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The Beauty of an Antique
& A Very Rare Giveaway

by | Aug 18, 2009 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

vintage grain sacks

I love antiques. Whether it is a charming old house, a vintage accessory or a well-crafted piece of furniture, I adore things of quality and age. That is not to say I want a dowdy, out of style old lady house — I love mixing old and new to create my own personal style.

I just think it is remarkably special to own unique pieces with a real history. I love knowing that a piece was around way back when. There is something beautiful about an antique that no piece made today can quite capture!

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

Of course, I have nothing against Pottery Barn, IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Target, HomeGoods or any other home store that sells new furniture, replicas or look-alikes. I shop at those places from time to time myself. Certainly there is a time and a place to buy new or imitation.

But the pieces in my home that I treasure the most, and will in all likelihood still display and admire twenty to thirty or more years from now, are the ones with the most history. The ones that have a soul.

Antiques have a story to tell. Just like my grandpa who shared adventure tales from long ago,  an antique tells stores far more interesting than any discount home store accessory could ever dream up.

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

Newly painted particle board is no match for the patina and richness of the antique wood. I adore the beauty of vintage textiles and the richness of an old oil painting. While I am no purist or antique snob, I do have a fondness for authenticity.

And if we are concerned about dollars (and of course we are), buying an antique we can keep forever doesn’t have to cost any more than throwing money at cheap imitations year after year. Many antiques you buy today will likely last a lifetime. If you love trendy decor, it can be expensive to keep up with what is hot and what’s not!

Just when you get all the latest stuff and start feeling all trendy, you open up a new magazine to realize your things are already hopelessly out of style. Or worse, they have fallen apart and it is time to reinvest in what is new. With antiques, you can blend a style all your own — one that can evolve over a lifetime and last just as long as you do. You don’t have to be a slave to trends dictated by someone else.

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

{GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED} Speaking of antiques, today we have a FABULOUS rare giveaway (see photo and description below). I SO want to win it. But of course, I can’t win because of that tiny small voice inside that says that would be just wrong of me.

One of my amazing blog partners, 3 Fine Grains, is sponsoring this giveaway today (yes, full disclosure, I am NOT this generous). I met Kymberley from 3 Fine Grains through a real life friend who knew we’d hit it off! Kymberley is an interior designer who has found her passion in antique textiles. So what is she giving away?

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

An authenticated antique German grain sack!

The photo above is of an over 100 year old authentic German grain sack. Can you imagine? THIS is the prize! The fabric AND the ink, the whole sack is the REAL DEAL! In fact, it is SO AWESOME and rare it has a value of $450!

It is a work of art from history, pure craftsmanship made to last hundreds and hundreds of years. These sacks were made to be extremely durable! As Kymberley points out on her website, they had to be thrown in the back of wagons, they were crafted to be left laying out in fields and strewn about mills.

These authentic grain sacks are more durable than any fabric you will find in modern shops so they can stand up to abuse from children and animals for a lifetime. And they are safe for people you love…they are made from organic hemp linen, all pesticide and chemical free. You can wash and dry many of them, or if you want to, you can dry clean them.

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

These sacks are not found mass produced for a chain discount store, these are found hidden under floor boards of charming old farmhouses or tucked away in the keepsakes of ladies from long ago. Oh the tales of adventure they could tell!

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

An authentic grain sack is something you WILL NOT throw away or dump on the curbside when the trendies decide grain sacks are so out. Because beautiful antiques are never out or trendy. These authentic sacks are classics and only become more beautiful with age.

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

Certain fads based on REAL ANTIQUES like grain sacks may come in and out of vogue, but the authenticity and charm of a real antique surpasses the whims of what is in and what’s out. That is the beauty of an antique. You enjoy them for their beauty and craftsmanship, not for their trendiness.

I love that a grain sack is versatile. You can use it to create whatever you want. So go ahead and dream. What would you do with an authentic grain sack? Cover a beloved chair? Make a stunning pillow cover? Hang in a window? Upholster a footstool? Oh, the options!

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

My stork pillow. Oh how I love thee.

I myself am in love with my own French grain sack pillow, also from 3 Fine Grains. Look at that stork! Sigh. I adore it. I hug it. I admire it. I tell its tales to any one who will listen. The original ink is so vivid and beautiful, the photos do not do it justice. It is beautiful. The texture is so amazing I run my hands across it almost every time I walk by. Yes, I am weird like that. Do I have that kind of love for all of my material things? No, not really. I do love my home and the treasures I’ve gathered, but there is just something special about beauty that only comes with age. I can say that now that I am over 40. I’m rapidly becoming somewhat of an antique myself.

The Beauty of an Antique <br>& A Very Rare Giveaway

Here it is again, the rare prize.

So, what would you use that over 100 year old authentic German grain sack for, should you be the lucky one to win it for yourself? Let’s dream about the options in the comments! Only one person will win at random, but because I like to spread the joy and have more people enjoy the beauty, you can enter up to FOUR times by promoting this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or your blog as well as a comment here. This is fun. Giveaway ends on Saturday, August 22nd midnight PST and winner will be announced next week! I promise, it won’t be me.

You can see more lovely things from 3 Fine Grains on Kymberley’s website! I love reading what she shares about the grain sacks, their quality and their history, so it is a recommended visit!

This giveaway generously sponsored by 3 Fine Grains.
But my adoration of authentic grain sacks is 100% heartfelt and genuinely expressed by me.

Thank you for entering, the GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!


  1. kerri

    Uh-oh. Is the “random” winner EVER the #1 post? But anyway here I am and dreaming of the pillow I would make w/that gorgeous sack. Off to peruse the 3 Grains site…

  2. victor

    if i win, i’ll take real god care of this piece.

  3. Marian

    Since I live so close to Germany, I OUGHT to win this dontchaknow, lol.
    I think I would cover a little chair I have. OR maybe make a stunning pillow from it. Or…….:) OH there are SO many things to do with it. HECK I think I would frame it as is!!!
    .-= Marian´s last blog ..something from the garden =-.

  4. Nicol

    Wow! What a wonderful find! I feel very connected to my German heritage so this certainly would be something special to have in my home. I’m really into art right now. Using different things to make a unique look. So honestly, I think I would frame it and hang it in my livingroom. It would be perfect in there!
    .-= Nicol´s last blog ..What do you do when….. =-.

  5. Kitty Scraps

    Wow! What an incredibly generous giveaway! I’d love this so much if it were to be mine! It would definitely connect me to my heritage of German immigrants who farmed in a river valley in Kansas during the 1880’s and beyond.
    .-= Kitty Scraps´s last blog ..Wicker Bookcases Makeover =-.

  6. Passementerie

    Oh how beautiful they are! Trendy as they are at the moment certainly, they have a timelessness to them that I covet. We bought our first house last year and I have furnished it entirely with antiques found on ebay from the lime-upholstered Victorian chesterfield sofa to the inlaid piano. The comforting age of these pieces and the thrill of hunting them down (on a very, VERY tight budget) makes them far more meaningful in my home than if I had just clicked on the latest pieces on a mass production website.

    Now to look some more at these grain sacks…

  7. Sara

    I’m pretty sure I would make a pillow (or two) because my leather furniture needs some texture! I just found grain sacks for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was stunned at how beautiful they feel. And the price—-they were $100 each, so I need to win this.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..7 Quick Takeses (Gollum Edition) =-.

  8. Cherie

    I once had a stack of 100 year old feed sacks like this from our local area. When our barn burned to the ground a few years ago, they ALL were lost. What a fitting replacement winning this would be!

  9. philippa

    I have always wondered where people track these sort of gems down? And who was the foresighted person to save the grain sack in the first place?


    I would adore to make a carpet bag, with thick saddlery leather handles and buckle closure.
    .-= philippa´s last blog ..Swip Swap =-.

  10. gwen brion

    How beautiful, endless possibilities. I would probably recover a chair!

  11. TeriLynne

    Oh, how beautiful! I have a chair my husband’s great-grandfather made that needs desperately to be reupholstered and that grain sack would be just perfect.
    .-= TeriLynne´s last blog ..My Hope ~ "Until Later" =-.

  12. Leila

    You did a great job putting into words the enchantment of something like this.

    I would love to win– for all the reasons you state! Plus, being a textile addict!

    Thanks for the chance!
    .-= Leila´s last blog ..Quick homemade baby gift, frugal and bright! =-.

  13. Susie

    Pick me, pick me, that thing is gorgeous! Thanks to both of you for a great giveaway.

  14. Maureen

    I would love to win!

  15. Laura Kent

    I would LOVE to win!!!! ahhhhh ~~~~ how neat that would be to own …… Laura in Houston

  16. Kathleen Grace

    What an icredible give away! I love the chairs covered in these textiles on Kymberley’s website. I would be content with a pillow of this beautiful fabric. Thank you and Kymberley for this wonderful offer!
    .-= Kathleen Grace´s last blog ..Guess What? =-.

  17. Terry

    Wow, is that grain sack ever beautiful – My mind is swirling, a pillow, chair cover, a wall hanging….I don’t know! Pick me!
    .-= Terry´s last blog ..Big Brother Spoiler!! =-.

