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20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

by | May 1, 2009 | 20 Little Things, Authentic Living, Inspired Living

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20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

Between the stinky economy and swine flu pandemic, I’d say things are looking a little dismal out there! Good grief! So what can we do to keep ourselves inspired to find the beauty in life? You know me, I like to celebrate the little things! When things get a little gloomy, I try to focus on the positives and create a list of things to be happy about in life.

When I first start to make a list of happy things, I’ll admit I sometimes have a hard time finding 20 things. I get a far off, spaced out look on my face. But the more I think, the happier I get because I realize I DO have 20 things to be happy about! At least 20 things! And that in itself is reason to celebrate. I turn my mood right around by thinking of just 20 little things that make life beautiful for me.

But, even if I could find only ONE thing, thinking about it would be a good way to focus on something positive amidst the craziness this world is dishing out right now. Oooh, how clever am I? DISHING OUT… mwahaa haa haa. OK. I’d blame it on the paint fumes. If I had started painting yet. Oh, stop. I’ll get to it. I have TWO WEEKS!

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

Here is my random list of little happy things
(and notice the last thing on my list, A GIVEAWAY!)
These are in no particular order:

  1. Sunny days
  2. Chocolate with nuts
  3. The smell of coffee
  4. My son’s laughter
  5. Faith in a God bigger than my problems
  6. Spring flowers
  7. Scones
  8. Makeover projects for CHEAP ;-)
  9. Cute shoes from the thrift store
  10. Paint (stretching it here)
  11. Blogs to inspire me
  12. Friends to encourage me
  13. Friends I can encourage
  14. Family I can adore
  15. A cozy bed at night to curl up with my hubby
  16. A roof over my head
  17. Happy memories
  18. Dreams for the future
  19. Creativity
  20. New dishes!! For one lucky winner, A $100 Retail Value Gift Certificate to DaySpring for anything from their new Life Collection!


20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

Just a couple of days ago DaySpring sent me some very happy dishes from their new LIFE TO THE FULL COLLECTION! Lucky me! I am a white dishes girl but I was thrilled to find these beauties to mix in for some outdoor fun this summer. These really are lovely dishes and very well crafted — if you want some for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed! You could hang these on a wall or eat off of them, either way, they are gorgeous! There is no better time to celebrate LIFE TO THE FULL than right now.

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life
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20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

How do you enter this Happy Life giveaway?

You can enter any of these three ways, or ALL THREE if you want three chances!

1) Share your beautiful life post via Mr. Linky for one entry

2) Share some little things via the comments that MAKE YOU HAPPY in spite of all this crazy Swine flu and economy woes.

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20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life
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  1. Jen

    I’m happy that my sister is bringing her family for a visit this weekend.
    And it makes me happy that we have the extra money to visit the grocery store and pick out whatever little treats we want. I bought fancy whole bean coffee, special bread for French toast, little treats for the kids, etc. So many families are stretched thin in this economy, watching every dollar, even forced to rely on help from food banks.

    Jens inspiring blog post..For You and No One Else

  2. hazel martin

    I love the peace and quiet of my mornings. My family sleeping safely in their beds and me with my 1st cup of coffee. Great!
    I’m also always happy when I watch the KY Derby! When they sing My Old Ky Home… I cry, LOL! I feel happy to be from here and part of such an enduring tradition, I can’t wait until tomorrow!

  3. Cindy Whalen

    I am happy that I have a job I live in this economy. I teach kindergarten to 20 beautiful children and every day is an adventure!

  4. Cindy Whalen

    I am happy that I have my sweet puppy. He is such a loving little companion. The secret code is leomade.

  5. Hannah Paddock

    I have been thinking that I have a lot to be thankful for lately (and that makes me happy!). I feel so fortunate to still have a job. I am blessed by the ability of my husband and I to purchase our first home. My kiddos as school (I teach 1st grade) have taught me to have a positive attitude! They are so funny. Lastly, I am thankful for the ability I have to help others and do random acts of kindness.

  6. Robin Rane' ~ All Things Heart and Home

    I’m an early riser…I mean early! And the weather here in the ATL is perfect right now…it makes me happy to work at the kitchen table with the back door open and the birds singing as the have breakfast at my birdfeeders!
    What a beautiful way to start the day~
    All Things Heart and Home

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Heart and Homes inspiring blog post..Cinco de Mayo!

  7. Kim

    Oh, I love the dishes! I like your thankful list Melissa. It’s amazing how many things to be thankful for we can take for granted each day. Thanks for reminding me to keep my eyes open.


  8. Tricia - Avolli

    Thanks for sharing your list. It reminded me to focus on blessings and there really are so many!

    Tricia – Avolli

  9. SuZeQ

    I have a HUGE long list of “happy things” so lets get going on some of them …
    * hubby brings me a glass of cold OJ every morning
    * a daughter than lives nearby
    * creative genes from my father
    * hubby is employed
    * we do NOT have the swine flu
    * completing a very long ‘to do’ list of phone calls and paperwork
    * American Idol
    * Dancing With the Stars
    * opportunities to win goodies on blogs

  10. Lindsay

    I love my early morning tea and oatmeal time on the porch with my puppies, I love getting phone calls from my husband, I love planting flowers, I love not watching TV (I still am not quite sure of all these swine flu details….and I love it!) BEAUTIFUL dishes! I too am a white plate girl…with fancy colorful serving pieces!

  11. Kim

    Thanks for sharing the “small things” in life and reminding us how truly beautiful they are! After following the LPM blog this week about their Compassion trip to Calcutta – I’m so thankful for my home and how it is filled with my FAMILY!

    Kims inspiring blog post..Bring On The Romance!!

  12. Joelle

    Hearing my girls laugh!! Brings such joy to my heart. These dishes are beautiful, and although I also like white dishes, these would be great accent pieces.

    Joelles inspiring blog post..Intelligender results

  13. Bethany

    Great post and great reminders to take stock of all of the good things we have. I am thankful for two healthy kiddos, a husband that has the day off of work who is having the kids “help” make pancakes so that I can sip coffee and read your blog, a rainy day that is making everything that pretty spring green color.
    Love the dishes too!

  14. Emily

    Beautiful dishes, what a fun giveaway!

    the little things…
    hot coffee in the morning
    iced chai in the afternoon
    picking fruit from the garden
    snuggling my kids
    a few moments just for us to chat without interruption with hubby at 4 a.m. before he goes to work
    snapping photos

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..DIY Patio Project

  15. Brianna

    These are the things that make me happiest:
    – Gary, my loving boyfriend and best friend, who has been with me through thick and thin, through cancer and transplant rejection, who still holds on tight to me when we sleep, like when we first met.
    – Clean water. After the swine flu outbreak (and trips to Mexico in the past), I filled up a glass of water and just looked at it and marveled about how I get good, clean, filtered water. We’re so blessed in America.
    – My job… I work with behaviorally challenged teenagers, and whenever I get an “F – YOU!” or some other such lovely sentiment, I remember that without me and my fellow co-workers, they wouldn’t learn how else to express themselves. They keep me sane, and sometimes drive me insane – but either way, when I’m at work, it all comes full circle.
    – And finally, the thing in this world that makes me the happiest: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. Whenever I see one, or get one, or give one, it never ceases to amaze me how darn cool people can be.

    Thanks for your post. It’s great!

    Briannas inspiring blog post..Orange Inspiration

  16. Michelle

    What a great idea! I had a horrible day yesterday and ended up at the thrift store and thought all night how amazing it was that a daisy pitcher and a pair of shoes from the thrift store could make such a difference in my attitude!

