Sweet Idea for Spring (& a giveaway)

Sweet Idea for Spring (& a giveaway)

O k, so on Tuesday I published this giveaway post and the only thing that showed up for you all was the photo! No text, no giveaway details, no nothing — even though I had stayed up late the night before to get it all fancy for you! Nice! So sorry!

If it had happened today, April 1st, you might have thought I was playing an April Fool’s joke on you. But, I guess the joke was one me. Note to self: do NOT do taxes, move and attempt to blog all in the same week. Thanks for your patience with my overly ambitious week.

What I meant to tell you yesterday is how much I adore these little hanging votive vases! Look how sweet they look hanging from the patio umbrella! How wonderful to snip some flowers from the yard and put them in the vases right before dinner outside. Simple and easy loveliness.

One of my sweet blog partners for the month, Paula from Neutral Dwelling, has those hanging votive vases in her home decor shop.

And to celebrate spring, Paula has offered to give a set of three vases to one lucky reader of The Inspired Room! No joke! All you have to do is leave a comment below, and pretty please make Paula’s day by signing up for her newsletter here!

And if you want a set of these little beauties for yourself, you can find them here! I was thinking these little vases would make a great Mother’s Day gift, wedding shower gift or birthday gift! Wouldn’t they also be wonderful at an outdoor wedding reception?

Have a great day! Me? I am headed back to Washington with another massive load of belongings. I’m seriously afraid of not being able to fit it all in my new house. I tried to downsize my belongings, I really did,  but since my new house is already pretty full from my first phase of moving, and now I am heading up with another a full 10 foot trailer and a 26 foot U-haul truck , it isn’t looking like I downsized enough. {nervous laugh}

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the winner of the Emily June /Little Window Shoppe bloggy giveaway… ta da, the winner was Vintage Window! And, she has already had her winning bloggy makeover so go over and see how pretty her blog is now! But don’t forget to enter the hanging votive vase giveaway before you go!



  1. cool. I love these. Perfect in my tree in the backyard. And just in time for spring/summer entertaining! thanks.

    desiree@lookilooss inspiring blog post..Wabi Sabi: Where the Imperfect is Beautiful

  2. Cute! Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck with the move!

  3. stephanie says

    OOOOOOOOOO I want these so bad!

  4. So very, very sweet! What a charming giveaway!

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..We Have a Winner!

  5. aspengirl says

    cool! these look very pretty and have been looking for some like these! thanks

  6. love, love, love these! worth the wait ;)

    jodis inspiring blog post..Please Pray for the MckFamily

  7. Oh,those are so pretty. They would be perfect in my kitchen window.

  8. The hanging vases are the cutest thing I have seen this spring! Thanks for introducing us to Neutral Dwelling! Good luck fitting everything into your new home!

  9. Tracy Jerome says

    Love the hanging vases, and a whole lot of stuff on the website is fabulous! So glad that I have a wonderful new bookmark in my “shopping” favorites folder!

  10. These are adorable. Please sign me up for the giveaway!

    Denises inspiring blog post..The Geek Squad hits Seattle

  11. Too cute! And yesterday was my birthday – what a sweet present if I win. Love your blog. Hurry back and show us all the stuff you bring home. And if it all doesn’t fit, you give them away as ‘giveaways’! :-)

  12. I’d love to win!!

  13. First time visitor. I will be back to visit again, probably everyday. Love the giveaway. Just a darling idea.

    Carols inspiring blog post..Radish Wreath

  14. i love these charming vases. they would be perfect on my screened in porch. i read everyday and i love you creative touch.

    Les inspiring blog post..eating organic/healthy using coupons

  15. What a fun give away! I’ve thought for years that I would make some of those….of course, I never have. Please include my name. :)

    Staceys inspiring blog post..Sweet Spring & It’s Grillin’ Time

  16. I’d love to win these, they’s dress up a corner of my dining room perfectly!

  17. How sweet is the vase. I can just see all my little flowers from the garden in their new home. Thanks for the give away. I just started a blog please drop by. Stella by Starlight

  18. LindaSonia says

    These hanging votives are terrific. Love them! LindaSonia

  19. Those vases are so sweet!

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Snippets from our Weekend

  20. These are so pretty! I need something like this to perk up my deck.

  21. They do make you think ‘Spring’. How adorable. My birthday was on the first day of Spring this year…come on Spring. Thank you for the give-a-way opprotunity. These hanging vases are just too cute.