  18. Pam

    That is gorgeous! I love the type on it. I’d have to see the size to know for sure what I’d do with it. But…a pillow is always great, or I’d recover a footstool that I have, or use as a window covering. Such an exciting give-away! Thank you!
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..I Did Something A Little Unconventional Yesterday… =-.

  19. Lori

    I would definately make it into a pillow! What a cool giveaway!

  20. Sue

    Isn’t it amazing how something so simple and once utilitarian can make such an impression on us in this day and age. I’m sure no one ever thought that they would be anything more than a functional item when they were first made, but they will be appreciated for many more years to come by those who appreciate their quality craftsmanship and beauty. I would keep it in its original state and just frame it.
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..A boiled owl….. and other Thrifty Treasures =-.

  21. Karin

    What to do, what to do? I think I would find a way to incorporate it into a quilt with the front of the grain sack in the center and a simple one-patch surrounding it. Maybe in Kaari Meng’s new line when it comes out in the fall. I can actually picture this in my head! I need to redo our bedroom and this is the perfect jumping point. :)
    .-= Karin´s last blog ..5K Day!! =-.

  22. cathy

    wow….what a generous giveaway! I have the perfect spot to hang it (I actually bought burlap and stencils a few weeks ago to try to make my own, but ended up using the burlap for a table covering!)
    .-= cathy´s last blog ..Party Details =-.

  23. Kathleen Grace

    I just twittered the give away:>)
    .-= Kathleen Grace´s last blog ..Guess What? =-.

  24. Sue

    Oh my! This is gorgeous. And I totally understand how one can walk by an object and just touch it for the sake of pleasure. It’s perhaps a maternal instinct used to demonstrate love?

    If this beauty came to my house, I would initially have it framed. I’m thinking it would be stunning in an authentic antique frame that also had enough character to be worthy of displaying such a treasure!

    What a generous offering!
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Poor little bee…NOT. =-.

  25. Heather

    In my mind, I see throw pillows, framed sacks, ottomans, Roman shades or the centerpiece of a rustic quilt. But I think that I would bleach it out a little, stretch it and frame it in the bottom of a serving tray. I can see it in the bottom of a dark wooden tray with a rustic bread, some potted preserves and stoneware plates.
    .-= Heather @ what’s happening this week´s last blog ..August Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Purples =-.

  26. Beth

    I love the “stories” the best too :) My friends give me such a hard time when I can’t part with something – “Everything” of yours “has a story!” they like to tease! Antiques are the best! These linens are wonderful – on my way to see more!

  27. Ann

    I love this. I think I would have a pillow made with it, but maybe I would have a stool or bench covered with it. My husband lived in Germany and we have promised my son we would take him. What a beautiful piece to enjoy!!! I will also post this on my facebook page!

  28. Sara

    oooooooooh — I have a little slipper chair that is begging to be recovered in something wonderful — this would be JUST the thing!

  29. Lori

    I would make a pillow or two for my new couch. What amazing pillows, thanks for linking this marvelous site.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..My Daughter the Quilt Designer =-.

  30. suzanne

    Oooooohhhh, ahhhh, it’s lovely. I think I would hold it for a while, and enjoy the texture and then see what spoke to me….lol….and maybe make a pillow or maybe make an apron……or I do have an ottoman I”d love to cover (yea, the one the puppy chewed the corner of!!!)….thanks for a fantastic giveaway. I’m off to see her lovely things….

    .-= suzanne´s last blog ..May you find wisdom today….. =-.

  31. HeatherS

    I would have to make a beautiful pillow out of this, but sadly would not get to use it myself b/c my sons name is Conrad (old family name from the German side of the family) and he would claim it for himself! The poor boy always complains that he will never find anything with his name printed on it and constantly checks out store displays of keychains, pencils etc. looking for his name in vain. He would be so excited!

  32. Meg

    There are so many options i’m not sure exactly what I would do but I’m thinking I’d use it as a wall hanging to start with
    Thanks for the giveaway
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Kroger Mega Savings Event & $30 giveaway =-.

  33. Cindy

    What an amazing piece of history! It is stunning.

  34. Jeannine

    Oooh…this is one of the best giveaways I’ve ever seen!
    .-= Jeannine @ Small and Chic´s last blog ..Home decor knock offs =-.

  35. malissa

    Oh I hope I win this–I love love love any sort of vintage textile–this has my name all over it!

  36. Cathie

    wow that is gorgeous
    honestly I am not entirely sure what I would do with ~ but I am pretty sure I can find a spot! :o) (leaning towards my bedroom!)
    .-= Cathie´s last blog ..mad money =-.

  37. Sallie Baker

    Gosh….i’d have to really think about what to do with something so priceless, but would probably do a pillow or something that would be out to show ALL THE TIME! thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Teresa

    I am soo in love with this antique German grain sack! My husband is of Germanic heritage. We are currently renovating our kitchen in an old world European design and this grain sack would be PERFECT in our new space!!!! I love it! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I love her website, too!


  39. LindaSonia

    If I won (please please let it be so), I believe I would attempt to make that grain sack into a roman shade covering for a window (pick one). Love these things sooo much.
    LindaSonia ([email protected])

  40. My First Kitchen

    Not gonna lie… I’d probably leave it as a sack and put real grain in it. Seriously. :) That thing would rock it out in my kitchen. LOVE. Off to Tweet about it now!
    .-= My First Kitchen´s last blog ..Chile Cheese Bake =-.

  41. Kristin

    A pillow, I think. I love things with history, too!
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Kitchen Questions =-.

  42. Sharon

    Hi, I am of German descent. It would be really awesome to have a piece of German history in my home. I would love to turn one of these lovely grain sacks into a pillow for my bed.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    [email protected]

  43. Deirdre

    I don’t think I would trust my sewing skills to do much more than make a pillow of it. However, it makes me think of my grandmother’s “guest quilt” made by her aunt out of grain sacks and clothing-fabric scraps.

  44. Amber T.

    I completely agree with you Melissa about the charm of an authentic antique gracing the home. What a generous offering from Kimberley- I could imagine it as a plump pillow on my white sofa, or maybe as a slip cover on a chair-eek! Gorgeous ,gorgeous!
    ~Amber T.

  45. Caroline

    I think I would frame it in an antique frame and hang it in the hallway leading to the garden.

  46. Kirsten

    This is the first true blog I have ever commented on! Go Me! And I did it all because this is one awesome giveaway! These are by far the most unique and fabulous pillows ever! I want to win soooo bad! Please please please please pick me! I promise to tell everyone in the whole world I know and every guests who walks in my home about this amazing giveaway! (I won’t have to though, they’ll see them and ask me where I got such chic decor!) :)

    [email protected]

  47. Dana Crowell

    Ok… Melissa… ever since I have found your blog and you have referenced 3 Fine Grains, I have salivated!!! I have never seen such beautiful textiles! I am of German decent. My Great great granparents were Pennsylvania Dutch on both sides of the family!
    I have a rocker that my grandfather made me… I would want to protect this beautiful textile as much as possible… so I would place it over the rocker back as a slip cover! It would be stunning!
    Bless You and Kymberley for sharing the love and affinity for such fine things!

  48. jill

    I think I would actually use it as a wall hanging in my gathering room. I absolutely love it!
    Now, off to book and tweet and blog!
    .-= jill´s last blog ..Friends, Fellowship and Food =-.

  49. jade

    oh my gracious! me, me, me!!

  50. Laura

    Das ist unglaubliche schoen!
    (this is unbelieveably beautiful)
    I would slip that beautiful lady over the back of the chair at the head of my dining room table, showing off her “back” to everyone who walked through my house or, more importantly, so I could stare at it daily from our family room

  51. Ginnie Renner

    I would LOVE to win this sack, especially since today is my 30th birthday!! I would totally make a pillow out of it or maybe cover a tufted ottoman with it, combined with some fancy trim because I just love the mix of something worn and weathered with something shiny and gaudy! Thank you! Blessings!
    .-= Ginnie Renner´s last blog ..Ahhh…summer-time fun! =-.

  52. b.ellen

    Wow what a givaway! so sweet of her! I have been looking at all these beautiful grain sacks. one that was truely an antique would be so special. We are remodeling an old farmhouse at the moment so I would definetly find a spot for it: wall hanging, pillow, window treatment…..mind could go on! Thank you for sharing
    blessings, Barbara
    .-= b.ellen´s last blog ..A Tiny Party :: Part One =-.

  53. Elizabeth S

    OH wow…. I would make a pillow, and put it on my guest room bed. It would be a GREAT inspiration piece for the rest of the room :)
    .-= Elizabeth S´s last blog ..Sunday Song =-.

  54. Julia F

    I would make a pillow and use it in my living room!!

  55. Anna Sanford

    I would use it on my couch in my new apartment :) I could use the UMPH!!!

  56. Katie Sanford

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing…. I would either use it in my kitchen (hanging on the wall) or framed in my tiny dining room…. or as a pillow on my bed/couch/guest bed…. oh goodness!

