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Laundry Rooms

Pretty laundry room inspiration!


Laundry Rooms


Laundry Rooms


Laundry Rooms


Laundry Rooms

Ta da! Introducing my new laundry room!

For the first time ever, I will have a real laundry room! I feel so grown up! It is not very big or fancy, but it is a real laundry room with a window! And a little closet! On the second floor right by all the bedrooms–not in the basement!

Just thought I’d give you a sneak peek and some inspiration photos…more to come soon little chickadees! Back to packing for me! Gah!

Laundry Rooms

UPDATE: See my Laundry Room Makeover here (and a sneak peek above!)


  1. Rachael

    I miss having a laundry room, and if I had one of these beautiful ones I would ENJOY doing laundry! We had very nice laundry rooms in our last two houses…..but in this house, I have to go to the basement to wash clothes. Oh well….I guess you make some trade-offs when you move!

    Lucky you….that laundry room of yours is very nice :-)

    Rachaels inspiring blog post..New Camera-How Do I Use This Crazy Thing?

  2. Kristen

    Those are fantastic inspiration pictures. I’m so excited for you and your new laundry room. What I wouldn’t give for one–we just have a laundry closet that doubles as our pantry for now. Yuck.

    And thanks for the office post yesterday–I printed out the picture of that closet. I intend to use it as inspiration as I tackle organizing our own office closet today!

  3. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

    Those are beautiful examples of laundry rooms – especially yours because it’s upstairs near the bedrooms. That’s a stroke of genius that was probably first implemented by a woman.

    I have a small laundry room in this house but when we build our retirement home I want a large laundry room/butler’s pantry. The first picture is kind of what I’m looking for.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wifes inspiring blog post..Monday Morning Staff Meeting

  4. Jan

    Oh, Melissa, you’ll absolutely LOVE your Laundry Room ~ it’s so cute!!!

    When Tom and I moved to this house…this is the 1st time I had ever had a Laundry Room! Mine has a window, too! I just love it! It’s actually like a Butler’s Pantry, cuz I have a hutch with cabinets and drawers on one side, cabinets above the washer and dryer and a closet!

    ~New Year Blessings,

    ps…you’re still on our Prayer List, which has moved to our Right Sidebar, during all the “construction” on our blog!

    Jans inspiring blog post..TRASH TO TREASURE

  5. Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

    I was so happy when we found the house we’re in now, with a laundry room NOT in the basement! Do you have any idea how big the spiders get down there???

    Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)s inspiring blog post..NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS

  6. Cheryl

    Perfect timing! I was just looking at my laundry room yesterday….wondering what I could do differently! Great ideas….thank you for this post! Good luck with decorating yours! ~Cheryl

    ps. I am a newer viewer of your blog! Very nice!!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..the "lull"

  7. Misti England

    Oh Melissa…I’m so envious! Cabinets (with handles) and a sink? Please tell me you have a counter top for folding… I am dying to hang cabinets in mine and am secretly waiting for the day my washer and dryer go kaput, so I can buy new front loading ones. I want a stainless steel counter top! I also want a place for the ironing board to live permanently opened.
    Ahh, thanks for the pictures. Are you in the new place yet?

    Misti Englands inspiring blog post..Holiday Decor: Step inside my place

  8. Susan

    Green with envy…. all I have is a closet (doors hiding my washer and dryer)…. I lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg for an actual laundry room!

    Susans inspiring blog post..Tablescape Tuesday

  9. Penny

    Oh Melissa! I am so envious! My “laundry room” is a pass through from the garage to the kitchen. There is no room for a chair or anything else and it does not have a window at all. A dark cave is what it is. I can’t wait to see how you work your magic on that beautiful room~

  10. leslie

    this really makes me want to dress up my laundry room! thanks for the inspiration!

    leslies inspiring blog post..Totally Awkward Tuesday

  11. Linda

    Yes perfect timing…My plan was to put new flooring, paint walls and tile the counters of ours this week. Hmmm. Haven’t even folded all the laundry yet! Great insp pics…and yours will fit right in when you do it up!!

    [email protected] in the Coconuts inspiring blog post..Warm quiet solace…

  12. Lorilee

    What beautiful rooms–envy–yours included. I have more of a laundry closet-no window and not much room. BUT it is better than doing laundry in the garage as I had to do in the past!

