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“Moving” into the Holidays!

"Moving" into the Holidays!


Can you believe it? November has arrived. And with it, all the holiday goodness! I am so excited! I will be kicking off this season with enthusiasm, it spite of the fact that instead of spending every waking moment decorating my house and baking cookies, I’ll probably be spending considerable amounts of time decluttering, packing boxes and fixing stuff so we can put a “house for sale sign” out in the yard. Yes, we are moving.


We are moving to three hours away to a new state to start a church and a new life. We are really excited about this, in spite of the fact that you all know I hate moving. And could we be picking a worse time to sell a house? The middle of winter when the economy is not exactly ripe for house selling? Not to mention we will be trying to sell a house that still has 20 years worth of projects left to do? {faints}. We need a miracle.


Moving to a new state is a big deal for us, too, after living in Portland most of our lives. And while I love my kitchen in this house because it is the only kitchen I have ever designed for myself, I am really looking forward to downsizing this big household and further simplifying our life. It will be fun to share this adventure of downsizing and starting over in a new place with all of you.


I told some of my Twitter friends this yesterday, but this weekend I decided to do some pre-holiday/moving cleaning. I ventured down to our living room with my vacuum and dust rag. While I was cleaning, I found Christmas tree pine needles behind the chair and a plastic Easter egg still hidden behind a stack of books (and yes, I ate the jelly beans out of it)! Wow! Yes. Clearly it was time for some heavy cleaning. And for me, this is the first step to being ready for the holidays. I cannot bear to decorate anything when my house is not a least somewhat clean and tidy!


So, hang on friends! Even though I am getting the moving boxes out, I will be doing my best to create a memorable holiday season for my family. We don’t always have “the perfect circumstances” in life for creating the “ideal holiday.” But I am not going to let that stop me! I’ve got lots of simple & creative ideas I’m planning on doing even though time and money are short.

In spite of the economy, in spite of all the unknowns and transitions in our life right now, in spite of whatever obstacles any of us have to overcome, we can still create beauty in the season. Things don’t have to be perfect to be memorable. Our holiday will be simple, creative & authentic!

"Moving" into the Holidays!

I’m working on holiday ideas right now at my kitchen table — I’m ready to dive into the festivities! Are you ready to get going?

Let the holidays begin!

"Moving" into the Holidays!

NEW FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Starting this week, I’ll have a special personally picked HOLIDAY LINKY LOVE post every Friday! So, all of you who do a fabulous holiday post during the week just might see your links featured! I will be scouring blogland each week for the best inspiration! If you think your post (or see a post) is worthy and should be mentioned, feel free to email a link to me by Thursday night, just in case I have room to use it. Please put HOLIDAY LINKY LOVE in the subject line.

"Moving" into the Holidays!


ANNOUNCING A GREAT GIVEAWAY TOMORROW…come back Tuesday for all the details!

I am excited to be starting a new adventure in blogging! I am joining up with various sites & businesses on some exciting projects and partnerships! More info to come! Welcome to my partners this month: Homegoods, DaySpring, Urban Botanic, and The Jewel Box Home!

"Moving" into the Holidays!

  • Speaking of exciting partnerships, don’t forget to visit the lovely ladies of Moms Unite! I’m honored to be teamed up with them for the holidays, so thank you all for your support and encouragement!
  • We are also thrilled to unveil the HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE, so please check it out!

"Moving" into the Holidays!