    Michelles inspiring blog post..Project Procrastinators Party The Before

  17. Angie K

    My sons waking up laughing…
    A new house
    Triumph over adversity
    My sons singing

  18. Becky K.

    So much to be thankful for!

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..A Beautiful Yard?

  19. Terri Preast

    What a fun post, and what a fun giveaway! Let’s see, whay makes me happy? Babies laughing, spring, fall, puppies snuggling, boys roughhousing… there are lots of things to be happy about, aren’t there?


    Terri Preasts inspiring blog post..Stop Moping!

  20. Donna S.

    Smiling babies make me happy – after a night of crying and fussing it’s nice to wake up to a smiling baby boy! Watching our garden grow, knowing that it will help to feed our family makes me happy!


    Donna S.s inspiring blog post..Getting Things Done – Procrastinators Unite!

  21. jodie hinkle

    I love to hear my small children sing songs about our savior. They have such sweet voices and sing with no reserve.


  22. Barbara

    Living from a place of abundance, even though money is tighter than it’s ever been, makes me happy. Hosting friends in my home for simple meals (even potlucks!) and good times is wonderful!

  23. Julie

    I love the dishes there just the right pop of color for summer.
    I love sunshine and to hear my son laugh
    I love to sleep in with my husband
    and I love wet puppy kisses from my baby
    wow I could go on and on I may have to make a list of 20 for my self
    Have a wonderful weekend

    Julies inspiring blog post..A little summer on the porch

  24. songbirdtiff

    This week has been full of stress, but above all, and the only thing that matters, is that I found out that I’m going to be a mom! My hubs and I got our adoption license approval on Tuesday. That means we could be parents within the next month. This has been a three year process, so to be in this place, well, it’s almost a miracle. That’s something to celebrate!

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..

  25. Mrs. C

    Kisses from my hubby and kids always make me smile! :)

  26. Kristin

    Things that make me happy:

    My 1 year old’s giggle
    cardinals and bluejays in my backyard
    a clean house

    Kristins inspiring blog post..Baby Banana

  27. Mrs.Rabe

    I posted today about a similar thing…choosing to “rejoice in the Lord” in spite of circumstances…

    So many happy things…
    My children, my husband, spring flowers, our families, our home, our family life, our church, our friends, healthy bodies, healing bodies, a loving God….

    Once I get started I could really have a long list!

    Mrs.Rabes inspiring blog post..I Will Rejoice In The Lord

  28. Cathy

    Thanks for the post! There are so many things to be thankful for, I wonder how I can overlook them daily, yet I do!! My husband, children, grandbaby, church, home, friends, health, my God, the grass finally turning green!! And the coffee that just finished brewing! :)

    Cathys inspiring blog post..What’s On Your Nightstand – April

  29. The Unconventional Doctor's Wife

    Things that make me happy are usually the simplest. Coffee with a good friend. A passionate kiss from my husband. A clean house. And those dishes…they are happy!

    The Unconventional Doctor’s Wifes inspiring blog post..Sometimes I Get Nervous

  30. Hannah

    My 9-month-old’s drooly smile! :)

  31. Jamie

    Those dishes are beautiful!!

    Let’s see…things that make me happy lately.

    Our beautiful Iris that are in full bloom.
    Our honeysuckle bush.
    My oldest daughter reading chapter books…yea.
    My 12th wedding anniversary this Sunday.
    Lunch with my best friend earlier this week.

    Great giveaway!

  32. Cheri

    Simple things make me happy…my little granddaughter and her funny expressions, children who make me crazy but in spite of that they make me happy too, my hubby who always wants to give me everything. A phone call from a friend or a comment from a blogging friend makes me smile.

    I look outside and see all the beauty that God has created for all of us and am in awe.

  33. Cathy Davis

    This makes me happy:
    T.G.I.F. ~ Thank God I’m Forgiven

    and the fact that when we saw that on a church sign, my husband is the one who made sure I saw it!

    (I am also glad it’s Friday!)

    (I came over from Twitter!)

    Cathy Daviss inspiring blog post..Got S.O.A.P.?

  34. teresa

    I’ve been so blessed and happy to have all five of my children together for the first time in years- Happy Day
    and I happy to have great places to go like here, for great inspiration.

    teresas inspiring blog post..Oh the Shame….

  35. kirwin

    There are so many things that make me happy, I’m only going to focus on the small ones:

    1. Freshly-made bed.
    2. Full tank of gas (that I didn’t have to pump.)
    3. New socks.
    4. Coffee.
    5. Fresh flowers.

    kirwins inspiring blog post..5 Essentials of My Signature Style

  36. Debbykay

    So much to be happy about…but one of my favorites–beautiful flowers on a lovely May Day!

    I am the happiest when I do something for others. This morning, I created several surprise May Day baskets to hang on friend’s doors–each was created with the friends interests and personalities. So much fun to make someone else’s day a happy one!

    Happy May Day!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Happy Pansy Faces

  37. Ashley

    There are so many little things that can make someone happy, so I made a list of the little things that already made me happy today:

    1. When I woke up this morning the temperature was already higher than the forecast high, meaning a sweater would work in place of a coat!
    2. The wind was blowing hard enough that the smell of lilacs from the bush across the street reached my nose.
    3. It stopped raining long enough to get from my car to work.
    4. A group of band kids are on campus today for a competition and as I was walking to my building they serenaded me (or I happened to catch a bit of their practice) :)
    5. It is Friday!

    I haven’t created my Beautiful Life post, yet. But it is to come!

  38. Lori

    Wow they are beautiful, trying not to covet here. =)) What makes me happy is hubby, coffee, my kids, coffee, the beach, coffee. =) You get the idea.

  39. realmomma

    This is only the second time I’ve participated in your beautiful things postings, and I love it. It is so nice to focus on the beautiful once in a while. Here is a sampling of my 20 happy things:

    1. A little moment of quiet time with God on the couch every afternoon — just when I need it most.

    5. A big cozy hug from hubby.

    10. Clapping hands and saying, “Yay!” with M&M (my baby girl).

    13. Our sunroom and spring making a perfect match.

    19. Making memories with J and the kids.

  40. SoBella Creations

    I love the dishes!

    The things that make me happy:
    My girls Isabella & Sofia. Children change your life for the better.
    Happy that we always have food to eat and home to live in.
    That my daughter is going to a Great school.
    Happy that DH has a dependable job
    Happy that I have the opportunity to be a stay at home Mom.
    Happy that a great opportunity for my bow business could be right around the corner. I will find out next week.

    SoBella Creationss inspiring blog post..Etsy Blogger Team Member Two Zany Zebras

  41. Beth

    I love…
    1. Sunny days.
    2. A clean house.
    3. Happy baby
    4. When my family is together
    5. Cool giveaways :)

  42. jodi

    seeing my 2 children smile, learn & grow is such a simple pleasure.

    fresh bread…going to make a sourdough starter right now, in fact :)


    Sundays @ NewSpring

    thanks! great giveaway!

    jodis inspiring blog post..Please Pray for the MckFamily

  43. Holly

    I love the dishes!
    I am blessed that we live in an area that is unaffected much by the economy. We do have our school’s closed with two cases of Swine Flu in our town. What makkes me happy? That I get to spend time daily with my kids and see them grow up. That my roses are blooming. That my God is always faithful daily.

    Hollys inspiring blog post..Sams Club

  44. Allison G.

    a few things that make me happy!

