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Capturing the Moments

Capturing the Moments

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Part of finding beauty in life is savoring the little moments. A lot of life is stressful, busy, hardwork, often forgettable and quite unremarkable. And, many days are downright painful and difficult.

That is what is so sacred about beautiful moments. They come and go so quickly we can miss their significance.  We might be looking for something bigger and more dramatic and miss the beauty of what was right in front of us all along.

Ever since my children were first born, I have made a habit out of capturing little photos in my mind of the moments I wanted to treasure.

  • Sweet eyelashes fluttering over big blue eyes {remember those eyes so beautiful and innocent}
  • Chubby cheeks covered in sweet potatoes {linger on that baby face to remember it always!}.
  • Hugs by soft dimpled baby arms {don’t forget this feeling!}.
  • Singing soft lullabies to a sleepy boy {remember how precious he is!}
  • Two sisters laughing in the backseat of the car {I love their laughter, don’t forget how it sounded!}.
  • A little brother running to hug big sisters {my heart is full, remember this moment forever!}
  • Kids blowing bubbles on the porch {savor the sweetness, will this be the last time they blow bubbles?}

I had my parents over to our house at Easter. My middle daughter was looking through photos to find ones to put in her senior class slide show. “Remember this mom?,” she’d call over to me. Pretty soon we had all gathered around and savored the memories we had captured in pictures.

We laughed, we cried, we remembered and we shared the little things, the seemingly small moments that could be so easily forgotten if we haven’t captured them in our hearts — and fortunately, in pictures.

Capturing and treasuring those memories is what a joy-filled and beautiful life is about…it isn’t living the perfect life, or having life go exactly like we’d hope all the time, but it is living a life where we recognize what is precious when we see it.

Capturing the Moments

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Capturing the Moments

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What special moments did you capture this week?
How did you find or create something beautiful?

Capturing the Moments

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Inspiring Finds
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