Inspiration Tuesday: Real Shutters

Inspiration Tuesday: Real Shutters

This just makes my heart happy.
Real shutters, white wood siding, and a charming lantern {sigh}.

That’s all. Have a great day!

Photo: Coastal Living


  1. We had to take our shutters down :( Every year, the wasps decided that they liked them too! Too many nests to deal with, so off came the shutters.

    Oh well, I can admire them on other houses!

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  2. I recently did a post on French inspired architecture, and of course it is the shutters that are one of the features I love most. Joni from Cote de Texas says that authentic French homes have shutters that are solid, not slats – interesting!

    Love this little vignette. Hope you have a great day!

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  3. There’s something about that shade of blue with the white siding that I just love! Thanks for all of the beautiful photos you collect and share!

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  4. Those adorable metal objects are called shutter dogs, and that is what makes my heart go pitty pat!

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  5. My new house has no shutters. I makes me sad because it was an easy way to change to color on the house! :(

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  6. I love the way they look! The little thingies (cast iron, it looks like) that hold them against the wall. Functional shutters are sooooooooo nice.

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  7. Sometimes the small things in life change our world in a big way. Im with ya! I love shutters and I have a real working copper gas lantern. Love it to bits. Im glad I made those choices while building our home. Susie

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  8. It’s a nice picture…and here I was just thinking that I didn’t need shutters after all. ;D

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  9. Shutters are not only pretty, they’re great during hurricane season around here! I love them!

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  10. I adore shutters! So simple, so useful (or, well, they used to be!) and so beautiful!

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  11. We have been wanting to add shutters to our house for a few years, but inevitably something is always coming up. Hopefully this year!

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  12. I agree! That light fixture is so beautiful also!

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  13. i had a friend from brazil who found it hilarious that there are so many homes in the US with fake shutters. she could never figure out why we did that.

  14. Lovely! We actually made working solid shutters for our windows in the guest house…They work like a dream so far (several hurricanes)now to the main house. picture of them here (at the bottom of this post)…not too hard for anyone to replicate

  15. Hi Melissa,
    Just stopping by to say hi and see how the unpacking is going. At least the unpacking is better than the packing…..right?? Seriously, hope you are all doing well and adjusting to your new state and home! Stop by if you get a chance and see my little (and it is little) makeover.


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  16. I love me some pretty shutters. They are the mascara on the house :)

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  17. Hi Melissa, glad to see you here posting! Why do shutters move us? I love them, and I told my hubby if he ever saw old shutters on the side of the road…slam on the brakes! He of course rolled his eyes! Love that picture!

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  18. I would LOVE to live in a home with real functional shutters, but we have too many bugs in Arkansas. :)

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  19. Shutters are to die for- Love them! While on vacation once in France- I think most of my pictures were of windows with shutters- I even made a blurb book using those pictures-

  20. Shutters make my heart skip a beat too. I just picked up a really cool pair at the flea market for $5.00! I can’t wait to paint and repurpose them for inside of the house. Thanks for the eye candy today!

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  21. I too love shutters! I just wish there we’re more in the area that I live. I’ve only seen about a dozen houses with them! Maybe when we buy a house, I’ll insist upon having shutters!

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  22. Oh how I love real wooden shutters! One day I will take down our ugly plastic ones and replace them. My white garage door will be painted a nice shade of taupe this Spring also, and I am adding some nice hardware to the garage door as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  23. Yep, I’m with you on this one. So simple yet so pleasing to the eye… and you know how I feel about lanterns…. well all lights for that matter. A smile from me behind my coffee cup! A-M xx

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  24. Ahhh shutters, passion charming they are wonderful. Wish my front door didn’t have side windows so I could put long shutters framing my door…. maybe another door one day.

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  25. No doubt, they are gorgeous together!!!

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  26. That colour and texture combination is just irresistable isn’t it? Shutters always seem to provide just the right finishing touch, like putting on mascara! I also love internal shutters, they’re very popular in Australia and seem to add elan to any room.

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  27. Real shutters… It just doesn’t get much better :)

    A fun giveaway is going on over at my place! Feel free to hop on over!

    Hope unpacking is treating you well ;)

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  28. I’m pretty sure that is a Bevolo lantern. Anyone know for sure?

