Guest Bunks: Making the Best Use of Small Spaces

Guest Bunks: Making the Best Use of Small Spaces

I spotted this very cute and clever guest bunk bed over at Blissfully Domestic! You can click here to take a peek at tips for turning a small corner into a guest space!

And while you are at it, check out the new page for {Blissful Home} by clicking here…lots of great inspiration!

{for more ideas on small spaces, visit The Jewel Box Home}

photo: Teresa from Whatever


  1. This reminds me of my childhood bedroom – only without the crayons on the wall.

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  2. Valerie (Belgium) says

    I LOVE that kind of bed !
    I regret the bed I bought for my son, it was so expansive and I don’t like it…
    fortunetaly we’ll move in a few months and will buy another one (my project is to buy 2 beds, one for him and one for a friend who will come and sleep at home)

  3. OMG! Gorgeous! I would love to visit a room like that!

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  4. These are amazing! I always think of bunks as a kid’s bed. But these look so grown up and I love the privacy they offer. I think it’s nice for a guest to have his/her own little space to go to when alone time is needed. It’s hard to find that when you aren’t in your own home. Great find, Melissa. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Love the idea of the curtain, shelf and light for each bed! Makes it more their own space!

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  6. What a great idea! *Looks for spare niches to stash her kids* I’m going to have to think about that one after I get my master bedroom done! :)

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  7. Fabulous idea, and well executed :)

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  8. This has all the function of those Scandanavian style bunks…privacy and style. Wonderful! The best thing is that the room is still available to use in other ways. Course, I wouldn’t want to have to make the bed.

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  9. What great looking bunks…so use to seeing them in white for beach houses. How unexpected to see them in black for everyday living.

  10. We stayed at a beachside condo several years ago that had a space just like that. It was perfect for the kids and they loved it. It wasn’t nearly as sumptuous as this, but still great. A friend also turned a storage closet into a bedroom at her lake house by putting in bunks like this. The teens all fight to sleep in there because it is so cozy and dark. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Hi Melissa-
    Thanks for the mention- it was a very sweet surprise-
    Happy day

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  12. Popping in to say hello to you dear Melissa!


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  13. That’s a great pic. I’m going to have to set up bunk beds for my kids eventually so keep the ideas coming.

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  14. Thanks for the idea. I want to incorporate this in our retirement home. I’m waiting to hear the reports from Blissdom.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

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  15. What a fantastic idea…and oh-so-chic!

    Love it!

  16. Always looking for new ideas for small spaces… thanks for passing on the inspiration… I must now look for a space to transform.. oh the fun!

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  17. I love these..wish I had a nook for them!

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  18. That is great! I have been trying to figure out what to do in my guest room. It is too small for a full size bed and I wanted more than just one twin. I will have to pass this onto my dh and see what he thinks!

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  19. these are the most beautiful bunk beds I have ever seen!!!

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  20. My parents have a beach condo with built ins like that. They put a curtain up, similar to your picture, so the folks sleeping there feel like they have some privacy. It really is great for tight spaces!

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  21. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says

    Headed to check the links out now:)

  22. Beautiful – the first bunk beds I’ve really liked!

  23. Melissa

    So Victorian with the modern touch!

    Saw you on a few blogs at the blogging conference-looks like a good time was had by all!

  24. ANd loved the post on relaxing when entertaining!

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  25. What a chic bunkbed… it look nothing like the bunkbeds of my youth!!

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  26. Hi Melissa, first time commenter, long time reader. I am a friend of Sandy at ReluctantEntertainer : ) I LOVE this blog!

    I actually have a spot kind of like this, the area off the landing upstairs. But it has a slanted attic ceiling. The highest top bed cozies up in the slant, the bottom mattress slips under neath at right angles. Haven’t gotten around to the curtains, yet, but they have existed in my mind for a long time : )

    I don’t put my guest in it, though. Guests get one of the kids’ rooms which has a queen bed, and the kids get to use the nook. They LOVE it, and their friends like to play in it, too. We call it the treehouse.

    deb meyers

  27. Love it! I also saw a room with four built-in bunks like that and thought they would be perfect as a grandkids room for sleepovers. So cozy!!!!


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  28. She always does such wonderful things, she goes the extra mile.

  29. How clever – and lovely too!

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  30. Isn’t there something about built-in beds (or ones that look like they are) that’s so appealing?

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  31. This is such a great use of space and so cozy looking too!

  32. There’s an
    for you on my blog!

  33. LOVE IT!

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  34. I love those bunkbeds! I’ve used the same halogen “hockey puck” lights in my boys rooms and they work great for bunk beds!

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  35. Hi Melissa! My daughter Madison is 8 and she has a deep love for bunkbeds. She has a small room but insisted on bunkbeds. We gave in and let her have a set. She is in pure heaven. The only bad thing about it is you have to buy two of everything,yikes. I love these beds..Im sure she will too~ Take care
    ps..It was such and honor to meet you at Bliss~

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  36. MWAH!!!

    That’s all I wanted to say to you, dear heart.


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  37. Left a note for Teresa, too! Love this idea and hope to do something similar at the lake one day…we have some attic space that has an angled roof which would be perfect for a bunk of some kind.

  38. Looove these bunks!

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  39. Those bunk beds are gorgeous! They look so cozy.

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