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5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience
& Cheer to Your Life

by | Feb 20, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Inspired Living

5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience <br>& Cheer to Your Life

1. Give yourself a bouquet.

It is cheaper than therapy (and definitely less than a new sofa).

5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience <br>& Cheer to Your Life


2. Paint the back of a shelf a cheery new color!

You’ll be happy every time you see it!

5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience <br>& Cheer to Your Life

3. Add some lively fabric or wallpaper to a cabinet!

Create a one of a kind piece, just because life is too short to be predictable!5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience <br>& Cheer to Your Life

4. Display something unique on the wall, instead of hiding it in a drawer!

Who says you have to put a boring old print on every wall?


5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience <br>& Cheer to Your Life

5. Cover some pillows in fun springy new fabric!

Just stitch it right over the top of an old pillow, I won’t tell anyone!

There you go, there are my ideas this week for adding ambience and cheer to your life! I found some ideas online and I put them up on my tumblr account if you want more inspiration!

How about you, what did YOU do this week?

Top three images: Better Homes & Gardens
Pine Cone Hill
House Beautiful


  1. Sophia

    Thanks for brightening my morning. I have been wanting to paint the back of my pantry, and think I will get to it this weekend!

  2. Polly

    Steve would probably tell you that I have entirely too many lovely things laying around to enjoy everyday. Isn’t he lucky that he doesn’t have to venture to my side of the bed and see my book/magazine pile?! :)

    Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings… Polly

  3. Lindsay

    I absolutely love the fabric or wallpaper on a cabinet idea. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while on a Sauder armoire that houses the TV in the playroom. It’s a nice looking piece, but it’s not really easily painted. I think that putting some fabric panels on it would kick it up a notch.

    Lindsays inspiring blog post..Everything is Beautiful on the Inside

  4. teresa

    Thanks for the ideas- the one about adding some springy fabric is great- I’m heading into town today and that will be added to my list-
    Have a wonderful day-

  5. Pat

    Beautiful post, Melissa!!

    Pats inspiring blog post..~Beautiful~

  6. Arleen

    I love your 5 ideas for adding ambiance to our homes. They certainly are cheerful! And what fun it would be to guest post! ~Arleen

  7. Deidra

    That suggestion about painting the back of a shelf is genius! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about the built ins in my living room! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

    Deidras inspiring blog post..10 Minutes

  8. Kim

    Great ideas Melissa! I’m going to try “my hand” at embroidery. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!

    Kim @ Forever Wherevers inspiring blog post..Top 10 Must Visit Destinations

  9. Vee

    Delightful ideas! I’m so glad that you gave me permission to create a new pillow cover right over the top of the other.

    Vees inspiring blog post..A Gratitude List

  10. anne

    You have such wonderful ideas..well done, and keep it up, brightens my day to come over here, I always get a surprise.. I love the cheeriness of the cushion covers..:-)

    annes inspiring blog post..My little taste of Italy…

  11. Jen

    Oh – I loved this post….I have debated a long time to do something to the backs of my many shelves…now I just need to clear them (which would be another goal). I had such fun with my post….it’s amazing what just a little bit of time can do for the ambiance. You are SO right! :)

  12. Taylor at Household Management 101

    I love your idea about painting the back of the shelf. I had never thought of that, but it could give a nice splash of color in a room without too much time and effort. Thanks for the idea!

    I also love that you love bright colors. They just make a room feel so happy, don’t they?

    Taylor at Household Management 101s inspiring blog post..Feb 18, Instilling The Reading Habit In Your Children

  13. Susan J Smith

    Ok, I’m going out to buy some flowers today! I’ll get some for my two little girls who are home sick today too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Susan J Smiths inspiring blog post..Summer Dreaming

  14. Amy

    Great ideas! I’ve been buying flowers to keep out of a winter funk. Never thought of putting wallpaper on cabinets though. That is a great idea for my kid’s bathrooms!!