    Dishes, listening to my kids laughing hysterically, my guest room (sunny yellow, big tall 4 poster bed, quilts – so comforting), that my husband has a job he loves, that my photography business is taking off, that my parents still live on the beach, the pink flowering tree outside my kitchen window, summer peaches, SEC football, farmers markets, fine china, silver and crystal… I could on!

  45. Jen

    Of course, I am a subscriber…I am “thrilled” that my hubby is in the final 2 for a great job (guess where he’d be the controller…Mexico…yep…traveling one week/month),
    and I can’t find Mr. Linky on either post.

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Remodeling Round up – painting lighting fixtures

  46. Melissa

    A sampling of my happy:

    Good friends who are forever there
    Love of family
    The gift of creativity and the opportunity to put it to use
    My lovely cats who make me laugh and smile
    Inspiring people to follow their dreams

  47. Connie

    You inspired me to write a long over due post of my goals! Thank you…I needed this.

    And i love dishes. I have an addiction. They make me happy and I won’t quit!

  48. Kristin

    Ooh, I’d love to enter! What makes me happy today? My husband is on vacation for the next five days and will spend them all at home with the Little One and I. And we get to see far-away relatives this weekend whom we’ve missed a lot. Happy, happy!

  49. Katherine

    I am happy that I get to visit my inlaws in sunny Florida this weekend. I am blessed that my sneezy cold is just that…and not the swine flu. I am thrilled that it is springtime and grateful for joy in my heart.

    Katherines inspiring blog post..30’s Priorities

  50. Kerry

    I’m happy when I look out my windows and see the beautiful mountains that surround our home, when I sit down to dinner with my amazing family and hear about their days, happy that I get to work with people who are wonderful and passionate and creative, that I have a wonderful best friend (even though I don’t get to see her nearly enough), and happy that there are wonderful moments of beauty all around me every day and that I appreciate them enough to take a moment to enjoy them.

  51. Sandy

    What a cheerful give away. You really made me stop and think of all things that make me happy. Kitkat dark, fresh cut grass, inspiring bloggers, paint, projects, completed, projects to start, blue skies the good Lord who directs our path, reading books with hubby, Thank you for helping us to think lemonade is the clue

  52. Mama Goose

    I have to agree that new dishes make me happy! So does a freshly washed dog, oatmeal with berries, my loving family and fresh thyme growing in my garden. :)

    Mama Gooses inspiring blog post..Hooray Hooray

  53. Julia

    Just went to see the Magic Brush post and it was just the laugh I needed this morning. Seems like something that would happen to me, so I could relate!

    What pretty dishes, and what a fun giveaway!

    What’s making me happy today? Planning my daughter’s birthday party. She’s turning 7 this weekend. We’ve been having so much fun organizing the party together, and today we’re going shopping for party favors for her guests. :-)

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Hooked on DIY Remodeling Projects Around the House

  54. Denise

    It is the little things that make me happy these days. Watching my daughter sleeping (she turns 10 tommorrow and I am still trying to soak in every bit of her), getting a good deal at Walgreens, finding a parking spot right up front, free samples in the mail, not to mention a good cup of coffee and watching the Gilmore Girls.

  55. Robin

    Seeing everything outside turning green and hearing the birds in the morning makes me happy. Add some sunshine and things are nearly perfect!

  56. Christy

    What makes me happy now is a clean house, the beautiful spring buds and sleeping children.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. Myrnie

    Oh, what DOESN’T make me happy on a Springy, sunny, morning? Flowers blooming, healthy kids, my dad is coming to babysit tonight for our weekly (yes, weekly- I am SO spoiled) date night, there’s enough bread on the counter that I don’t need to bake another batch for a few days, my daughter loves the flower clippie I made for her, we’re going to the farmer’s market again tomorrow, Heavenly Father has blessed me with health and talents and skills to see our family through hard times AND good times (which, you know, can be more difficult to navigate than the lean…) Oh, there are so many things to make me happy this morning :)

    Lovely post, thanks!

  58. Ashley

    it always puts me in a better mood when I think about what makes me happy

    spring rain
    a clean kitchen
    fresh berries
    my family
    shoe shopping
    fun giveaways!

  59. Suzanne

    Reading my blogs with a Starbucks latte, long walks on the beach, sewing with all these beautiful fabrics, dinner for two with my honey.

    [email protected] from the Patchs inspiring blog post..I Love You This Much

  60. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    These dishes are so trendy and cute. I have a daughter who they would be perfect for! When life gets me down, I have a window seat I love to go to. I linked up with Mr. Linky to a post I recently did on the window seat, and stepping away from it all and just looking out the window.

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Family Pandemic Flu Planning

  61. Gayle at Mountain Moma

    These dishes are so trendy and cute. I have a daughter who they would be perfect for! When life gets me down, I have a window seat I love to go to. I linked up with Mr. Linky to a post I recently did on the window seat, and stepping away from it all and just looking out the window.

  62. Shannan

    Five Things:
    1. Whole wheat blueberry orange muffins from the current issue of Midwest Living. (They are SO good!)
    2. An end to the rain.
    3. $37.65 worth of perennials.
    4. Our two new cats, Ralph and Buddy.
    5. Big plans to go to Jo-Jo’s Pretzels tonight with friends.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..Circuitous Thoughts on Joy, Beauty and Blogging

  63. Lizzie

    Hearing my son’s laughter makes me so happy. He’s a precious little guy and I’m so thankful that even in the midst of some “stinky” life stuff going on in our lives, he’s joyful.
    A huge blessing;)!

    Lizzies inspiring blog post..From Outside the Frame

  64. Kate

    A couple things that make me happy:
    1. gummy bears
    2. movies, books and tv shows that make you cry for the right reasons
    3. making dinner for my husband
    4. a clean house!
    5. no traffic on the drive to work

  65. Shannon Strong

    Things that make me happy:
    Clean luandry
    Spring weather

  66. Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarm

    A couple of things that make me happy RIGHT NOW…
    1. My 5 year old daughter using the word “familiar” in a story she told yesterday.
    2. Taking Pictures
    3. My hubby calling me 4 times since he left on his “boys weekend” yesterday to tell me he missed me.
    4. My girls running back to me to give me “one more hug” before they get on the bus.
    5. The penny I found at the market yesterday….
    Happiness All Around!
    Have a great weekend Melissa!

  67. Brenda

    1.A good cup of hot tea and reading a great book.
    2.Healing faster than anticipated from a broken femur!
    3. My husband making me laugh.
    S0000 many more precious things.

  68. Hillary

    When I truly stop and look around at all that God has Blessed me with, it makes all the stress and bad things going on in the world go away. I have a beautiful home, amazing husband, friends and family, and my health. What else do I need?

    BEAUTIFUL stuff, I am in love with these new pieces!

  69. Angie

    In spite of the worries of the world, we are so blessed! The faces of my children, the love in my husband’s eyes, the beautiful words that I read through out my favorite blogs – God is good and today is going to be a great day!

    Angie @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog post..Taking the focus off of fear.

  70. Jennifer

    here are a few things that make me happy:

    1. Sunny days (It’s BEAUTIFUL here in the northwest today!)

    2. My business is growing and keeping us afloat while my husband has been out of work for the past 7 months

    3. The fact that my job/business allows me to be creative every day

    3. Dreyer’s Slow Churned “Take the Cake” Ice Cream

    4. Sunday night family dinners

    5. My super cute pup Missy … she always makes me smile

    There’s always something to smile about… sometimes it may be harder to find but you can always find it :)

  71. Amber

    My family. They make me happy every single day.

