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Observation: Textured Living Room

Observation: Textured Living Room

For those of you new to this game we’ve been playing periodically on The Inspired Room, WELCOME! From time to time I publish “OBSERVATION” posts. By observing a room, we are able to stretch our creativity, our ability to understand design, refine our tastes, and to help all of us start to see things from a new perspective. After we make our observations, we share them in the comments. Then we can all learn from each other.

Come on, trust me. It’s fun! I love this game.

Mostly this is a positive feedback kind of exercise, we are looking for things we notice about the room. There is no right or wrong or expected comment. We aren’t really here to say what we don’t like (someone loves this room!), this is more about discovering interesting things we notice and sharing them with everyone else.

Here are some ideas to jump start the conversation, but feel free to share on anything about the room:

  • How would you describe this style?
  • What is the mood of the room?
  • Describe the personality of people who might live in a room like this?
  • What are the main things you notice when you first look at this photo?
  • What are some subtle features that you notice when you look more closely?
  • Notice things like the shapes, the textures, the colors, the proportions, patterns, etc.
  • What is something you can learn from this style or how the room is put together?
  • What role does the architecture play in this room?
  • If someone wanted to create a room like this, what are some of the significant things they should incorporate?

Enjoy observing, and don’t forget to share with us what you noticed. Many of you have commented how much you are learning by both sharing AND reading what others share. I agree this is a great way to learn about design!

Need more help with what to look for? Read the explanation post here.
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Have fun observing!

Photo: Southern Accents

Sweet Escape: Fall Goodness & Inspiration

Sweet Escape: Fall Goodness & Inspiration

Wow, what an amazing bunch of nesters you are! You blew me away with all of your ideas & contributions! I am still making my through all the links, and loving each and every contribution. I will get to all of you, I promise. Thank you so much for getting into the spirit of Fall, wherever you are in the world!

Now that we have started in on our nesting, we can fully immerse ourselves into Fall this weekend! Or, if you are just gearing up through all the inspiration this week, enjoy the process of nesting. And be sure to come back and link up your post so we can see what you all are up to. You can link up fall nesting posts through September to keep our inspiration going. Check out all the inspiring ideas on Mr. Linky while you are here!

Next week we will do another Observation post (thanks to those of you who have been asking about that, YES, we will keep that feature going!), and continue to explore all the goodness that fall has to offer!

Don’t forget, next week is THE AMAZON.COM GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY (plus I will announce the winner of the Pumpkin Chic book from this week!) I appreciate all of you and thank you for your encouragement, friendship, kind words and the inspiration you are.

Now for some reader inspiration! Thanks to these ladies for sending in their ideas for Fall Nesting!

Sweet Escape: Fall Goodness & Inspiration

Sherrie from Frenchy Finds shared this idea (and the photo above):

My favourite fall decorating things are always directly from nature, and I have mini pumpkins on the table every year. It’s as simple as can be, but beautiful – just line up an odd number of mini pumpkins down the centre of the table for simple, natural (and green) decorations. They can be alternated with candles, placed on a runner or mirror, or hollowed out to hold candles. They can even serve as place markers with a notch cut in the stem to hold a place card, or with your guest’s name beautifully written on the pumpkin itself. They last a long time, and can be composted once they’ve finished serving their decorative purpose.

Sweet Escape: Fall Goodness & Inspiration

Jill from It’s a Serendipitous Life shared this idea (and her photo above):

One thing that symbolizes the season to me is family. It’s this time of year when I think of family reunions – not just in the literal sense, but, in the spirit of gathering during my favorite time of year.

My tribute to the season is my Heritage Nook. There was a space in this house that needed a focus. What better one than family. The space contains family Bibles – dating back to the late 1800s – and precious photos. A mirror serves as a symbol that when I look into it, I remember those who came before me.

Sweet Escape: Fall Goodness & Inspiration

Another contribution was from Francine from Chez Les Dieguez (photo above):

Here are my ideas for fall decorating. Light a fire in the chimney. Decorate with mirror, metal and glass because they shine and remind us of the sun. Eat plenty of citrus fruit , ginger, chocolate and chili to keep you warm. And of course ENJOY each little bite of this new season.

Sweet Escape: Fall Goodness & Inspiration

Bella of Bella Casa shared a great idea (and photo) for dressing up your fall table by using sweet handmade tags on the plates. Tags I believe were made by Susie Harris.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

THIS IS THE KEY TO NESTING: There are so many different ways to nest! We can all infuse our own personality, style, passions & heart into our homes. No one can nest better than YOU in your own home.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of “decorating” remember this:

It is the LITTLE TOUCHES that make a season special! Simple is PERFECT!

Have a lovely Fall weekend!

top photo: Melissa Michaels’ dining room