    Loving looking at all the links. Hope to participate soon:-)

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Friday Feature – Top 3 blogs

  15. Eileen

    Tiny changes do mean a lot! I don’t love my tub surround area, it always looks too cold and sterile, so I pinkified it up a bit this week! I’ll post more photos of some of the other things I added, but my linky post is mostly about the little pearled picture frame and stitched heart I made for little vignette on one wall. It makes me happy… :0)

    Blessings ~ Eileen

    Eileen @ Star’s Faults inspiring blog post..String of (pink) Pearls ~

  16. Julia

    The colors in your post today are so Spring-y and fun. Love those old-fashioned dish towels!

    Thanks for hosting again this week. I always enjoy seeing what everyone has to share. :-)

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Hooked on Dutch Doors

  17. Misti

    Wow! That’s a bright and cheery post. I am all about bright and cheery today. I need some Spring in my life! Thanks for keeping us in the loop for great ideas.

    Misti @ Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..Colorful Rooms: A Breath of Fresh (Spring) Air

  18. heather jane

    Funnily enough I planned a post about bouquets today before seeing your bouquet post. But mine is a little less traditional…and definitely cheaper than a new sofa.

    Love the idea of fabric/paint/prints on the back of a cabinet. That’s a keeper for sure.

    heather janes inspiring blog post..Tradition

  19. songbirdtiff

    Thank you for posting the rules (and reasons for the rules) I came back yesterday to look at last weeks links, but most of them weren’t really related to the topics. That is frustrating. Not intentional, I’m sure, but frustrating nonetheless.

    I do have a question. Most of my Friday posts have been about things other than decorating, like this week is about friends making life beautiful. I don’t want to be a breaker of rules, so is this ok or do I need to focus more on decorating?

    Thanks for doing this!

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Life is Beautiful (Ryan Adams)

  20. Melissa

    Thanks Songbirdtiff! Yes, I will have to delete links that are random, but posts don’t have to be decorating posts. They can relate to creating a beautiful LIFE around your home, and that doesn’t always mean decorating. You’re doing great, I’m sure your post will be LOVELY.

  21. Dana

    Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by my post yesterday during the Nester’s party. I’m really making strides in my endeavor for a Beautiful Life. Thanks for the support and inspiration!

    [email protected] Passing Throughs inspiring blog post..Look at me go

  22. Gennaro

    It’s always nice to take a weekend off for a getaway. A little romance for those who didn’t get their fix for Valentine’s Day.

    Gennaros inspiring blog post..Planning A Perfect Romantic Getaway

  23. Miss Sandy

    I love the super simple ideas you have for adding cheer to our homes! Thanks for hosting the linking event today! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Miss Sandys inspiring blog post..Beautiful Comforts…..

  24. Katie at

    I love your tips today. I also really like the comments everyone has written. We all have spring fever, I think! Your post shows the perfect way to bring that feeling in our homes – thanks! Definitely inspired today.

    Katie at makingthishome.coms inspiring blog post..Things Are Looking Up

  25. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    We have had rare beautiful spring weather in the pacific northwest, so I talk about decorating my porch for spring, and simply waiting for spring. I have a picture to go with it. Hope that qualifies!

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Waiting For Spring

  26. jennykate

    Well, I didn’t do anything grand or beautiful with my home this week, but all the things you listed above give me some great ideas! So, maybe I’ll have something to share next week?!

    Happy Friday!!☺

    jennykates inspiring blog post..Friday Confessions

  27. Sandy

    I’d like to add ambiance and cheer by getting a new kitchen! How’s that for honesty? hee hee.
    Hey, I have a GIVEAWAY going on! Happy Weekend, Melissa!

    Sandys inspiring blog post..Nettie’s Syrup – GIVEAWAY!

