Will Decorating With Green Heal Your Mood?

Please welcome my friend and guest today, Melissa from Midwest Magnolia! She is a fabulous artist and I am honored to have her here on The Inspired Room! I was wanting to do a post on the color green and lo and behold, I found one on her blog! I enjoyed it so much I stole it! No, I am just kidding. I invited her to share it with us here! Enjoy!

Will Decorating With Green Heal Your Mood?

Color plays a big role in your life, even when you aren’t aware of it. The colors you are surrounded by can really affect and influence your mood.  Have you ever noticed going to a certain place and immediately feeling energized, creative, relaxed, inspired or even hungry?

We talk a lot about the importance of surrounding yourself with special and meaningful things.  They can evoke fond memories and make your home feel alive, a place you can’t wait to get back to at the end of the day.  Filling your home with your favorite colors, or colors that inspire, are just as important.

In deciding what color to start with, I went with a personal favorite. Can you guess what it is? If you know me, you know that one of my two favorite colors is green.

For me, I have my own theory of why I so love this color. Once I started painting and honing in on my artistic side, I really began to notice nature in a whole new way.  There is just something so peaceful and serene about the way the green of the grass and the blue of the sky just go together.  They really intensify one another.  Alone, they are beautiful, right?  But together… truly perfection.

Nature’s fresh, spring shades of blue, green, and purple are known as cool colors. These serene hues calm and soothe and appear to recede, making a room seem larger. Of all hues, green is considered the most neutral color in terms of temperature. ~Better Homes & Gardens



Green is also know for being the color that represents rebirth. This makes sense, seeing as the arrival of Spring brings new leaves on the trees, flowers sprouting up from the ground, and grass regaining its true color and soft texture.

It is a friendly color and many people feel a healing force from this color. It is the color of many industrial uniforms and is attributed to having healing properties, as it is “natural”. It sets a mood of nature and growth. ~Virgina Franco


If you like the color green, but don’t want to add it to your walls, throw pieces of green around your room and through out your home. You will certainly feel the love!

Photos inspiration from Country Living

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  1. Love it! That picture with the “16” on the wall is almost the exact shade of green in my living room. It’s just so vibrant- we used it as an accent wall against sunny yellow, with white woodwork. Great post!

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Food Storage

  2. Well as soon as I saw this post was on green I had to click through and I was not dissappointed. So much inspiration but my favourite would be the lounge chair in the bottom pic with the green with white geometric print – stunning! Tracey xx

    Porchlight Interiorss inspiring blog post..Our 100th Post!!!

  3. Oh, I love green. I have to be careful when choosing paint colors not to pick another green. We have a subdued green in the dinning room and a dark grass green in the master bedroom. It is so interesting how we are drawn to specific colors and tend to stay ‘green’ or whatever our color is for life.

    Compulsively Compileds inspiring blog post..Little House Love

  4. So pretty!! I especially LOVE that kitchen. It’s late here, and I was just about to head to bed, but as soon as I saw that picture, I got a rush of energy and inspiration. No joke! It’s beautiful.

    Thanks so much for sharing, both Melissa’s! :)

    Amber Filkinss inspiring blog post..Bachelor Review–Women Tell All

  5. I think Green is probably my favorite color over all, I usually change favorites with the season, but different shades of green go beautifully from Winter to Autumn…and now with SPRING coming…well there’s not a better color! (My fav was the color in the dinning room)
    Robin Rane’
    All Things Heart and Home

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Heart & Homes inspiring blog post..~Sometimes…you just have to ask~

  6. Castles Crowns and Cottages says

    I LOVE GREEN! I agree that it sets a certain mood of peace, tranquility and happiness. And the different shades are so much fun to decorate with. I especially love olive or sage green with a hint of vintage pink or lavender! Beautiful posts as always, so professionally laid out. Blessings! Anita

  7. I love greens too. Very calming…and it does remind me of my garden & woods.

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Baby Avie Turns Three

  8. I enjoy the color green as well! Our master bedroom and family room are both green. My daughter’s bedroom is also green, but a completely different shade. I agree that there is something soothing about the color!

    Kims inspiring blog post..Kids in the Kitchen

  9. Green is absolutely my favorite color. I can’t get enough! These pictures are delightful.

    Unfortunately, my DH is red/green color blind, which means that green looks gray to him. :( Green is the one color he’s asked me not to use in our home since he can’t see it. The only green in our house is pretty much only on our plants.