    Cherri Engles inspiring blog post..It must be a ‘twin’ thing…

  22. That is really cute! Those would fine a nice home outside in the summer hanging from my big maple tree. :)

  23. What a very cute idea, Please count me in!

    Heather Gravess inspiring blog post..Clean House~What Do You Use?

  24. Oh I love those! Totally simple and beautiful!

    Emily@remodelingthislifes inspiring blog post..Photographs and Flowers

  25. Those have to be the cutest accessory I have seen so far to welcome Spring.

  26. I love cute glass things! This is right up my path. Thanks!

    Laurens inspiring blog post..Everything Has It’s Space

  27. We love candles, so these would be great! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Very nice….I love these little vases! Happy Spring!

  29. I just love those little votives. How sweet!

    Wendys inspiring blog post..Random Inspirations~

  30. So, so cute!! I’d love to have a set of these for my house. And probably one of them would go in my girl’s room. We have three daughters sharing a room right now and they’re entering ages when they love to be part of the decorating. They’d love these!!

    carols inspiring blog post..Come. . .

  31. These are adorable! If I win, I’ll buy 2 more! I would love to see these hanging from the tree branch just over my picnic table!

    Connies inspiring blog post..16 days and counting . . . .

  32. that is so darling! I would love to hang that … somewhere?
    please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

  33. The vases are just beautiful…what a great idea to hang them up with fresh flowers.

  34. Cute vases! So sweet. Would love them!!!

  35. Love those tiny vases-
    Good luck with the unpacking….If I was around I would help you out- =)
    {don’t you just hate getting offers of help from someone hundreds of miles away? sorry about that} but I do hope things go well for you-
    Have a great day-

    teresas inspiring blog post..Purple Tuesday-

  36. Liz Mann says

    I love those vases!

  37. I think my friend would love these — a great gift I could give her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Hello…

    Ooooh…I just adore these little vintage glass vases and would love for you to put my name in your giveaway drawing! Thank you! Best wishes on your move…I know that you must be excited and ready to be resettled!

    Warmest wishes,

    Charis inspiring blog post..

  39. I heart hanging vases!

    Just signed up for the newsletter =)

  40. So pretty! I wondered about the previous post, but saved the picture to my inspirations file anyway! :)

  41. Love those votives!! So cute!

    Loras inspiring blog post..Hubby Hits the Kitchen Again

  42. beth daggett says

    Those are so cute! I would love to have one of those hanging from our pergola this summer!

    beth daggetts inspiring blog post..In like a lion, out like a…lion?

  43. I hate when blogs don’t behave. Mine wouldn’t come up at all for awhile yesterday. Maybe they went on strike. ;-)

    Those hanging votive vases are adorable! I love Paula’s shop. She always has lots of great stuff.

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Top 10 Trends for Your Home This Year

  44. those would look so sweet hanging in our home


  45. What a beautiful way to bring a little beauty from outdoors indoors.
    I haven’t seen these before.

  46. Please please please enter me! I love those little vases/votive holders they are beautiful! I don’t usually win these giveaways…(never have won) but I am crossing all of my fingers that maybe this one will be the one that I win!!! Thank you so much for offering such a fun give away!


    Paulas inspiring blog post..Tuesday Night Dinner

  47. Those are adorable! I did notice yesterday, but also figured it was a casualty of the move. Good luck!

    Janie Phillipss inspiring blog post..My husband, the pastry chef!

  48. Ashley C says

    I have always LOVED the little votive vases! There’s something purely magical about them! Thank you for the giveaway! I would love to have these hanging in my garden!!

  49. Beautiful!! Would love to win.

  50. I love those votive vases! I actually used to have a larger style hanging vase on either side of my bed with little Beta fish in them. They looked really pretty there!

    living with lindsays inspiring blog post..A Vacuum Cleaner that Sucks

  51. Those hanging vases are adorable! Please, please, PLEASE enter me for a chance to win! :)

    Good luck with finding room for the rest of your belongings, Melissa! I’m sure everything will fit just fine.