    Lorilees inspiring blog post..Yippee! Goldfinches

  13. Amber

    SO COMPLETELY JEALOUS!! I never used to mind laundry til I had to go to the nasty basement to do it. Maybe I’ll just hang these pictures down there and pretend that’s what mine looks like!

    Ambers inspiring blog post..Baby food makin’ day!

  14. cityfarmer

    I should post a picture of my LR ( it’s not even a room, it’s just an opening) and then you would know why I said what I did in your last post.
    I cannot hardly bear to look at these lovely vignettes.
    I am sure yours will be magazine worthy when you are finished designing.
    I cannot wait to see.

  15. Terri Steffes

    Thank you for showing us your laundry room… those photos were about to give me a real complex about mine! I cannot wait to see how you make yours a place to WANT to do laundry!

    Terri Steffess inspiring blog post..Mizzou Won!

  16. Kathy

    I know how happy you must be. I have never had a laundry room either, it’s on my dream list for the next house! Right now my laundry is in the basement, aka the “dungeon”

    Kathys inspiring blog post..Year in Review

  17. Karin

    Love all the inspiration on the laundry room ideas. I wish mine were a seperate room mine is on the way to the garage so it is more of a hallway. Obviously a man must have designed it. LOL

    Karins inspiring blog post..Colorado Christmas with Tiff and the Fam

  18. Tara

    A BIG ole laundry room, what a dream!! I am jealous of the photos above, I love them all! funny how we spend so much time in the laundry room we crave a pretty place there too! :)

    Enjoy your new ROOM!

  19. Nicol

    Main floor laundry is a must! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    Nicols inspiring blog post..New house, new me?

  20. jane

    WOW i was just writing my sister about having her come over to help while i tackled my laundry room. well, closet. and not a walk -in. and not upstairs by the bedrooms. yes, i have a good sized house, with NO laundry chute, and no laundry room. (one of the many “design features” that is questionable) just a closet with bifold doors and a shelf. BUT i am inspired to make it better and thank you for the many photos with ideas i can adapt to my situation.
    YOUR laundry room looks beautiful to me. cannot wait to see the rest of the new abode. prayers for a smooth transition and blessings on you in the new year!! jkj

  21. Gina

    Of all the rooms on my list of projects, the laundry room was overlooked. Hmmmmm….one more project for the long, long list!

    Gina @ Six in the Countrys inspiring blog post..Monday, Funday — Chalkboard Revealed

  22. LeAnn

    Definitely laundry room envy going on here!! Maybe someday my dungeon can become a beautiful laundry room!!


    LeAnns inspiring blog post..No After Christmas Blues here……

  23. Karen B

    Oooooo, I especially love the first picture. I can’t imagine having enough room for a chair in my LR. In my last house you could see the LR when you walked into the house, so of course, I had to make it cute. I don’t think I took good pictures, though. My girls used to make fun of me. I even would show visitors my LR. In this house, it’s little, upstairs and undecorated as of yet. Maybe that should be on my ’09 plan? Blessing and safety on your move and readjustment.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Puzzled

  24. Amy

    Goodie!! A place for laundry:-) You’re gonna love it. In my dream house, mine is in my closet with a TV and couch.

    FYI: I’m going to Blissdom! Yeah! Can’t wait to meet you.

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Gingerbread House

  25. mary beth

    Your laundry room looks wonderful (even empty). Mine is in the basement with insulation and wood beams….woo hoo…but I am thankful to have a washer and dryer. Pretty may come some day, but practical isn’t so bad. I hope the packing/unpacking goes smoothly for you.

    mary beths inspiring blog post..New Year’s Eve Get Together

  26. salina

    Oh man! Seeing all those lovely laundry rooms makes me see even more aware of how much I need to get mine straightened up. It’s just a mess. I tend to neglect it. Doing laundry for 6 people in the house, I tend to get a bit lazy on occassion. Thank you so much for the inspiring photos for it gives me that boost to get my rear in gear.:) I’m sure that yours is going to be so great when your done with it.:)

  27. Susan

    Oooh, I wish I had any of the laundry rooms. That garage I have gets pretty bleak in rainy weather. Hope I get one in my new house.

  28. Kacey R.

    Congrats! That is awesome! We have a laundry room {ish}. I wish I could make it pretty! It also houses our pantry and is the entrance from the garage…if only I had a little more space. Hmmm. Your inspirations photos have my wheels turning. Thanks! Happy packing!