    Lindsays inspiring blog post..Teach Me Tuesday and DIY Linky Party

  10. I was scrambling around the Salvation Army Thrift store looking for a pair of suitable bookcases that Hubby and I could refurbish for our son’s room. Instead I found the most adorable desk (made of mahogany) that someone, more than likely 2 decades ago, painted it green with an ‘antique’ glaze. It was almost like a ‘bombay’ chest in that the front was curved out. When I was little, we had a table like this and I told my mother it was pregnant. Hope that gives you a visual. Anyway, It was on sale for $65. I couldn’t resist it. Since I had no where to put it and it was my daughter’s birthday (24 and engaged at the time) I gave to her as a present. I fully expected her to strip it and stain it or paint it white. She loved it just as it was and used the desk color to restyle their guest bedroom. The desk is her private little island now in a tiny house that she shares with her husband.
    Green is ‘her color’ too. I’m Red and Yellow!

  11. Just beautiful! I love how the color trends in fashion and decorating tend to follow each other.

  12. I never really though about decorating with green before, but I especially loved that bright green in the second picture. How lovely, and it does help your mood, doesn’t it?

    Taylor at Household Management 101s inspiring blog post..Feb 24, Recommended Organization Sites

  13. That green molding is the hotness. For real. I’m rethinking the paint job I just did in my home office. Gorgeous!!

  14. Love the pictures! I love green too, and have recently redone my dining room with “apple green” walls. It’s the most vibrant color I’ve ever used, so I was a little cautious with accessories. I went with black and white accents to let the green steal the show.

    Kimm at Reinventeds inspiring blog post..When Only New Will Do

  15. I really love the green trim on the first picture! What a creative idea! I’ve never been a huge fan of green but now I’m tempted to throw a green pillow on my sofa or paint the trim green in my office! These are such beautiful and inspiring photos.

    Ashleys inspiring blog post..A new kind of Post

  16. Green is one of my favs too. Green and red that is…
    It makes me so happy to be surrounded by green, it must be the “outdoors” feeling. My kitchen is green (shown on my blog) and it is my favorite place in the house.
    Thanks for the green inspiration!

    Misti @ Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..Introducing Sknobs: Custom Painted Knobs

  17. Green is my favorite color! Shades from sage to lime green to blue greens!! Yay, for green!!

    darlenes inspiring blog post..My Birthday…What do I Want?

  18. LOVE this post! Green is my favorite color by far, so the post was validating and inspiring! Thanks so much!

  19. Such a FuN PosT! GreeN love the color. I have it splashed around my house… this post makes me to want more splashes!
    I’ll be thinking greeN today,

    LuLus inspiring blog post.."T" Is For…..

  20. I LOVE GREEN, it’s my favorite color… I love yellow almost as much, thank you for two days of great colors.

    Joans inspiring blog post..Chappy’s Bliss …

  21. I’m a pretty neutral gal, but I love that “Amy Butler” bathroom. The shower curtain and chandelier are to die for!

    AnNicole@OurSuburbanCottages inspiring blog post..WE LOVE YOU FIDO, BUT NOT YOUR UGLY BAGS OF KIBBLE

  22. My favorite photo is the green fireplace surround!!!!

    Helens inspiring blog post..Foodie Friday ~ Act One — Scene One — Take One!

  23. Another great post …Thanks for sharing this with us…very inspirational..:-)

    Keep them coming, I love looking for things that brighten my day!

    annes inspiring blog post..My little taste of Italy…

  24. How lovely is this….the fresh green!!!!! Great post….LOVE THEM

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..The Lady at Walgreens

  25. For all you ladies who love green, you should google Rich Mullin’s song, “The Color Green” and listen. This is a lovely post and gorgeous pictures. But the whole time I was reading the comments, I was thinking, “I wonder if any of these ladies know the song, “The Color Green.”

  26. I think so… that’s why my kitchen and bedroom are painted in a shade of green. but I really like that dining room.

    Courtney from Mommie Blogss inspiring blog post..mommie needs a new pair of shoes or 2!

  27. I’ve always loved the color green but was never brave enough to use it on my walls. You’ve given my new hope.


    Paulas inspiring blog post..Do you remember Dick & Jane?

  28. I’ve always loved the color green but was never brave enough to use it on my walls. You’ve given me new hope.


    Paulas inspiring blog post..Do you remember Dick & Jane?

  29. Sometimes I just want to paint the house all over again. I find my color pallet changes with my mood. In spring I want to deck the halls with greens and whites and cheery cranberry colors. I love the bright greens featured in this post. Overall I do have a lot of greens however they’re very earthy and well… sometimes I would rather my walls scream NEW CLEAN ALIVE… green… ahhhhh.

    Great find Melissa!

    Pretty Organizers inspiring blog post..Toile Tuesday: Confessions of a Toile-aholic

  30. Love all these pics. Beautiful guest post

    Emily@remodelingthislifes inspiring blog post..Link Love: Baby, It’s Cold Outside Edition

  31. Love the green bathroom with the chandelier!

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..Would you buy this Wallpaper?

