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Summery Window Treatments

by | May 26, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Architectural Digest

I love the look of lace or sheer curtains blowing through open windows on a breezy summer day!

If you like to lighten up your window treatments for summer, or just want to freshen up your decor in general, here are some inspiration photos for you!

There are endless ways to dress your summer windows with more creativity than cash.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Country Living

Sew some mother of pearl buttons on lightweight linen or light filtering fabric for a casual beachy look.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments
via house to home

Tie or tab top panels can soften a window when they are hung on either side from cup hooks, knobs or upholstery tacks.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments
via Coastal Living

Oh, come on, who says all of your curtains panels have to match! This is a fun eclectic look with wood blinds on one window and two different curtain panels on the other window. Sheer or white curtains in between two patterned panels really lightens up the look for summer.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Southern Living

If all you need is a little softness or privacy from the street level, hang your sheer curtains part way up a tall window.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Coastal Living

Oh, how I love this. These curtains are trimmed in shells. If that doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what does. Of course, this little shell project requires some time to put together, but well worth the effort for some custom panels.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Southern Accents

If you have the hot summer sun pouring in your windows but you don’t want to have that “winter blanket look,” woven shades can be inexpensive and oh-so-chic. To make your own shades, simple hang woven mats from tacks across your windows and tie them up with jute.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Southern Living

The beauty of this summer shade is that it takes a lot less fabric than full paneled curtains. Take a pre-made curtain panel (or sew one up in pillow case style with a different fabric on each side) and slide it across an inexpensive cafe pressure rod. Softly bunch the fabric up at the bottom and tie in two places with wide ribbon. Or, if you don’t like the bunched look, you can insert a cardboard wrapping paper tube and roll it up!

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Better Homes & Gardens

I love the light coming through the bare windows and the summer yellow panels on the other window. The uniqueness comes from the oak branch embellishing or standing in for a curtain rod.

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Tracy Porter

Tie a few ribbon loops on any scarf or shawl and string over a rope or wire!

Inspiration: <br>Summery Window Treatments

via Architectural Digest


And if you like your windows and the view, there is nothing like the simplicity of SPARKLING CLEAN bare windows in the summer time!


  1. Marian

    IF I had a view like the last photo, my windows would be bare too, lol. I live on a quiet street and have sheers on both my side windows, the middle window is bare :) LOVE it, but need something to “block” the very bright sun in the summer. Saw some good ideas, thanks for posting these :-)

    Marians inspiring blog post..Sub Rosa ♥

  2. Sarah

    I love bare windows, especially clean ones

    I love too though windows layered and softly dressed, nothing worse than formal drapes to me, but we are all different!


    Sarah @ A Beach Cottages inspiring blog post..Vintage Beach Cottage Bench

  3. TheOld PostRoad

    My challenge is the ‘sparkling clean’ part. I think I’ll add that to the list of projects the kids and I will tackle this summer!

    TheOld PostRoads inspiring blog post..Patriotic Bunting

  4. Kim

    Thanks for sharing some lovely pics! I’m on a mission to decorate my bedroom and window treatements are one area that I will be focusing on.

    Kims inspiring blog post..Cooking Time!

  5. Christi

    Some great ideas!

  6. Rona

    We actually don’t have curtains on our gathering room windows. We felt that it was going to be a waste of time and money. I like the sun coming in the room.

  7. Julia

    I’ll admit I have a lot of bare windows in my house, too. We have a wooded backyard, so we don’t need much privacy, and I always hesitate to block any of the view. We cleaned all of our windows last weekend and it really does make a difference! :-)

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Bella & Edward: Living in the “Twilight” Zone

  8. Astrid

    I need to put cleaning windows inside and out on my to-do list! Thanks for the reminder! ( I don’t have curtains or anything up on most of my windows because I can’t decide what to do!)

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Meet My Pretty Little Friend!

  9. Kim

    I love the sheer white ones with the buttons! You made me want to decorate my poor, ignored windows. :-)


    Kim @ Everything Etsys inspiring blog post..A Kimba Made Giveaway!

  10. LeAnn

    Great post Melissa. Window treatments can be a great source of contention sometimes. I love the look of minimal but I live on a corner on a busy street so privacy is an issue but if I didn’t I would have very little if anything on my windows. I love the look of the sheers blowing also, that’s why I put them on my front porch this summer. You are so so inspiring and you do a wonderful job bringing us great ideas.