  72. Catherine

    Hi Melissa,
    What a cheerful post. I’m especially happy because we moved our son Eric back home from college and he graduates with his masters on Saturday morning. Morning prayer, coffee on my deck, the rain that is making my new grass grow and my transfered hostas take hold, and so much more make me smile and feel a warm glow of happiness!

  73. Kristen DeSimone

    I added my list to Mr. Linky! And I subscribed via email, though I already get your RSS feed through Google Reader. I hope I didn’t mess something up!

    I love the idea of coming up with a list of 20 things that make us happy! I think all of us every day should focus more on the things that make us happy, even if we can’t come up with 20 every day. This is something I am going to strive to do more often. Thank you for the inspiration!!! :-)

    Kristen DeSimones inspiring blog post..20 Happy Things…

  74. Chablis

    Things that make me happy (inspite of my children beginning their fight ritual early thismorning):

    Sunshine in the morning.
    Baking delicious food for others
    Being inspired by others’ creative frugality.
    Children who treat eachother repectfully :)
    Chocolate – in any form
    Excersize (I guess really, the fact that I have a healthy body that CAN excersize is what really makes me happy)

    This is great! I could go on. Thanks!!

    Chabliss inspiring blog post..Speechless

  75. Melissa Judd

    I love when my 15 year old Daughter makes me laugh.
    I love when my about to be married Son gives me hug and says I miss you Mom.
    I love that Trader Joes had Daffodils for 1.29 a bunch and they are gorgeous.
    I love that through Facebook, I found a family member I had not spoken to or seen in over 20 years.

  76. Hana

    Things that make me happy: spending time with my husband & family, counting my blessings from God, playing with my new dog

  77. Katie at

    What a great post, Melissa. I think that list is just perfect.

    I am very happy knowing that I get to see my family this summer and that I get to see them just as much as I want. It was hard enough trying to find a time when we were all awake and home to even TALK on the phone when I lived in Germany.
    Thanks for a shot at this prize.

    Katie at makingthishome.coms inspiring blog post..Late Baby Gifts

  78. Jo

    God’s provisions:
    Good food
    A lovely place to live
    A secure job
    Good friends
    Bounty and abundance in manageable doses

  79. Beth

    Healthy kids!!! Love the dishes.

  80. Muthering Heights

    Despite depressing circumstances all around, I’m mostly happy because of my husband and children – the kids are very young, and are content just to be near me…and that makes me all warm and fuzzy, no matter what else is going on. :)

  81. Jennifer from WI

    Hi Melissa

    Yes, there’s so much to cause us to worry these days – the economy, the swine flu etc, but when I remind myself of the ONE who never changes, now that gives me confidence and peace.

  82. Lauren

    Things that make me happy:
    Hubby, daughter and puppy
    Time to read a good book
    My co-workers (truly, I am blessed to LOVE my boss and officemates)
    A clean house
    Coke – in a glass – with ice

  83. Paula

    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway! What a great line of plates. I am the type of person that needs something like that to daily remind me that God is in control and that He desires to give us abundant life!

    It is so easy to be bogged down with all of the bad news about the economy and this crazy swine flu, that we sometimes forget the little things in life that make it wonderful! I am blessed with loving family and friends. I have a home, food to eat, and clothes to wear. My husband has a job. We are greatly blessed!

    Some things that make me happy
    1. being silly with friends
    2. good books
    3. funny movies
    4. watching my friends use their gifts and talents to glorify God
    5. sewing
    6. cooking (watching others enjoy it)
    7. my husband getting home from work each day
    8. Christmas trees
    9. a clean house
    10. finding a good deal!

    Paulas inspiring blog post..Pizza at the Hut

  84. Gina

    Things that make me happy right now:
    God’s great faithfulness
    The promise of spring
    Our business picking back up
    Happy kids

    And those dishes would make me happy too!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Making Time (And a Fairy Garden)

  85. Paula

    so, I thought that I just posted a comment, but apparently…didn’t happen, because now I cannot find it. So, I will try again.

    things that make me happy
    1. my husband, family, and friends
    2. being silly with friends
    3. cooking (an seeing others enjoy it)
    4. sewing
    5. crafting
    6. watching friends use their gifts and talents to glorify God
    7. a good book
    8. a funny movie
    9. hearing my husband say he loves me and he’s proud of me
    10. chips and salsa

    Paulas inspiring blog post..Pizza at the Hut

  86. txhorns

    My kids make me happy. Knowing I brought them here in love, watching them sleep, cuddling with them in the morning, hearing their laughter. There is nothing I treasure more. Flowers make me happy- my husband and my girls gave me overflowing bouquets for my birthday. Texas bluebonnets in the Sping make me happy. Finding the perfect dress or pair of shoes on sale-makes me almost sublimely happy. Answered and unanswered prayers make me happy. Oh, and not catching the swine flu, that would make me happy too!

  87. stephanie vogel

    I am happy… my pregnancy is easy, my husband is a hard worker, the sun is out today, and I am healthy!!

  88. Daria

    1. Having a job
    2. Having health insurance
    3. My puppy’s love
    4. My cat’s attitude
    5. Sunny days
    6. blooming plants
    7. the love of my life

  89. Deborah Milne

    What a fun post and great give-away! I loved your 20. Simple, not frivolous & “good”. What is making me happy today is knowing I was able to cancel my daughter’s SAT’s for tomorrow & not incur a re-scheduling fee!! Sounds silly I know. I felt I was being perhaps irresponsible for having her go when a lot of the school districts here are closing the schools for a few weeks due to the flu epidemic. But then there is the Prom tomorrow too. Life is never easy. I think it’s time to smell the coffee!! Have a good weekend & we’ll just keep thinking about the 20 things!
    deb ♥

  90. Lori

    Filling my outdoor pots with greenery and flowers, knowing they will be overflowing by summer makes me happy!

  91. peggy dlugos

    Just by chance my 16 year old son had a poetry assignment last night. He wrote a peom, “What Makes me Happy” it was so beautiful. It made me more than happy to know that he can find happiness in his life.

  92. Shannon

    I’m happy that my whole family is bound for heaven because of what Christ did for us.

    And I’m happy that you gave me the push to paint something, because within the next 2 weeks my front porch won’t be ugly any more.

    Shannon @ Silver Trappingss inspiring blog post..

  93. Tanya

    Things that make me happy: my children laughing, my husband’s love, a hot latte, a cold diet coke, chips and salsa with friends, spring weather, and these beautiful dishes! Thanks

    Tanyas inspiring blog post..Linky Love

  94. Jen

    Love the weather outside, love the idea for the post (it’s always good to be thankful for what you have), love the give away! Especially the red, white, and black dishes. Love them!

    Jens inspiring blog post..20 things I am happy about today

  95. Sarah

    1. Starbucks coffee
    2. Playing with my son at the park
    3. Pedicures
    4. Watching movies with my husband
    5. Book club with my friends.

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..A Real Grown-up Remodeling Project

  96. Amy

    Things that me happy:
    1) My annual flowers showing back up the following spring
    2) My dogs playing with each other
    3) A Route 44 fountain Sprite Zero from Sonic
    4) My husband!

    Amys inspiring blog post..A little obsessed…

  97. Amy

    My son’s laugh, sunshine, flowers blooming, my husband’s kisses all make my day

    Amys inspiring blog post..Father and Son Time

  98. Jenna

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    My boys
    feeling after a great run
    sleep, lol!

