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Traditions: 20 Little Things
to Do This Summer

by | Jun 25, 2009 | 20 Little Things, Summer Decorating, Traditions & Memory Making

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Traditions: 20 Little Things <br>to Do This Summer

You all know I love to make lists of happy things. Well one of my BBFF’s {best blogging friends forever} Meg has a family tradition that I think is fantastic. Every year she has her kids make a list of things (see it above and read about it here) they want to do during the summer. It doesn’t matter if they are silly ideas or not, it is a fun place to dream. They put the list on a big piece of poster board with boxes to check off the things they do.

I think this is a great way to keep your kids from getting bored and it is a wonderful way to make summer memorable!

You don’t have to have kids or grandkids to make a list like this! I am making one for myself. We are in an extremely busy season of life and I barely have time to breath, let alone find the time to play.

Highlights from my summer list: I’m looking forward to doing things like playing with my son in the fountains, eating ice cream at the harbor, having a picnic, and going to the drive in with my kids.

Having a list of simple things I want to do to make these next couple of months memorable gives me hope that it won’t be an all work and no play summer!

How about you? What do YOU want to do this summer?

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some vacations, even if they are VIRTUAL! I really want to go here (see below), and I’ll take you all there next week (more details to come!)! I’ve got some dreamy places to show you this summer! The Inspired Room is going on a virtual road trip! You sit back and relax and I’ll make all the plans, K? K. It’ll be fun.

Traditions: 20 Little Things <br>to Do This Summer

Inspiring Finds for Summer Bliss:


Here is a great post from Amy @ Mom Advice on planning a staycation if your family will be getting creative on family fun this summer!

And if you are having trouble balancing life, here is a wonderful post with very practical and helpful advice from Small Notebook!

And if reading some great books sounds like your idea of summer bliss, check out the list of mystery books my friend Alicia just bought. I haven’t read a good mystery in ages!

See more summer, beautiful life and decorating ideas added each week to my Inspiring Finds tumblr! Want to see your ideas featured? Leave me comments and invite me over! I love seeing your ideas!

It is time to share our Beautiful Life posts!

What beauty did you find this week? Please link directly to a related post, no home pages!

Traditions: 20 Little Things <br>to Do This Summer



  1. Lacy

    Absolutely fabulous idea!! I’m so doing this tomorrow. I wasn’t sure how to organize my summer wishes for the kiddos!! Love it. Thanks again.

    Lacys inspiring blog post..A sneeky peak….

  2. Tracy

    We don’t have little kids at home anymore, but I’m thinking my husband and I should put together such a list. We both tend to work too much and whoosh!… summer will have gone right by! I’m gonna get on this tomorrow!

    Tracys inspiring blog post..It’s a doggy-dog world

  3. Jasmine

    A list is such a good idea. It helps you remember what really matters when things can start to go crazy.

    I remember I made a list while I was doing my last year of school. Studying everyday, I made a list of everything I wanted to do once my final exams were over. Sort of like a reward and something to look forward to.

    Believe me, even the most ridiculous of things were added. One that I really remember was to test the claim that my favorite pen that I used for all my essays could write for 3,000 meters. It was silly, and I never did test it, but boy, it makes you want to complete all those exams to the very end, and then go wild that you can now forget about studying and do the things on your list.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Melissa!

    Jasmine @ The Suburban Sentiments inspiring blog post..An avenue of trees

  4. Robin All Things Heart and Home

    A virtual road trip is such a brilliant idea Melissa!
    I can’t wait…that’s my kind of road trip!!!
    I also love the lists…I’ve been making one for The Husband and I, we are empty nesters but we can still have fun!
    We visited Stone Mountain Park last weekend, something we’ve always done with our kids, but even without them we had a blast!
    The Margaret Mitchel House is on my radar as is the Coke Museum, which have both had face lifts this year!
    Happy Summer
    All Things Heart and Home

    Robin All Things Heart and Homes inspiring blog post..Squash-Vidalia Onion Casserole

  5. Jen

    Oh yes – summer traditions are such a great reminder to beat the “I don’t have anything to do” or the just pure lazy syndrome.

    I hooked up with my frugal fashion post today…part of the financial goal aspect. :)

    [email protected] Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show

  6. Emily

    I saw Meg’s list in my reader this week and loved that idea. I even starred it :)

    Thanks for doing this each week, Melissa. I know it makes us all a little bit more purposeful about the life we’re living.