    Kacey R.s inspiring blog post..{A Simple Girl}

  29. Maven

    I can totally relate and am genuinely happy for your real laundry room – I want one! I loved the pictures and can only imagine what it would be like to have a laundry room like the first photo! It’s nicer than my living room :-)

    Have a great day Melissa.

    Mavens inspiring blog post..When the Red Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bob’n Along

  30. Heather

    I am so jealous! Our “laundry room” is in the creepy basement of our 115 year old home.

    Heathers inspiring blog post..Bella Claire Baby

  31. debi

    oooh! I love your new laundry room! Can’t wait to see more pics!
    I’ve enjoyed following your blog this year and look forward to another inspirational year in 2009.

    [email protected] in my studios inspiring blog post..A Year In Review

  32. Mrs. Q

    I am thankful I don’t have to do laundry in a basement! But our washer and dryer is out in the unfinished garage. So it’s kind of the same only not down a flight of stairs! :) Eventually we will turn a portion of the garage into a schoolroom for the boys and I want to make the laundry area into a little closet or something. That will be a while because it is NOT in our budget right now :)

    Your laundry room is beautiful and a window too! Almost makes laundry less of a necessary evil…almost.

    Mrs. Qs inspiring blog post..Empty

  33. Arleen

    Hi Melissa! January is the perfect time of year to focus on a brand new slate, and the laundry room certainly is part of that fresh start. Love your new laundry room, and you’re going to love having it on the same floor as the bedrooms. Mine is located there, too, and it makes such a huge difference! Thanks for the sneak peek, and I continue to hope all goes smoothly for you this week! ~Arleen

  34. Amber Filkins

    Yay! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I’m currently thinking about a makeover on mine. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Amber Filkinss inspiring blog post..My Word for 2009

  35. aubrey

    Ooh! I love your laundry room–I love the windows in it!! Even though it’s small and not fancy, it’s my dream laundry room–with windows, cupboards, sink and a closet.

    aubreys inspiring blog post..I Have Big News

  36. Cindy

    Hi, I visit your blog often, but hardly ever comment, but thought I would today. I can identify with not having a laundry room. I had to do mine in a cold garage which was 9 miles from where I lived for 3 years before I finally got one…I love it now! So good for you. If you would like to see mine, I posted it on HGTV’s rate my space ….you can go to

    Cindys inspiring blog post..I found a crown!!!

  37. LuLu

    Lucky! You are going to give us all laundry room envy! I posted my laundry room a couple months ago… but it is not dreamy like the pictures! Those pictures are on one day WISH list!!! Can’t wait to see yours!!!

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Under The Tree

  38. Debbie

    It’s those little things that are so cool. I’ve been thinking of you and the move ahead. I’m amazed that in the midst you can still blog. Good for you! I’ll continue praying for you.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Thankful Thursday ~ Christmas Past

  39. Liz

    I am so envious! I dream of having a laundry room At the moment ours is in an outside cupboard so I have to fight the elements and the dog to get anything done ;)

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..2008 Year in Review

  40. Maureen

    Yeah! I love it! Check out your gorgeous cabinets! That window is great too. I can’t imagine being able to look out a window while doing laundry. Right now, I look at the water heater and furnace. So pretty… and in the perfect location. That just makes so much sense.


    PS – Don’t forget to get a washer and dryer! :)

    Maureens inspiring blog post..Pajama Update

  41. Jamie

    Oh, I’ll bet you can’t wait to wash some clothes in that cute little room ;-) And I know you’ll make it all pretty like those inspiring photos! Hope the move is going well…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  42. suzanne davenport

    Oh MAN, what i wouldn’t give for a laundry room like that! It might even make me want to do my laundry sooner! I love the one with the red and white wallpaper. Congrats on your very own laundry room!

  43. Rachael

    Lucky, lucky you to have a laundry room. I have laundry room envy. Mine is in the garage and as I have posted photos of my garage in the past you can understand that it is a scary uninspiring place! Rachaelxo

    Rachaels inspiring blog post..Christmas Pressies

  44. teresa

    I have a fairly decent sized laundry room- but it needs some major help. Thanks for the inspiration- I like what I see of your new laundry room- especially the color.

