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I’m taking the day off to splash around with my son!
It was blistering hot here this week!

I hope you are enjoying your week and
finding beauty in those fleeting moments!

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It is Beautiful Life Friday!

Please share the beauty you savored this week
in the comments or via a link!

PS. I have some fun new things to show you
and talk to you about next week!

Be sure to visit Hooked on Fridays,
today I am hooked on FOUNTAINS!


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    I took the day off to splash around with my kids today, too–we went to the zoo. Unfortunately, our splashing was because it rained on us! :-) Oh, well, we had a great time, anyway.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    I am so sad that July is almost over, Summer has been so fun. There is something magical about splashing in a fountain on a hot day.

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    Hi Melissa,
    I love your blog because you are so “real” and share such truly inspiring insights. I also love your decorating and design taste. Thank you for sharing it with us, and thanks for hosting every friday.

    Warmest Regards,

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    I see shorts! I have a perfect summer getaway post to link to you… LOVE when posts link well! ENJOY your day! Fifi

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    Looks like fun! We have had beautiful weather here in Sydney for the middle of winter and I have been savouring every bit of it. Have a lovely weekend.

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    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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    Sure beats winter (lol). Have a great time! Me? I’m running errands today (grrrr).

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    Enjoy your day!!! Live in the moment

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    My daughter has been home with us missing all that heat {not that its cool here- 106}she was talking about going fountain hopping to cool off when she gets home- I guess that is a fun thing to do in your area- =)
    Enjoy your weekend-

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    You must be feeling better, Melissa. So glad you’re enjoying your day. I just wanted to stop by and check in with you. Can’t wait to read next week.

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    Love the fountain picture! It makes me want to jump right in. Those PNW temps are hard to believe… record highs. You be sure to stay cool and hydrated! Beauty really is everywhere if we look hard enough and see with new eyes.


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    Moment #1-The horse running into the barn when I call him. He runs right accross a large patch of chamomile as he enters. So as the herbs are crushed and moved by his running feet the smell just FILLS the air. HEAVENLY!
    Moment #2-Early morning cool, picking fresh blackberries for three pies.
    Moment #3- Early morning run with the pup. We saw a doe and two fawns.

    I coud go on and on. Despite the heat it is my favorite time if year.
    Hope your feeling better Melissa, you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Aren’t you glad that the weather is finally cooling down in Seattle? I read your blog and am in town this weekend! Would you like to meet for lunch / small bites / pastries somewhere in Seattle?

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    Enjoy your day. Splashing sounds like fun.
    We are probably going to get rained on as Warren
    and I spend an evening working at a concert.
    (He’ll be working…I’ll be watching).

    Becky K.

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    What a perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon! It is hard to believe the stores are already gearing for school sales! Have a great weekend!

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    Oh..have a wonderful time! It looks like anyone could just jump in that water!
    sandy toe

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    We’ve been having a most incredible hot spell out here in Vancouver BC. Today it was a wee bit cooler. I haven’t been doing too much cooking lately as it makes the house even warmer!

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    Am enjoying the moment with my colleagues, friends and family on my birthday lunch/dinner party.

    Weather was wonderful, food enough for everybody and they’re loving it. Everybody enjoyed my garden giving them the sweet berries and that make their day.

    What can I ask for more. I am glad and blessed for everything lil things God offers. He knows I’m always contented this simple way of life.

    Hope you have blissful day & w/k ahead.

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    Love the fun!

    I pray you are recovering well, nice Melissa!

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    Enjoy – I’m up in Corvallis in the blistering heat! sigh.

    Welcome home to WA!


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