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Irresistible Ornaments

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

Irresistible Ornaments

Oh, I couldn’t resist! Some more lovelies from Country Living! Twice in one week, that magazine has me swooning! After looking at these photos, I got all inspired over the idea of taking vintage goodies and turning them into ornaments. {You know, because I have nothing else to do over the holidays this year! Oh, let me pretend I am not moving instead. Just for today.}

The cost of real vintage items can of course be a bit prohibitive if you don’t already have the items in your possession. But why not make vintage inspired ornaments?

I’m not particularly talented when it comes to crafts, but I do love the idea of being more clever rather than predictable. It is just more fun that way. I have a stack of old Christmas cards and was thinking it would be fun to cut them up and add string to make ornaments. Those old letters would be pretty easy to make too, with some stencils.

Irresistible Ornaments

Irresistible Ornaments

Now, to announce the winner of the Urban Botanic giveaway! Read on for a special gift for EACH OF YOU too!

The winner of the Urban Botanic giveaway, chosen using, is:

Linda from
Lime in the Coconu

Congratulations Linda! Yay for you!

Please email me with your shipping address, scent burner color choice and scent choices!

Now, for the free gift for all of you, courtesy of Urban Botanic:

Irresistible Ornaments

“I have LOVED reading through all 338 comments! What clever combinations you have all dreamed up! I think the most peculiar was from Jessica who said she loves the smell of baby powder and mint mixed together. I couldn’t resist, I had to try the two together in my Fragrance Warmer just now, and it really is a great combination! That’s my favorite thing about Urban Botanic – getting creative and setting just the right mood in your home, or recalling a particular memory through fragrance. It’s so much fun. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Linda!

I have to admit, I was a little bummed reading through these comments because I realized how many of you have such a passion for great fragrances, and I wanted everyone to win! So, I can’t help myself… I want to give all The Inspired Room readers a special gift. Simply go to (the “Inspired” part is important, so we know to send you the gift!) and take the scent personality test. When we receive your test, we’ll send you a $5 gift certificate to spend on anything you like! Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks again for the amazing comments!”

McKenna Gordon, Urban Botanic


  1. hip chick

    While cleaning out my attic one day I came across some really old Christmas tags. They were from the 1940’s. They had pictures of santa and snowmen and what not. Some of them said who they were to and from…to mom love Chris. Well, a few years ago I ran into a woman at work whose husband had been born and grown up in my house. I gave her most of the tags…he was Chris. I still have one or two that I hang on my tree.

    hip chicks inspiring blog post..Mrs. Parker’s Christmas Cactus

  2. Adrienne

    What cute ideas! My dad used to have those letters in his desk in his office at the church where he was the pastor. I spent a lot of time playing with them, making words. I know they are long gone but I’d love to have them now!

    Where are you moving? And when?

    Adriennes inspiring blog post..Many Thanks. . .

  3. Kristen

    I love ornaments. My great-grandmother used to give each of her grandchildren (my mother and her siblings) a set of handmade ornaments every year. When she died three years ago, Mom got some of her antique glass ornaments. Every Christmas we love to decorate our tree with the beautiful, delicate ornaments and remember what a wonderful part of our family she was.

    Good luck with the move!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Dear Harvest Candle

  4. Valerie

    I LOVE ornaments !
    Each year I buy two new and original ornaments, one for my son and one for my daughter.
    I love particular and special ornaments, and when my children will be older I will gift them “their” ornaments…
    I bought some in the US, I received some, some are very rare and precious, some are not but precious for my heart…
    Yesterday I bought 2 ornaments to SIA decoration store (do you know that stores ?), I love it !

    Have a great day,


    Valerie @ Leon & Lola (Belgium)s inspiring blog post..Le luxe et moi…… et vous ?

  5. Jen

    Love, love, love the ornaments. We make hand made ornaments every year ….tradition….and these are beautiful and unique. :)

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Looking out my back yard

  6. jodi

    would love to hear more about your move as well. we are moving the week of christmas from florida to pennsylvania–wrong direction this time of year! but we can’t wait–back to family and familiarity and SEASONS! love the ornaments.