  57. Kristen

    What a neat giveaway! I love the look of that chair. :)

  58. Elizabeth

    How lovely! I would probably use it to recover an ottoman.

  59. Robin

    What to do with the grain sack…
    1. hug it,
    2. cherish it,
    3. blog about it,
    4. leave it unadulterated ,
    5. use as curtain in an obvious window,
    6. enjoy until death do us part…
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..This Is New =-.

  60. stacey

    I am a genealogist and photographer, so old treasures and photographs have a special place in my home. I’m not sure WHAT it would be, but I would definitely use it in my genealogy corner… where I house all my binders and research and special family mementos (like the milk bottles my great grandfather used to deliver by hand. priceless!) what a great giveaway and find, layla!!! :)

  61. Shilo

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. This would be perfect in my new living room in Paraguay, especially since it’s in the middle of a Mennonite colony of German speakers! :)
    .-= Shilo´s last blog ..Nuestro Refugio en Paraguay =-.

  62. Amanda

    OH MY GOSH! I HAVE to win this. My maiden name is “Pfeffer” and that one sack has “Pfeuffer” on it!. Please please let me win!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Tough Weekend =-.

  63. gail

    wow! This is a great giveaway!
    I hope I’m the random winner! :)
    a pillow… framed in a vitage window… so many possibilities!

    ps sorry you can’t win your own :(
    but thanks for giving us a chance to win one!
    .-= gail´s last blog ..repurposed door into an entry hall tree =-.

  64. Shanna

    Well, I have to say this is the most unusual giveaway I’ ve seen yet [or entered]; my house is nearly 100 years old so I’m sure if I win it, it will fit right in somewhere! May have to fight my son for it, though, as he has visited Germany three times now and is in love with the country – he would most certainly want to keep the prize…

  65. Annie

    Oooh! I think that I would cover my beat up old ottoman. It would look divine!
    .-= Annie´s last blog ..Busy Weekend . . . =-.

  66. Jancey

    I would hang it from a dow rod and hang it on the wall. I think it’s too beautiful to cut or disturb in anyway! I’ve got the perfect spot for it.
    .-= Jancey´s last blog ..Michael Jackson Tribute =-.

  67. Debbykay

    Oh, my! What a FAB FAB FAB grainsack. I think it is wanting to live at Rose Cottage to be a constant source of inspiration and a bit of treasure history! The grain sack would be perfect in our little 1880’s cottage built by new immigrants from the old country.

    I know I would make a lovely chair cover for an antique French chair — perfect to showcase the grain cloth!

    Happy day (with fingers crossed),

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm
    .-= Debbykay´s last blog ..French Millinery Magic =-.

  68. Jenni

    so much fun! I’m of German descent, so this would be extra special for me to display — probably in some form in my kitchen – a wall hanging or something.

    also facebooked/twittered/blogged…..
    .-= Jenni´s last blog ..Weekend =-.

  69. Morning T

    Such a fabulous giveaway- I would LOVE that antique grain sack. Depending on the size I might use it to cover a chair that I’m currently distressing. If it’s not big enough then I’d make a pillow out of it.
    Thank you!
    .-= Morning T´s last blog ..Burlap pots =-.

  70. Shannon

    I would have to display it somehow in my kitchen. Either framed or on top of the kitchen cabinets, what is that area called? Anyone?

  71. katevp

    Ooooh !! I would definitely make a pillow! lovely!!

    .-= katevp´s last blog ..lets get ready for….. =-.

  72. Jeannie

    there are soooo many things I could do with this beautiful grain sack!! the possibilities are endless. a pillow? frame it? cover a footstool? oh my, what will I do with it? i can’t wait until i have to decide

    Jeannie in Omaha

  73. katevp

    I also facebooked this giveaway!!


  74. Debbie

    Oh la la! This one is gorgeous. Pillow cover, slipcover, who knows. Scrumptious.

  75. rachel

    i’m starting to put together a “look” for my family room at my new house, and vintage grain & flour sacks are center stage! my father used to work for Pillsbury, so i have some old burlap & grain sacks to use. none so beautiful as this one! thanks for sharing this with us…

  76. Terrie

    ooooh, your ideas are fab! Like you I love antiques! I don’t have any grain sacks…yet. This is so wonderful, I would frame it. I don’t think I could bring myself to alter it. Thanks to both of you for the giveaway!

  77. Katy Lin

    oh. my. word. !!! i need this! i can just see the beautiful wall hanging or i do have the perfect chair to re-upholster, or a beautiful, unique pillow – have i mentioned that i need this?
    .-= Katy Lin´s last blog ..31 Days of Praying for Our Husbands ~ Day 30 =-.

  78. Katie at

    Love! You know I’m completely bias that it’s in German, too. It would go up next to a family heirloom that’s framed and a cross stitch from my sister on linen.
    Thanks for a shot at something so beautiful and filled with history.

  79. Miss Jen

    I love antiques too! They tell a story that only they know. It’s fab!
    .-= Miss Jen´s last blog ..Mucho Humor =-.

  80. Amanda-TheEckLife

    holy moly!!! I would so love to frame that grain sack- it would match perfectly with my newly decorated living room! WOW she has amazing stuff!

  81. Gayle

    How cool is that grain sack! I’m thinking entryway, but not sure how or where.
    .-= Gayle´s last blog ..Estate Sale Shopping =-.

  82. songbirdtiff

    Wow, just wow. Sign me up, although I’m guessing if I were to win, I might be afraid to do anything with it. :)
    .-= songbirdtiff´s last blog ..It’s Time for a Giveaway! =-.

  83. Jenny

    OMG. WOW… what an awesome giveaway!!! Oh, how I would treasure this!!!!!
    I’m heading over to visit her now… what a generous gal!
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..What’s in YOUR jar? =-.

  84. Rebekah

    Oh wow! My heart is pounding at the very idea of holding something so precious in my hands! I know I would never be able to cut such a thing, so I would almost certainly hang in on my wall or stuff it and stitch it closed (ever so carefully!!) for a pillow. Or I might just slip it over the back of a straight-backed chair.
    .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..100th post =-.

  85. Jim Trietsch

    Will go well with other antiques from my German heritage.

  86. Gina

    How gorgeous! That covered chair is AMAZING! What a wonderful giveaway.
    .-= Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage´s last blog ..Hanging plates =-.

  87. Jenny

    I blogged and twittered the giveaway too :)
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..What’s in YOUR jar? =-.

  88. karen

    I have been admiring these pillows made from antique bags for a while now. I even saw in one of my favorite shops nearby called Nesting On Main, that they are covering cuffs with them and adding a broach on top.

    Please enter me in your giveaway, and so nice to read your beautiful post.

    .-= karen´s last blog ..The Dream =-.

  89. Grad School Mommy

    what a fabulous idea & incredibly generous giveaway! my own home has a number of treasured antiques (from an 1898 rolltop desk to armoire to vintage ice chests). i’d love to make that wonderful hemp sack into an overstuffed pillow for my sofa. and i especially love that it’s so kid-friendly. :)

    thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  90. Grad School Mommy

    and i posted on Twitter about this generous offer, too!

    The Beauty of an Antique & A Very Rare Giveaway –

    my ID is: gradschoolmommy.

  91. Jennifer Isrel

    Love all those pictures! I am drooling! I’m not sure of the size of the sack but I have been dying for one of these to either make a pillow or cover a gorgeous chair I have currently sitting in a shed. These may not be very creative ideas but would be the perfect way to incorporate one of these lovelies in my living room for all to admire. :)
    Hope you are feeling better!

  92. Grad School Mommy

    Posted this geneour offer on Twitter, too!

    The Beauty of an Antique & A Very Rare Giveaway –

    My ID is: GradSchoolMommy

  93. Stephanie

    I have an old wooden chair that I got at a yard sale. I have been thinking of redoing it, and I think this would make a nice little slipcover for the back of the chair. If it’s the right size, I could just slip it down over the back of the chair.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Mama Knows Best =-.

  94. Brooke

    How absolutely fabulous! Thank you for your description of antiques, as I could not have so eloquently described them. I adore that sack and would make sure it is loved for another 100 years!
    .-= Brooke´s last blog ..Spring Cleaning for normal people =-.

  95. peggy dlugos

    Oh how I want to win this sack so I can take care of it. I’ll twitter about it today.

  96. Julie H.

    Ohhh… How lovely! I am envisioning it pulled over a canvas, some lovely brads for edging, hanging in the lonely space above the couch that is just begging for fabulous art….

  97. Darla

    I love items like this. Makes me wanna hit up my local antique shops asap.

    I’m thinking a pillow or even having it framed rustic-style.
    .-= Darla´s last blog ..Did you know your butt gets sore… =-.

  98. Christy

    Absolutely fabulous! My husband’s family is German so he would treasure it as well. Off to covet at 3 Fine Grains and then to tweet.

  99. tara

    I would hang it as-is in my kitchen! Gorgeous!!!
    .-= tara´s last blog ..thankfulness #3 =-.

  100. Allysa

    So Cool!!! Enter me please….