  32. The French have a word for combining several hues within a color family; camayeau (cam-I-yu). It means to mix kelly, pear, lime and chartreause greens all together for a dreamy affect in either home decor or the way one dresses. I’m always excited when I see it in action!

    Ritas inspiring blog post..Guest Blogger: Courtney

  33. Every room in my house is some variation of muted green or blue. I’m all cool, all the time. :) Great post!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..Lost and Found.

  34. Great post! I have a multi-colored house! :-) It makes us happy!

    Kim @ Forever Wherevers inspiring blog post..Tasty Tuesday Blog Party Invite

  35. I love the green rooms you showed!!! I just painted my office a kelly green and I really love it!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    jenjens inspiring blog post..Trendy Tuesdays: Academy Awards Edition

  36. Very inspiring! The green and white bathroom with the chandelier is incredible!

    alices inspiring blog post..The Bachelor

  37. I love the dining room green. I once lived in a house with a dark/forest green room. It was the smallest room in the house and looked even smaller painted that shade of green. Needless to say before we sold the house the room was painted a lighter shade of green.

    SoBella Creationss inspiring blog post..Lil.B.Designs ~ Dine N Doodle

  38. I’m 48 years old. For all my life, purple was my favorite color. For 38 of those years I didn’t like the color green. I can so distinctly remember going into the dressing room in our local Sears and trying on a green twin sweater set and a salmon colored one, too. I.LOOKED.HORRIBLE. (I’m sure now, looking back, that it was the dressing room lights, but at the time? “I will never wear green or salmon. Ever.”
    Then I got engaged. And I started shopping for a wedding dress. And then I took my 2 sisters and my stepdaughter-to-be to the dress shop to look for bridesmaid’s dresses.
    And now? I can’t get enough green. I have a wall in my bedroom painted green. I have a wall in my other bedroom painted green. My dining room will be painted green in April, when hubby is on spring break. I buy green clothes, I want a green car.
    I remember buying a brown suit and I was struggling with finding a blouse to go with it. The sales lady suggested a green shell. I questioned her: “Green? With brown?”
    Her response: “Have you ever seen a tree?”
    ‘Nough said.

    Kryss inspiring blog post..I’m published!

  39. Beautiful pictures and suggestions. I’ve been looking for a new accent color (I always lean toward reds) and this has me thinking possibly green… Hmmm…

    PS~Erins inspiring blog post..Giveaways & Downloads

  40. I love the color green. I love all the pictures that were shown. What a fun blog you have!

    Erins inspiring blog post..Re-using the old

  41. Green is definitely a wonderful color and it is one color that I can truly “smell”. Whenever I think of green, I smell fresh cut grass. I love how a color can evoke a wonderful smell just by thinking about it!

    Lovely post!

    Melissa, I adore and miss you! MWAH!!!!! I owe you an email and it is coming soon, dear heart!


    DebbieWs inspiring blog post..Under The Sea (and Hi Dad)

  42. I love the first 3 greens! Well, all of them but especially those.

    Do you by chance know what paint the are and their names? Major painting going on here!

  43. Thank you, thank you for doing a post showcasing my all-time favorite color! I tend to use green as a “neutral” in my home. I pair it with bright, clean white accents in trim and other objects and I find that the green just pops out – Love it! Green is sooooo soothing to me and a great mood booster. When I enter my home I feel as if I have arrived in my own private oasis of comfort and calm. My husband describes our home as having a feeling of total relaxation. I have to believe that the colors we choose in our homes play a part in this feeling. Different colors definitely invoke various moods. Again, thank you, great post.

  44. This post is right on time. I just got a can of Behr’s Lime Lollipop (green) from my cousin to paint an accent wall in my faux dining room. It’s very similar to the green shown in the picture you listed of the bathroom. Thanks once again for inspiration!!!!!

  45. Thanks for the pictures. The sage green dining room photo from BHG was just the inspiration I needed for my dining room!

  46. If you go to my blog and look at the page “Orgnazing My Way Thru 2009” you can see my most prized possession. THE Green Cabinet that every person who come thru my front door tries to buy. I love green!

    Michelles inspiring blog post..Sweethearts!

  47. I love the green in the first two pictures. What is the name and type of green paint used in these photos?

  48. Our bedroom and adjoining Jack-n-Jill bathroom are Thyme Green (don’t you just love the names of the green paints? Who thinks these up??–what a job that would be…..)—and the colors do receed at night and work in the teeny bathroom and gi-gundus bedroom equally well.


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