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Easy Plate Monogram Project
(and a giveaway)

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)

This week I wanted to show you a couple of simple projects my kids and I have made together recently. I’ll show you one today and the other one next time. My daughter and I found some cute thick black and white cardboard letters covered in cloth at Michaels Craft. We wanted to make a wall decoration for her room using some small white dessert plates and the letters were the perfect solution. Oh yeah, this is EASY!!

These letters are self-adhesive, but you could also use removable tape or vinyl letters if you wanted a more temporary solution (if you wanted to eat off those plates later on or wanted to use some other word later). I don’t have the wall hangers yet, but I took a photo of them on our chair so you could see them! We used the word JOY for the holidays, but you could use this simple idea year round. It isn’t original or ingenious, I know, but it is simple and cute and that is all that matters to me!


Two giveaways on my blog and two on Blissfully Domestic this week! Watch for them!

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)

Today’s giveaway is from a lovely blog friend and Etsy shop owner, Shelbi of Shop Marigold (and Keeper of the Chocolates blog). I just adore her to pieces and it would make me so happy if you would enter her giveaway and become her friend too! She makes the most beautiful jewelry and she is offering a GORGEOUS one of a kind pendant for a giveaway! You can head on over to her site Keeper of The Chocolates to enter and find the link to her beautiful jewelry shop! Tell her I sent you over!

Stay tuned for the winners of the Small House Story giveaway from The Jewel Box Home! The winners have been chosen and will be announced tomorrow (so sorry for the delay, it was my fault).

Easy Plate Monogram Project <br>(and a giveaway)

I am overdue for announcing a new BLOG OF THE WEEK! I have so many wonderful and supportive blogging friends…some from way back and some equally as wonderful but new to me. Vee, from A Haven for Vee, is one from way back! She is a delightful lady and has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to support me in all my endeavors from the earlier days of my blog. So, this week, A Haven for Vee is my blog of the week! Do stop by to get to know her, you’ll be glad you did!

Freedom from Stuff:
5 Tips to Restore Order

Freedom from Stuff: <br>5 Tips to Restore Order

I am finally peeking my head back into blogland as I write this! Greetings! I took a couple of days off to focus on my upcoming move (in case you missed the news, we are moving to Washington next month to start a church).

I’ve really been dragging my feet on crawling into cupboards, basements and attics to start packing the boxes, but the Thanksgiving holiday weekend provided the opportunity to dive in (after getting my fill of pie and Charlie Brown shows with my son). I couldn’t put it off any longer, the dreaded process of packing has begun.

While many of you are enjoying creating and preparing for Christmas, I am seeing my life flash before me! Oh, friends, there is nothing like packing up your home to bring a flood of emotions…photos of kids when they were younger, report cards, awards, holiday memories…so many wonderful reminders of days gone by! Where does all the time go?

Freedom from Stuff: <br>5 Tips to Restore Order

As I am going through the moving process yet again (this is our sixth move since we’ve been married), I am once again reevaluating all that is important in life. It isn’t the random stuff that matters to me.

I think one of the reasons I have been paralyzed at the thought of packing is because of the “stuff” I would have to go through, sort, label, decide what to keep, what to give away and what to do with it all in a new home. And we aren’t even pack rats! Where to begin?? The thought of bringing “stuff” with me to my new home weighs me down. So if we don’t need it or use it regularly, it isn’t coming with us.

While we still have that nesting desire and always will (some things will never change!)), we are getting real about who we are, where we want to spend our time, what our limitations are and what kind of life we WANT to lead moving forward. I think we know ourselves so much better now than ever before.

We can find freedom from “stuff” because a rewarding life isn’t about the kind of house we have or the things we will have in it.

There are many unknowns right now about our move (specifically the minor detail of where we will sleep after the first of the year–still working on that!), but one thing I know for sure this holiday and moving season…this time of reflection is an opportunity for us to refine our focus and rid ourselves from the stuff that holds us back from being who we want to be.


  • If you feel overwhelmed, set aside a block of time to get life back into order and balance.
  • Focus on your most dreaded task first. Once you dive in, it won’t seem so bad.
  • Look at things in your home objectively. Are they adding something of important value or are they just one more thing to dust, store or organize?
  • Not sure where to begin de-cluttering? Try removing half of the items from a cupboard, shelf or closet and step back to look. Be prepared to be amazed at how energized you’ll feel!
  • Remember there are many people so less fortunate that would be blessed by what we give away.

Stay tuned for a giveaway, more holiday inspiration and soap opera updates on where my U-Haul will end up in January! How exciting is that? Yeah, I thought so.

What? You want to enter a giveaway right now? Ok. I aim to please.

  • Head on over to Blissfully Domestic for a great giveaway, just in time for holiday gift giving!
  • Or to Cushions & Umbrella’s blog for the 5 Big Tall Christmas Wishes to Change the World Contest (grand prize is a gorgeous one of a kind quality teak Sunbrella fabric market umbrella!!!)

Psst...Have you seen all the amazing links from our Friday Holiday Linkies? So inspiring! I {heart} you all! I’m enjoying Christmas through all of your blogs!

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