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Go Outside

  7. Shannan

    I love Megan’s list! What a great idea. As for us? We’re headed to the beach today!

    Shannans inspiring blog post..Bathroom Unveiling

  8. Astrid

    This summer? Well I started the summer with big plans…like getting the Rosetta Stone in Italian and German for my girls and I to learn. I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets and redo my open LR/DR/Kitchen. It just seems like the summer is flying by and I haven’t gotten anything done yet! I think I might save the Rosetta Stone software for next summer – my girls will be able to get a little more out of it then. The kitchen cabs? I just don’t know.

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Random Bits

  9. Terri

    Hello, sweet friend. It has been a long time. I love this idea and will be doing it TODAY since it is the last day of summer school!! I am visiting you often but just haven’t left many comments. That is going to change!

  10. The Magic Brush

    Does that girl obviously live in Kansas City or close to it???? So do I! We are doing the ABC’s of summer!!!! (first time). One event for every letter. Should be fun!

    The Magic Brushs inspiring blog post..Back from vacation

  11. Julia

    Oh, for pete’s sake, I didn’t mean my link to say “Victory Garden.” That was from last week. Sheesh. Sorry about that. That’s what I get for staying up past midnight blogging. ;-) It does go to today’s post, though, so at least the link is right!

    I’m big on summer lists, too. We each made our own lists and then discussed them to create a master list. Oh, and I also create lists of things I want my kids to learn or accomplish over the summer. For example, I instituted “30 minutes of reading time each day” that we all try to fit in. For my daughter, the goals included learning to ride her two-wheeler. There’s no better feeling than checking things off a list, is there? :-)

    Julia @ Hooked on Housess inspiring blog post..Hooked on Dali Decals (& Giveaways!)

  12. Misti of Studio M Design

    I will have to get my boys to make up a summer list too. Although, our summer is already blowing by! We only get 9 weeks of summer because of our balanced school year, so the kids start back on August 3rd! Right in the highest heat of summer. We really could use another month to play and regroup! The list would be so cute to date and keep. We are so sentimental around here…I love keeping lists and notes that the boys write for me. Thanks for sharing this Melissa. I can’t wait to go with you on your road trip! {smile}


    Misti of Studio M Designs inspiring blog post..I confess my love of…

  13. Jen

    Love this idea. I’m going to grab some poster board and sit down with the kiddos to create our list this morning. Thanks!

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..winner x 3

  14. janice

    Like Julia, we have a list of things that include what the kids want to learn and what I’d like to see them doing, as well as a family list of what we’d like to do. (Sadly, my husband and I also have a growing home maintenance list of what we have to do.) This post has inspired me to make a more creative list if we can’t afford to go away this summer. I miss the lists we had when they were smaller; they seemed to have more ‘fun’ things on them that didn’t involve electricity!

    janice|Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..Transcendental Trolleys

  15. Meredith

    You’re killing me here! It’s freezing in Sydney. I am wearing a scarf…..inside the house. I’ll have to make sure I revisit these posts in a few months time when I’ve thawed out and can feel my toes again:-) Meredith xo.

    Merediths inspiring blog sucks to the ballad of lucy jordan

  16. Trish

    We have made summer goal lists, in the past – but I completely forgot about doing that this year! THANKS for the idea!!! I think I’ll make two lists- one with clean-up/household goals the kids can help with, and the second will be a ‘fun’ list.

  17. pk

    What a great idea! Looking forward to the roadtrip too!

    pk @ room remixs inspiring blog post..Lovin’ summer

  18. Courtney

    love the list great idea! i have been planning on going to DeAnna Rose Farms all summer but things came up and this week is just too much for me!

  19. violingirl

    I see from your list that we live in the same area! We made the same kind of list this summer, and those same places are on it. :)

    violingirls inspiring blog post..Seven Quick Takes

  20. meg duerksen

    thank you melissa. :)
    we tried to catch frogs yesterday but they must have know the duerksen kids were coming and they ALL hid from us. they couldn’t find one! oh well.

    meg duerksens inspiring blog post..3 little ones…

  21. teresa

    Your list made me smile- =)
    I think I will make a “fun” list of things that Dan and I can do-
    Thanks for idea-

    teresas inspiring blog post..

  22. Myrnie

    Oh, I’m excited for that road trip! You take the best pictures :) What a great list of things to do this summer!

