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Pretty rooms for inspiration

by | Dec 22, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Pretty rooms for inspiration

We’ve been snowed in for over a week! We were able to get out only once for a quick run to the store in between storms. Portland has experienced a ridiculous amount of snow and ice — we have a foot of powdery white snow on the ground now under a crunchy layer of ice! But, I’ve loved every minute of it. It is one of the few really festive things around here. I have been doing lots of packing and preparations for moving, so being stuck inside on a cold blustery day is a good thing.

As I am tearing apart my house, I am dreaming of the day when I’ll be all snug in a new place! Every time I move I start getting all excited thinking about what my old stuff might look like in a new house, combined with pieces from different rooms. I wonder how I can mix it up and make things look entirely fresh and new.

So, to keep me inspired to continue packing, I found some rooms to gaze at and get my wheels turning for life after moving! Oh, to have a nice orderly home! A girl can dream, but right now it looks like that windy blizzard outside has torn through my house and left it in shambles {sigh}. I’d show you the photos of the chaos for your amusement, but I am too lazy to load them today. Maybe tomorrow. Isn’t moving fun? Yeah. NOT. At least not yet.

Hugs to you all, enjoy your day!

Pretty rooms for inspiration

Pretty rooms for inspiration

Pretty rooms for inspiration

Pretty rooms for inspiration

Pretty rooms for inspiration

Pretty rooms for inspiration

Photos from House Beautiful


  1. Vee

    Such abundance in these rooms! For example, I was noticing the silver collection across the top of the cabinet…I have one lonely piece. It doesn’t make that much presence. It’s all beautiful and, obviously, you’re seeing WHITE these days.

    We’re socked in, too. Over a foot of snow and the truck broke down…no plow! Oh dear!

    Hugs, Melissa, wish I could help you pack.

  2. Linda

    There is such a warmth to those rooms. Layers and layers of good stuff! Like they evolved through the years. I think you will really enjoy mixing it up in your new home. Best to you and your move!

    [email protected] in the Coconuts inspiring blog post..A lovely Nor’easter…

  3. CatHerder

    I love the rug in the bedroom shot….and i want that white subway tile for my kitchen. My bathroom is 1940’s subway tile, in a very odd greenish teal sort of color with black. i LOVE IT, and would NEVER change it. happy holidays!

    CatHerders inspiring blog post..YULE

    • Lili from DC

      I am so happy when someone loves existing, old tile, esp when the colors ar unique. My recent reno did not have such luck to harvest a gem fr the ashes. I admire folks who are secure enough in their taste to do this. my reno turned out spectacular, with many modern elements over the classics travertine and marble. Knowing my own taste, I still eat up all the blog photos and comments for fresh doses of inspiration. Thanks!

  4. Becky K.

    I am going to have to look around a bit.
    Warren said we can do some work on our
    kitchen in the Spring! Yay!

    I think my idea of some work and his are
    a bit different…but maybe if I had some
    Inspirational photos he would come my way
    a bit more…lol.

    Hope your packing continues to go well.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Great Sunday!

  5. LuLu

    We are not moving but every December I am ready to change rooms, swap items in one room and rearrange… My husband was agast I was doing this last night to his office/suppose to be a living room / life style room (whatever that means :o) He said do you really want to be doing this 4 days before Christmas!! So I am loving your rooms of inspiration. :o) I like to mulittask!!!! heehee only when it comes to decorating.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..5 Day’s Till Christmas

  6. jen

    I can only imagine all you are getting done with a week’s worth of snow days. :) I KNOW you are getting stir crazy, but thanks for sharing your “dream” pics. Can’t wait to see how you make them come to life.

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Reindeer Food for Christmas

  7. mary

    we used to live in the Portland area and still having family there and in Tacoma. . . we know how much snow you have! Amazing for Portland.
    Thought you lived in Portland when I saw the entry about the “reindeer” whose nose lights up. . . we used to watch for that tradition as well.

    I enjoy your blog and wanted to wish you and your family Merry Christmas .

  8. Amanda

    ahhh love those rooms. I just love looking at other peoples homes -it is always inspiring! I try and imagine myself sitting in each of those rooms. It gets my creative juices flowing and gets my heart to racing. Decorating is seriously a drug for me. Sitting at Barnes and Noble with a cup of tea and piles of decorating magazines is my “thing”-its my happy place! Thank you for sharing. and stay warm!

  9. Julie Size

    Yes – those rooms are more than dreamy!! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas! I enjoy your blog so much!

    Julie Sizes inspiring blog post..What are all These Straps for?

  10. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

    I’m dreaming of a white kitchen. Seriously, I’m thinking of grabbing a sledgehammer and demolishing my kitchen. I love all these inspiration photos. Thanks.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wifes inspiring blog post..Monday Morning Staff Meeting

  11. The Deco Detective

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms! I’m sure your new home will be as lovely as these. Sounds like you’re getting snow at a not-so-practical time… Good luck with the process, and a very merry Christmas!