  45. Pat

    Very nice. A laundry room not in the basement is a VERY GOOD THING. Good for you!
    Patti Cakes

    Pats inspiring blog post..My Hutch & Fridge

  46. CatHerder

    omg they are beautiful. I had a small laundry room off the kitchen in my first house…but this house the washer and dryer are in the basement. Its sort of finished off, we have a diningroom set, fridge, and bathroom down there, but i HATE going up and down the stairs with laundry!

    CatHerders inspiring blog post..we were tired of that new car smell anyway…

  47. karlene

    Congratulations on your new laundry room!!! It will be so nice for you to have a clean slate and only your own dirt from now on.

    I LOVE the first laundry room!!! I couldn’t do laundry there, I would have to just sit and pretend.

    karlenes inspiring blog post..this is no crewel joke…..

  48. cynthia

    definitely some laundry room envy! i think that all laundry rooms should be beautiful…we spend enough time in there, why not enjoy it?

    can’t wait to see more!

    cynthias inspiring blog post..another one of the gazillion presents…

  49. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    I so dream of my Laundry Room all decked out and pretty, but I just haven’t made it that far. Congrats on your new Laundry Room though. It is nice having an “official” room to do laundry in:)

  50. kim in Camas

    I LOVE having my laundry room on the top floor. We do take precautions to avoid any major water issues like our neighbors had. We have a small tray type thing that the washer sits in. We also turn the water off to the washer when we leave for vacations.

    kim in Camass inspiring blog post..Moggit

  51. Pamela

    Why, oh why do I love laundry rooms so much???

    Pamelas inspiring blog post..

  52. laura

    Um…those laundry rooms are nicer than my HOUSE! I’m just happy to finally have my own washer and dryer, crammed in the musty basement as they are. :-) Your new room looks great…and it’s a blank canvass for you. Have FUN!

    laura @ the shorehouse.s inspiring blog post..My dividend checks came.

  53. karen

    i LOVE it that you have a window!!!!! I’m excited to see all your pictures of your new home. Blessings of new, awesome and exciting times as you begin church ministry in Washington State. What city?

    karens inspiring blog post..Finally…Home for Sale

  54. Kim

    It looks like you’re going to have it made! I bought my stacking washer and dryer so now I’m just waiting to redo my room. Thanks for the photos and ideas!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Santa Fe, New Mexico

  55. Rita

    Hope the snow, ice and slush do not give you problems in your moving. Up here in Olympia — I share your pain and your amazement at all of this snow.
    I needed a jump-start into thinking about my blah laundry room. Thanks.

    Ritas inspiring blog post..We Warned Them

  56. Susan

    Oh, to have a window in my laundry room…. le sigh.

    Susans inspiring blog post..My unexpected gift

  57. sue

    Our new home has a laundry room with a’s my first will love it! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

    sues inspiring blog post..Monday’s Discoveries

  58. Lorrie

    I like the 2nd laundry room in cream best, congrats on getting a new laundry room, they stay clean at first but after awhile it becomes a catch all for all the laundry (at least thats what ours is)

    Lorries inspiring blog post..cuteangel79: starting my day out healty with a nice bannana

  59. jen

    If I had laundry room like that, I would just plug in the coffee pot, bring over my computer and quite possibly never leave…ever. :)

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Real time…Right now!

  60. meg duerksen

    i can’t believe you don’t have a picture of my laundry room up there?!!
    my laundry room has a lovely slanted concrete floor….complete with large cracks…for character. the floor also is splotched with carpet glue from 30 years ago and blue paint specs. there is no heat or air so it’s either a sauna or a freezer depending on the time of year. it helps you work faster. it has a beautiful faux denim technique on the walls done by the previous home owner. the wall are partical board over the studs with a crooked window that is cracked.
    why didn’t you use it?

    so are you there? did you move? how are you doing?!

    meg duerksens inspiring blog morning

  61. Pinky

    HI, I, too visit your blog all the time but don’t comment alot but today just had to. We just FINALLY redid our laundry room~~~after 25 years of living in this house. I finally got cabinets and new paint, but the budget will not allow me to replace the 20 year old washer and dryer yet:( BUT, I am so happy with the “new” room, I don’t mind. I just LOVE the idea of building a cabinet around the washer and dryer though and may see if my sweet DH will tackle that for me…. here’s hoping! I do have a window in my LR and it makes it alot nicer….somday maybe I will have one near the bedroom too!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration….your LR is wonderful!!! Pinky

  62. Andrea

    Oh…to have a second floor laundry room…how wonderful.