  7. teresa

    That is such wonderful inspiration for me today- I’m going home this weekend to look through my things- can’t wait to see what I can find-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Sharing

  8. Holly

    Oh those ornaments are so gorgeous!! I just love this time of year, it is so inspiring!!! I’ve been glittering like a crazy person the past few days, trying to get gifts done already and decorations set for when December rolls around… so fun! I might have to make one of those alphabet ornaments though, so cute!! xo!

    Hollys inspiring blog post.."the creative family"

  9. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    I adore vintage Christmas decorations. I just “stole” my sisters issue of Country Living, so Jaime and I will be devouring every page today at lunch. Now, I don’t know if I can’t wait:)

  10. Linda

    WOW!!! I’m flabbergasted!!! And ULTRA EXCITED to win!!! Thank you for such a great prize!!!

    Loving all the vintage ornaments and your ideas too!!

    Linda@Lime in the Coconuts inspiring blog post..Garden lighting…

  11. Vee

    Congrats to your winner!

    Yes, such delightful ideas. I think that the photos in old watch faces is soooo sweet. Now I’m going to have to visit the junk shops just to see if I can find a few. I know I have at least one in the house now.

    Vees inspiring blog post..Thank You

  12. Kacey R.

    LOVE the idea of the letters, especially to maybe spell out our family name or something on the tree. Cool finds!

    Kacey R.s inspiring blog post..{My Dirty Little Secret}

  13. Lisa

    Love all those ornament ideas. I have a friend who like old silverware. I just now thought that it might be interesting to make ornaments from old silverware and other kitchen items. And congrats to the winner!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Tea for Two-sday ~ Lacy Cheddar Crisps

  14. Miss Janice

    Very cute, those are some great ideas!

  15. Kirsten

    Ok, I love the vintage ornament ideas and I LOVE the urban botanic deal! [I love deals!] I think the vintage ornaments would be a really wonderful thing to do with a small group of women…ya know, an ornament exchange but instead you make them together?!

    Kirstens inspiring blog post..Kirsten’s Opinion – Gifts from the Bride and Groom

  16. Debbie

    I love distinctive ornaments. I’m getting lots of ideas reading this blog post. Wow; how kind of Urban Botanic for the giveaway!

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Thank You Veterans

  17. Chi-Girl Colleen E

    I so enjoy your blog – I receive updaes via email and am usually checking and responding to 50 or emails after a long day of work (and sometimes w/more work to do at home). That’s my way of apologzing for not leaving you messages more often! I delight in your photos and links, etc. Thank you!

  18. Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs

    I love this idea…I have some old photographs that I’d like to use to make some ornaments…thanks for the inspiration.

    Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIss inspiring blog post..~*O Happy Day*~

  19. Amber

    BEAUTIFUL! I adore the watch idea ,Great inspiration Melissa! (Just a note that there are plenty of reproduction vintage images available for a fraction of the cost of the real thing! “Crafty Secrets” comes to mind.) Good stuff. ;)

    Ambers inspiring blog post..Perfect Prudence…

  20. katy

    First- I love vintage Christmas Decorations. I had several boxes of my grandmother’s and some had even been her mom’s. I got to use them twice the third year we went to the basement and it was flooded above our ankles….we lost everything down there. VERY very sad!

    Second- It is very nice for McKenna from Urban Botanic to give us a nice surprise! Thanks McKenna.

    katys inspiring blog post..How daring are you when your hubby isn’t home?

  21. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I absolutely adore the old photo’s in the pocketwatch frames.

    I gave you a shout out on my blog today. Come on by.

  22. Cathleen

    Love the Vintage Ornaments, they are so difficult to find originals. Luckily they have beautiful replicas. :-)

    Cathleens inspiring blog post..Diane Keaton Now 2008

  23. Amber

    Hi there! I’m a friend of Susan and Ashley whom you met a few weeks ago at the “assessment”. They both immediately sent me over here to your blog b/c we have a lot in common design-wise! So it’s nice to “meet” you! I have a design site where I make some initial ornaments (among other things) at .
    Check it out if you’re interested! Pardon the “look” of the site- I’m a newbie at Photoshop and am working on a new design!

    Ambers inspiring blog post..Family pics are up!

  24. NancyJ. Trebendis

    Wondering if anyone out there has instructions for the following..
    i attended a wonderful holiday show hosted by a local garden club, they had these great angels made from antique spoons and I negelected to buy one now i want to make one can any one out there help me . I would be sooo thankful.


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