    LeAnns inspiring blog post.."Jim-Dandy Cupcakes"

  11. Becky K.

    This is a great reminder to me that a little change to my dining room windows might be all the “pick-me-up” this room needs right now. I have been wishing for the time and energy to paint it.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Georgia’s White Clematis

  12. teresa

    I’ve never been very good at window treatments- love your ideas. They are going to come in very handy.

    teresas inspiring blog post..Wish I had…..

  13. Misti of Studio M Designs

    Ahhhh…such pretty pictures. It’s been so gloomy here lately and these pictures are just what I needed to boost my spirits! I love the seashell curtains, but I can’t stop thinking about the brown checked sofa! I WANT IT. Thanks for the boost little lady!


    Misti of Studio M Designss inspiring blog post..Quick and Easy Burlap Wall Art

  14. songbirdtiff

    I wish we had pretty windows. Part of the job of our window treatments is to hide the windows. However, they would probably be less ugly if I spent more time cleaning the kitty nose prints off of them. :)

    songbirdtiffs inspiring blog post..Non-fried Refried Beans

  15. Rebekah

    Where is this magical place where people can throw open their screenless windows without letting in 1,000 insects? I want to live there. Lovely pictures!

  16. Debbykay

    Thanks for sharing window treatment ideas. I love to have as many windows bare in the summer so I can see all the gardens, trees and deer eating my roses as much as possible! The sheer or lace curtains blowing in the summer breezes is so romantic!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

    Debbykays inspiring blog post..Lovely Lilacs {sweet morning fragrances

  17. kerri

    See, I am on the (impossible I think) lookout for a way to block much more light (=heat) from my windows during the summer, without looking “wintry”! Still, some lovely ideas.

    kerris inspiring blog post..The (preschool) Graduate ’09

  18. Sue

    You always find the most intriguing ideas and pictures to post, and your inspiration HAS to be helping others. I have wooden blinds on my bedroom windows and the rooms on the front facade of the house . The sun room has lined woven woods. Privacy is not an issue on our wooded lot so I have opted for bare windows for the rest of the house. I don’t like the look of screens because they detract from the windows’ looks, plus not having them makes my really clean windows look even cleaner. I had a neighbor comment that my windows looked SO much cleaner than hers- I explained it was because of the lack of screens. The next walk I took by her house showed her windows devoid of screens, as well!

    Sues inspiring blog post..A Diva’s Hammer…Wielded By The Muse: They Served~A Small Poetic Tribute

  19. Claudia

    Like Eyes are the windows to our soul so are windows to our homes.

    What we let other’s see, as they look in… but most important, what are our rooms with a view?

    Although I have down sized considerably, I have to say the one big thing I miss from my “monster” home, was my views and windows without treatments.

    Thanks for the view.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Cottage Inspirations

  20. Gina

    I love these amazing ideas-thanks so much for sharing those inspiring photos-I think I’ve got a little project up my sleeve now…..

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Build Your Own Fire Pit

  21. Pat

    Beautiful post, Melissa. I love the look of lightweight curtains.

    Pats inspiring blog post..~A Farmhouse Table~

  22. Brenda Kula

    I love the idea of the one trimmed in shells. My window treatments have to be simple. Mostly just matchstick blinds, because of asthma. But I love the shimmery thin ones. So romantic.

    Brenda Kulas inspiring blog post..Bits & Pieces Of My Day

  23. nel

    All these photos make me want to open the windows and let in the breeze… except it’s nearly winter down under! I love the idea of the driftwood or branch as a curtain rod and sheer fabric is always a fave of mine in summer. But for now I’ll just have to be inspired by your lovely pictures!

    nels inspiring blog post..memories of home life

  24. DebbieW

    My dearest Melissa,

    How good you make me feel with your inspiring posts! I haven’t told you that lately, but you make me smile inside and that is always a good thing!

    Guess what, My oldest Angel graduated from college on Saturday! I just had to stop by to let you know. How is your married baby? Did they move along with you, or did they stay put? Have you been to your beach home lately? I guess I should have emailed you with all of these questions, but I was thinking about you and I wanted to drop you a quick note while also taking some time to read your latest post!

    I miss you, dear one!

    Hugs and love,

    DebbieWs inspiring blog post..Graduating into Life

  25. Gina

    You inspired me big time today Melissa-after I read this post I got to work and made my own shears. I love how they turned out-just right for summer. Thanks!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Make Your Own Window Sheers

  26. Jessa

    There are lots of styles and colors to choose from when it comes to window blinds and shades or even window coverings. These things would provide you with more comfort and privacy also a protection from direct sunlight.

  27. Window Treatments

    Before putting new curtain clothes for windows, always bear in mind about the old ones and its disposal. The disposal should be eco friendly. Also the new ideas mentioned in this blog are awesome.


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