  101. Amanda Jo

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Please sign me up for this giveaway!!! I just can’t believe someone would give such a treasure away!!
    .-= Amanda Jo´s last blog ..zzzZZZzzZzzz… =-.

  102. Charla

    The German sacks are so lovely. I would frame it to hang at the top of my stairs by a walnut piesafe. What an honor it would be to own such a wonderful piece of history. Thank you for sharing.

    .-= Charla @ For the Sake of Time´s last blog ..Sunday Heart =-.

  103. Shannon

    I love this! I was actually looking at the new, look alike pillows recently at a store online. Nothing would beat the real deal! I would love to put this on my old chair that I am refinishing somehow. Maybe a pillow?
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Adirondack Chair: A sweet deal at a garage sale! =-.

  104. cribtales

    Oh it is lovely! And as I have a strong German heritage on my Mama’s side, this would be such an authentic addition to my home. I honestly could not see cutting it up to make a pillow or chair cover – I just could not do it! But I think a simple frame showcasing its beauty is all it would need. We have a walk out basement that is our family retreat – I have sepia prints and rustic feel to the room. What a perfect contribution this piece would make. Thanks for sharing!
    .-= cribtales´s last blog ..Sweet Boy – August 2009 =-.

  105. Kim

    I am enjoying this blog so much, thank you for inspiring me everyday.

  106. Sarah B

    Sign me up for the giveaway!

  107. Andrea

    How absolutely beautiful! I have been drooling over these for awhile and would be thrilled to call this my own. Thanks for the opportunity!

    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..Don’t Worry…Be Happy… =-.

  108. Jackie

    I LOVE antique grain sacks. Sometimes I can find real ones at the antiques fair in Alameda. This one is especially lovely! I would either frame it in a beautiful antique black frame or make a pillow. I’d love to make a chair with it, but I’m probably not that brave right now!! Love it!!
    .-= Jackie´s last blog ..No Solicitors… =-.

  109. Sylvia

    That is a beautiful burlap sack. I think I would hang it on the wall.


  110. Susan

    My husband’s family is German…VERY old German…apparently they trace back to 2 AD! Yeah, my family is brand spankin’ new compared to them.

    But oh, how I would love to have that to frame and hang with a collection of family photos…how cool is that???

    Please enter me!

  111. Shelley

    I feel about old books the way you feel about old fabric. Please enter me, I have a newish white chair that could really use a special pillow.
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..I’m a Gambling Girl =-.

  112. kathysue

    what a generous give away. Please enter my name, would love to have such a treasure. Kathysue

  113. Lisa

    I am part German. I would love this to prolong my heritage.

  114. Karen B

    I actually have a grain sack that has someone’s initials stitched into it. I can’t even bear to cut it up. So, I would probably have difficulty making this into something else also. But, I wouldn’t mind stroking it myself! I’ll be posting about the giveaway on my blog and twitter and facebook. Absolutely AMAZING giveaway Michelle!
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..Stash Socks =-.

  115. Briana Ethington

    That is an awesome item, very beautiful!

  116. Katie

    Would love this!!! Maybe use it for a beautiful pillow or possibly framed?

    • Lisa Linn

      I love all of Kims Tasteful, Authentic and down right Beautiful designs, I would love it! So would my German friends in Hidden Valley! Thanks foe entering me.

  117. Cindy

    I have an old ladder in my room I’ve been looking for things to drape on it. Love it!

  118. Laura Warner

    Oh! please enter me in this dreamy give-away…. I have a house with a covered porch,making the inside somewhat dark…Ive decided to have a
    swedish style interior and If I won this Grain Sack I would either upholster
    my French style chair or maybe it would become a Table runner on my White Distressed entrance table and live under my garage sale pretty the thought is very exciting.

    Warm Regards, Laura

  119. Jackie

    I also posted on twitter and facebook about the giveaway!!
    .-= Jackie´s last blog ..No Solicitors… =-.

    • Lisa Linn

      Yes please enter me again! I will face book it now!

  120. Laurie Meseroll

    I’ve been eyeing these since I saw my fellow Earth Angel artist Jennifer Lanne’s made into a super-enviable handbag/sack–I’m off to make an announcement on my blog (and hope that my settings are correct so it will hop over automatically to facebook)–please enter my name for the most fabulous giveaway of the season!
    .-= Laurie Meseroll´s last blog ..Fashonista-wear for Country Living Fair 2009: I AM a spoiled child =-.

  121. Laura Zarrin

    OMG!! Can’t believe this give away. It would be a pillow for my bed. It is so fitting because my ancestry is German. This is so cool, hope I win.
    .-= Laura Zarrin´s last blog ..Shop Update =-.

  122. Tawny B

    Love it! I would make a beautiful pillow for my sister in law who is getting married in 3 weekes and is all about rerusing. Her and her fiancee are looking to buy some farm land so it would be just perfect!

  123. Kristen W.

    That is gorgeous and would be a welcome and well loved addition to my home!


  124. Beverly

    Melissa, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to visit much. And, I’ve missed you. You always inspire me, and you always have a smile that you generously share. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Do you ever hear from Felicity?

    I love this grain sack. I think it would be beautiful framed.
    .-= Beverly´s last blog ..Chillin’ =-.

  125. Becky

    It would take me a long time to decide what to do with such a treasure, but I would put it to good use eventually! In the mean time, I would just stroke it and imagine all the people/things it had seen in its long lifetime.
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Low on Cash =-.

  126. tami lewis

    i would make a pillow with mine!

  127. heidi

    how amazing and generous. I love it, i’d hang it somehow. although I love the idea of putting as a pillow, realistically for me, my kids would think it just another pillow.
    .-= heidi´s last blog pictures =-.

  128. Hadley Howard

    So lovely! I have loved seeing these grain sacks; they make my heart skip a little bit.

    I’m thinking this would make a fabulous window valance for my entryway. Or possibly to reupholster the chair of my daughter’s antique desk — we just took the old seat off and discovered it was padded with HAY! It’s even older than we thought, and deserving of something truly wonderful to recover it.

    Love your site — it’s a daily read for me!

  129. Karen B

    I came back to check on my suspicions and sure enough! I called you Michelle! UGH, sorry about that. I know you’re Melissa!
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..Stash Socks =-.

  130. tami lewis

    i facebooked it! i am at
    .-= tami lewis´s last blog ..another menu =-.

  131. Terry

    I LOVE IT! I’m crossing my fingers and toes to be the winner!

  132. MF

    I think that I would have to go with a pillow for this! Although it would also be perfect to cover a small foot stool.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  133. The Beautiful Life

    Hi! What an incredibly awesome giveaway!

    Everyone knows that I’m “all about burlap” and vintage grain sacks — but I do NOT own one like this! Wow!

    What would I do with it…. hmmm…. honestly, I think I would hang it rather than cut it up for a project. I believe I would hang it in either my newly-remodeled kitchen/gathering room or in my entryway….

    Thanks so much!!
    .-= The Beautiful Life´s last blog ..WE NEED YOUR HELP! Exactly How Important Is It To You That Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazines Are (or are not) In English??? =-.

  134. Sarah

    Gorgeous! I’d love one!

  135. Chelsey

    How stunning! I’ve been lusting after these grain sacks for a while! I LOVE the recovered chair you’ve got posted. Stunning!

  136. Dawn

    How wonderful…I would make a pillow, or if large enough, cover my piano bench!
    .-= Dawn´s last blog .."Bubbles"….I Heart Faces… =-.

  137. Erin

    These are so beautiful! What a wonderful giveaway! If I had one, I would make a chair cover for a chair in my kitchen, which is already filled with antique ironstone and china. I think it would fit in well!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Cozy Details =-.

  138. Mandy S.

    My husband is from Germany! I fell in love with this instantly. I think if it were mine, I might make it into art…a wall hanging of some sort. But, I would keep it entirely in tact, so I could change it into something later if it so struck me.

    I also Twittered this, and posted it on Facebook.

    Thanks for the give away, and all the beautiful inspiration!
    .-= Mandy S.´s last blog ..Funnies (and a Cutie!) =-.

  139. elizabeth

    would love to use that over the antique windor chair that was my husbands grandfathers chair. It would be perfect.
    Thanks for the giveaway
    and your wonderful blog.
    .-= elizabeth´s last blog ..Reagan Photo Shoot. =-.

  140. black eyed susans kitchen

    The minute I saw this grain sack, I thought how wonderful would it be to frame it with a dark antique frame and hang it in my living room…then I saw that you were giving it away. Very cool! I also love vintage and antique accessories and furniture mixed with contemporary and modern. It makes a room look more interesting, adding character, dimension and texture. I never tire of your posts.
    ♥, Susan
    .-= black eyed susans kitchen´s last blog ..VERMONT PHOTO OPS AND THE ULTIMATE SMACK DOWN =-.

  141. Claudia

    I think i could actually see myself pulling out a needle to make this into a wonderful pillow… NOW that is an inspiration! hahha.

    Hope you all are having a wonderful summer day!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Cottages — before and after =-.