    Jenna @ Newlywedss inspiring blog post..Summer Garden week 7

  99. Melissa D

    My happies:

    We’re having a boy! (Found out this week, after having 2 girls already.) And I have a beautiful maternity dress to wear to church. And I have muffin ingredients ready to go for my favorite muffins. (Sense a theme?)

  100. Carole

    Things that make me HAPPY – My 2 precious grandchildren, my 2 precious daughters, the opportunity to sponser a child through COMPASSION to bring some happiness to their life, the fact that I still have a job teaching piano lessons to children, that I am relatively healthy, and that GOD is in control of my life. BLESSINGS!

  101. kristen - gock's frocks

    I am happy it is Friday!!1

    kristen – gock’s frockss inspiring blog post..

  102. sarah's dandelions

    things that make me happy…

    pretty dishes!
    laundry washed and put away.
    freshly bathed children!!


    sarah’s dandelionss inspiring blog post..How many kids live here?

  103. mandie segura

    My happies are:

    It’s Friday!
    I’m redoing my bedroom this weekend!
    Jesus loves me!
    I’m talking a vacay in 2 weeks!

  104. Mary Jean Taylor

    I’m so blessed by so many things. Today I’m blessed with a great friend who has the most precious son Drake. She is getting ready for the 4th annual Drake Taylor Invitational to benefit Cerebral Palsy. So much good has come from this….lets all make it the best year yet.

    Please read my blog today to help out Drake!!!

    Mary Jean Taylors inspiring blog post..Meet Drake

  105. Maureen

    My neighborhood – so many nice people, so many families; it’s exactly as I would have dreamed.

    My boys – twins, first year was so hard but now that they are 4, so happy to have twins. They play together and say the cutest things to each other. Love to just eavesdrop.

    My garden – it is actually growing and I haven’t killed any of the plants yet!

  106. Jennifer

    I am happy for… my faith & my very supportive husband!

  107. Shari

    Happiness for me is:
    *I have 3 healthy children and one grand daughter
    *smelling the sweet smell of my freshly bathed grand daughter
    *My new Olympic E500 camera
    *that my mom is going to be released from the hospital after her 3rd hip replacement (on the same hip)
    *that I have a job

  108. Laura Zarrin

    I’m looking forward to the movies with my three guys this weekend! Love your blog!

  109. amy

    Things that are making me happy right now….

    -the weekend!
    -my mom coming to visit
    -a fun new haircut
    -sleeping in tomorrow
    -warm weather
    -only 19 days of school left (I’m a teacher)!!
    -pay day

    amys inspiring blog post..Let’s go fly a kite….

  110. Malia

    Good music, good food & good friends! Those always help in the happiness department no matter what’s going on in the world.

    Malias inspiring blog post..Yanni Voices

  111. Katie

    Today is my husband’s last day of school and he graduates from college next Saturday!

  112. Amber

    Things that make me happy…
    *Phone calls from my daughters that are 6 hours away.
    *Sophia, my dog, she thinks I am perfect.
    *Swimming in a beautiful pool.
    *Long dinners with family and friends.
    *Payday, yes I am grateful.
    *Sand in my toes.
    *When the Canadian Geese fly low directly over my house honking.
    *Life, breath, sight, sound, taste, scent, and touch.

    Ambers inspiring blog post..Bar Stool Project

  113. LaDonna

    Time with my family
    Watching the wildlife on our land
    Encouraging friends
    Springtime with all the newness

  114. Cindy

    Things that make me happy:
    quiet time that is really quiet
    my family
    a long run or bike ride
    a nap
    Nice giveaway!

  115. Amber

    My sweet baby yellow lab makes me happy.

    My wedding in two weeks makes me excited!!!

    And I agree with the many previous mentionings of coffee, naps, long walks, pretty weather, etc.

    Beautiful plates!!

  116. Rachel

    Some of my favorite things:

    Road trips with hubby
    Sonic Slushes
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    Homemade Pizza
    Yard Sales
    Flip Flops
    Hanging Laundry on the Clothesline

  117. Cynthia

    Here are a few things that make me smile:
    1. Hugging my children
    2. Great books
    3. Beautiful fabric
    4. Flowers!
    5. My wonderful husband
    6. Faith that gives my life meaning and purpose
    Now I am smiling! Thanks for the reminder that life is amazing.

  118. Karen

    healthy kids
    happy kids
    healthy husband
    happy marriage
    a big God who is gentle and patient with me
    food in the cupboard
    french vanilla creamer in my coffee
    big windows that let the sun in
    big roof over my head that keeps the rain out

  119. Rebecca

    It makes me happy to see the animation in my boys’ faces when they tell me a story.
    Chocolate (especially raisinets).

  120. amy

    things that make me happy crazy dog
    3.the smell of fresh cut grass
    4.a free week-end
    5.volunteering at school
    6.making individual time for each of my kids
    7.a shower uninterrupted
    the list can go on and on. thanks for the great drawing.

  121. Ruth

    Things that make me happy…
    1. a phone call from my husband saying he’s on his way home from work
    2. ice cold pepsi
    3. getting to finally wear flip-flops after a LONG winter in Alaska
    4. my son, giving me a hug
    5. watching my beautiful little newborn sleeping

  122. Melissia

    Things that make me happy (in no particular order):

    fresh clean sheets
    a nap on said sheets
    Starbucks with chocolate caramel creamer
    my sweet yellow lab
    my teenage sons (sometimes)
    my hubby’s encouragement
    the feeling of beautifying something
    the thought of winning some of those beautiful dishes

    Melissias inspiring blog post..Remodeling Guy Round-Up

  123. Susie

    Things that make me happy:
    1. going on bike rides with my family
    2. sunny days (to much rainy, gray days here lately)
    3. warm weather and being able to wear flip-flops
    4. having a “campfire” outside on the patio with the kiddies
    5. sipping on a fountain drink
    6. getting manicures and pedicures
    7. a nice, clean house

    Susies inspiring blog post..Happy May Day

  124. pendy

    My happiest thing today is that I just found out my daughter was hired full time! That’s a seriously happy thing.

    pendys inspiring blog post..Summer Attire

  125. Kathy

    These little Sweet Stands make me happy. I made them last weekend and I will entertain Mom for brunch soon for Mother’s Day with them. Can’t wait!

  126. Jenni

    After a season of seemingly constant illness in the family, we are thrilled to be well! Also, we live on monthly support as missionaries in Germany. We are so grateful that our supporters have been so faithful in this rough financial season. Of course, a sunny day, blooming flowers, a great view while washing dishes, and good songs on the radio via internet make me happy too!

  127. Polly

    It’s all about the little things at my house this week (mostly because the big things aren’t getting done ~ lol). I was thrilled to have finally made some bags that I’ve been thinking about for months!

    Blessings… Polly

    Pollys inspiring blog post..To Market

  128. Lauren

    Oh i would love to be entered, i collect fun dishes!

  129. Julianne Bell

    My recent happy thing was just putting all the “Busy” life aside to build tents/forts our of blankets in our living room and pop some s’mores under our broiler. We went camping in our living room and of course the kids never wanted it to end. Watching them think it was so cool and fun made me feel very happy and well worth putting all else aside! Going to do this kind of thing more often!

    Julianne Bells inspiring blog post..Are You in Denial?

