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10 Seasonal Nesting Tips

10 Seasonal Nesting Tips

With all this talk about fall nesting, I thought it would be a good time to share a bit about my philosophy of decorating for those who are new to The Inspired Room, and then share a few “nesting tips.” My motto is:

“When life inspires our home, our home inspires our life.”

What my philosophy basically means to me is that I don’t really like to decorate my home for the sake of decorating or following the crowd. There is a reason behind my decorating madness! I decorate to inspire myself to live the kind of life I want. The change of the seasons is always a good time for me to reflect on blessings and get my home in order to further inspire my life. Seasons inspire my home and my home inspires my life.

When I see evidence of a new season in my home, whether it is a wreath on the door, candle burning in the entry, or pumpkin bread in the oven, I feel renewed energy for life and my family. I get excited about the process of seasonal nesting because each change of season represents a new way to love my family, a new reason to feel blessed and it gives me new inspiration to keep my priorities in order.

Nesting brings out my passion for my family and my home, whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall.

10 Seasonal Nesting Tips

10 Seasonal Nesting Tips

  1. Take your decorating cues from nature each season. Even if your corner of the world doesn’t show the seasons, create the impression of seasonal freshness and ambience yourself with simple changes around the house!
  2. Enjoy the bounty of the season. Fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables and traditional recipes break up the monotony of year-round sameness in our diets.
  3. Create family rituals tied to the seasons. Pick a few special traditions for each season to enjoy with your family.
  4. Create a seasonal gratitude journal. Have everyone in the family add pages to it each season.
  5. Create a simple nesting notebook filled with your family traditions, recipes, and decorating ideas for each season.
  6. Designate a four shelf storage unit for seasonal decorations. Label one shelf for each season and find a separate area for Christmas.
  7. Keep the seasonal decorations simple. A basket of apples on the counter, pumpkins piled on the front porch in the fall or a seasonal wreath on the front door can be enough to make a statement.
  8. Incorporate seasonal scents. Engaging your sense of scent in each season is as important as bringing out the decorations.
  9. Enjoy the sounds of the season. Create seasonal play lists and pump up the tunes so you can whistle while you work! Sounds of nature (Birds, rainfall, ocean waves, rustling trees) can be effective too!

Now it is YOUR turn!
Add your seasonal nesting tip in the comments to round out our top 10!

Reader contribution:
See a great post on simple Fall decorating here, and a cute idea from her here. Big thanks to Teresa for the ideas and for sharing her beautiful photos today!
Photo credit, used by permission: Teresa

Blissfully Domestic Relaunch & A Giveaway!

Blissfully Domestic Relaunch & A Giveaway!

Hey all you amazing nesters! I’m so impressed by the fall ideas you all have shared so far! Everything from decorating ideas, organization, home makeovers to baking bread and beyond. It is so inspiring! Nesting is in FULL FORCE in blogland. More ideas are being added so keep checking the links on the Welcome to Fall Nesting Week post!

I was telling some folks that I start summerizing my house in about April. So for six or seven months I am celebrating summer, but then I usually try to cram fall into about four weeks. Not good, since Fall is my favorite season! So, GIVE FALL A FAIR CHANCE! START NESTING NOW!

Even Martha Stewart got into the action for Fall Nesting Week (did you see her link on Mr. Linky?). We Domestic Divas need to support each other!


Now, yesterday was supposed to the official relaunch of Blissfully Domestic. But as with all things technical, issues occurred. Some of us got a peek, some didn’t. It just wasn’t fair. But, things happen. Did I tell you about my own blog relaunch last week? For 15 hours all you could see was an alligator where my blog used to be! Nice! Then, for awhile all you could see was a page that said, “WHOA, DUDE, SURFING IS DANGEROUS!” You just have to have a sense of humor about these things. But have no fear, next Monday Blissfully Domestic will relaunch for real!


While I will be postponing the gift certificate giveaway until Blissfully Domestic launches next week, I have a little giveaway for YOU all this week, because I like you. So how about this book to tide us over until next week, eh?

Blissfully Domestic Relaunch & A Giveaway!
All you have to do is leave me a comment here on this post with your email address, deadline is will be Sunday September 7th at 9pm PST.


NOTE: If you link The Inspired Room up in your blogroll with my NEW address, I give you a bonus entry. Because then I know we are really friends!

And, by the way, THANK YOU to those of you who have gone over and VOTED for me on Divine Caroline! So nice of you, I’m so touched! It really is an honor to be nominated and thought of! If you enjoy The Inspired Room, I appreciate the support as always.

So, carry on, dear nesters!

It is not too late to join in the Fall Nesting party!
We are just getting warmed up!

PS. Here are a few links to some other giveaways you might want to enter, courtesy of Blissfully Domestic Contributors…there may be more but this is what I know about right now…




Also, Neutral Dwelling is kindly offering a 10% discount in honor of Fall Nesting Week! See the coupon code in the sidebar.

photo: fall inspiration from one of my blogging BFF Meg Duerksen