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Before and Afters
& Charming Storage Solutions

by | Dec 29, 2008 | Before and After Home, Creative Before & After, Decorating Inspiration, Organization

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Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

Are you all planning on getting organized in 2009? I will be getting organized out of necessity! I’m downsizing 2000 square feet off my house size in this move, plus losing an attic and storage shed. Yikes! By the looks of things around here, I am worried even what I am planning to bring won’t fit.

Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

I found some before and afters of an office makeover at Country Living that now has a little more pizazz and doubles as a guest room. This is something I am thinking about as I will no longer have my own office. Doing double duty is a great idea whether you are combining a guest room and an office or what I plan to do, which is to combine my office into my bedroom. The more office stuff I can hide, the happier I’ll be.

Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

I love this little guest cabinet filled with all sorts of goodies for guests to enjoy! I like to keep special guest towels that no kids are allowed to use…a little cabinet like this would be such a cute way to store them.

Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

I really dislike most file cabinets. This is a charming way to have files hidden away in plain view in any room of the house! It looks more like a blanket chest than a file cabinet, but it contains hanging file folders.

Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

Most of us don’t have an exclusive guest room, at least while our children are still at home. This little chest hides an AeroBed, so you can have an instant guest room when you need one.

Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

An uninspiring office closet becomes a charming way to stay organized! I’m always a sucker for pretty boxes and containers. I love the happy surprise of opening a closet and seeing something pretty, rather than being buried by the rubble.

Before and Afters <br>& Charming Storage Solutions

Stay tuned, I’ve got an idea for our 2009 Friday Linky (I can do lots of thinking while I pack!) and it involves some resolutions you might want to join me in! I am excited about it, and I hope you will enjoy it too. Details to come this week! And, just four days until my move…of course you will all be coming along with me on THAT adventure.

Have a great day!

photos: Country Living


  1. Rosie's Whimsy

    I really, really love that room. I always feel the need after all the Holiday clutter to buy wonderful storage pieces and get myself organized in a beautiful way ….. instead of usual card board boxes and plastic bins :-)

    Maybe this year …….hope…hope….hope….

    Rosie’s Whimsys inspiring blog post..Business can be fun!

  2. Kristen

    Oh my. I LOVE that closet. I’m actually on a mission to de-clutter and reorganize our office and its closet while hubby is away for the next two days. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..We’re Back!

  3. anne

    Hi have given me some great ideas!!! Thank You :-)

    Anyway what you doing “blogging” thought you were moving house !!! ha ha

  4. Jan

    I love the storage ideas!!! They’re great!

    And, I organize EVERY week…as I go through the house. That way, I don’t have a MAJOR job to do at any one time! Makes it so much easier.


    Jans inspiring blog post..MONDAY HOME TOUR

  5. Misti England

    Thanks for the inspiration once again. Just can’t get enough of that Country Living! I read that one cover to cover. I find that when I get around to dusting the house is when I organize (and redecorate for that matter). Something always tends to get moved when I dust. Keep smiling during the move. Hopefully, you can get to your van now!

    Misti Englands inspiring blog post..Holiday Decor: Step inside my place

  6. cityfarmer

    Don’t ya kinda wish that was your”stuff”….if I know you, your new nest will look that good or better….I’m chompin’ at the bit, awaiting your new pics!


  7. Becky K.

    I love the organizational tips. I need them desperately. This house seemed so large to us when we moved in, however we have filled it quickly.

    Having towels for guests, exclusively, is a lovely idea and something that I have been thinking about lately. I think I will follow up on that.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Friendship’s Burden

  8. Vee

    Oh I thought these pics looked familiar! I had two minutes and a half to read my new CL and I really liked that article. It takes just such a little extra to take a thing from average looking to special as they did there.

    Still have you in my prayers…praying for good helpers, too!

    Vees inspiring blog post..An Assortment of Christmas Leftovers

  9. Susan

    Good luck with your move! I have always wanted a guest room/office…. maybe one day..if the kids ever move out! I’ll look for your progress posts!

    Susans inspiring blog post..Twitter anyone?

  10. Tiffany

    I cannot get over that wall paper. I hate wall paper, but for some reason, I want to go out and buy this right now.

    Oh yeah, the organization looks nice, too. :)

  11. dawn

    When I received this edition of CL I just fell in love with that wallpaper! It is going to be the inspiration for the redo!

    dawns inspiring blog post..200th post today!

  12. rhoda

    Hi, Melissa, best of luck with the move. I think we all get into the organizing mode when the Christmas decor comes down. I know I do! Which, speaking of Christmas, I’m in the midst of taking it down. Can’t wait to get cleaned up.

    rhodas inspiring blog post..Beachy Guestroom in the Birmingham News

  13. cynthia

    love that closet idea! that’s a good one…

    and that wallpaper makes me want to….”wallpaper”!

    i’m in awe of your DAILY posts during the move…keep up the good work! it’s inspiring to me…

    cynthias inspiring blog you remember?