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  29. Things about the South that I LOVE! I’d be a great southern transplant! Thanks lady… good inspiration! Got your newsletter… excited to start!

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  30. Scrumptious!!!

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  31. Hi there…I have been reading your blog for quite some time…and love it. I am working on finding PEACE in my home and your blog helps to inspire that! I have nominated you for an award “The Marie Antoinette – A Real Person, A Real Award!”…you can check out the info on my blog

    denises inspiring blog post..Sit back Jack! (or better known as Watch Out Karen!)

  32. Ahhh, Shutters. Especially on an old clapborad sided house in the deep south. There is a deep porch on 3 sides and . . .I could go on.
    Stop by for a visit soon. Fun things going on.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~s inspiring blog post..Bloggers Soup Swap Day

  33. Hi, Melissa. You have such a beautiful blog! I have an award for you on my January 13th blog post. :)


  34. Just beautiful.

    That’s all. ;-)

    Kimba @ A Soft Place to Lands inspiring blog post..Rocking My Baby

  35. There is nothing like functioning shutters. I have to say, misproportioned shutters are my pet peeves… you know, those fake ones people just nail to the side of their house… the ones that are a foot wide on either side of a 5 foot window…
    TRUE, useful, beautiful, functional shutter… a BEAUTIFUL thing indeed!!!!!
    Thanks for the great post

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  36. I completely 100% agree with you. REAL shutters.

    nuff said.

  37. Who doesn’t love them~! When we built our home we requested real wood shutters and for about seven years they looked lovely. Until they began to rot. A few years back my husband and I decided to replaced them with plastic shutters that will never rot that do have lovely slates similar to the ones in this photograph and yes they are the correct size for our house. Now I’m just thankful that we never have to paint them again and that this is one less expense that I have to worry about.

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  38. Reminds me of New England or Coastal Carolinas.

    Gennaro @ Enduring Wanderlusts inspiring blog post..Things To Do In NYC (For Free)

  39. I love real Shutters, time worn and beautiful. I have a pair of old barn shutters in th entry of my house and each day I walk by and smile…

    Hope all that unpacking is going well… :)

    Taras inspiring blog post..Red Shoes Home Goods~

  40. Hey Melissa,
    I love your blog and I check it every day. I was just given the Lemonade Award and in turn I am giving it to you. Thanks for making your blog such a special place!

  41. Rachel Going says

    Hi Melissa, Hope you’re doing great. Can’t get you and your move to a new place off my mind! xo rachel

  42. I love real shutters too! Oh, what a happy picture. And real, wooden screen doors… there’s nothing like that “slap” when it slams shut. :-)

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!

    Kate of Daffodil Happinesss inspiring blog post..Dance to Your Own Tune – Part 1

  43. Shutters make me dream of Italy. There are not many of them up here in Norway.

    This photo is so serene and beautiful.

    Britt-Arnhilds inspiring blog post..My day in Oslo (guestblogger Marta)

  44. I love real shutters. And there is something romantic about opening the window in the evening to close them – unless, of course, it is pouring with rain!

    I don’t mind fake shutters on a house if they look real. But what I can’t understand are the ones which are obviously fake – too narrow to cover the window!

    Sophie @ Century Findss inspiring blog post..Tech Talk: Introducing the Era Browser

  45. Our ca. 1830 house has some of its original shutters; on about 1/2 the windows, all that remain are the shutterdogs and hinges. The shutters need work, though … some of them hang askew, some of the slats are broken. But we have only been here 10 months. All things in time! I, too, love real shutters.

  46. I love the real shutters – so seldom seen anymore. I often thought it was so silly to have fake shutters put on….what is the purpose….make them work already, they’re there!

    Melissas inspiring blog post..Baby It’s Cold Outside!

  47. Maggie Palmer says

    What is the paint color on the shutters?

  48. Susie Weinberger says

    What brand & Color was used on these shutters? Love it!!
    We are currently making our own shutters, but can’t decide on color to paint them.


  49. Do you know the shutter paint color?

  50. Susan Shaw says

    Would also love to know the paint color!

  51. What color are the shutters?

  52. LOVE the shutter color! What is it?

  53. What’s the name of the color in the shutters?

  54. Can you please tell me the paint color on the shutters?

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