dimmed.

    I could see me spending some serious time in this room reading and visiting with friends and family. It doesn’t seem like a room where a lot of TV and movie watching would occur. At bit of a casual-formal room, if you will. I’m not very formal, so this would be my ideal level of formalness (don’t worry, I was an English major in college…I’m allowed to make up words!).

    This is the first time I’ve participated in this fun observation exercise and I plan on playing along in the future. I wrote this before reading others’ responses so off I go to see what others have observed about the room.

    Jens last blog post..{you wanna be hot for the holidays? me too!}

  20. Melissa

    Love all the observations! No observation is too small or too detailed (LOL Jen! I love your observation!). I am always noticing new things through your eyes!

    Happy observing!

  21. Ms.Tee

    I really like this room! The first thing I noticed were the earth-tones – those colors are really soothing to me. Then I noticed the windows. At first glance, I thought that I wouldn’t add the blinds, because I love windows and don’t like to cover them up to much. But the blinds balance the room and add great texture. My most favorite thing about the room is the tiny leather recliner, though. :)

    Ms.Tees last blog post..A Full Heart

  22. Deb

    Your title Texture made me look immediately for texture. And when I concentrated on that, I was completely overwhelmed. I imagined the feel of everything and saw every striation on every pillow.

    Too much texture for me. And I use texture to replace pattern. Lots of the same color with different textures for variation. So the room was much too busy for me. Not that I couldn’t stay there–for vacation.

    Debs last blog post..Sabbath Sweetness

  23. Susan

    I don’t think this is a room I would do for myself, but I love several aspects about it. I love the mix of formal and rustic. For example the formal curtains with the casual blinds. Also, the worn looking leather couch with the comfortable pillows and the skirted tables. What a fantastic mix. To me, it shows a true sense of character.

    Susans last blog post..First pigtails today

  24. dawn

    To me, this room is deep. It just draws me in.

    dawns last blog post..Fall Nesting

  25. cityfarmer

    Texas/Rustic/Ranch Style is speaking to me!
    I’m seein’ cowboy boots and crisp jeans with a crease and the classic white shirt on the Mrs. and well what ever on the Mr….he would be a cool dude no matter what he was wearing….I’m all over this…thank you for the diversion to the tragedy in my little corner of the world.

    Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family….I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo

  26. laurie

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I love this game. I have always been such a visual person, and I love looking at pictures of decor (even decor that isn’t “me”). However, this room is “Me”. Well, it would be if I could afford to start all over again and if I had the talent to mix these beautiful patterns and textures. I love all of the florals mixed with the leathers. Just the right amount of each. I love the windows and the treatments on the windows. I wish I could find something to not love, so I’d feel like a participant in the game rather than just a gushing ninnie. Maybe the next time I won’t like the room so much! Laurie

  27. Tara

    Casual sophistication! How’s that for a new moniker?

    I have an award for you over at my blog…your blog is a place I love to come visit! Please come pick it up!

  28. Joni Webb

    What I love the most about the room is the window treatments. They are handled to perfection! They have taken the curtains and the shades up to the ceiling – which is correct! It creates a wonderful vertical line that heightens the room. The curtains are full and lush – not skimpy. This is exactly how I like to do my window treatments. Just beautiful!

    Joni Webbs last blog post..Gustav – The Good

  29. Tracey

    Sorry, but I must go against the grain here. Too much! This room would be much better if it wasn’t for the over the top, florally romantic window treatments. Something like plain linen in taupe colour would look lovely. Hope you don’t mind the negative comments.

  30. Pat

    Traditional style family room. Collected over time. Very comfortable in any season. Although I’m not really a “purple” person, I like the pops of purple in this room. The floral chair, pillows and window treatments keep it from being too masculine. I believe this is a grandparents home. The small leather chair indicates a child visits from time to time.

    While I was at the lake, I found a Traditional Home with the bedroom you featured earlier. Now I need to look for my Southern Accents!

    Have a wonderful week, Melissa. I love this series!

    Pats last blog post..~Life at the Lake~

  31. Jill Flory

    I know I am the lone voice here but my first thought when I saw this room was ‘Yuck’. On a closer look I like the windows and the old wooden trunk. But I just cannot talk myself into really liking this room. I definitely don’t like the curtains and the chair matching. I’m not into the floral either I guess. It just isn’t ‘me’ I guess!

    Jill Florys last blog post..Sew a fine Seam!

  32. ezia

    to me looks like part of a professor studio where nobody sits but they just look at it….the colours are not my taste, but make it feel very cozy.
    sorry for my english.

    ezias last blog post..Photo Album: italia 2008

  33. Melissa in Mel's World

    Ok, now this is my kind of “game” Mel! First of all I totally MAJOR HEART this room. It is classy, elegant, and comfy, as well as masculine, earthy, and just a tad romantic (with the floral print on the chair and curtains).

