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Ralph Lauren Style

Ralph Lauren is a master at creating a classic style. I really like the look of his Jamaican home, shown here. I’d love to see him take this room and with a few changes of bedding and perhaps a throw on the chair transform this into a perfect Fall room. It would be fun to see how easy it is to change the look entirely. Although, really, if I had that room I’d be tempted to leave it that way year round. Especially if I was in Jamaica. Which, I’m not. But, the point here is that the Ralph Lauren style flows effortlessly from season to season with a few minor adjustments.

As you might recall, I shared the Ralph Lauren Fall Collection photos on the 20 Little Things post. Inspired by those photos, I put together a list of ways to recreate that “evolved over time” cozy fall look Ralph Lauren is famous for. The article is posted over at Blissfully Domestic if you want to check it out! Click here.

Ralph Lauren Style

Your Autumn lists and links to Fall Goodness just keep growing and growing! We have over 100 lists of “20 Little Things” so far, and almost 200 links to Fall Nesting ideas! Wow. You guys are seriously into Fall. I’m loving this. You are all awesome.

Did you know that our 20 Little Things activity has spread so far that now they are having fun with it over at Apartment Therapy San Francisco? Thanks AT!

That got me thinking, we are all having fun, but WHERE IS MARTHA? She should be playing along too, after all her link was a big hit for the Fall Nesting post. She has a new blog so I guess she’s been too distracted to come play. So, being the neighborly blogger that I endeavor to be, I went over to invite her to join us.

Let’s hope she’ll play along.
Wouldn’t Martha do a GREAT 20 Little Things list?

top photo: Architectural Digest

second photo: Ralph Lauren

RELATED ARTICLE: Ralph Lauren Home: How to Get The Look for Fall Blissfully Domestic

Ralph Lauren Style
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  1. Brooke

    Hi Michelle.
    I just discovered your site.
    I have been enjoying looking at your images and reading your posts.
    I too love Ralph Lauren. He is a master at his craft.
    From looking at your home it appears that you have been given the same gift.
    I look forward to seeing what other insightful tips you write about in the future. xo Brooke

  2. Kathy

    I love Ralph Laurens style. The way he puts things together never ceases to inspire me.

  3. Jinx

    My bedroom & master bath is in mid “re-do”. I may need to incorporate a little of that Jamaican style!!

  4. teresa

    Oh, I so feel the gentle breezes.
    Thanks for starting lots of Fall goodness. :}
    Have a great day-

  5. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Oh Fall is in the air this morning and I am sitting here with my first cup of Joe and just enjoying reading your most awesome blog. Melissa, you really have so much to offer us. Thank you so much. I know you spill your heart and soul and spend hours putting together such an amazing treat for all to read. Still sprucing and decorating around here.

    ((hugs)) to you!

    PS: Wouldn’t it be grand if Martha did join in? She has been my idol since I was newly married 26 years back.

  6. Maven

    First of all, of course I’ll vote for you!

    Secondly, I adore Ralph Lauren in all aspects, decor, fashion, and fragrance. I still mourn the loss of his classic fragrance from the 80’s because it was my signature smell.

    When I did my fall decorating day I kept your sight and Cherry Hill Cottage open all day referring back to pictures and ideas I liked. I created a Ralph Laurenish (is that a word?), weekend in a country cottage style on a very small amount of money. Which just goes to show – it’s all out there. Anyone can have a beautiful home with a little creativity.

    Cheers M! have a great day.

  7. DebbieCalif

    Hi Melissa, that is so great that the ’20 things’ is spreading….how fun. I wish next or down the road you would do something regarding decorating your front door, or porch area for the ongoing holiday seasons. Or maybe how do you welcome guests at the front door, etc. Maybe you could come up with a better idea, but I got the idea from seeing all the beautiful homes, and their front door areas. We don’t know these people but you can tell what they are like (welcoming) by their front door, porch area!!!!
    Love your post today, it makes me daydream!!!!

  8. Joy

    hmmm… as much as I’m loving Fall right now – Ralph really makes Jamaica seem like heaven, doesn’t he?? Beautiful!!

  9. Kimba

    Great post, Melissa. I love the combination of masculine and feminine touches that Ralph Lauren uses. I do need to pull out some of those plaids.

    I just voted for you over at Divine Caroline. Your blog is top notch!

  10. Mrs. B

    Oh Ralph Lauren, how I love thee.

    I have adored Ralph Lauren’s classic style since I was a child. I grew up in Southern California where there was REAL shopping (unlike where I live now). There used to be a Ralph Lauren Home store that I would go to with my mother. It was always divine and I loved it, even then. Everything was so sumptuous, and fluffy, and layered, and textured. Those pictures you featured in your 20 Little Things post were so fabulous. I went to the RL Home website to see more, and it was all just gorgeous (but the site wouldn’t let me right click and save pictures). He has the most gorgeous colors in his paint line (there’s a deep red and blue that I especially love). I’m also a fan of his clothing lines. I buy magazines that feature interviews with him. He even has brilliant advertising campaigns. I think I might even have a little crush on him. But really, who could blame me. Gosh, have I gushed enough?

  11. Patty

    Redoing a small mud room / powder room.. Want it to have all those ingredients of love, charm and character, cottage, Lauren look. can you help with some ideas? Thanks, Patty


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