  142. Stacey

    So beautiful!! Please enter me! I’d frame this beauty and display it in my family room for all to enjoy!! :)
    .-= Stacey @ The Blessed Nest´s last blog ..Decorating Dilemma =-.

  143. Allison

    I love all the items found at 3 Fine Grains and would love to win the grain sack! I’ve been looking for something to cover an ottoman…oh, but it would also be good to cover one of the chairs I just purchased!

  144. Cherri Engle

    I have seen so many grain sacks out in blogland that I feel like I am behind the ‘fad’. I would love to ‘catch up’ with everyone else. I have a wooden latter back chair that I think would look just loverly with the grain sack as a slip cover. Thanks for the give-a-way opportunity.
    .-= Cherri Engle´s last blog ..A fun Give-A-Way – to go check out =-.

  145. Sarah

    Oh wow! We come from German on both my husband’s side and my side..last name IS Schneider. We would love to have this in our home. We just bought a new brown couch, I think this would make a lovely pillow, chair covering or even framing it to hang over our couch! It is amazing!

    Side note: does the chair you pictured say Mathias and Bauer? Those are the maiden names of my mom’s parents. Just wild! You really grabbed a piece of my heritage in this post!

    Thanks so much for sharing the giveaway! I completely agree, I love vintage/antique style much better than “antiqued replica”.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Reflections =-.

  146. Jennifer

    I totally agree with you on antiques… they have soul… they are to be treasured! I think I would hang the grain sack as a piece of art. They are beautiful!! What a generous giveaway.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Design Star – Week 5 =-.

  147. Lisa Gylling

    I love it! I would think about framing it, in a black frame, with a matte that would show off it’s beauty. Thanks!
    .-= Lisa Gylling´s last blog ..Kansas in less than 24 hours. =-.

  148. Sharon Hankins

    Please enter me, too…:) I posted on Facebook for all to see.

  149. Kris

    Love this……..please enter me in the giveaway. My birthday is the 21st, wouldn’t this be a great birthday present? :)

    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Happy Sunday =-.

  150. amybee

    What a fun giveaway. Thank you for the offer. I think I would hang it over a dowel rod and hang it on the wall, perhaps over the breaker box.

  151. New Every Morning

    Be still my heart!!!
    Because I am of German descent AND I had the opportunity to visit Germany this year, my heart is pitter-pattering! What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for hosting
    .-= New Every Morning´s last blog ..Ahh, August =-.

  152. Kris

    I posted the giveaway on facebook.
    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Happy Sunday =-.

  153. Meredith

    This would look gorgeous framed on my dining room wall!

  154. Karin

    I wish I could edit my original comment. I have blogged and posted on FB (madrekarin) about this incredible giveaway. :)
    .-= Karin´s last blog ..The Inspired Room =-.

  155. Sarah

    Wow! I’m thinking that I would probably frame it! So pretty!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Another Giveaway!!! =-.

  156. Tonya

    This would be SO AWESOME!Thanks to you and your friend for this giveaway:)

  157. Sarah

    And I blogged about your wonderful giveaway too! :) :)
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Another Giveaway!!! =-.

  158. Cheryl

    I blogged about the giveaway here.

  159. Tonya

    I tweeted,Tanya1223

  160. Tonya

    I put it up on Facebook,Tonya Wxxxxn

  161. Angelica

    Love this! Please enter me in the giveaway.


  162. Sylvia

    Please count me in!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  163. Wendy

    Isn’t this just the coolest? Please enter me. xox Ü

  164. Teri

    Oh how I have lusted over these grain sacks!

    What would I do- I don’t know, I have so many places it could be used. I would definitely want it out and seen, but not in our sun so it fades.

    It would either be a chair or pillows or both- but I just don’t know

  165. Sheila H

    What a beauty! It would look great framed or on a chair.

  166. Loretta

    Pick me! Pick me ! LOL! They are beauties!
    .-= Loretta´s last blog ..That Old Cape Magic =-.

  167. Morna Crites-Moore

    Okay – Here is my comment, and I put it on my Facebook Fan Page: so now I’ll just enjoy it the way I enjoy the occasional (rare) lottery ticket – pretty much know I won’t win, but in honor of the MAYBE, I can enjoy daydreaming about it until the actual winner is announced! :)
    .-= Morna Crites-Moore´s last blog ..Friday Flickr Favorites =-.

  168. Sharon

    Ohhhh, please enter me. I adore this fabulous piece of history!
    .-= Sharon´s last blog .. =-.

  169. Susan Howe

    Wow – I love it, and would cherish it if I won it! :)

    My mother-in-law shared memories of her school dresses made from grain sacks by her mother, who was a skilled seamstress. What seemed “shameful and poor” would be an absolute treasure today – wish I had one of her dresses to hang on a wall.

    I happened on your website by chance, and I’m glad I did! I put it in my favorites and now check in regularly.

  170. Erica W

    How awesome! I would probably make a nice pillow with the grain sack. That’s certainly something I would treasure forever!

  171. b.

    ohhh.. please enter me!!! and, im dying over your stork pillow… it is precious! where did you get that beauty! xo.
    .-= b.´s last blog {next} home project! =-.

  172. Jenelle at This Lady Blogs

    Yes, Please!!!
    .-= Jenelle at This Lady Blogs´s last blog ..Bring On The KNIFE!!! =-.

  173. Willow Decor

    I gave away one of Kym’s pillows a few months ago and I also wish I could have kept it!! Would love to win a sack!! Count me in!!
    .-= Willow Decor´s last blog ..The Wedding and Wengen =-.

  174. Shannon Strong

    Pick me! Pick me!

  175. Heather

    I would give it to my sister. She really wants to win!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..14 months =-.

  176. Maureen

    I love the ideas about hanging it up and framing it…but I also love Melissa’s idea of a pillow you can run your hands over everyday. I will tweet and facebook when I get home. Thanks 3 Fine Grains and Melissa for this wonderful giveaway.

  177. Kay

    Thank you Melissa and 3 Fine Grains for such a wonderful giveaway. I would definitely make a pillow from this beautiful grain sack. I will be posting about this on my blog and on Facebook.
    .-= Kay´s last blog ..New Sophie Pics =-.

  178. Terri

    Thanks 3 Fine Grains and Melissa for this beautiful and generous giveaway. Your old grain sacks are lovely and would make a special addition to any home. I think I would give this to my mother-in-law as a gift. She loves antiques as much as I do and she is German to boot! This would be a perfect gift!

  179. Holly

    I love, Love, LOVE the chair! I’ve been waiting two years for the perfect dining room chairs and I think this is exactly what I was looking for!

  180. Diane Duda

    Please enter me in this generous give-away.
    It’s beautiful!
    .-= Diane Duda´s last blog ..Hulafrog Group Photo =-.

  181. Kristi B.

    oh I would cover an antique chair that i’ve been wanting to redo!

  182. Gina

    I think I would frame it. It is gorgeous. Thanks for the give away and I love your site!

  183. Marsha

    Would I ever love the grain sack. Oh my, what I could do with that!! I agree wholeheartedly with your post. I’ve been keeping house for 36 years and the antique or vintage pieces I have bought through the years are the pieces that I’ve kept and used in many different ways. They have character and tell a story.
    .-= Marsha´s last blog ..Craft Room – Part 2 =-.

  184. Cindi

    Greetings! I would be thrilled and honored to win this amazing
    German Feed Sack. My ideal use would be to use it as a valance
    hung over a rod! My house is very prim and it would look great!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  185. cynthia

    i am drooling over here!

    gosh, there are so many possibilities…probably cover a chair, but then i would have to find a chair?? what a problem to have, huh?
    .-= cynthia´s last blog ..speaks for itself =-.

  186. Cindi

    I posted this giveaway on Facebook!
    Again, many thanks…..Cindi

  187. Bethany

    How beautiful! What a wonderful giveaway!

  188. Rev. Carleen Burns

    I will share first on my blog:

  189. Ronnie Gunn Tucker

    I am so in! I lived in Germany for 4 years when I was a kid and always wanted to go back. 3 Fine Grains has BEAUTIFUL stuff. THanks.
    .-= Ronnie Gunn Tucker´s last blog ..No ka oi =-.

  190. Arlene Mobley

    Wow what a fantastic give away. If I were to be so lucky and win this grain sack I am afraid that I would not be able to cut it up and use it for anything. I think I would have to leave it the way it is and frame it. So I could enjoy the beauty of the whole bag in it’s natural state.

    .-= Arlene Mobley´s last blog ..Art Quilts =-.

  191. Arlene Mobley

    I sent a tweet out and also posted to my facebook page!

    thanks for hosting a spectacular giveaway!

    .-= Arlene Mobley´s last blog ..Art Quilts =-.

  192. stacy

    I would probably frame it. If I upholster anything with it one of my three boys will surely ruin it!
    .-= stacy´s last blog ..Southern Boy =-.

  193. ratty

    i would love to make a nice long bolster pillow for my bedroom…, or couch :) i have another old grain sack [plain] that i could fill out the sides with…, Yum!

