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A Beautiful Life: The Blissdom Edition

While I cannot say that this was one of my more “balanced and beautiful weeks” I can say that heading off on a plane to Blissdom is stretching me beyond my comfort zone and will in likelihood end up being one of my most surreal experiences in life!

Two years ago I never would have imagined myself flying off to Nashville (on a plane, by myself!) to speak (in public, in front of people) on a “Successful Blogging” panel. I didn’t even know what a blog was, let alone want to speak or fly off to new cities by myself.

So many new things, yet with each new step in life’s journey, I am seeing more and more beauty and blessing to be thankful for! Whether we are appreciating the beauty in a special moment at home or going to Nashville to be inspired by new friends (the part of Blissdom I am most looking forward to), life can be such an adventure if we open ourselves up to it! Life isn’t always perfect, but we have to “bloom where we are planted” and recognize what beauty there is to be found.

I hope you will share your week with us through the comments and Mr. Linky — where you found the beauty and how you are doing with your goals! Be sure to link only to a specific related post (no home pages) and add a link back to The Inspired Room from your post to let everyone know you are participating in A Beautiful Life.

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in this! I’m really enjoying your posts and getting to know you all better. And that is why I love blogging, it is all about sharing life!

{Blissfully Thankful}

{Blissfully Thankful}

Today I am heading to Nashville for Blissdom! I can hardly believe it, I am finally going to meet some of my favorite blogging friends from all over the country! {faints} I wish YOU were ALL going to be there! I’m bringing my laptop (faithful blogger that I am) and if I can, I might even put up a photo or post of what we are up to just for fun, so keep an eye out!

Before I go, I wanted just make a couple of quick comments:

1) A big thank you and hug to everyone who so kindly nominated me to the Internet Cafe’s 100 Top Christian Women’s Blogs! I was unaware of the list and I was totally humbled to be included. I am always honored that you want to hang out with me in my little corner of blogland! It just wouldn’t be the same without all of you. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And congratulations to the other 99 blogs listed–go check them out!

2) Friday is our Mr. Linky Beautiful Life post. I am counting on you to all keep it going. I am scheduling the post so it will be here for you first thing on Friday (see how much I love you all?) and will peek in while I am away to catch up (and I’ll delete any links to tattoo sites, so don’t even try!). Meanwhile, chat amongst yourselves!

3) If you want a chance at winning a $50 Visa gift card (and who doesn’t?), Amy at Mom Advice has a great opportunity for you to win some spending money, click here to enter! Even if you already entered this week, you can enter AGAIN!


photo: Southern Living