    Lyndas inspiring blog post..:: Vintage Linens ::

  52. They are lovely! Please do sign me up for the giveaway…thanks!

  53. Those are so great! I would love to win them!

  54. These are so sweet! Love the idea of them.

  55. Brittany says


  56. Stephanie J says

    Oooooh, my!
    *fingers crossed*
    these are darling

  57. The little vases are so cute and great for spring!

  58. These are so beautiful! Sign me up please. I’m going to check out her store!

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles)

  59. Love those vases – and love, love, love your blog!!! I look forward to reading the links you provided today.

  60. Sign me up! My daughter is having an outdoor garden wedding this August…..these would be a perfect accessory!

  61. They are so simple and beautiful! I love them!

    If you have trouble fitting all of your furniture in, I am sure there are some local bloggers that would be glad to shop the house, err.. the truck. =)

  62. I would love one of these! Fresh flowers hanging, what could be more magical?!

    Karis inspiring blog post..~You Asked For It~

  63. Sylvia Cutmore says

    Those vases are adorable.

    Good luck with the move.


  64. So adorable these hanging vases…, and in a set of three, that’s how I like to display things…, as threesomes.

    Mayas inspiring blog post..From Fool’s Day to Food Day

  65. Dear New Friends,

    I read this site every day and just love the gorgeous items and homes I see. I love these wonderful vases and would love to be on the list to be considered to win.

    Jane E.

  66. Wendy, happy belated birthday.

    Melissa, I’d love to win those…they are sooo charming! We are GOING to have a prettier porch this year and those would be perfect

  67. What a great giveaway!! :)

  68. Melia Flora says

    Adorable!! I would love to wine this set! Off to do some browsing at Neutral Dwelling!

  69. How beautiful are those! It would be perfect for my apt!

  70. Debbykay says

    The hanging votives are really sweet! What a great idea! Please enter me in the giveaway.

    Happy moving!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Gathering Roses

  71. These are ADORABLE! want want want :) maybe if I dont win, I can rig them up myself?

    Tonnis inspiring blog post..Iesha -Tillsonburg Children Photographer

  72. I was really eyeing those hanging vases in your last post, Melissa. They’re just beautiful. Thanks for a shot at one.

    Katie at makingthishome.coms inspiring blog post..We’ve Decided to Leave Berlin

  73. I was terribly afraid the giveaway was a mean April 1st joke – but I LOVE them. Perfect for my new home!!

  74. Oh I would flip if I won these! They are sooo cute!! And my son would be so excited- he is so into picking flowers and putting them in vases haha.. he is my little florist at the moment :) Off to pop over to see her items now! xo!

    Hollys inspiring blog post..egg-tastic inspiration!

  75. I’d love to win these! So cute :) I hope the move is going well, I can’t wait to see pics of the house once you are completely settled in and start putting your stamp on it. We moved in 4 years ago and we still have SOOOOOO much to do to the house.

    Barbaras inspiring blog post..A Birthday of Sorts and Giveaway

  76. Those hanging vases will look perfect on the screened porch! What a wonderful idea. Good luck with the rest of the move. We face the same issues…always too much stuff no matter how we figure it out, but in the end, after all is decorated and put away, it just works out. Offering you great thoughts for boundless energy right now.
    ♥, Susan

    black eyed susans kitchens inspiring blog post..LEARNING TO LOVE BLUE MONDAY’S

  77. I love those!

  78. What cute vases! They would be perfect in my backyard.

    Amys inspiring blog post..The Daily Chase

  79. Gorgeous! Just beautiful. I love unique ways to display flowers.

    Krystens inspiring blog post..Giveaway!

  80. Oh how adorable! I have the perfect little flowers to tuck into them too. :)

    Mists inspiring blog post..In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

  81. These are precious.

    Melissas inspiring blog post..Way to go Walgreens & Quest Diagnostics!

