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An Inspired Crowd

An Inspired Crowd

Please welcome my guest today : Tim, The Remodeling Guy

I Feel Like I Already Know You

I hear that when presenting oneself to a new audience, be it in person or in writing, that it’s wise to know the audience. Sounds easy enough in theory I suppose.

An Inspired Crowd

And it wasn’t too terribly difficult to at least get something of an idea of who I’m writing for today. All that was required was a little bit of time.

Some time reading way back through Melissa’s posts gave me a pretty good idea of what keeps you coming back for more. She’s got some great stuff here!

Then I went and clicked through to the blogs of some frequent commenters, and I checked out some of the “Inspired Links”. I’m glad I did that!

You Guys Rock!

I use the term “you guys” in a general sense of course. But seriously, wow! In Melissa’s posts and in all of your blogs I realize that I’m writing for a group that possesses some serious style!

I could have stayed for hours reading your posts and looking at amazing pictures. I even saw a plate on a wall that I liked! That is really saying something, because I generally prefer my plates on the table! Full!

I love the way you all use your blogs to not only express your own sense of style, but also to share it with others. I was able to use that to get to know you a little better. I think I should use the same method to let you get to know me. Some pictures of what I love and a few words about why I love it!

I’m a Color Nut

An Inspired Crowd

This is my dream kitchen! That ought to tell you a whole lot right there! My family and I live almost as far South as you can get and we like to pretend that we’re actually in the tropics!

Of course, as a construction guy, I see a whole lot more than color in this picture. Did you notice:

  • The inset cabinet doors (doors and frames flush)..great detail!
  • The white top half of the room and the way it calms the colors!
  • The 4-light windows and 4-light door… I like it!
  • The way the small paintings above the sink bring it all together!
  • The ceiling and the exterior dormer I know is there!

So I love color, that’s me, but I know it doesn’t work for everybody! I bet many of you wouldn’t live with this kitchen for longer than it takes to go grab a can of paint! But that’s what I loved about all of your blogs…diversity .

One thing that was clear to me is that you all understand a couple of my most preached principles.

Know Thyself

I encourage anyone who will listen to open their eyes a little bit and look around. Pay attention to what makes you feel good, even if it’s not exactly the thing you’re looking for. Take a look at this shot for example:

An Inspired Crowd

People generally know if they like the look of a picture or not. The question that seems harder is, why? In order to do anything involving a need for design, and remodeling certainly involves design , you really need to know why!

When I look at this picture, I like it. But I don’t love everything about it.

I like:

  • The colors, of course! I like the two tones of blue green and the contrast on the floor and celings.
  • I like the way the window goes all the way to the ceiling. Cool.

Not so much:

  • The clear tables.
  • The lack of trimwork.

I bet each one of you knows exactly what you think about the photo, too. I think this knowledge comes from exactly what you’re doing right now, going to places that you know inspire you and exploring. You go out and see what you can find that makes you go “wow” and by doing that you get a real intrinsic understanding of what you love in a design.

And with that knowledge, you can understand and implement my second widely harped-on principle:

Create an Environment

To me, a house is more than just four walls and a roof. No matter how large or small your home is, no matter if your budget for remodeling is $500.00, $50,000.00, or $500,000.00 the goal is the same, and it is attainable.

The goal is to use whatever resources we have at our disposal, and we all have resources, be it time, money, materials, talent, creativity, or sheer determination. Use those resources in our homes to create an environment.

I like the word environment better than design or decor. To me, it says something different. It includes everything: structure, finishes, furnishings, lighting, even the smells, and sounds, and air flow. All of that is environment.

I could go on and on, and I do over at my blog. But I should give Melissa her audience back. I’ll leave you with a picture that says environment to me. If I’m the remodeling expert I claim to be, then sooner or later my new (75 years new!) house should look something like this:

An Inspired Crowd

How can you not love that!?? I sure do. (I’m a ‘maybe’ on the purple)

Thanks to Melissa for the honor of a guest post at The Inspired Room! She’s also enlisted me to write a regular column on “remodel-ey” things at Blissful Home on Blissfully Domestic. So I hope to see you there, where I will actually talk about construction!

In the meantime I can be found at

Creating a Memory Shelf
for Children {or Yourself!}

Creating a Memory Shelf <br> for Children {or Yourself!}

When we did the pirate scavenger hunt for our son a few months ago, he collected quite a few “treasures.” We took a shelf in his room, cleared it off, and allowed him to put all of the mementos from that day on display. It was a rotating display, he could change the contents of the shelf at any time.

Creating a Memory Shelf <br> for Children {or Yourself!}

We have done similar things with all of our kids’ rooms over the years. Each of our kids has had at least one shelf or bookcase to show off their collected memories. The treasures can be from one memorable day, a special trip, gathered throughout the year, or be a collection they were trying to establish!

Having a place for children store all the little treasures they gather not only help to decorate their room on a budget, but gives them a sense of belonging, history and helps them to focus on all of their blessings and happy moments in life.

I love the row of Pez candy dispensers along the molding in the child’s room in the top photo! And, I really like the bookshelf to the right that has the artwork taped on it! Perfect for a memory shelf.

Creating a Memory Shelf <br> for Children {or Yourself!}

And a memory shelf doesn’t have to just be for children! Make one for yourself! Show off your love letters, your beach shells or any mementos that bring a smile to your face!

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Top and bottom photos,
Absolutely Beautiful Things (from Serena & Lily and Cox & Cox)