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Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!

Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!

The Fun Begins October 20!

Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!

Hey Friends! I am gearing up once again for another Drive By! But this time, I want YOU to participate along with me. How you ask? Head out in search of the best Fall Porches — you too, non-bloggers! And I’m giving you advanced warning, so you have a few weeks to prepare. Here are your options:

1) Risk life and limb doing a Drive By and post the images on your blog! It can be any front doors or porches dressed up for fall, it doesn’t have to be for Halloween and it doesn’t have to be your own door as long as you take the photos yourself. Be creative, show us the door, the front steps, zoom in on the wreath, show us what they put in pots, or what is next to the door. Save your post and share it on October 20 or later, link back the the Drive By Post October 20 and link your post up to Mr. Linky. That way EVERYONE can enjoy all the drive bys!

2) If you do not have a blog (or can’t share Fall decorating photos within your format), you are welcome to send me your BEST fall front porch or door photo. I don’t want you to miss out on the fun. I will share whatever photos I can, and the rest can be posted over at the Blissfully Domestic Seasonal Nesters forum. You may post there yourself, as well, if you would like to share more than one photo or contribute text for your photos. EMAIL ME!

Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!
Country Living: Matthew Benson

So, head out as soon as you can in search of the most lovely Fall front doors and porches! Hopefully some festive folks will start getting their decor up in time for this event! You may have to take a new route home to stumble upon a great find. Or, to save gas, take a nice fall walk in a great area near your home! And then come back October 20th to see all the Fall Front Doors and Porches!

Note: This will be different than our Fall Nesting event, because we will be focusing only on Front Doors or Porches. If you link up to Mr. Linky, be sure your post is a Fall Drive By or a Front Door only.

This event will go on from through the end of October so you will have plenty of time to do one or more Drive Bys or capture your own front door in a photo. Feel free to put the button on your blog to share with your friends.

Have fun, be safe on your Drive Bys…ready, set, GO!

Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!

Photos top and bottom photos: Country Living, CL Joseph de Leo

Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!

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The Most Simple Party
Decorating Idea Ever

The Most Simple Party <br>Decorating Idea Ever

Mason Jars

It doesn’t get much easier than this. And I like simple and easy! I use this idea year round when I want to add some quick and festive flair for any event, and this is one of the cutest variations ever! We used Mason jars last winter to line our front walk way for guests, we used them this summer at my daughter’s wedding reception, and as you can see, you can use them for fall decorating too! All year round I’ve used Epsom salts to simulate snow or sand. I love the candy corn. You could try coffee beans, shells, jelly beans, marbles, cranberries … and change candle colors to coordinate with your event! The options are endless!

The Most Simple Party <br>Decorating Idea Ever

The Most Simple Party <br>Decorating Idea Ever

Top photo: Country Living, bottom two photos: Melissa Michaels

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