  82. The possibilities are endless with these things. Great giveaway!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  83. these are so cute. I hope I win

  84. How sweet! I love them. I love them so much that I may have to go and buy some, if I don’t win. But winning would be ideal. :) Have a wonderful day!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..Shrimp & Grits

  85. What a perfect idea for a vase for a mom with young, rambunctious children who do NOT believe in keeping things beautiful.

    aubreys inspiring blog post..Let’s Be Honest

  86. these are so precious! please enter me in the giveaway!
    hoping your move goes smoothly~
    thank you!!

    katrinas inspiring blog post..happy blue monday~

  87. Tami Cooper says

    LOVE these – so many places I can think of to place them.

  88. Sarah Jessica says

    I’m so glad you came back to fix this post–I was really hoping to find a source for those adorable votives. If I win, I’ll still buy some…some for me, some for my mom. Too cute!

  89. oooh.. those are super cute!

    Cristys inspiring blog post..the Gospel of Abundance

  90. Those are fanastic!! Thanks for the chance to win. Crossing fingers!

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  91. Really very darling! Thanks for the giveaway.

    katys inspiring blog post..Tuesday: Family Night (BABY PIGGIES)

  92. The vases certainly look lovely right where they’re hanging.

    Its_Lilys inspiring blog post..I’m sure I must have mentioned….

  93. What a fun give away for spring. These would look adorable on my patio!

    amys inspiring blog post..Baby Caden

  94. These are so lovely. A beautiful spring addition to any home!

  95. LOVE THEM!!!

    Lisas inspiring blog post..Yet, More Inspiration

  96. Unique idea. Hope that’s a new trend for the season.

    Gennaros inspiring blog post..More Women Traveling Solo

  97. karen miller says

    I would love to have these in my house! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  98. Wonderful! Nice to put in candles too… loving the idea!

    crystalreflectionss inspiring blog post..Your Success – Your Responsibility

  99. Darling vases! I have an obsession lately with vases and lanterns. I love The Inspired Room. You always have great posts and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing the things that inspire you with us.

  100. Love love love your blog and your wonderful, positive ideas. How busy it must be in YOUR mind! Thank you for sharing with the world.
    **blows kisses** Deborah

    Deborahs inspiring blog post..Who shall I be today . . .

  101. Oh I love these! They would look perfect hanging from the big tree outside our front window. I winder if I can get DH to rig some of these up….

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..Spring has Sprung!

  102. love the vases! Hope you’re all moved in soon! :)

  103. These are just beautiful; thanks for doing such a fun giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers–but even if I don’t win, these are so affordable that I wouldn’t feel the least bit guilty purchasing a few. Thanks for sharing!

    Karas inspiring blog post..Saved from the dump-thank goodness!!

  104. I love these vases. They will look terrific in my coastal chic bedroom.

  105. What a cute way to celebrate spring!

    Arielles inspiring blog post..The Streets of Philadelphia

  106. That is an awesome idea. I wish I would have seen it before my brothers wedding.

  107. Love them! Would be cute for May day gifts too.

  108. These vases are charming! Thanks for an opportunity to showcase my “buds.”

  109. yes, that’s awesome… :) Vases are good giweaways for nowadays for me. Spring is here… :) Thank you.

  110. Those *are* so sweet. Good look with your moving!

    Ms.Tees inspiring blog post..Easy Bunny Napkin Rings

  111. Aww, those are so sweet. They would like great for a nice backyard get together.

    Katie | Runawayoctobers inspiring blog post..Aren’t they just delicious…

  112. oh how lovely. even hanging from my curtain rod over my window overlooking my backyard from my kitchen sink.. well, wheni get a window looking over my backyard from my kitchen sink. …..

    Noelle Tomcos inspiring blog post..I feel very trunky

  113. Heather S. says

    Would love to win! Thanks!

  114. Those are so beautiful!
    I saw the lonely photo yesterday and couldn’t wait to check back today to see the actual contest. :)
    I would love to win!

  115. rosemarie says

    love the vase!!!!

  116. Love the vases…if I don’t win, I may have to order a set anyway.

    rachels inspiring blog post..spiderweb

  117. Cassandra Louise says

    Adorable! They make me long for warm summer nights out on the deck!