  130. missy

    things that make me happy…

    blog giveaways
    room makeovers
    inexpensive decorating ideas
    smiles on my children’s faces
    being barefoot

    I could go on and on…

    (thanks for reminding me!)

    missys inspiring blog post..bloggy goodness

  131. Julianna

    My bible and God’s words in it bring me great hope.

    Juliannas inspiring blog post..Elevator Baby

  132. Michelle G

    The pudgy fingers of my little girl. She’s growing up so fast, but seeing those little fingers reminds me that she’s still my “baby.”

    Michelle Gs inspiring blog post..Farmer’s Market

  133. Wendy

    It makes me so happy to:
    See my three teenagers sitting in the sun together visiting. Ü
    Get a pedicure and wear flip flops.
    visit with my husband and catch up on our day.

  134. Daly Essentials

    I love warm weather and everything that it brings – walks outside, dresses and flip flops, reading and dining outside, and sun tans!

    Daly Essentialss inspiring blog post..Derby Dresses

  135. anne

    Makes me happy to know that my youngest son is alright and finding help, then to know my other son is fine, and that all the family are ok..and the sun shines, woohoo…

    I just adore the little jug, it is the cutest thing I have seen for ages :-)

    annes inspiring blog post..Another Lovely Postcard……

  136. Elizabeth

    In spite of some yucky stuff out there these things make me happy :
    my family,
    God’s love,
    my tulips peeking out,
    my 12 year old reading to his 10 year old brother,
    my new blue paisley fabric,
    my favourite home, family and decor blogs (like theinspiredroom) that give me so much inspiration and encouragement.
    Thanks for the chance to win the Dayspring dish gift certificate, the collection is beautiful.

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..Yardsale Saturday Treasures

  137. Pinky

    Please throw my hat in the ring for this FABULOUS give away! Since I am an official “dishaholic” (and am currently looking for a 12 step program for that), I would love this! I do subscribe, and I am leaving this comment but do not have a blog so will only have 2 chances……but am feelin lucky:):):) I ahve SOOOO much to be grateful for, and thanks for reminding me opf that. Just having a beautiful day is one thing. Love your blog, hugs, Pinky

  138. Pinky

    whoops, sorry for the 2 typos!

  139. Kim Stewart

    1. My boys coming home from school.
    2. Walking my dog.
    3. Coffee with my hubby in the morning.
    4. Friends who drop by for tea.
    5. the wonderful teachers at my son’s school.
    6. puttering around the house ALL DAY!
    7. being inspired to try a new project.
    8. A good book.

  140. Stephanie B

    Seeing all the signs of spring make me happy!

    Stephanie Bs inspiring blog post..Look What I Won!

  141. courtney

    playing under the table with LL
    eating at a bistro (outside) with my hubby
    hanging at beach for hours
    having family and friends over for a casual brunch or dinner
    walking around our neighborhood (with LL, hubby and our puppy)

    courtneys inspiring blog post..a baby story!

  142. Gretchen

    it’s warm! sometimes that’s enough….

  143. tammy

    some of my happy things:

    hot chocolate in the winter,
    central air in the summer
    watching my DD dance
    seeing my kids succeed
    different sets of dishes
    chocolate strawberries
    my husband
    sleeping in
    my craft studio

  144. Laura K.

    so happy to be with my husband…he got in a wreck this week that totaled his car, and I’m so happy he’s fine!

    Laura K.s inspiring blog post..So Thankful

  145. Debbie from Illinois

    I am happy that my daughter is almost finished with her first year away at college and soon she will be home for the summer!

  146. Laura

    Hot tea and a bath, in no particular order, always cheer me up!

  147. Betty Jo

    Gorgeous products and wonderful giveaway. Things that make me happy: my granddaughters, my son and daughter-in-love, my best friend, sunshine, yard sales, creativity, and I could go on and on and on . . . ♥

  148. Carol from Bama

    What a wonderful giveaway and beautiful dishes! What makes me happy?

    my cat’s purr
    my husband’s smile
    a sunny day with low humidity
    time with my friends

  149. Lauren McKnight

    having a job…and one that I love
    family and friends to lean on
    dogs who are always happy to see me get home
    the kiddos I work with every day

  150. rbuckley

    What a beautiful collection!

  151. gina

    1. home
    2. creativity
    3. hot bubble baths
    4. my boys
    5. Faith in a God bigger than my problems (also!)
    6. flowers/nature
    7. scriptures
    8. books/reading – time to read
    9. my husband & how hard-working he is
    10. each new day to begin again
    11. changing seasons
    12. prayer
    13. hope
    14. my family
    15. sleep
    16. good health
    17. memories
    18. writing
    19. caffeine kicking in
    20. learning new things

    ginas inspiring blog post..3 questions

  152. Kimberly

    What makes me happy is no school and wandering through 40 acres of tulip fields!

  153. christy

    A week at the beach with my husband, daughter and family begins this Sunday; for that, I am so grateful.

    christys inspiring blog post..Family room REVEAL

  154. wendy

    Seeing my daughter at field day today. Her best place was 4th and she said that it doesn’t matter – she told me that field day was about having fun! I couldn’t stop smiling!

    wendys inspiring blog post..Field Day

  155. Angie S.

    I love these plates. So beautiful AND inspirational. I hope I’m a big ole weiner, but just in case, I’m checking their site and making my wish list.

    Angie S.

    Angie S.s inspiring blog post..Downtown Sounds

  156. Jen

    I am happy that I don’t have to worry about the crazy media and the way it is spinning all of this flu stuff out of control because I know the GOD who controls ALL things!

    Jens inspiring blog post..Show Us Where You Live Friday….Kitchen Edition!

  157. Lisa

    I love the things you’re happy about! Actually DaySpring makes me happy – they sent me some lovely tea things and I’m even giving away one of their teapots this week! Warmer weather makes me happy and so does tea, a fancy coffee drink, chocolate, dessert, reading a blog, meeting with friends, working on a procrastinator project, etc.! :)

    I’m glad I was able to link up my dessert memories post today – I do think that taking time to enjoy special memories makes our lives more beautiful!

  158. Maureen

    Great tableware.

    My little list:

    my kids
    the sun
    happy days

  159. Vickie

    One of my kids and family are moving back after three years of being across country from us – yah!

  160. cathie

    Things that make me want to dance and shout with joy:
    2) My gift of creativity
    3) My FAMILY
    4) MY awesome FRIENDS
    5) Finding super cool art blogs that inspire me
    6) A cool glass of wine on a warm spring day surrounded by friends and hydrangea bushes :)

    cathies inspiring blog post..Hand Painted Pottery Plates – Glazed and Ready to be Fired.

  161. Irene

    Hello Melissa,
    I am posting about the giveaway over at The Green Greek, including my own list. With thanks for the giveaway. (They ARE really lovely).

    Irenes inspiring blog post..New Finds: Forest Bound

  162. Kaylyn

    Happiness… my daughter saying her ABCs, sitting on the couch with my husband doing absolutely nothing, hugs, lots of them, and chinese food. Oh, General Tso chicken and fried rice!

  163. Lindsay

    20 happy things….what a great idea! Thanks for letting me post at your party!

    Lindsay @ Peacock Blues inspiring blog post..20 things….

  164. beth

    things that make me happy…
    a big glass of sweet tea
    a good book
    cuddles with my kids
    the sunshine
    the smell of freshly mowed grass

  165. Renee

    Hanging out with friends around the pool on a Friday evening, borrowing books from the public library, and tucking my kids in bed after a long day are some of the things that made me happy today.