    Andreas inspiring blog post..Wishing You A…

  63. Lisa

    Those laundry rooms are gorgeous! I love your laundry room – it’s cute and so nice to have a window! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Hope all is going well. Happy New Year!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Tea for Two-sday ~ Constant Comment Cookies

  64. Kathleen

    Congratulations! I have laundry room lust! You are going to have a great time decorating this new space and it will make your life so much easier.

  65. Sandy

    yay for a new laundry room! so happy for you. i’m actually giving mine up for a bigger kitchen (sigh).
    happy new yr, friend!

    Sandys inspiring blog post..Doing Life – Over a Cozy Winter Meal!

  66. Heather

    Congratulations! I recently moved and now have a laundry room near the bedrooms and love it! I am thankful every day. Enjoy! And Happy Unpacking!
    Blessed New Year to you and your family!

    Heathers inspiring blog post..Slendid Soup!

  67. pam

    I would love my laundry room to look like that Wow!

    pams inspiring blog post..Hoot

  68. Beverly

    A laundry room right next to the bedrooms (where all the laundry comes from) has always been on my wish list for laundry room design! but I will never be able to accomplish this in my own home.

    At least the laundry and the bedrooms are on the same floor!

    I know you will enjoy your new laundry room!

  69. laurie

    What lovely laundry rooms. When we remodeled, I started out with such a nice laundry room with a big countertop and a cute tile backsplash. Unfortunately, my laundry room always becomes the place to stash something that has no place esle to go. No way I could show blogland a picture of my laundry now! I can’t even see the counter top or the backsplash. I know you are going to enjoy this wonderful space in your new home. Happy New Year. laurie

  70. Irene

    Happy new year, and lots of beauty and satisfaction in the everyday.

  71. Beverly

    Ah, how we can love our laundry rooms. Mine is upstairs near the bedrooms, too – and I do love it. I wish you many hours of happy laundering in your pretty new room.

    And, I wish you and your family a joy-filled new year. God will shine His light on each of you.

    Beverlys inspiring blog post..What’s My Question Wednesday

  72. Tammy Sprinkle

    How wonderful to have a pretty laundry room with a window. I knowit will be very pretty when you are finished. Love the cabinetry.
    Happy New Year!

    Tammy Sprinkles inspiring blog post..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  73. Karol

    Lucky you! I love your laundry room. I know you will move in and settle right in. I can’t wait to see how you make it your home. I am sure you provide lots more inspiration in my life.

    Karol :0)

    Karols inspiring blog post..How to Make a Fabric and Ribbon Noteboard

  74. Megan

    Wow! I wish my laundry room would be half as pretty as those! (Or I wish I had one of those, but I don’t see that happening). Cabinets and a window would make the world of difference in my “laundry room” (aka the basement). Maybe I’d actually WANT to do laundry!

  75. Joni Webb

    I want a laundry room!

    love your new room – can’t wait to see more of your new house – it looks so lovely judging by the windows!!!!!!

    have a wonderful new year in your new life, home, ministry, and whatever else comes your way!

    Joni Webbs inspiring blog post..It Was A Very Good Year

  76. Krishell  B

    What a wonderful laundry room! Congrats to you. Doing laundry is going to be a whole new experience. We have just started organizing our basement madness so that we can make a nice laundry area that will be like a ‘real’ room someday. I’n not sure when someday will come, but I am looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!

    Krishell Bs inspiring blog post..Crazy helpful!

  77. Connie

    I love Kathleen’s comment “Laundry Room Lust”. That just about covers it. How gorgeous.
    I love the color you chose for the wall. Are you able to email me with your color choice.
    Just love it.

  78. Rona

    Our laundry room isn’t that great, in our apartment. I would love to change the washer and dryer. They’re old and beat up. I would love the LG units, in blue.
    I love the yellow laundry room. It’s an inspiration and who wouldn’t mind folding towels in this room.

    Ronas inspiring blog – Free Shipping When You Spend $50

  79. Beth

    now those are some very gorgeous laundry rooms! I’ll have to get my husband to renovate ours now….I’m inspired by these photos!



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