  28. SoBella Creations

    I didn’t beautify this week except by cleaning. And can I tell you what I found. Something that I thought was lost forever. My Miraculous Medal that I was given at my baptism. And where did I find it…..Under my refrigerator. I decided to clean around all the base boards today. And under the fridge. So I pulled out the fridge and the floor was horrible. And there layed my Miraculous Medal. So my day can’t get any better. The chain had broke and I guess the medal must have been stuck in my shirt or something.

  29. Christina

    Hi Melissa,

    I am participating today. Thanks for your calling us to Live a Beautiful Life. Love the tips. I’m off to dust, rearrange, and beautify.

    Christinas inspiring blog post..A New Bed in 10 Minutes

  30. Lorrie

    Great ideas – and your post inspired me to just get going with something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. And then…I was surprised at how quickly it went. Really fast!

    Have a wonderful weekend – although you’re probably busier on weekends than the rest of us, with the new church start and all. Blessings to you.


  31. Hope

    Flowers simply have a way of lifting your spirits. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hope @ Monkey Giggless inspiring blog post..I am so Happy

  32. hill upon hill

    After a less than inspired week, there was an increase in moments of beauty and fun at the end of the week, just in time for this….

  33. Imelda Phillips

    thank you for simple reminders and inspirations for a beautiful and joyful life.

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..Ambience

  34. Rona

    I did purchase a very decorative items from Etsy vendors. I’m also working on replacing our decor pillows with the help of Olive at
    I really love her creativity and her prices. It’s also great that she’s a local.

    Ronas inspiring blog post..Calvary Chapel Spring Valley – Online Church Service

  35. Shannan

    Thanks for the very inspiring post! I was so inspired, I finally joined in on the fun. Now, if it would warm up already so I could get out to some flea markets!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..Mudroom Re-do: Before and After

  36. Kristen

    I love giving myself flowers. It is my favorite way to liven up a room. The other ideas look fabulous too, though! I needed good ideas like these since I’m getting a little bored with my house as is, but I don’t have much time or money to do anything! Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..The Grandest Opening of All

  37. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    Wonderful and easy ideas. I especially love those cute little dish towels!

    Happy Weekend:)

  38. Rosie's Whimsy

    Love # 2 and #3! I am going to put them on my to do list :-)

  39. Kwana

    I really have to get on the case. Great suggestions!

    Kwanas inspiring blog post..Meditative Work

  40. Nicky

    Beautiful ideas today Melissa.

    I’ve been so busy decluttering I haven’t been able to do any blog posting, but hopefully I’ll be able to participate in Mr. Linky next week.

    Everyone here’s to each of you having a beautiful upcoming week.

  41. Myrnie

    Oh Melissa, you DO post the most beautiful things. I love the idea of painting the back of the cupboards- little things that no one notices at first are the best. (Says the girl who caused my parents so much consternation when we moved from our “kindergarten” house- they found tiny “m’s” written on the walls behind all the furniture. Tee hee.)

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Beaded Pin Tutorial

  42. Barbara

    Love fresh flowers, especially in a freshly cleaned house…

    I can’t even remotely imagine you as a meanie… :)

    Barbaras inspiring blog post..Friday I’m In Love {15}

  43. Meredith

    Once again, the posts this week have been so wonderful. Thanks for keeping it real, while still managing to inspire! It’s good to be reminded that the joy is in the journey.

    Thanks also for your lovely comments, this linky do-dah stuff is fun – I’m “meeting” such lovely, interesting people.

  44. Diana

    Wonderful ideas – especially for this time of the year when many of us are surrounded by black and white. “Pops” of color throughout the house can make us feel like maybe spring is just around the corner. ;o)

  45. Debbykay

    Thank you for your inspirations this week. I love your suggestions for adding colore. What a great idea to add cherry red to the back of a cupboard! Imagine who it would make a set of milk glass pitchers pop! I am loooking at a little cupboard I have that is painted green in the back–might have to switch it up for a little spring wake-up!