    Here’s what I noticed…
    The bamboo window treatments (nice touch!)
    The long print curtains, subtle, yet classy
    The little splashes of purple (on the pillow and on the table)
    The coffee table is by far one of my FAVORITE pieces in the room!
    The little leather chair for kids (how sweet is that)
    The window panes, makes me think of somewhere up north (definately not a south florida thing).
    Is that berber carpet?
    The lamps on side tables are a nice touch too.

    Ok…I could 100% live in this room!

    Love it!

    Great idea Mel!
    xoxo, Melissa

    Melissa in Mel’s Worlds last blog post..Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

  34. Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

    This room is very likable for so many reasons. It is welcoming to all genders, and just exudes comfort. I like the way the pattern in the drapes plays against the texture on the floor. I also like the use of furniture in this room…older and newer. This room looks like it has evolved over time, and I especially like that little leather chair, which to me says that it is a room inclusive to children. I also love that chandelier…is it wrought iron? Susan

    Susan at Black eyed susans kitchens last blog post..ONE GREAT THING ABOUT JERSEY

  35. Mary Kay

    Melissa, congratulations on your nomination on divinecaroline! I just returned from voting for you. My observation of this fantastic room is that I could move in immediately. The layered window treatment is my favorite feature.

    Mary Kays last blog post..fellow decorators, i humbly ask for your vote!

  36. Suzy

    At the first sight I would say it goes in the traditional colonial direction. Very classical, simple with few basic colors and mix and match. Nothing too much, just neat and simple. I like the symmetry that they used.

    Thanks Melissa for another fun post. Suzy

    Suzys last blog post..Goodbay photos

  37. Kara

    The first thing my eye is drawn to is the trunk and the unique fabric/finish of the couch. Thrid, the ceiling height drapes, and then to the child’s leather chair.

    When I look at this room I picture a woman who always had the desire to move to the countryside. After achieving success in life, she moved her family to the country, and nestled into this living room, keeping a bit of her city-class mixed in with the ruggadness of nature, all while keeping her man feeling comfortable in the room. She’s understanded, yet sophisticated, down to earth, but refined. I also think she has blonde wavy hair with gray starting to peak through, she’s not going to dye over it either ;)

    Ok my mind has gotten carried away.

    Karas last blog post..Who’s in your top 3?

  38. teresa

    So here’s my thoughts- I’m not very good at this- I usually have a hard time explaining my thoughts on what I do and don’t like- {just ask my husband}
    The room seems to have a since of traditional coziness. Which is good at times- { a little too matched for me} I didn’t care for the window treatment- it looks pretty and all- but I kept thinking that the bamboo window treatment was hiding a arched window- and I usually don’t like that.
    It’s interesting to hear everyone points of view-

  39. Laurie

    Way to much brown and tan for my taste. To matchy matchy, two chairs, two round tables. All the lampshades are the same height. Curtains, floor, ceiling match. I would like to see a different rug on the floor. Looks to much like a hotel lobby at a very fancy resort like at Vail, Co. LOVE the trunk. Laurie

  40. Pamela

    This is a newly added sunroom on a large stone house in Provo, Utah. The family who live here also reside part of the year in San Diego, where the husband used to coach professional football. He has been retired for about five years now. This used to be their vacation home, but as their three sons and twin daughters are now married with children of their own, they now seem to be staying here for much longer stretches of time. The house is rather secluded and on quite a bit of acreage, so the views are noteworthy. The curtains in this sunroom are never closed, the wooden shades never lowered and, as it has snowed all last night, the sun reflecting off the snow this particular morning is brilliant. It is a well-used family house, with board games stored in the old trunk in front of the sofa. They used to keep them on a bookshelf, but found that the tophat from the old Monopoly game was missing the last time several of the grandchildren came to visit, so the games were moved to the trunk. The tiny leather chair in the room is a favorite of their granddaughter, Lucy, who just turned seven and loves Harry Potter books. She read the last one in this chair. The flowers on the skirted tables came with them from the San Diego garden, as they have only arrived a couple of nights ago to spend the month here. The fabric for the curtains and the chair in the foreground is an old Colefax and Fowler linen print that they had in their first home back east. The wife always loved it and is glad it has never been discontinued. There are lots of local restaurant menus in the wicker basket on the trunk,
    for although the kitchen in this home is first-rate, the wife never really took to cooking . Several large charity galas are held here every season. They are always catered. The wife is not fond of the blue pillow as she feels it “distracts the eye” in this room. It is, however, the husband’s favorite nap pillow, on his favorite nap sofa. So, it remains.

    Pamelas last blog post..

