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Make it beautiful

Make it beautiful

Drab wood cabinet looking worse for wear?

Choose a happy color to make it beautiful again!

Make it beautiful

Tiny bathroom with no storage?

Be creative and make function beautiful!

Make it beautiful

Boring yard with no architectural detail?

Salvage something old to make a beautiful statement!

Make it beautiful

Fed up with towels all over the bathroom floor?

Cut down on frustration by making systems beautiful!

Big home, small home, fancy home, rental home.
Love, contentment and a little TLC makes things beautiful.

Fun blogging news, my blogging pal Nester has released her first e-book! I enjoyed getting a sneak peek at it and as always, Nester is a kindred spirit in her desire to find beauty in imperfection! Get your own copy today–and tell her I sent you over to get it! And while you are at it, head over to Remodeling Guy‘s blog to check out his first e-book, which I also read and enjoyed. I think it must be release your first e-book day.

Inspiration photos:

  1. Blue armoire: Country Living
  2. Small bathroom: KitchenBathIdeas
  3. Monogram towels: Country Living
  4. Old windows in yard: Southern Living

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

Between the stinky economy and swine flu pandemic, I’d say things are looking a little dismal out there! Good grief! So what can we do to keep ourselves inspired to find the beauty in life? You know me, I like to celebrate the little things! When things get a little gloomy, I try to focus on the positives and create a list of things to be happy about in life.

When I first start to make a list of happy things, I’ll admit I sometimes have a hard time finding 20 things. I get a far off, spaced out look on my face. But the more I think, the happier I get because I realize I DO have 20 things to be happy about! At least 20 things! And that in itself is reason to celebrate. I turn my mood right around by thinking of just 20 little things that make life beautiful for me.

But, even if I could find only ONE thing, thinking about it would be a good way to focus on something positive amidst the craziness this world is dishing out right now. Oooh, how clever am I? DISHING OUT… mwahaa haa haa. OK. I’d blame it on the paint fumes. If I had started painting yet. Oh, stop. I’ll get to it. I have TWO WEEKS!

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

Here is my random list of little happy things
(and notice the last thing on my list, A GIVEAWAY!)
These are in no particular order:

  1. Sunny days
  2. Chocolate with nuts
  3. The smell of coffee
  4. My son’s laughter
  5. Faith in a God bigger than my problems
  6. Spring flowers
  7. Scones
  8. Makeover projects for CHEAP ;-)
  9. Cute shoes from the thrift store
  10. Paint (stretching it here)
  11. Blogs to inspire me
  12. Friends to encourage me
  13. Friends I can encourage
  14. Family I can adore
  15. A cozy bed at night to curl up with my hubby
  16. A roof over my head
  17. Happy memories
  18. Dreams for the future
  19. Creativity
  20. New dishes!! For one lucky winner, A $100 Retail Value Gift Certificate to DaySpring for anything from their new Life Collection!


20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

Just a couple of days ago DaySpring sent me some very happy dishes from their new LIFE TO THE FULL COLLECTION! Lucky me! I am a white dishes girl but I was thrilled to find these beauties to mix in for some outdoor fun this summer. These really are lovely dishes and very well crafted — if you want some for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed! You could hang these on a wall or eat off of them, either way, they are gorgeous! There is no better time to celebrate LIFE TO THE FULL than right now.

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life
This collection would make a great Mother’s day gift, so for everyone here is a 20% off code for your next purchase!

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life

How do you enter this Happy Life giveaway?

You can enter any of these three ways, or ALL THREE if you want three chances!

1) Share your beautiful life post via Mr. Linky for one entry

2) Share some little things via the comments that MAKE YOU HAPPY in spite of all this crazy Swine flu and economy woes.

3) And if you are a subscriber (or become one) of The Inspired Room, I’m given you an extra chance to win! You’ll find a secret code in your post. All you have to do is send an email to with the word CODE in the subject line. Then tell me what the code is and you get another entry. You can subscribe via email right here! Or via RSS right here! The code will be in the posts next week as well so watch for it if you are just subscribing today!

So, three chances (I’ll count every entry, so you may as well try for them all!) to win a $100 retail value (yes, a $100 retail value shopping spree!!!) of any Life To The Full Collection products from DaySpring!

Want to see more of the Life to the Full Collection? Click here!

PS. If your procrastination project goes wrong over the weekend, just take a deep breath and click The Magic Brush for a good laugh. Laugh WITH her. Not AT her. Really. I can so relate.

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life
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