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The “I Don’t Like to Paint”
Pity Party & Poll

The "I Don't Like to Paint" <br>Pity Party & Poll

This piece will be so fabulous when it has a fresh coat of paint
(and maybe some fun new hardware).

Recently, due to my move, I have ended up with a lot of things that need to be painted. A lot of mismatched wood things. I happen to know that many of you like to paint. Everywhere I go in blogland, someone is happily painting something and making it beautiful again. Is there anyone out there that DOESN’T like to paint? Is there anyone who dreads the idea and procrastinates like I do?

I love the end result, but I admit I just don’t like to do the painting part.

I have a friend in Portland that has come over several times to paint with me. She knows me. She knows I hate painting. But she. LOVES. painting. And somehow with her around, painting something is a bit more fun.

But here, in Washington? I have no one to paint with me {sniff! I think I heard crickets}.

Just look at all the pieces of furniture and other wood items I have that need paint! Someone put me out of my misery!

The "I Don't Like to Paint" <br>Pity Party & Poll
I need to paint this table and chairs.

The "I Don't Like to Paint" <br>Pity Party & PollI need to paint my front door and my light wood handrails.
And if I was ambitious and liked to paint, I’d paint the walls too.

The "I Don't Like to Paint" <br>Pity Party & Poll
I need to paint this cabinet in my son’s bathroom
when I do the Coastal bathroom makeover.

I guess I need a painting pep talk, or some sympathy. Anyone?

Let’s take a little poll.


PS. I had to laugh that Winston snuck into a couple of my photos today. He had a little accident this weekend while off on an unapproved adventure to a neighbor’s house (a St. Bernard accidentally knocked him over and he injured his shoulder. Winston is 14 years old so he isn’t as sturdy as he used to be).

After his trip to the vet, he was ordered to be on bed rest until his shoulder heals. Ha! Every time I turn around, he’s walking around, or sneaking up the stairs. Or mocking me from his bed.

The "I Don't Like to Paint" <br>Pity Party & Poll

I bet Winston would like a Sleep Number bed. Win one for him at Blissfully Domestic!

Coastal Inspired Bathrooms:
10 Ideas To Get The Look

Coastal Inspired Bathrooms: <br>10 Ideas To Get The Look
2008 Coastal Living Idea House Jean Allsopp

You all know I am in love with coastal style. Besides the fact that I love the lifestyle that it represents (which is the key to an authentic style), I love that there are all kinds of interpretations of “coastal.” I think our homes should be unique and not a carbon copy of someone else’s home.

Whether you live on the east coast, the west coast or have lived or traveled abroad, you may interpret your style differently. Be authentic! My “coastal style” tends to land loosely over on the British Colonial side, due to my love of European travel, experiences near the sea, the love of tropical islands and furnishings I’ve inherited or gathered over time. If you are not familiar with that look you can read about it here.

I think I am undergoing a bit of a style metamorphosis, where I am wanting to freshen everything up a bit, but still keep what I have. In my new house, being that it is actually in the Puget Sound area and within view of a lake, I am excited to take the coastal look up a notch and have some fun with it.  I think I am also having a serious case of spring fever and am craving a breezy warm sunny day on the beach.

Coastal Inspired Bathrooms: <br>10 Ideas To Get The Look
Coastal Living (photo: Erica George & Tria Gloven)
via Coastal Living’s Daily Catch blog

In most of the rooms in my house, I always work with what I have in the way of furnishings. I will incorporate new things and mix up or reinvent old things, but I don’t start over and buy all new furniture. But bathrooms are a great place to try something fresh because if your bathroom is in decent shape, a makeover usually just involves some paint, a shower curtain and some accessories.

Coastal Inspired Bathrooms: <br>10 Ideas To Get The Look
Dash and Albert

When I peeked over at Coastal Living’s website this weekend, I swooned because one of their blogs showcased just what I was looking for, inspiration for my bathrooms!

Coastal Inspired Bathrooms: <br>10 Ideas To Get The Look
Coastal Living (photo: Erica George & Tria Gloven)
via Coastal Living’s Daily Catch blog

I’m especially excited to work on my powder room, because it is so small! That means I can easily make an impact. I have always wanted a designated guest bath, so I am wanting this bathroom to be special.

I am also looking forward to working my son’s bathroom because I can make it fun for him. As the only child left full time at our house (both of his sisters have flown the coop to college), I can finally play up his boyishness with a bathroom he will love. And what is not to love about being a boy on the coast?

Here are 10 Coastal Style ideas:
(featured in these images)

  1. Create a nautical style rope to hang towels
  2. Use weathered shutters to make a subtle statement
  3. Tasteful map wallpaper (or artwork) in small doses brings in the sense of travel and adventure by sea
  4. A vanity painted blue gives a bathroom an instant nautical boost
  5. Tropical plants are the perfect “green” touch for a bringing the island feel inside
  6. Striped rugs (I love Dash and Albert) give a great coastal feel to your floor
  7. Think subtle touches like red stripes on towels rather than tacky tourist accessories
  8. Lighter walls in pale colors look airy and refreshing
  9. Remove heavy curtains and go with bare windows or breezy sheers or shutters
  10. Wainscoting adds coastal cottage texture in interest to a room

I’m so ready to kick off my shoes and dig my toes in a sandy beach! And bringing a little coastal ambience inside is the next best thing to actually being there.

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