  194. Peggy

    What a handsome grain sack. A friend has given me small, old feed sacks to cut up and do embroidered pillows and wall-hangings. But nothing as elegant as the sack shown. And I just let the oil and mold stains be part of the piece. Would be honored to win this beauty and would treat it with respect. LOL Already visited her site a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  195. Tracy

    I think it would look great in a beautiful frame to hang on the wall!

  196. Gloira Nickels

    I enjoy your website so much that it’s listed under “my favorites”. I check it everyday! Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway!

  197. erin

    Oh, I have an ottoman that’s just waiting for this wonderful grain sack!!

  198. Annie

    No Twitter, no blog, no other form of cyber chattiness, but oh, would I love to own that wonderful piece of history. I think I would frame it and let it hang in all it’s glory as a focal point in my home of mixed English and American antiques. It would certainly class the place up a bit and make me look sooo with it.

  199. janet

    I would not cut it up or anything like that. I would attach it to wrought iron curtain rings and hang it in the pantry window in my house that was built in 1890. Wouldn’t that look great!
    .-= janet´s last blog ..a morning walk =-.

  200. stacy

    Came back to say I also blogged and linked to you as well!
    .-= stacy´s last blog ..Inspired Room =-.

  201. Randi

    Love, love, love these. Especially this one since I have a German mother and grandparents. I would love to put it on a piece of furniture.
    .-= Randi´s last blog ..Duke =-.

  202. Dave Riddle

    I would give it to my wife that works selflessly every day to not only raise our children, but to make our home a home with her amazing decorating ideas. I’m sure she would love this.

  203. wendy

    I love this! Always wanted one, just never knew where to find it. I am posting to my blog and facebook. Thanks for the chance.

    .-= wendy´s last blog ..Is the glass half empty or half full? =-.

  204. We are THAT family

    Wow. That is one amazing prize! I’m a huge antique fan too!

  205. Melisa Morrison

    Just found your blog and I’m enjoying reading your previous posts! How lucky for me that you’re doing this fabulous giveaway! I think I would frame the grain sack, only I’d use either an old window frame or perhaps use a couple of old tobacco sticks from my grandfather’s farming operation to have a special frame made just for it! So many possibilities! So many thanks for this opportunity!
    .-= Melisa Morrison´s last blog ..It’s gonna be one of those days … =-.

  206. Renee'

    I think it would look amazing framed :D ILOVE antiques… thanks for the chance to win…

  207. asimplyfrugalhome

    How beautiful! I am a lover of old things myself. An old piece with the love of many years that show; awe me.
    .-= asimplyfrugalhome´s last blog ..mmm… a coffee bar! =-.

  208. nana

    I too love the idea of framing this. it would be great in my kitchen. please enter me in the drawing

  209. Nicol

    I put the giveaway on Facebook! Hope to win!

    nicolmontero at gmail dot com
    .-= Nicol´s last blog ..Antique German Feedsack =-.

  210. KV Creative Designs

    Omgoodness!!! I so want this. I would recover a chair, as I LOVED the picture up above! Thank you for the opportunity!!

    Artful Blessings,
    .-= KV Creative Designs´s last blog ..~* Blogging for Bliss *~ =-.

  211. The Summer Kitchen Girls

    Wow! what a generous prize! We would have to come up with something very special for this prize…. and then figure out which one of us gets to keep it. Might result in a custody battle! We were just thinking that they could also be cool on a lamp shade. Hmmm… we’ll have to put our thinking caps on!
    Karla & Karrie
    .-= The Summer Kitchen Girls´s last blog ..The Power of Color =-.

  212. Norma

    Gimme,gimme, gimme.
    I would opt for the frame because I would be frightened of damage to
    a pillow altho I am sure they have had untold manhandling over the years.
    would cherish it.
    .-= Norma´s last blog ..OH My Gosh…….. =-.

  213. Barbara

    I love, love, love grain sacks! I think part of it is that I grew up on a farm and we did have grain sacks everywhere (who knew I would grow up and want them “in” the house) I think I would would cover a chair with one if I won. Thanks, Barbara

  214. Sara Duckett

    What an amazing prize! I would love to be picked! I just love it!
    .-= Sara Duckett´s last blog’s a mish-mash =-.

  215. AmberDusick

    Oh, I have a very old chair which also happens to be from Germany and I’d love to frame it and have it above the chair the corner of our dining room! I’d be tempted to make it into a pillow, but something that special really deserves a frame!
    .-= AmberDusick´s last blog ..Work in Progress Wednesday: Simple Dry Pantry =-.

  216. Sandee

    I think I might make a knitting bag out of it…….but then that would be too rough on it. hmmmmm….I will have to think.

    I also posted about this on my facebook account.
    .-= Sandee´s last blog ..A Simpler Momma =-.

  217. melanie adey

    I would love to create a pillow out of it.

  218. Design Esquire

    Wow! It is beautiful and so generous of 3 Fine Grains! There are so many possibilities, I’m not sure what I would do with it. Cover an ottoman? Pillow(s)? Frame it and hang it? I would have to think long and hard before making a decision (hopefully I will have that option!!!).

  219. Debbie

    I love the idea of framing it and hanging it in the kitchen or near a pantry. How fun! Fantastic giveaway!!
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Beautiful Boxes =-.

  220. Joanne

    GORGEOUS! Would love to win this….and would hang in my vintage-y flower shop! Thanks for the chance to win.

  221. AnNicole

    Okay – I’m the 227th entry…here’s keeping my fingers crossed. I loooove their vintage grain sacks. I’d probably be perfectly happy to frame one and proudly display it.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Good Brass vs. Bad Brass =-.

  222. Eden

    I just started reading your blog and am enjoying it! I’ll enter the contest….love the look of these grain sacks. We lived in Paris early in our marriage and I didn’t know how lucky I was to be surrounded by all the antiques and markets. Nor did I have the money to shop in them…. ah, youth. I would love to be back there now and get to search for these perfect treasures.

  223. marcy gersten

    Oooooooh!! I have the perfect flea market frame and I would frame it up and place it in my dining room… I just have to win!!!! Marcy G

  224. Jamie

    Well you really got me on this one. I relate to everything you said in this article. Thanks for being a voice for all of us antique junkies. The grain sack is fabulous I would facebook and twitter if I could but can’t so I’ll just hope for the best = )

  225. Deena

    I have a thing about cutting up vintage textiles. It’s on my no-no list. I just don’t have the heart to do it. I have to take a deep breath before I cut new fabric, for crying out loud! :) I would most definitely frame this. It is gorgeous just as it is. Thanks so much to 3 Fine Grains and to you, too, Melissa! What a terrific giveaway! I have my fingers and my toes crossed!

  226. Karen

    Please enter me as well! I would love to make a dress up clothes bag for my daughters with it – I love it when they handle special things (instead of keeping them sacred and dusty) and really incorporate them into their everyday lives.

  227. julie

    I love her pillows. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks

  228. Cynthia

    I’ve been loving the hemp grainsacks for awhile now, and would love to win this beauty. Count me in!

  229. Laurie Knowley

    I would use it as the base for a sampler of stitches, probably with embroidered flowers as well, framed around the edges.

  230. Sarah Jessica

    Oh my goodness! What an amazing prize. Gorgeous. I’ll not be fooled by Pottery Barn lookalikes, no ma’am. PLease enter me! I’ll be tweeting this @sarahjessicaesq and sharing it on FB forthrightly. :-) thanks for the chance to win!

  231. Marty

    At first I thought a long bench / footstool in front of the fireplace would be just right. But the idea of framing it really appeals, too.
    Please enter me in the drawing. Keeping my fingers crossed ;-)

  232. Helen

    I’d love to be entered to win this!! Actually, I’d love to win it – but entering me will do as a first step.

  233. Beth Rawling

    Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway. I love the old script and think this would be charming as a valance or pillow. I love your website and all of the interesting links!!

  234. Adrianne Bow

    I would LOVE to make a cushion for the ottoman that sits in front of my fireplace! I love the character.

  235. Karen

    Just stumbled onto your website. Makes me miss Portland!
    I’d love to be entered in this contest. Thank you!

  236. Laurie

    Absolutely beautiful- I have been looking for something to use as the focal point when you enter our house. You look right at the kitchen sink and It would make a stunning window covering.

  237. Laurie

    Just posted up to FB -

  238. Dawn

    HOW ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I would love to frame it….to enjoy its wonderful history ~ what a generous giveaway!!! xxoo, Dawn
    .-= Dawn @ The Feathered Nest´s last blog ..For the love of fairies ~ =-.

  239. Katie

    these are so beautiful! they would add so much character to a room!

  240. kribss

    i would make it into a pillow for my son’s room. he’s half german. {something for him to keep when he moves out +has a family of his own}
    .-= kribss´s last blog ..want to win a cool cruiser? =-.

  241. Kim Rohrbough

    My husband’s family has a strong German ancestry (can you tell from the last name?). Love, love, love the pillows! That is what I would make with a German grain sack. Love the website, too!

  242. ginny

    Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!! I loooooooooooooooove these old sacks. They have such greatgraphic appeal and texture they’re just yummy. If I won I would make a purse (for me, not for sale).