    Cassandra Louises inspiring blog post..Does Evil/Satan really Exist?

  118. Catherin G. says

    Gorgeous! Could find a million places for these.

  119. These are just adorable so PLEASE throw my name in the hat! Just in case…..me e-mail is szpinky@aol.com I would LOVE to win these…perfect for spring and summer entertaining, which I do alot!

  120. Oh, those are SO cute! Very similar to ones I have brought back with me from Japan!

    Thanks for the link to the Neutral Dwelling site, too! :-)

  121. Darling! I can’t wait to get my patio furniture outside. That’s a great idea to hang them from the umbrella.

  122. Those little vases are adorable. Perfect for Easter Sunday lunch and for spring. Thank you for sharing. B

  123. Love the hanging votives. Would be great on my patio.

  124. Christina G says

    That would be totally fab with the pergola my hubby is going to build!!

  125. I LOVE them- they are so pretty. Immediately went to my mother’s day wishlist.

  126. lovely giveaway!!!
    good luck moving! argh! it is no easy feat!

    Darlene@WorthWalkingTowards inspiring blog post..Worth Walking Toward.

  127. Those really are pretty, and I can imagine a sweet little reading nook on my porch with them floating overhead!

    Heathahlees inspiring blog post..Like Scarlett asks Rhett…

  128. Those are cute. I’ve actually seen these before when I was planning my wedding a couple years ago. I really wanted to use them but didn’t know how to incorporate them into the decor.

    Now I think they would look cute hanging over my counter that separates the dining room from the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Christels inspiring blog post..Blog Design Crisis

  129. I think these would look beautiful on my deck this summer! Thanks for the chance to win these little beauties!!! Good luck with your move!!


    Tanias inspiring blog post..Why!!!???

  130. So sweet! I would love to win these beauties. Thanks!

    Renees inspiring blog post..See-saws and kisses

  131. so cute. thanks for the giveaway.

  132. aren’t those just the cutest little vases…I gotta have them, so sign me up and good luck with the move !

    joannes inspiring blog post..Call me Creativity….

  133. These are darling! I need them for my home! :-)

    loris inspiring blog post..Absolutely Worthless

  134. Sign me up too, please! Those little vases are just *itching* to make their home on my new deck. Thanks!

  135. Adorable! I would love to have a few of those. My poor patio is always neglected.

    Carlas inspiring blog post..In case you were wondering

  136. OOOh what an exciting giveaway! I recently saw those in a store, but i can’t remember which one.


    katevps inspiring blog post..

  137. Love those! I may just have to order some for myself!

    Jill Florys inspiring blog post..Cute.

  138. Too cute! I can’t wait to explore her blog.

  139. Neutral Dwelling has really nice items. The hanging votive vases are especially nice.

  140. Hi Melissa :)

    Those little outside vases are so cute!

    My only advice to you, which you probably know already, is to wait until you have all your stuff in one place before you give anything away. I made that mistake more than once and ended up buying something similiar to replace it. I’m regreting selling my antique mantel right now… big time!


    rues inspiring blog post..A fun project and an apology

  141. Lauren McKnight says

    Ooooh I want some!

  142. Those are sweet little vases!

  143. How cute. I think I would hang a few on my back porch.

  144. When spring decides to arrive in Central Oregon these will be great! Please sign me up. Thanks

  145. Love them! How adorable!

    Michelle Gs inspiring blog post..The 1st Beach Trip of 2009

  146. Adorable…definitely makes me think Spring is here! The possibilities for using these are endless. :)

  147. guildencrantz says

    These would look lovely in my (future) magical sunroom! :)

  148. Oh my goodness, I have wanted hanging vases for so long.

    please pick me, please pick me, please pick me :)

  149. Carolyn G says

    Those are beautiful, I would love to have one

  150. April in CT says

    Adorable!! I’d love to have a set of these.

