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Something New! Moms Unite!

Something New! Moms Unite!

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Weekend Project: Great Organizing Ideas

Weekend Project: Great Organizing Ideas

Now I am sure you all have perfectly organized and decorated garages, basements and tool areas. We, on the other hand, do not. My garage is brown, ugly and disorganized {hangs head in shame}. Our tools are tossed in cardboard boxes and nails are in a broken tool chest {sorry Martha}.

Yes, we are the type of family that has six drills somewhere (not sure where), goes out to buy new screwdrivers every time we have a project because we can’t find one and if that isn’t humiliating enough, we keep all sorts of broken things around just in case we might decide to repair them someday. We are due for a garage makeover. So glad I saw these inspiring photos and ideas from BH&G!

Organizing ideas to love:

  • Fresh colors on a whimsical checkered pegboard wall
  • A bunkbed style ladder on a rail to slide across storage areas
  • An old wood hanger used for string and tape
  • Cute shelves to store items
  • A towel rod to store paper towels within easy reach
  • A magnetic strip to hold those tiny drill bits & tools
  • Storage lockers to keep things organized
  • Tools hanging in plain sight on painted peg boards
  • Nails in glass jars
  • Drawers painted with chalkboard paint for quick labeling

A garage makeover not only makes sense, but in my case it would make “cents.” Finding everything we have in a matter of minutes would save us lots of money each year in those quick trips to the hardware store to buy yet another screwdriver!

Do you have any organizing projects planned for this weekend?

photos from: Better Homes & Gardens

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