  243. Megan Bentley

    I would love to recover a ottoman with it. If there are any extra I would frame them and add them to my photo wall to add texture

  244. Janet

    ooo, I would love this. cant’ wait to see who wins. ;)
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..The New Catalog is Here! =-.

  245. Emily

    I think 292 is a very lucky number and I will win. I don’t know what to do with a grain sack, but it is beautiful and I am willing to find out.

    Thanks ladies for the awesome giveaway!
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Bye Bye Bad Bad Bath =-.

  246. Sarah Jessica

    I’ve tweeted!

  247. mom23guys1girl

    I tweeted…I think.

  248. mom23guys1girl

    I definitely facebooked it to my friends. Hope you get some action.

  249. Sarah Jessica

    I facebooked!

  250. Wendy

    I would incorporate this treasure in my kitchen for that special spark it is currently missing. Thank you for the wonderful inspirations and the generous give away!!!!

  251. Renee G

    I would love to make a pillow with it, but because I wouldn’t want to cut it, I am more likely to just frame and hang it.
    [email protected](Dot)com

  252. Karen Cannon

    Oh, I would love, love, Love to win my very own grain sack. I would probably just adore it for a while before actually using it but I think I would cover a footstool cushion with my grainsack. I would be ever so grateful if I were the winner!
    .-= Karen Cannon´s last blog ..Pretty Little Dresses Green =-.

  253. Rhonda

    This is so lovely. I would totally love to win this baby. I would touch it every time I walked past it like you do with your pillow – which is beautiful.
    I enjoyed the post. I agree 100%.

  254. Anne

    Oh please, oh please pick me!

  255. joy!

    What a treasure! Count me in on the fun!!
    .-= joy!´s last blog ..Heart-Knower =-.

  256. Beth

    Wow! This is a great giveaway. Lovely.

  257. carol grady

    I would either make a slipcover for my great aunts footstool that was passed on to me or a pillow cover. Being of German heritage I REALLY would love to win your giveaway, thanks for having it.

  258. Barra

    let it be me, let it be me, let it be me!!!! said with my fingers and toes crossed!! =)
    beautiful things on her website!! love them all!

  259. Elaine

    My grain sack would be made into a pillow – I use pillows all the time – especially when I’m reading – I like to rest my book on a pillow in my lap (because I’m too lazy to hold the book up!) The featured grain sack would add so much charm to my house!! It’s already the right color for the living room, bed room, or dining room! I love it!!!
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..About time for a new card? =-.

  260. K King

    Oh that is so very, very lovely… A very nice, fluffy, down pillow to rest my head and sketch… Though perhaps a stuffed animal (images in my head – CUTE!)!
    .-= K King´s last blog ..Five Years =-.

  261. Rebecca

    What a great giveaway! Wow! Puts my giveaways to shame! If I won this incredible prize, I’m afraid I would probably frame it or put it in a neat display, as it would be the most prized possession in my furnishings (sadly). I don’t have any antiques, so this would be very special to me. It would have to be prominently displayed in my living room for all to see!

  262. Tina

    It’s simply amazing. I would be afraid to harm it in any way, so I think I’d frame it in an old, worm-wood frame and hang it as is in my dining room. I love it. Please enter me in the contest!

  263. gretchen

    they are so amazing – the history you can hold in your hand… just love them.

  264. Jessica

    The grain sack is absolutely gorgeous, please enter me in the contest. Thanks! :)
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Random projects =-.

  265. sarah

    Oh what a lovely piece! I have been dreaming of a grain sack to add to my living room…either framed or used as a pillow case. What a punch this would add to my room!!

  266. thatgirlblogs

    must be framed… cannot bear thought of a $400 pillow.

  267. Isa

    I share all the sentiments you so perfectly expressed – things with a history just send my heart pounding. Plus – buying antiques is the original “green” — talk about perfect recycling! :)

    I love the grain sack – I have one framed on my wall, and if I were the luckiest person on earth and won this one, I’d use it to recover my chaise back cushion.

    xo Isa
    .-= Isa´s last blog ..My Personal Pied Piper… =-.

  268. TRACEY.R

    i love the richness that an earthy kind of antique gives……. i love the oldness…. just imagining the stories that any item of holds…………..a treasure to hold forever… to be passed on…..
    Tracey :)

  269. Randi

    I never win but I’ll keep trying. This prize is amazing!! I’d recover a small antique bench I have (it’s a bench on one side and a tea table on the reverse) … it would look incredible with this sack on it.
    .-= Randi´s last blog ..It’s Definitely Monday =-.

  270. Jill Cooper

    It’s so beautiful I probably couldn’t bring myself to cut it. I’d probably fill it with dried grasses and leaves out the top and hang it on the wall as a piece of art. I so agree with you on what I’ll have in my home years from now – all the wonderful ‘old’ things (and by that time I’ll be one of them LOL).

  271. Michele

    Have been lusting after the grainsack/burlap pillows for a while–would love to be the winner:) My friend sews, so I’m sure she’ll come up with something fabulous!

  272. Rames International

    This is a lovely website. I spent ages looking.
    The give away prize is fantastic.


  273. Penny

    What a fabulous prize!!! I’d love to cover a chair with one of these!!! How amazing would that be!?

  274. Jenny

    HOW GENEROUS! I think it is fabulous. I love to own a grain sack like that!
    .-= Jenny @ L.O.T.s of Love´s last blog ..SHE WON! =-.

  275. Kelly

    How charming! I would most definitely frame it. Thank you for the opportunity!

  276. Suzann

    Oh, I don’t know what I’d do. I love the idea of a pillow, but a wall hanging…
    Okay, it would be one of those two.
    I want one, I don’t have one, I totally want to win.
    .-= Suzann´s last blog ..I’m an Explorer =-.

  277. Abbie

    oooo… It is absolutely gorgeous! what would I do with such a treasure? Most definitely frame it.. having lived in Germany for 9 years, it would be so greatly loved!! as I’m sure the lucky person who wins it will treasure it!
    Thank you for the highlight of Kymberley’s website…
    .-= Abbie´s last blog ..Digital Journal Page 13 =-.

  278. Deborah

    These are lovely images. I like the idea of mounting a grain sack in a frame and displaying it on a wall! Deborah
    .-= Deborah´s last blog ..Plain and Simple =-.

  279. Angi

    I love this idea… I think I’d frame it and hang it on my wall in my dining room.

  280. KIMBERLY c

    I would love to make a pillow. Original idea, right? But I A-D-O-R-E the pillows that you featured and your stork pillow. Thank you for such an inspiring resource.

  281. Jean

    I have also fallen in love with these sacks. I would cherish it if I am the lucky winner that’s what I would do with it. Could it be me? Thank you.
    .-= Jean´s last blog ..Service Group Summer Projects =-.

  282. Penny

    What a wonderful gift this would make! So special, I love things that have a history! Melissa, thank you so much for your great and thoughtful blog!

  283. Britney

    These would make wonderful throw pillows as you’ve already pointed out!
    .-= Britney´s last blog ..•too long, much to share. =-.

  284. Patricia

    What a lovely , generous gift. A keepsake for ever !

  285. Nicole B.

    I would definitely make it into a pillow…how beautiful!

  286. Jeanne

    This is the most incredible giveaway I have ever seen! I would frame it because I wouldn’t want to cut into it. I think framed grain sacks look amazing. I will be posting on this right away!!!
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Are You? =-.

  287. Laurie

    I love antiques too. I’m updating my kitchen so if I win, I’ll display it there. Thanks for entering me!

  288. Jen B

    I would probably have it framed and put in my dining room or kitchen

  289. Kristen B

    I’d love to frame this and hang it in my home. My husband’s family is German and I know they’d love it as well!

  290. Christine Annette

    Wow, I love this giveaway!
    I would probably frame it.
    Please enter me to win!

    Sourire, Christine
    .-= Christine Annette´s last blog ..Designer Elie Saab =-.

  291. June

    I would love to win this grain sack. Please include my name. I already have big plans for it, I hope I win!!! (I would frame it, I have a great place to hang it in my entry)

  292. Terri

    Hi Melissa, what a wonderful generous gift. Please count me in for the draw. My dining room walls are empty and I am buying a new French chandelier and refinishing my dining room chairs in linen, so I think this would fit in perfectly! I would likely frame it and hang it on the otherwise empty wall. A perfect fit!

    Hope you are well! xo Terri
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Found: My New "French" Dining Room Chandelier! =-.

  293. Micaela

    I Love LOVE love This!!!! I think I would frame it and hang it somewhere, anywhere, everywhere if i could. It would be a great jumping off point to my living room redo I plan on orchestrating soon.
    .-= Micaela´s last blog ..Run for a cause =-.

  294. emily ann

    I LOVE this! I’ve been looking for something similar, only and old coffee sack, for our master bedroom, to frame and hang above the bed! This one is perfect because my husband’s name is CONRAD! :) Yay for finding your blog on today of all days!
    .-= emily ann´s last blog ..Hilarity. =-.