    Myrnies inspiring blog post..Did He Pass?

  23. FeryjaTam

    OMG! No wonder Misti at Studio M Designs is such a fan of this blog. It’s flippin’ fabulous! I am SO in love with that list idea… I wish I’d had it when my kids were little. I also love that you included the ‘inspiration’ to do it for ourselves – kids or not! Might just be my weekend project (though I have several others that SHOULD be done first!!). There are very few things more than finding such simple, unexpected – but so life-enriching – ideas. This will be a forever-favourite. I have a feeling I’ll never get another house-project done … I have blogs to explore! Who am I kidding?! I’m going to have to do most rooms twice, just to use the ideas I’ve found that I can’t possibly live without! THANK YOU for the joy and inspiration! … Tamara

  24. Ang

    I love this idea! Off to make some lists of my own :)

    Ang @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog post..Get Your Creative On!

  25. ImagineCozy

    We made a list of things to do this summer, but I love putting it on a big poster board and checking off the boxes. Thanks for the idea.

    I am all for a virtual vacation. I would love to see where you are going!

    ImagineCozys inspiring blog post..A Touch of Red in a Room

  26. Noelle Tomco

    we will be going to the olympic national park to camp and hike in the hoh rainforest. something i as an eastsider (kirkland) never did as a child and i refuse to move to the most beautiful place on earth and keep that tradition up. my children will go and we will get lost in the ferns together. in the rain. :)

  27. Ashlyn Carter!

    Ashlyn Carters inspiring blog post..craving.

  28. Lisa

    I love this idea and I’m going to have my kids make their own lists this weekend.

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy yours!

    Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITYs inspiring blog post..Hats Off To The (little) Chef

  29. Tara

    I love that idea. My babe is too little to make that kind of list, but I can surely make it for us. :) Thanks for sharing it!

    Tara @ Feels like homes inspiring blog post..Happy (Belated) Birthday, Eric Carle!

  30. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. What a great list! I really should make one for this summer! ~Arleen

  31. Anne Marie

    I didn’t know this event was happening, but I will surely take a look around……….

    Anne Maries inspiring blog post..A Disguise Fete……

  32. Diane Costanza

    I love this idea! I have only one son and it is often difficult to keep him busy during summer. Maybe if we pre-plan and have some ideas for what we want to do ahead of time, we may not spend as many days sitting home.

    Diane Costanzas inspiring blog post..Ignazio’s Under-Sea Bedroom

  33. Kris

    This is a wonderful idea. My kids are teenagers and it seems like all they want to do is play on the computer or hang with their friends. We are going to work on our list this weekend and do things together! Thanx for the inspiration!

    Kriss inspiring blog post..God Wants Me to Grow Up!!!

  34. Chie

    Hi Mel,
    Pls drop by at my place and check what’s waiting for you.

    Have a nice w/k ahead.


  35. kirwin

    I love this idea! Recently, my 5-year old has been needing some one-on-one time with his mama…I’m going to sit down with him and create a list like this one — things that he and I can do this summer, before kindergarten begins.

    kirwins inspiring blog post..Guest post: 2 Summer Salads

  36. denise

    Hi Melissa!

    Add Robert Whitlow books to your LIST of mystery books if you haven’t already read them. I wish he had a new one…I’ve read them all!
    denise in NC

  37. Julie

    How wonderful all of this is, especially YOU! Thanks for ALL you do to make me smile. Have a Happy 4th, indeed may God Bless America.

  38. steadymom

    I LOVE this summer list idea! Thank you for sharing – what a creative way to get the kids involved (I have three little ones!) and still get the satisfaction of checking off a list!


    steadymoms inspiring blog post..The One-Time Rule

  39. jenifriend

    i had no idea you lived so closely to kansas city! have a great time with your fun list this summer!!

    jenifriends inspiring blog post..Her First Time

  40. Amy

    I was so inspired by Meg that we have done her summer list two years in a row now. The kids help me decorate ours and we are almost through all of our activities already. We hang our list in the kitchen so we can check things off and see our progress.

    Off to check out all of these great links! Thank you so much for including me among them!!

  41. ikram

    Hey :)
    i’m moroccan and just 20 years old i’m not married i haven’t a personal home .. but i like hanging out here and have some great inspiring ideas :)
    i wish a great life for everyone here .. thanks to the website owner i added a lot of new things in my mind :)
    Keep on !
    faithfully : Ikram



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