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A Crooked House

A Crooked House

Crooked Houses

I really love talking about homes with you all. I enjoy the creativity, the sharing of ideas, the kindred spirits I meet every day.  You are all my best girl friends, the ones with whom I cannot wait to share the beautiful things I find, the things I’ve learned, and the ups and downs of life. And even more than what I can share with you, I love hearing your ideas and being inspired by you.

Last night as I was getting ready to do some blogging, my husband came in the room and said he was taking me out to dinner! In spite of our financial strain and complete busyness of life, we have been trying to stay committed to going out on regular dates. Whether it is a drive together, a chat at Starbucks, or a rare dinner out — it doesn’t matter much, the point is that we want to find ways to make our relationship a priority. Yes, even above blogging about houses and chatting with my girl friends {imagine that!}.

So, last night I looked at my husband and then back over at my blog and the still blank screen, shut down the computer and went out to dinner.

I really love talking about all the ways to create a beautiful home. But as you know, this blog isn’t just about creating a beautiful house, it is about the life we create within our homes.

How impressive our homes are, how beautiful they look in photos, how many accessories we have to play with or how many blog-worthy ideas we have to impart to the world — those are not the measure of a home’s true beauty or our success as keepers of our homes.

The lives behind the walls cannot be put together in one afternoon with a hammer and a glue gun and shared the next day in staged photos with four easy bullet point directions.

No, a truly beautiful life is slowly built a little each day — piece by piece, thought by thought, action by action, sacrifice by sacrifice, choice by choice.

Our houses may be a little crooked, imperfect and at times a little crazy, but remember what matters most every day and hang on to it for dear life. That is what creating a beautiful home is all about.


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Inspiration: Charming Black Walls

Inspiration: Charming Black Walls
Cottage Living

Black walls can be very dramatic, but I think in the right setting black walls can be cozy and charming too. I always love a chalkboard wall (especially in a kitchen!), but a nice semi-gloss black gives a little sheen to reflect more light — taking this tiny kitchen from small to WOW!

The white cabinets give a great contrast to the walls! Notice the black floors and window mullions too, which also help the cabinets to stand out.

Here is more inspiration on decorating with black!