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DIY Desk & Reinventing Furniture

by | Jul 21, 2009 | DIY

DIY Desk & Reinventing Furniture

Guest DIY post submitted by Christi @ Beachbrights

This is where it all started…the birth of my desk. My darling husband made this for me (inspired by one from BH&G magazine  May 2005) and I painted it a distressed black. I needed a desk to craft, sew and be creative on…I love this desk.

This is a picture of our Slidell, LA home office.  I was not taking these pictures for anyone but myself (never heard of blogging back then), so please excuse the quality.  Also, you will notice that there is not a rug in this room. Thanks Hurricane Katrina. Circa 2005

DIY Desk & Reinventing Furniture

Our next home was Tullahoma, TN.  I did not have a picture of the empty room but I did find this one before the cabinets had been painted.  I always get these cabinets from Home Depot (in stock) and paint them (distressed black).  I removed the doors of the top cabinets to create an “open look”. Installing those top cabinets created the height I needed in the room. The countertop is formica, custom ordered from Home Depot (or maybe Lowes :). Those black & white bins at the top of the cabinets are just white bins with black electrical tape made into a plaid pattern.  Notice I have a rug and the desk still looks fantastic! Circa 2006

DIY Desk & Reinventing Furniture

Now, for present day.  Yes we move.  A lot.  Because we move so often, I have ended up with a “hodge podge” of furniture. What worked well in one house, does not necessarily work well in the other. So, for my current home, I had to make these humongo bookshelves work in the home office.  Bye-Bye black distressed look.  Hello brown.  So, I sewed this table cover/skirt and had a piece of glass cut to fit on the top of the table. Viola. It works or at least make me feel good and TELL me it works :) Circa 2007

DIY Desk & Reinventing Furniture

So this is the story of the little desk that kept reinventing itself.  Who says I don’t recycle.


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