  166. Laura

    I love your list! Okay some things that made me happy today ~ a beautiful day of sunshine, watching my daughter win first place in a piano festival, an amazing performance of the Jungle Book by the kids at school, a simple meal, a long walk, and snuggles with my little boy. Ahh now all I need is a big ol belly laugh and I can call it a day :)

    Lauras inspiring blog post..Empower your kids

  167. Julie

    Beautiful plates!

    Things that make me happy
    1 – Ends of semesters
    2 – Family time
    3 – Vacations
    4 – Completing a project

  168. Red Writing

    Things that make me happy:
    Clean sheets and shaved legs–you know the feeling!
    When I get a joke at the same time as everyone else
    Getting on a plane to embark on a great adventure
    Getting on the plane to come home
    Drinking coffee just because I love it –not to keep me awake
    Hearing my litte boy laugh in his sleep
    American Idol

    Red Writings inspiring blog post..Diet Food

  169. Kimberly

    Besides having an amazing husband and wonderful, healthy girls, I am most thankful that I have the Peace that passes all understanding, believing in Jesus and knowing my life is in His hands regardless of what the world is doing/saying/fretting!

  170. Becky B

    Well let’s see… There really are many if I just stop and think about it. I LOVE coffee makers with timers so coffee is ready first thing in the morning. I love cool spring weather. I love text messages from my girls. I love my Westie’s face after she rubs it on the carpet. I love my husband’s integrity. And I love blogs! Oh, and I LOVE those dishes!!

    Becky Bs inspiring blog post..Slumblogging in India

  171. Gwyn

    What makes me happy?

    My sweet children. My loving God. My adorable and doting hubby. Flowers, partly cloudy days with sunshine, laughter and giggles and of course Unconditional Chocolate Dove Ice Cream! LOL

    Gwyns inspiring blog post..A first romance

  172. dramaqueensmum

    1. My daughter’s smile
    2. My hubby
    3. JoJo (my cat)
    4. Spring
    5. Sunny days
    6. reading blogs
    7. chai tea

    dramaqueensmums inspiring blog post..Hungry girl

  173. conny

    What makes me happy:
    great give-aways

  174. Christy

    What makes me happy:
    My faith,
    My children,
    my husband
    spring days
    fall nights
    Christmas and Easter
    I could go on and on!

    Christys inspiring blog post..April Showers bring May flowers

  175. Carmen

    What make me happy:
    my husband wanting to drive 45 minutes just so the kids can ride a fun carousel on a Friday afternoon :)

    Carmens inspiring blog post..Photohunt: Walking

  176. Palabuzz

    things that makes me happy.

    I can see that I am earning from my blog
    My blog has become more popular.

    Palabuzzs inspiring blog post..Charice Pempengco releases new album

  177. Kay

    things that make me happy-
    a grandson’s hug, time with my family far away, walks with my spouse, bible study group, prayer, laughter….

  178. melanie

    Things that make me happy…
    my kids
    my husband
    my kitties
    my blog
    my shop
    sunny, warmer days

    melanies inspiring blog post..A little of this and that…

  179. Rachel

    What a great post! These are some things that make me happy:

    genuine smiles
    surprise snail mail
    sleeping in

  180. Angie

    The health and love that my family share!! :)

  181. Victoria

    What makes me happiest is my beautiful family – my amazing and very handy husband, Rob, three beautiful children — Melissa, Matthew and Summer, with children of their own – Sam, Eli, Laryn Brooke, Hudson, Mattie Claire and Ailey Kathryn – funny, healthy, happy grandchildren froclicking in my hydrangea covered back yard – another happiness– gardening and cooking for this wonderful brood. Our home is full of life and Daysprings beautiful new set would be a welcome compliment to our lives already brimmining with abundant life!

  182. TidyMom

    Those are simply GORGEOUS dishes!!

    Some things that make me happy right now?

    1) my puppy Cullen
    2) my new highlights (in my hair)
    3) spring flowers

    I would LOVE to win!! Thanks!


    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..In Full Swing – priming finished!

  183. sher

    Great list!
    A couple of things on my happy list include:
    Having family and friends enjoy a meal I have prepared
    Seeing the sunshine after a week of gray and rain.
    (Thanks for the chance to put some color with my basic white dishes)

  184. MarySue

    I find happiness in the knowlege that I am a child of God.

    MarySues inspiring blog post..Chairs

  185. April in CT

    I have so much to be happy and thankful for. One of the biggest is my husband. I can’t even put into words how wonderful that man makes my life!

    These dishes are so pretty and I’m having fun browsing them! This could be dangerous…

  186. New Every Morning

    Since I actually HAVE the flu right now, I am definitely thinking about things that make me happy:
    1. Aloe tissues
    2. Orange juice and sprite mixed together
    3. The Chai Latte from Starbucks hubby just gave me
    4. My laptop
    5. Lysol

    Thanks for hosting yet another amazing giveaway!
    Hugs (from afar, so you don’t catch this nasty bug)

    New Every Mornings inspiring blog post..The Flu

  187. Melanie

    My first cup of coffee in the morning.

    My son. (who is turning 15 on Tuesday & still doesn’t ‘act’ like a teenager:)

    My husband.

    The sunshine.

    Being debt free.

    Having a new Whole Foods within 40 miles of my house:)

  188. Shari

    Waking up each morning to a brand new day, endless opportunities, smiling, the color orange, hugs…new dishes!

  189. Chrissy

    Coffee … oh, wonderful coffee. Cappucinos, lunch out with my friends. Movie night with my kids. Date night with my hubby. Reading your blog!!!! :o) Those are all things that make me happy!

  190. Jennifer

    sunny days, rain after days of sun!, friends, chocolate, a clean house, sweet words, kindness, Jesus

  191. denise

    spring flowers in my garden, porch rockers, porch swing, word games, starting a new Bible study with friends, family nights at home

  192. AggieMomof2

    My faith, family and friends make and keep me happy!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  193. Puna

    Hi there! I just wrote a post…thanks for the inspiration.

  194. Puna

    And I just subscribed to you via rss. You have some great ideas here.

  195. Liz J

    I love my husband and am so grateful for his wonderful spirit and attitude!

  196. Kelly Jo aka GotGRITS

    I am thankful….I have 3 beautiful and healthy little girls, a husband that loves & respects me(and our marriage), I have a house and vehicle, a job, and family & friends

  197. Jodi

    cool summer evenings make me so happy

  198. Melissa N

    My husband getting out of the Army this past year after 8 years, and me getting to wake up every day with him.

    Melissa Ns inspiring blog post..Reality TV Douches

  199. Lisa



    Lisas inspiring blog post..Give Away, Give Away, Give Away…

  200. Sharon

    My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and my family fill each and every day with joy! Each day is a new beginning and more time given to me to be able to let them know how much I love each and every one of them!

  201. Kris

    Hi Melissa, I’ve added my post to Mr. Linky. I love this collection from DaySpring and would love to win. Thanks for inspiring each of us to focus on positives and things that make us happy.


    Kriss inspiring blog post..20 Little Things To Celebrate In Life

  202. Phil Bennett

    Life is good, we are blessed everyday. Good music, good food, good company makes me happy. I wish you all the blessings in the world!!



    Phil Bennetts inspiring blog post..20 things that make me HAPPY…

  203. Claudia

    You are always putting our brains to thinking — I blogged bout how music can take me back in time where i was a cute (uggh maybe not so cute) early teenie bopper — those were happy times.