  12. Helen at A Work of Heart

    Good morning…isn’t Portland just glorious…I couldn’t believe how much more snow we got overnight…and our side of town isn’t going to get any mail delivery…boo hoo…I adore snail mail especially at Christmas time…
    Anyway, enjoy this winter wonderland, it isn’t often we get this much snow around Christmas…I hope you have all your shopping done…I on the other hand have a few more things to obtain…we will see if those stockings get filled…ha!

    Helen at A Work of Hearts inspiring blog post..Scenes of the Season…

  13. Holly

    Wonderfully pretty pictures!!! :) Hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday, xo!

    Hollys inspiring blog post..a little more christmas!

  14. lylah ledner

    My dear friend, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and the place/space God has you and your family in right now. Leaving what is comfortable and beautiful – unraveling the familiar – to follow your husband to the place God’s calling him. And, why couldn’t it have been spring time or something? God’s timing is always interesting.

    On the upside of this “HELLO & Merry Christmas to you” comment, is that you’re dreaming and as a friend, I’m dreaming with you.

    Blessings! Lylah

    lylah ledners inspiring blog mother – happy birthday

  15. shelbi

    hey bff, from the looks of it, you are leaning towards the ‘white’ …which i LOVE!!! is it all that snow that you are snuggling in with :D…

    oh white, how i love thee, but with all these kids around here, won’t even go there *yet* :)


    shelbis inspiring blog post..{ santa } comes on a Christmas train !

  16. DebbieW

    My dear, sweet friend,

    I have been thinking about you and sending you lots of good thoughts and energy! I know that you are in the midst of your impending move while trying to hold the fort down for the holidays! In a way, it’s good that you have been snowed in because it forces you to stay home and relish the last bit of time that you will have to enjoy your present home.

    So Cal has been inundated with “weather” lately, too. Right now, I am huddled safely inside of my beach home, watching the ocean churn outside of my window. Tomorrow, Mark and I are taking the girls up to San Francisco for a few days for a vacation. I am looking forward to having my entire “angel clan” together for a few days.

    Take good care and enjoy your holidays!

    Much love and lots of hugs,

    DebbieWs inspiring blog post..As the Tides Change and Happy 1st Night of Chanukah

  17. Maven

    We’re snowed in here too. Thanks for the photos :-) I always enjoy a little inspiration…

    Mavens inspiring blog post..Too Much of a Good Thing, Mave Does the Elf Dance, and More Neighbours in My Business

  18. Debbie

    What dreamy pictures; love them! I wish we had snow but only this time of year. At least it’s been colder (50’s) and raining today in Phoenix. Congratulations on your speaking engagement at Blissdom ’09 conference. Way to go! I’m sure you’ll do great!

    Debbies inspiring blog post..The Impact of a Life ~ Remembering Georgia

  19. Debbie

    Hey Melissa, looking at beautiful, orderly, organized rooms is a good thing…it keeps you focused…as you pack that 9,856 box! Stay focused girl…you will get through this! Love the snow, it is everywhere here too (So. Cal.) and it is sooo cold. Glad you are not completely snowed in! Remember this important fact….the faster the Christmas music…the faster you pack boxes, clean house, get things done. So nothing slow, or depressing….rock around the clock!
    Blessings, and have a very Merry Christmas!

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Christmas Fun!

  20. laura

    Yeah…moving is a drag. Moving *and* being snowed in…yowsers.

    Selfishly, I’m enjoying the amazing pictures you’re sharing while you’re buried in moving boxes, lol! Your pictures always brighten my day.

    laura @ the shorehouses inspiring blog post..Having a ball…for a buck!

  21. Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    Just over for a visit and to wish you a very merry Christmas Melissa. Enjoy the beauty of the snow! ~Janet~

  22. Lisa

    Moving is hard – especially this time of year. Still praying that all goes smoothly for you. I do not miss living in snow – like to look at it, but not to drive around in it!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Another Award

  23. Kristen

    While being snowed in can make moving difficult, I’m glad you have something to make the holiday festive and cozy. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Here We Go A Caroling

  24. Kim

    I really like the last kitchen photo!
    I’ve moved a few times in the last year and it all works out. We’re getting ready to list some of our furniture on Craigslist because we’re in a much smaller home now. Out with the old and in with the new!
    Merry Christmas!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..A Hot Cuppa Joe – Daily Thanks

  25. Maureen

    I love the coziness of that kitchen. So lovely. Good luck packing – I can’t wait to see the pictures of your new nest. :)

    Maureens inspiring blog post..Christmas Time….A Holiday Tour

  26. Rachel

    Have fun being snowed in! I love the cabinets with the blue back wall. Now I’m trying to think of a way to achieve that look in an apartment – maybe shelves I can paint the back of? This really is great inspiration.

    Rachel @ Seasonablys inspiring blog post..Wall Sparkle

  27. teresa

    I love black and white- I think most of the clothes in my closet are black and white-:}
    Happy packing- if there is such a thing ;{
    I’m sure your new place with be wonderful- with your talents how could it not?
    Merry Christmas-

  28. Kathy

    i am guessing that you are focusing on the order and serenity in these pictures. Some day soon you will have that again:>) What fun to start over!

    Kathys inspiring blog post..Fourth Sunday, Love~ The Angels Candle

  29. John Howell

    I really like this photo. Nice clean lines and white on white.Blue counter top nice.


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