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Traditions: 20 Little Things
to Do This Summer

Traditions: 20 Little Things <br>to Do This Summer

You all know I love to make lists of happy things. Well one of my BBFF’s {best blogging friends forever} Meg has a family tradition that I think is fantastic. Every year she has her kids make a list of things (see it above and read about it here) they want to do during the summer. It doesn’t matter if they are silly ideas or not, it is a fun place to dream. They put the list on a big piece of poster board with boxes to check off the things they do.

I think this is a great way to keep your kids from getting bored and it is a wonderful way to make summer memorable!

You don’t have to have kids or grandkids to make a list like this! I am making one for myself. We are in an extremely busy season of life and I barely have time to breath, let alone find the time to play.

Highlights from my summer list: I’m looking forward to doing things like playing with my son in the fountains, eating ice cream at the harbor, having a picnic, and going to the drive in with my kids.

Having a list of simple things I want to do to make these next couple of months memorable gives me hope that it won’t be an all work and no play summer!

How about you? What do YOU want to do this summer?

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some vacations, even if they are VIRTUAL! I really want to go here (see below), and I’ll take you all there next week (more details to come!)! I’ve got some dreamy places to show you this summer! The Inspired Room is going on a virtual road trip! You sit back and relax and I’ll make all the plans, K? K. It’ll be fun.

Traditions: 20 Little Things <br>to Do This Summer

Inspiring Finds for Summer Bliss:


Here is a great post from Amy @ Mom Advice on planning a staycation if your family will be getting creative on family fun this summer!

And if you are having trouble balancing life, here is a wonderful post with very practical and helpful advice from Small Notebook!

And if reading some great books sounds like your idea of summer bliss, check out the list of mystery books my friend Alicia just bought. I haven’t read a good mystery in ages!

See more summer, beautiful life and decorating ideas added each week to my Inspiring Finds tumblr! Want to see your ideas featured? Leave me comments and invite me over! I love seeing your ideas!

It is time to share our Beautiful Life posts!

What beauty did you find this week? Please link directly to a related post, no home pages!

Traditions: 20 Little Things <br>to Do This Summer


Quick Decorating Tip:
Add An Element of Surprise

Quick Decorating Tip: <br>Add An Element of SurpriseUse a chair as a bedside table.

Quick Decorating Tip: <br>Add An Element of SurpriseUse a piano bench as coffee table.

Quick Decorating Tip: <br>Add An Element of Surprise

Use pink plastic spoons to make a sunburst frame.

Decorating is more fun, way more interesting & much more frugal when we disregard the rules and think outside the box. Don’t you agree?

Be daring, it is YOUR house!
Add an element of surprise to every room!

Photo inspiration: Top two photos BH&G, last photo Country Living

For you crazy crafters, here are the directions to make the spoon mirror, Country Living.