    I’m also a subscriber — :)

    Thanks for the happy reminders!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Sundays songs and singing


    We love ANYthing that encourages, so Dayspring is right up our alley! Thanks for sharing this post. One more thing that we love that celebrates life….hmmm, surprise one-liners written on the bathroom mirror, sent via text, put in wallet/ purse….all the above!

    HEAVEN SOWNs inspiring blog post..The Beautiful Life!

  205. Maureen

    Whew… it was hard to come up with a list, but it was soooo important. Thank you again for this series. It has really been fun and challenging. I added my post tonight.

    Maureens inspiring blog post..Gratitude

  206. Jessica

    things that make me happy, which I try not to take for granted: My loving husband, my quirky family, my crazy cats, my close friends (even though they are far away), my many wonderful books.

  207. juli Elgin

    What makes me happy?
    The rain tapping on the metal roof outside my bedroom window.
    The sound of my boys laughing.
    Seeing my puppy play ball. She loves to play ball.
    A big ol mug of hot cocoa on a cold morning is a special mug that makes me smile.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. Jo - To a Pretty Life

    The thing making me happiest right at this very moment is feeling the little kicks from my baby. He’s been pretty active today!

    And funny you would mention the possibility of our procrastination projects going wrong…mine has! At least, it’s hit a bit of a road block. I am currently trying to hunt down a lead test kit. If I can’t find one, my project will likely wait another ten years to be completed ;-)

    Jo – To a Pretty Lifes inspiring blog post..New Baby, New Furniture, and Garage Sale Season is Here!

  209. Mrs. Petrie

    Things that make me happy: rainy days, hot coffee, new clothes, my little girl, my dogs wrestling.

    Mrs. Petries inspiring blog post..Blog Tag- I’m It!

  210. Amy

    Having free time to read and have quiet time makes me happy:-)

    Amy @ Living Locurtos inspiring blog post..Weekly Meal Plan – Week 7

  211. Farmwife

    Things that make me happy —
    Watching new baby goats frolic across their pen. Running as fast as I can down a dirt road. Seeing the sun come up over our fields. The fact that I have a house, food, family, and love.

    Farmwifes inspiring blog post..Snow!

  212. Janie Phillips

    I think the biggest thing making me happy right now (even with the swine flu thing) is that I get to fly home with my little man tomorrow, to spend some time with both sets of grandparents, as well as take his first trip to the beach! I can’t wait to have some professional pictures taken, spend time with family that I haven’t seen since my wedding, and buy all those little things that we don’t get overseas. I’m so pumped!

  213. Abbie

    Bare, chubby, baby bottoms! I smile every time I change a diaper! (which adds up to lots of smiles in a day!)

    Abbies inspiring blog post..A song. Or two.

  214. Liz Mann

    my husband, my kids, rainy days in bed, walks by the river & hanging out with my friends.

  215. J.J.

    I would love those red 6 inch bowls in red!!!!! They are so cute!

    Lovely things:
    soft baby cheeks
    cool summer mornings
    a snack of Dr. Pepper and club crackers
    a letter in the mail

    J.J.s inspiring blog post..Happy Mother’s Day a little early…

  216. Jen

    Trying to figure out if I need to leave three comments for doing all three…I’ll go back to read what you said. :)

  217. Susan

    My Blog about covers it -but FONTS make me super happy! They are so statement making and bold. I love them all and I had a fab weekend to boot!

    Susans inspiring blog post..lifl

  218. Christel

    Just a few things that make me happy: my God, my hubby, my girls, my family, my friends.

    Christels inspiring blog post..And golf too

  219. Jen E

    What a fun idea – I had a great time coming up with my list – and that collection is just gorgeous!

    Jen E @ mommablogsalots inspiring blog post..What Makes You Happy?

  220. Lisa from celebrate CREATIVITY

    A long-overdue project that is finally finished always makes me happy.

    When it turns out exactly as I envisioned it, then that makes me even more happy-lol.

    Lisa from celebrate CREATIVITYs inspiring blog post..Mom’s Day

  221. Dana

    Happy things: my sweet little girls, the promise of God’s everlasting love, my precious husband, wonderful friends and family to do life with.

  222. Emily-Sarah Lineback

    So many things make me happy: family, friends, good health, hot coffee, a deadline met, a decluttered room, a great read, your blog!, giveaways, and on and on the list could go …

  223. Tammy

    Things that make me happy: my kiddos, having a good job to go to each day,my sweet dogs and kitty, my nephews, my sisters, my mom, my friends, having a roof over my head and food on the table, being able to go on a field trip with my six year old, books, decorating blogs – wow, the list could go on and on. How nice to focus on what is going right in my life – thank you! :)

    Tammys inspiring blog post..Friday Lovin’

  224. Sparrow

    Hi! Your blog makes me happy! Thanks. Jesus makes me happy everyday. So do God’s many gifts. Especially my caring husband and my wonderful, precious daughter.

  225. Kathi

    Family, friends, sunshine & the smell of freshly mowed grass.

  226. Deb

    What a beautiful and colorful line of dishes! Bright colors make me happy! i’d love to win.

  227. Kari

    BEAUTIFUL dishes!!! Wow! Love LOVED your post….your list is great!….your first six pretty much mirror mine….great minds think alike!! :) Yay!! You can’t get much better than Faith, Family and Friends…I agree…..throw in some Spring and SUMMER and whoohoo, have yourself a Party!!! :)

    Karis inspiring blog post..Happy Things

  228. Kari

    I posted my happy things post!!

    Karis inspiring blog post..Happy Things

  229. Elizabeth S

    I absolutely love pretty dishes – and they make me so happy! I also LOVE that I’m about to move in our “first” house – and the decorating makes me very very happy :) Very scared…but very happy!!!

    Elizabeth Ss inspiring blog post..It’s turned into a novel…

  230. Abbie

    Thanks for helping us focus on the beautiful things (like pretty dishes!) that surround us each day.

    Abbies inspiring blog post..The little things

  231. Tiffany

    Ahhh, things that make me happy…nursing my baby boy, cuddling, fresh & clean sheets, putting a dress on my little girl, kissing my baby’s chubby feet, taking pictures, time with family, cookouts, seeing my kid’s smile, a weekend away with my husband, etc. I could go on and on forever about things that make me happy. Life is good.

    Tiffanys inspiring blog hero

  232. Gayle

    It makes me happy this time of year, to go to the park twice a week and watch my SIL play softball – there’s nothing better than sitting in a comfy lawn chair and squinting into the sun while cheering the team on!

  233. Pat

    Tomorrow’s forcast makes me happy. After 11 days of rain it is to be dry tomorrow……woohoo! Also we found a terrific homeschool group to join in the fall. Life is good.
    [email protected]

  234. katy

    My children are happy and healthy, my 4yr. old daughter made it through a wreck this past Saturday and I’m happy happy and grateful grateful!! Life is good.

    katys inspiring blog post..{Burlap Table Runner Giveaway}

  235. Jaime

    Sunshine, spring flowers, date night, my children getting along :) I think when we stop and really think about our day we can find hundreds of things that went well verses a few things that went wrong!
    p.s. I love, love those dishes!!!!

    Jaimes inspiring blog post..04.21

  236. Emily

    Things that make me happy:
    tulip season
    my crazy dogs that drive me nuts but are still oh-so-cute
    my awesome husband who makes the coffee for us every morning
    bookshelves full of books
    blog giveaways :)


    Emilys inspiring blog post..Who doesn’t like free stuff?

  237. Katie

    Cuddling up beside my husband in bed, sunshiny days, chirping birds, laughing.

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