    Hope you can stop by and check out my post on millinery magic!


    I am new to blogging…so we only link on Friday’s to a Friday post we wrote?

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..happy, happy birthday!

  46. sue

    thank you for these lovely weekly post..they do make you stop and see the love…
    sorry had to link 2 times, first one wrong link :(

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..they know me so well

  47. Donnetta

    Thanks for such fun and great ideas!

  48. laurie

    Great quick tips. Thank you for sharing them. laurie

  49. Tommie Jo

    Great ideas! It always amazes me that such small things can make such a big impact~

    Tommie Jos inspiring blog post..Sweet Kitchen-y Things

  50. Rebecca

    Thanks for the simple and fun ideas. I think I am going to give #3 a try. I have a old bathroom vanity that is sadly in need of a makeover and I think this may be just the solution for it.

  51. Anna

    Great ideas! I might paint the back of a few bookshelves this week… they could definitely use a pick-me-up! :)

    Annas inspiring blog post..K is for Kate

  52. Imelda Phillips

    Thank you so much for giving inspirations on living a beautiful life…what a blessing! And thank you also for the opportunity to link up “inspired” posts…well, inspired by you!

    Imelda Phillipss inspiring blog post..Adding Cheer to Housework

  53. meg duerksen

    remember me? :)
    miss you…just been so crazy busy. i met someone at a party today that said “i know you….i saw you a long time ago on the inspired room…then i started looking and realized i recognized your house…then my husband said hey i know him!” it’s a small small world.
    i like all these suggestions for adding cheer. everyone could use more of that.

  54. all things bright and beautiful

    Dear Melissa – this is the most gorgeous of posts – love it and great ideas . Am hoping you are enjoying your new place ( which is gorgeous I might add) and are settling in well.

    hugs and love and God bless


  55. KJ

    We were both on the same wave length. I had just placed the yellow chest photo from Country Living on my blog to appeal to the color yellow. Alas, I came here and discovered you were on the same page. Good stuff!

    As people are beginning to pine for spring, color packs a punch!

    Hugs, KJ

  56. Carol

    I enjoyed reading your post and like all of your ideas. Sometimes I do buy myself a small bouguet of flowers. I think it’s a wonderful way to treat myself too. Happy Sunday :>)

    Carols inspiring blog post..Getting ready for Mardi Gras!…….

  57. a fanciful twist

    Helooooo my lovely friend!! I looooove all 5!! There for a while, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my olive green spray paint… Now I am so digging robin’s egg blue… It can spruce up the totally unsprucable items any day ;)

    I must go tread the blog post below…. I saw a title that made me swoooon ;) ;) xoxo HONNNNketty honk!!

  58. Sabrina

    So Pretty! Thanks once again for all the lovely ideas!

    Sabrinas inspiring blog post..The Dining Room

  59. Susan

    I’m hoping that I can paint the backs of the cabinets this spring/summer…while DH is re laquering them.

    I’m going to take your permission on the pillows…our dogs like to lie with their heads on pillows, not their bodies, just their heads. The male has confiscated a girly pillow, so I have to make a new cover for it…camping pillow so easy peasy.

  60. Rosebud Quilter

    Love your ideas, I love color and use lots of it. Thanks for sharing with us. Will be back to visit often.

    Rosebud Quilters inspiring blog post..One Big Block-Log Cabin

  61. Jules

    Fun post! Lovely images and the perfect inspirations for my home.

  62. Fiona

    I just came across your site and I love what you do. The detailing and the colours of your interior design is just fantastic and inspiring!

  63. Teresa

    OK, I am definitely going to learn a little theory on making flower bouquets. As for what I did this week, it was creative but digital- PhotoShop classes on improving potratis and blending.
    Thanks to your post I am now going to make a tote out of a beautiful brocade skirt as a happy anyway gift for my mum!
    .-= Teresa´s last blog ..Gorgeous Lingerie Gift Ideas =-.



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