  151. Great giveaway! I love them.

    Shirleys inspiring blog post..April Food Day

  152. Those votives are adorable! Thanks for entering me in the give-away!

  153. What a sweet giveaway. Please count me in.


    Our Red Houses inspiring blog post..Free HTML tutorials

  154. Wow #151. I’m very late. Oh well, I wasn’t about to miss such an awesome giveaway! Come on, pick me!

    Kimm at Reinventeds inspiring blog post..Wallpaper, It’s Not Just for Walls Anymore!

  155. How elegant! Beautiful.

  156. oooohhhhhhh!! i love those and we just got an outdoor umbella for them to hang on!

  157. Ooooh I love these! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Emilies inspiring blog post..God’s Crazy Way of Blessing Us

  158. I love the hanging votives. So pretty!

  159. I love that idea. I actually need a new umbrella this year too!

    Melissa Ss inspiring blog post..APRIL FOOLS DAY

  160. Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    I’d love to have these hanging on our Japanese Maple in front of our front porch!

  161. I love the hanging votive vase as well! Please include me in the giveaway. You always share such beautiful ideas and pictures!

    Hollys inspiring blog post..What is your favorite time of day?

  162. What a beautiful idea, especially for the spring.

  163. Ooh, count me in too, please. Love them!

  164. Those are darling! I would looove to win them! :)

    lilyhavens inspiring blog post..Spring Cleaning SALE! SALE! SALE! (and GIVEAWAYS!)

  165. Kathy Black says

    I woke up feeling really overwhelmed this morning. My sweet Mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she called me last night so worried that she needs to find a place to live, forgetting that she owns her home and that my brother and sister live with her. She now thinks that it is their house and that they are strangers she doesn’t know.

    My hubby is in his 6th month of unemployment, our oldest daughter and son-in-Love are in the adoption process (nerve wracking but joyous at the same time), and our youngest (unmarried) daughter just found out she is expecting in November. I’m going to be a Grandma for the first time, twice over!

    I just want you to know that your blog never fails to soothe my nerves. Both your words and your images are so full of Light and Peace. Always soothing to my soul. “Out of the abundance of the heart”… and yours is always overflowing with good things.

    Thank you Sweetie.


  166. so pretty, I would love to win these, thanks for the chance!!!

  167. Linda Prutzman says

    Oooh. I love these! Too sweet! Linda

  168. Michelle says

    Love the votives and love your blog! Blessings, Michelle

  169. Signed up for the newsletter and crossing my fingers. Thanks for a great idea!

    jills inspiring blog post..Something to Share With Other Sentimental Creative Friends

  170. Mary Douglas says

    The hanging vases are so beautiful! They would be perfect for show -casing all the lovely flowers , trees and shrubs God has so graciously sent forth in bloom here in the South. I can easily visualize the vases hanging in our front windows. filled with azalea or dogwood blooms. (They could easily be used throughout every season, filled with God ‘s seasonal blessings. There is always beauty to be found, and shared with our neighbors.)
    Thank-you for sharing the lovely photo–it made my day! Now I need to prepare my home for the arrival of my precious 3 month old granddaughter.( Another perfect gift from our Lord!)

  171. Love these! Good luck with your move!

  172. They are beautiful!!

    Robins inspiring blog post..Painting a new canvas

  173. These are so adorable. Bet they would look great with a candle in each also. Thanks, Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

  174. Pick me, pick me!!! These are so cute.

    Jenelles inspiring blog post..But at the end of the day, I’m still a Wallflower.

  175. These are so gorgeous and would look great anywhere!

  176. These little vases are so delightful! I love them and would love to have them hanging outside my kitchen window!!

  177. So cute. Great giveaway.

  178. These are SOOOOO cute. Thanks for the give away! I just moved in the fall so I need new spring stuff for my new yard!

  179. These are great! I attempted making some out of wire and mason jars…apparently I shouldn’t work with wire..not so sturdy!! Here’s to hoping I can win these beauties!!

    Allegras inspiring blog post..Anthem Fabrics

  180. I would love to win these cute votive holders. Thanks for the opportunity! And “Welcome” to Washington!

  181. so cute! my girls would keep these filled with flowers from the yard.