  14. Kacey R.

    Love these solutions. I was just admiring some of them in the magazine. I want to turn my living room closet into a craft closet for the kids and a place to store mail, mags, etc. This is great inspiration!

    Good luck on the move. We downsized in the sense that we lost a lot of storage space. Once we moved I realized I didn’t NEED most of what I had and enjoyed giving some things new homes in friends homes. LOL Maybe my secret way of still being able to enjoy the items. :o)

    Kacey R.s inspiring blog post..{Great Times & Great Food}

  15. teresa

    When do you have the time to think of new ideas? You are amazing-
    Great organization tips- I was sitting here today- wondering how to have a “clutter” free life- Help- I just have too much stuff!
    Hope the move is going well so far-
    Happy Day

  16. Alana

    Love that closet! I’m inspired just at the fact your able to keep bringing us these great ideas in the midst of your move. Thank you.

    Alana @ Gray Matterss inspiring blog post..Happy Holidays!

  17. LeAnn

    HEART BE STILL!! I love that room, the brown and pink together are fabulous. I think when you live in a smaller home it forces you to be organized. 2009 is the year of organization in this home!! Thinking about you as you start your new journey.


    LeAnns inspiring blog post..And a Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  18. Lisa

    Sounds like you will have lots of new ideas that I will be able to put to use! Happy New Year and Happy Move!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Under Construction…

  19. karen

    Have complete confidence in you to make it all happen, thanks so much for the wonderful space saving ideas. Keep us posted on how moving and organizing comes along. Happy New Year!

    karens inspiring blog post..Don’t Worry

  20. Maven

    I love finding unconventioanl storage solutions. Now my mind is turning…

    Thanks Melissa!

    Mavens inspiring blog post..Mave’s Amazing Meatballs, Choices, and Ask Me Anything…

  21. Rachael

    Great ideas, love the wallpaper in that room! Rachaelxo

    Rachaels inspiring blog post..Christmas Day 2008

  22. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    Saw this in Country Living and just loved it. All the color is fabulous, I must say! After I take down all the Christmas decorations, I immediately want to re-organize and do some spring cleaning a little early!!!!

  23. meg duerksen

    that room is so pretty and functional too.
    how perfect.
    what an interesting color combo? i like it. that green is very different.

    i just can’t imagine how you are getting through this time in your life. survival mode i suspect.
    oh yeah….and jesus. :)

    merry christmas and happy moving melissa.
    i just can’t wait to see what 2009 brings to you.
    and i want to hear about your new church! i really do.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog time

  24. Pat

    We have a tiny home and being organized is a must. Love the closet makeover.
    Patti Cakes

    Pats inspiring blog post..My Hutch & Fridge

  25. Kris

    Two years ago we sold our hobby farm (after living there for 35 years!) and moved into a “city house.” So you can imagine the downsizing we had to do. Once it was done, it felt so good! Now we’re looking at moving and downsizing again. I’m not as afraid this time, and after seeing your wonderful closet, and other ideas, I almost can’t wait. It’s so much fun to make beautiful spaces, and I’ve decided that simple is more beautiful. Good bye, knicknacks!

    Kriss inspiring blog post..Fightin’ A Headache

  26. LuLu

    Love this post! I am in the get organized deep cleaning mood from Christmas wanting to start 09 fresh. Love the closet tips and we don’t have a office either and I want to incorporate it with my family room/living room. Can’t wait to see what Mr. Linky is for Fridays.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Homemade Goodness

  27. laurie

    I can’t believe that you are moving in a few days, and you are still blogging! I’m impressed. With those kind of skills, I’m sure organizing your new home will be no problem at all. laurie

  28. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, wonderful pictures. Boy you will have to do some de-cluttering to fit in smaller quarters. But the nice thing is once it all fits-and it will- someday-you will know where things go. We opted for a smaller bedroom since everyone seemed to love to put things in our room to store it until they found a place for it when it was a huge room. I like that it stays clean because nothing else will fit in it! It’s like a purse….the bigger it is the more stuff you will put in it! Hahaha…I need to downsize that thing (big as a suitcase) too.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..This, this is Christ our King…

  29. Arleen

    Love these before and afters. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. aubrey

    what great ideas–i really like the wooden filing cabinet in disguise. who makes that–do you know? our office stuff is in the living room out of sheer necessity and i’m so tired of looking at it.

    aubreys inspiring blog post..I Have Big News

  31. Amy

    Getting organized is definitely on my list of priorities!! Our tiny space with ALL our stuff is not working right now. I am working on it. Sigh.

    Hope your move is going smoother than it sounds!

    Amys inspiring blog post..Fumbling for a pencil…

  32. Eileen

    I’m loving the file cabinet. Where can I get one, no two, er, maybe four? I think I need to downsize too. Beautiful ideas on your post today. I have the next 5 days off from work, so plan to go through the house and clean, un-decorate, de-clutter and redesign.

    Happy New Year ~ Eileen


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