  41. A Fanciful Twist

    I would say, to get the feel of this room in your home, you have to have those bamboo roman-ish shades… And lots of differnt shades of wood mixed with whites and beiges and gentle pale florals… I would say the people who live here, like the idea of bali and island living, but still are in love with a traditional flair… It is very very nice! xoxoxoxo, V

    A Fanciful Twists last blog post..One enchanted evening…

  42. teresa

    Sorry, me again- I’ve been wanting to tell you and keep forgetting-
    the way you use “typography design”……love it.
    Have a great day-

  43. Rachel

    This room looks like it is the room in a more formal Georgian house that actually gets used! It would be a sunroom.
    I love the big brown velvet couch – if you were to “copy” this room, you would have to start there! And I love the sisal rug. It kind of “grounds” the room.
    At first, the room reads as very monochromatic with the browns and whites, but then you notice the soft pale green and lavender touches which are nice.
    And I, too, love the rustic trunk coffee table. In fact, we’re hoping for one off our registry ourselves! It’s great – you can put your feet up on it and not worry!
    All in all, a very comfortable and practical room – a room that gets used often.

    Rachels last blog post..Yay!

  44. Lauren

    The room seems very bright with strong furniture pieces to anchor the look, I think it works well. I love the trunk. I am not sure what the shades are doing. Did they want to have a more angled look instead of the fanlights exposed? They put the curtains right under the crown molding, making the room look very tall. The delicate floral emphasizes the brightness. There is strong symmetry (if there is another chair to the right) with a nice flair of asymmetry using smaller pieces. I think that makes the space feel solid but not too serious.

    Laurens last blog post..Checking Out

  45. Hannah

    I really don’t feel comfortable with the overall beige look of this room, preferring more color. I immediately notice the trunk, which is an item I’ve used in the past in our living room and like! I think the window treatments are too much. I prefer beautiful windows such as those to showcase themselves.
    When I view a room, I am viewing it through the eyes of a mother of a large family, critiquing which factors would or would not work in real life! I’m not crazy about the style of the sofa, but that upholstery would be great with kids!

    Hannahs last blog post..Birthday Boy

  46. Debbie/Four Angel's Momma

    Hi Melissa!

    The first thing I noticed is that there is a lot of seating in this room. I would think that the people who created this room like to entertain or they have a big family, or both! We have those bamboo shades in our beach house and they are wonderful for filtering the light. I would think that the people who live in that home enjoy lots of natural sunlight.

    Pretty room!


    Debbie/Four Angel’s Mommas last blog post..Out of the Mouths of Babes or How to Make Amends

  47. Ann Marie

    First I will list my LOVES! The curtains and chair floral pattern is love at first sight! The trunk and pretty look of the 2 side chairs are very eye-catching. I love a feminine look, so these things make me want to visit! :)

    Now for the dislikes.
    1- I feel as though a husband and wife created it together, and were playing tug-of-war. I have never seen masculine and feminine together… It’s ok… But not my favorite.
    2- My eye’s are just wishing for that *pop of color * to appear..
    3- Not in love with the basket on the trunk..

  48. Bettsi

    I love this room! Before I even read your post, I saved the photo to my “inspiration” folder. The window treatments are my favorite part-elegant enough to have presence, but made nice and casual by the bamboo blinds. Love the coffee table/trunk too. And the sweet child’s chair and the lamps at every seating area. Definitely a place for a family to hang out in.

    Bettsis last blog post..Happy Monday!

  49. Mrs. B

    The first thing I notice about this room is the window treatments, that combination of the bamboo blinds and beautiful print panels. Love that combination! It has sort of a British Colonial feel to it. There are so many other textures in the room too… velvet, leather, woven grass rug, rough wood, twisty lamp, fringy pillows, smooth upholstery. I love it! Although the room has a fairly simple color scheme (which I personally find very soothing), it’s made interesting through the use of all the different textures. It’s a beautiful room! The only thing I will say I don’t like are the matchy-matchy skirted tables on either side of the sofa.

    Mrs. Bs last blog post..Deja Vu

  50. karen

    This room is set up perfectly for lots of visiting…i loved the child’s chair being included as well! I thot it a bit formal until I saw they used bamboo shades under the draperies. It’s a lovely room, a bit dark for me, but lovely. The pillows helped warm the look up a bit along with the curtains.

  51. Jill

    I love textured spaces especially when using monochromatic color scheme.

    The little leather chair is too cute, and the perfect size for the smaller family member making this room a ideal cozy family comfy space.
    Thanks for sharing the concept..