  182. I love those vases! Perfect for the grape abor (with atrium and seating) that we’re rebuilding! What a sweet giveaway! Thanks! ::off to check out all of the links for the shop, etc.::

    Roeshels inspiring blog post..Weekend of random projects

  183. Mary Ellen says

    How sweet is this! Please sign me up! This would look so sweet on one of my sheperd hooks! I am off to go see her blog!


  184. These are great!

  185. I just discovered y0ur site today and abolustely love it! Thank you for your wonderful posts; and thank you for introducing me to Neutral Dwelling. Great products! Love the beautiful hanging votive vases. They shout Spring!

  186. I’m such a sucker for hanging vases! Best part? Everytime my husband would look at them he’d rememeber to bring me fowers :o)

    I’m crossing my fingers for you that everything fits- good luck!!


  187. Those would be so cute for a backyard party.

  188. These would be great to hold all the little flowers my daughter likes to pick.

  189. Those are so cute!

    Rebeccas inspiring blog post..Easter Story Cookies

  190. I love those little vases. They would look great in my back yard r0om.

  191. I know of a few spots need such a delicate touch. I MUST go visit this woman’s shop. Thanks Melissa…Great job…

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..The Women’s Liberation Conspiracy

  192. miss_k_p says

    Those are so cute~ and just in time to use outdoors if/when the weather ever clears up! Thanks for your great blog, and this fun giveaway!

  193. I enjoy reading your blog. These are just the cutest!

  194. How fun these little vases are! I would rotate them all around the house, inside and out as the spirit moved me.
    Thank you for the give away chance.

    Joys inspiring blog post..Vintage Double Knit Sling Purse

  195. Those vases are really adorable!

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Guest Post: Three Blind Mice

  196. Chi-Girl says

    What a sweet contest! You always find the cutest things and I get so much pleasure (if not occasional inspiration hopefully!) from viewing your posts and photos. LOVE the quilt squares that accompany each comment – how’d you do that!?

    Thanks Colleen

  197. I would *love* these for my future patio area! I just bought a house in October and am still adjusting.

    Heathers inspiring blog post..Modern Elegance meets Rustic Revival

  198. How simply elegant and versatile these hanging votives are!

    I enjoy reading your blog. It is full of practical yet pretty ideas.

    Belles inspiring blog post..and now for dessert

  199. Wonderful website. I can over by way of The Nester. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Rachael Blacks inspiring blog post..I’m on the prawl…..

  200. I love these for summer parties!

  201. Love this blog, love the vases!

  202. I must say that after I posted a comment here for the give-a-way I popped over to view these cute little vases at Neutral Dwelling and ended up buying a set for my twin sister. Our birthday was a week ago and I still hadn’t found that perfect little gift for her. These are perfect. She and her family entertain all the time on their back deck and she is the hostess with the mostest…she will love these. They shipped out yesterday and I can’t wait for her to call me and tell me how much she loves them. Thanks for the great gift idea. Maybe I will win the give-a-way and both ‘twins’ will have a set of them. Be blessed, Cherri

    Cherri Engles inspiring blog post..It must be a ‘twin’ thing…

  203. Wow, those are adorable! Hope I win!

  204. ooooooo llllllll aaaaaaaa ~
    i really really really need this giveaway.

    please enter my name ~ this would be my first ever blog giveway winner, pick me please….. love Winston ~ I have a white mini schnauzer so that’s close to him. enjoying your blog daily ~ thanks for the inspirations.

    ~one vintage hag

    ~one vintage hags inspiring blog post..What’s Happening at the home of ~one vintage hag this week, today & the weekend. "Pay It Forward"

  205. Those are absolutely adorable! Welcome to Washington…it’s a great place to live. (I’m on the other side of the state though)

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  206. I’d love to hang these on my porch this summer, they’re adorable..love them!

    Michelles inspiring blog post..Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous-Expressive Walls

  207. Aunt LoLo says

    Oh, how pretty!

    Aunt LoLos inspiring blog post..One Good Man

  208. Would love these for my daughter-in-law. Enjoy your blog! Thanks…

  209. Jessica Lee says

    The beauty lies in such simplicity.
    Stunning reflection of light and texture.

  210. love love love these! Paula will have a new subscriber shortly!

    bashtrees inspiring blog post..booking through thursday, on friday


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