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Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After

by | Sep 29, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After

Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After


Ilove using SIMPLE SOLUTIONS in decorating. When it comes time to repaint a room, it is quite possible to spend forever trying to decide what paint colors to choose for woodwork and walls, how to fix less than perfect features, and then another eternity painting straight lines between woodwork and walls (not my favorite task). Sometimes I want a QUICK FIX and an easy answer so I can have a new color in a day (or so!).

I’ll admit it, I’m an impatient decorator. And, honestly, I am too busy to fuss over each and every decision and project in life. In order to get on with enjoying life, yet still have a beautiful home, I have to simplify.

In this space, the simple solution to giving this room a lively new look was Sherwin Williams Westminster Gold #200. Everywhere.

The secret to making this one color paint technique work is to vary the sheen…put a glossier paint on the woodwork to contrast with a satin or flat paint on the walls. That contrast will give just enough variation for interest.

The overall look is cozy, fresh, hides imperfections and lets the furniture and accessories take center stage. The background becomes an effective backdrop to a beautiful room.

And it wasn’t complicated! I like that.

PHOTO:Country Living: Keith Scott Morton


  1. sarah

    I *always* want a quick fix, being impatiend very much has it’s good and bad points!

    love the paint and the tips

    a very nice corner…


  2. Emily

    Your photos always leave my mind racing wondering where in my home I can replicate the ideas. That corner looks so vibrant and cozy.

  3. Liz

    What a simple yet effective makeover, just using paint. I love it!

  4. Kristen

    What a lovely paint color! I wish we had our own home so we could do something drastic like that. For now we have to use lighter colors in our rental. I like your simplifying concept. It definitely helps me organize my decorating thoughts more!

  5. Bella Casa

    Looks beautiful, I love that warm color, I have a similar one in my Family Room (Chamois by Ralph Lauren).

    I am having a hard time picking a color for my kitchen, it’s so small and has dark cupboards, countertops and floors…ugh.

    You’re having another party on the 20th? I better get motivated!


  6. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    That’s a nice tip about using a sheen in the same color (lovely by the way) for the trims.

  7. sheri

    i would have never thought to vary the sheens on the same color – but i adore how that came out. I have to get past my idea that all bookcases and trim need to be a shade of white – because this is gorgeous.

  8. Jinx

    It’s amazing what a little color will do!

  9. My Notting Hill

    Love this! These pics should be in a magazine.

  10. jane

    i love learning that it can be simple! and your solution is. i echo sarah, liv and vee: great paint color and tip about varying the finish. my work room is a lovely, warm yellow and i get happy going in there each time, despite the work i get to do in there! LOL!jkj

  11. teresa

    I love a simple makeover, and golden colors- Burnt gold is what most of the rooms in my home are.
    Love the little wicker chair- I just added a couple of them in our little City Bungalow- my first time to use wicker- and I also like the eclectic style of your room.
    Have a great day.

  12. Melissa

    Hi friends! I hope you all have a wonderful fall day!


  13. Lorrie

    What a great transformation! Although I’m not a fan of golds, that colour really warms up and adds some punch to the room.


  14. Elizabeth

    I’m so glad you posted the info about changing the sheen, but using the same color. I’m going to redo my daughter’s room for her birthday and it will make the project go so much faster. Thanks for all your great tips!

  15. Rachel L

    EXCELLENT tip! I am so excited that I stopped by this morning. I have been stressing over my living room, which has beautiful, but dated and dark, molding. That same-color idea sounds like the perfect solution!

  16. lylah ledner

    how super cool is that! and, it’s my family room wall colors. love it. thanks for stopping by dear friend. :-)


  17. kris

    wow. What a difference some color makes! I never cease to be amazed!

  18. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Isn’t that gold just the perfect choice for a library? I love it.

  19. Penny

    Love the makeover!! What a wonderful tip about using different sheens of paint color. I would have never thought of that!

  20. laura

    Very bold use of color, but it works well in this nook (I wonder how big a room it is? Could be a whole lot o’ gold!). I love the advice for varying the sheen to give the same paint different texture. Sort of like tone-on-tone fabric! GREAT advice!

  21. Brenda Kula

    I adore red and white together. And anything crisp and clean-looking. We’ve been in the midst of remodeling this house after some flood disasters. So paint has been on my mind!

  22. Esther

    Wow! I would never have been that brave to use a colour like that but it looks fantastic.

    I know what you mean by a quick fix. I’m painting my girls’ bedroom but I haven’t even gotten to the painting part yet. The preparation is taking FOREVER. But I’m nearly there.

  23. Tamara

    I’ve never considered painting a room to be a “quick fix” but after seeing this lovely room change…..I may have to change my way of thinking. Love the yellow!

  24. Sandy

    Oh yes, paint is a quick fix and Abby and I just picked out two new colors for her room today! FUN!

    How are you Melissa?


  25. le petit cabinet de curiosites

    It has been a long time since I’ve stoped by your blog ! J’adore the way it looks now !!!
    This post is great , I love the new makaover ! The yellow color is fantastic

  26. Amy from Texas

    I love the yellow! I don’t think I’m that brave though:-)

  27. Ali

    I love anything simple and I am so much like you, I like it do be done fast. I am always busy with my 2 kiddos and overly impatient on wanting to see the final project outcome. I love what you have done. Thanks so much for sharing, I love your blog!

  28. Lisa

    I love this and it really shows what a difference a bit of paint can make. Beautiful!

  29. Lisa

    Great idea! I love it – I need simple!

  30. Trazos y Trozos

    Me gustó mucho esta propuesta, por eso quería compartirla con ustedes, la encontré en The Inspired Room.
    Cuando llega la hora de pintar una habitación, es muy posible pasar siempre tratando de decidir qué colores de pintura elegir para la madera y las paredes. A veces uno quiere una solución rápida y una respuesta fácil, para lograr un nuevo color.
    A este ambiente se le dio una nueva mirada vivaz, con una sencilla solución. Para saber que color emplear, poner un color que contraste, de esa manera el espacio se destacará, como podrán apreciar en las imágenes.
    El aspecto global que se logró es acogedor, fresco, oculta las imperfecciones y permite a los muebles y accesorios ser el centro de la escena. El fondo se convierte en un eficaz telón de fondo de un hermoso ambiente.
    Utiliza soluciones simples en la decoración, es lo ideal!


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