    Jill xoo

  52. Amy from Texas

    I find it interesting that so many people thought this room looked masculine. I didn’t see it that way at all. It seemed romantic to me… not in the frilly sense, but more country cottage romance. The floral fabrics and table cloths gave this room the feminine look for sure. I like the leather/suede couch, wooden trunk and blinds to offset that frilliness. I would love living in this room!! It’s got a little of everything for my taste. I would guess a family with small children who love to entertain lives in this house. The low maintenance rug and kid’s chair is a big give away to that. Plus there aren’t many breakable items within arms reach. I like the hint of purple and green throughout the room. I also like all the lighting in the room. I would never think to put that many lamps in a room with so many windows. It’s an interesting space.

    This is a fun post!
    -Amy from Texas

    Amy from Texass last blog post..Sunday At My House

  53. Ottoline

    The first thing I noticed was how many horizontal “surfaces” there are.

    The brown/cream combo is beautiful – I’d love shot of wedgewood blue in there to ramp it up.

    I don’t find this masculine at all. I see it as very cozy, old east coast, martha’s vinyard, preppy. Love it!

  54. Kendra

    Three things.
    1. LOVE this room.
    Okay, four…
    2. The window treatments are placed right below the crown molding which makes this room seem HUGE. Nicely done.
    3. Nothing is matchy matchy. There are some patterns that are consistent, but I like the fact that things coordinate instead of match.
    4. Several folks have commented on the beige palette. I think having a neutral base is smart and budget-friendly. Those accessories can be changed drastically for a completely different feel. The lines of the furniture are simple and versatile enough to give the room a facelift for a minimal cost.

    Kendras last blog post..Slightly Adjusted Banana Nut Muffins

  55. anne

    I think this room is masculine in colour…Browns and Beiges…I cannot stand Beige…the house I live in now …is like living in a tin of Mushroom soup!!! The two previous owners didn’t do anything to it…and I don;t think they liked colour!!!!! But I am working on it.

    What I do like are the windows…huge, lovely shape and lots of light. Just looked backed to photo, and noticed all the single chairs..!! Not sure what that is all about, its like the settee is the focal point!

    annes last blog post..Back from Trip ..

  56. gabrielle

    Hello Melissa..I like this is very similiar to the direction on want to take in my family room..which my husband has “taken” over. It is where his big screen TV lives..Sully (from MONSTERS INC)..yes’ it’s that big. I have added some of the natural linen that you have in the next post to the room. But I have a question for you instead of the bamboo shades I would like to add a bamboo curtain you know where I can find one? I already have the blinds in a honey brown color and don’t want to replace them since we rent. I do try to make it “our” home even though we don’t have free rein to do what we want. I like how the decorating added surprising pops of color through the room, the greens, the purples. I like all the natural elements the basket coffee table….and I like the old crusty leather chair and sofa but my favorite part is the bamboo shades with the contrasting color of curtain in brown and white. It seems very much a room that Heather Chadduck would decorate..this is very much her style. I’m sure you know who she is….

    gabrielles last blog post..Chhhhhhanges….(insert Bowie’s voice here)

  57. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Ooooo!! I love this room! Full of textures – love the natural shades in combination with the drapes. I love the darker colors and the warmth the room exudes. I could just curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate and then drift off into a good sleep on that wonderful couch! Like Vee, I would like a little splash of red here or there…however this room is perfect just like it is.


  58. Alana

    I love this room. What I like most is that it seems to be a place both my husband and I would enjoy spending lots of time in – not too girly or masculine. Great photo choice.

    Alana @ Gray Matterss last blog post..Going Green in Preschool

  59. sandra

    I have a love hate relationship with this room. It reminds me a bit of Ralph Lauren but I don’t like the country elements of it, like the floral drapes. They are bit too busy for me. I love the use of mostly neutral colors but the room is still colorful because of all the textures , different fabrics on the chairs and various shades of the same colors used throughout the room.

    I don’t care for the chandelier it too is too country for me and the lamps too traditional. I like a bit more modern and unique looking.
    What the room says to me about the people who live there is that they are stylish and elegant in their taste and lifestyle but they want to be comfortable and they want their guest to feel welcomed. I also like the fact that they did not use too many knick knacks(spelling)??
    The room looks light and airy and un-cluttered but still warm and inviting.

    The only thing I would have added to the decor if it were my living room, is little tiny bit of glam by using some glass, pewter or silver in a couple of places. Oh and a few urns with succulents and ferns flowing out of them.


    sandras last blog post..

  60. PamperingBeki

    Oh that room is way too busy for me!

    It’s pretty, but I think there’s way too much going on. I’d take away a lot of the accessories and pare it down quite a bit. But I’m a minimalist. ;-)

    I’d also like to see more of a pop of color, but I’m a color kind of girl.

    PamperingBekis last blog post..Going Downtown…

  61. lovebnatchr

    I think if I were to walk into this room, I would feel like I were in a big hug! All that texture is very warm and inviting. The deep browns in the trunk, blinds, and sofa pop in contrast to the lighter colors in the drapes, chair, and floor. Mmmmm…..


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