  295. Mim

    I would recover the back of a chair I have just perfect for this!
    .-= Mim´s last blog ..I love my little fish pond =-.

  296. Dawnelle

    I have been eyeing her website- and have bookmarked it for my husband for Christmas!

    Me, me!!!

  297. Tiffany

    Oh, how I would love to win an authentic grain sack. I have been wanting one to make a pillow cover for a living room chair. It would be the perfect touch in our living room. Thanks for the chance to win this delightful gift! I hope I am the lucky one! : )
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..copycat =-.

  298. Beth

    I would love to recover my office chair. The sacks are beautiful as is your website.

  299. Ann

    I have the perfect place to hang this grain sack. It would be a wonderful accent in my rustic/pioneer cabin style apartment.

  300. Jessica Young

    I would love this. I am a little afraid of the responsibility of owning a real antique though!

  301. Linda in AZ/ Mom

    * WOW~ MAGNIFICENT!!! I would UNDOUBTEDLY have this made into the back pillow of an old leather chair, sitting right next to the framed Western Union Telegram from Jean Beliard, General Consul of France, that was received by my family upon the passing of my Great Grandfather in October 1961… I’ll keep my fingers crossed and dream good thoughts about the two together!!!

    I went to her website… I was so enamored with it ALL!!!

    Thank you~
    Linda in AZ*
    ([email protected])

  302. Stacy C

    What a great item! I would make a pillow. I hope I win!

  303. Roxanna

    I would love to have this! My husband reupholsters chairs and I love the one I saw in the picture!

  304. stef

    I would love this! I would make it a window treatment or maybe I would use it to make over a chair.

  305. Leeann

    I would love to win it as I have been searching for one for a very long time.

    Leeann x
    .-= Leeann´s last blog ..Oh la la Lacroix =-.

  306. Linda in AZ/Mom

    * Ohhhh, yes!!! Magnificent!!! This would be used to upholster the back cushion (or part of it) of an old leather chair with, on the table next to it, the frame containing the Western Union Telegram received by my family upon my Great Grandfather’s passing, from Jean Beliard, General Consul of France

  307. molly

    Love it! I’d frame it and hang it over the black chest in my entry. It would announce some of the German heritage in my family.

  308. tracy

    Wow that’s beautiful. I would upholster something to make use of every little inch of that beauty!

  309. Krys

    This is so wonderful! It would proudly take it’s place as a piece of art on my living room wall. Thank you for this very special contest!
    .-= Krys´s last blog ..Price My Space – Powder Room (ex-Dungeon) =-.

  310. Carol from Bama

    Oh please, please pick my entry! It would live in the sunroom as either a pillow or part of a throw for the sofa. I spend a lot of time out there reading, stitching and we eat most of our meals out there as well. These are lovely!

    p.s. I already have a lot of antiques in the sunroom so the grain sack would feel right at home!

  311. Mary

    Please sign me up!! I blogged about this wonderful giveaway also!!
    Who ever wins this will be one blessed gal!!

    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Breakfast room Before and After! =-.

  312. Jen M

    This is lovely, I’d probably frame it.

  313. Busy Mom

    I adore the grain sack!! I love the pillow idea and framing it! I just know my home would love it!! Thanks for such a great giveaway!!
    .-= Busy Mom´s last blog ..The Huns are Invading…. =-.

  314. Aimee

    Love, love, love this!! AND I want to WIN!! :) Thank Melissa!
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Sweet Little Table =-.

  315. Victoria

    What an extraordinary and unique antique piece this wonderful grain sack is! It would add so much character and charm to any room. I love her website and would love to own this piece. Depending on the size, I would have it framed or have a stool made of it. Or a pillow or ….so many wonderful ideas!

  316. Karla

    Oooh, so beautiful!
    Definitely would frame it to hang on the rock wall of my 1851 German built house on our Fredericksburg, Texas ranch – a town settled by Germans, and where the language was spoken in public schools until the 1940s.

  317. Milissa Klicka

    These beautiful grain sacks are true works of art!
    I’m not sure, but I think that I might have to either frame it and place it in my office or possibly make a pillow out of it to place on my tan and black toile cushioned wicker love seat.
    I hope that I win!!
    .-= Milissa Klicka´s last blog ..My Very First Favorite Things Swap =-.

  318. June Stocking

    Most definitely a pillow. Wouldn’t it be grand to win! I can imagine this beauty perched on my favorite chair. What a wonderful giveaway.
    .-= June Stocking´s last blog ..On gardening… =-.

  319. Christine Trebendis

    The grain sack is absolutely gorgeous, please enter me in the contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

  320. Kat

    I’m lucky to have a couple grain sacks from my husband’s family farm but nothing as old or beautiful as this.

  321. jmac

    so awesome! i want to win! :)

  322. christine

    I would love to win a grain sack! I have been eyeing them on ebay for a while but haven’t want to spend the $!! I would love to make a slipcover for a ottoman that I have using the grain sack for the top portion.
    Love your blog!

  323. Traci

    Please enter me! I hope I win, it is so beautiful!

  324. Amy

    I just bought French General Home Sewn and wondered where one might find the antique textiles discussed in the book. This is an awesome piece!! I would probably display it as a wall hanging, since it suits the rustic style of my home. Love it!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Revived from ReStore =-.

  325. Jennifer

    pick me! pick me! Oh, I just don’t know what I would do with this gorgeous grain sack – there are so many options!

  326. Marilyn

    I might put it in a coverlet…wouldn’t that be beautiful?

  327. Chari

    Ohhh myyy…what a fabulous and generous gift giveaway!!! This is truly a rare find…I don’t think I could do anything to it but to display it in a pretty frame!!! Hmmm…crossing my fingers!!! Thank you so much!!! I just love this post…so many beautiful items made out of these pretty grain sacks…loved them all!!! Thank you for sharing this with us…

    Warmest wishes,
    .-= Chari´s last blog .. =-.

  328. Courtney

    I’m not sure how… but it would end up in our bedroom – either a pillow, or on the wall.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Note to Self… =-.

  329. Cathy

    What an absolutely awesome and generous treasure to share! It’s just gorgeous! If it were mine I would treasure it, pet it often and just plain love it! I’m not sure just how I would display it, but I do know that no scissors would ever come near it! Maybe one of my dressforms could wear it for awhile and then it could drape across the back of the antique rocker that only dolls sit in and later it could hang on the wall for all to admire. Oh there’s so many wonderful possibilites! Oh I do hope it comes to live with me! Maybe I should think if a name for it. I think it’s deserving of it’s own name, don’t you?

    Cathy ♥

  330. abra

    Wow! What a giveaway, such beautiful pictures too. Thanks for your kindness.

  331. Michelle

    It’s so beautiful just as it is, that I would probably simply display it (or should I say I would display it simply? LOL!) Something this gorgeously authentic needs to shine all by itself, so I definitely would “display it simply”.

    The only other possible use I can think of would be to incorporate it into the upholstery on just the right antique chair. Since I don’t own that chair right now, again, I would display it all by itself.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Choosing trust =-.

  332. Ashley Crenshaw

    Holy Moley!! The grain sack is amazing. From Germany, you say? 100 years ago, you say? Honestly, I would love to carry it around with me for a little while. I’m sure it would like some air, and space to fill me in on the stories. Once I get the feel of the grain sack, we’d decide what to do with ’em. But, wow, just to sit and look at it would be beautiful right now. I haven’t been able to admire something that special in quite some time.
    .-= Ashley Crenshaw´s last blog ..I CAN’T get enough of this… =-.

  333. Sharon Mann

    I love these sacks!! So neat!!

  334. Holly

    These are just beautiful… I’m with everyone else who thinks it should be framed… Just don’t think us OCD when we sit and stare at it for hours!!!
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..In “The Mood” =-.

  335. Chez

    Oh how wonderful. The one in the picture with the horse on it actually made me DROOL! :D
    .-= Chez´s last blog ..Surprise! =-.

  336. Katie Hankins

    Hi!!! I’d LOVE an antique bag! I’d either frame it or stuff it and use it as a pillow. I’d actually prefer to use it as upholstery, but I’m wary of that- I consider myself rather hard on furniture. Thanks anyways for the giveaway!

  337. Crystal Mims

    This is one awesome giveaway! I absolutely adore grain sacks. If I won this, I would probably frame and hang it in my foyer so every time I pass by it..I can admire it.

  338. Helen

    Beautiful…I would use it to cover a antique small bench that would sit at the foot of my bed…It would mean a lot as my grandparents came from Germany speaking no english…Thank you so much for your in-sight on how to make daily living beautiful !

  339. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    I would frame this! I love old grainsacks and your pillow is FAB!!!
    Thank you for entering my name in the drawing and I will put a picture of this on my blog sidebar and link back to this post.

    love you!


  340. Amy

    Wow, this is beautiful! I’ve recently been turned onto grain sacks… I would love to use one as some sort of drapery in my kitchen, but this one is too special, I would just frame it for safe keeping!

  341. jean

    sooooo wonderful. please enter me in the contest. thank you thank you thank you!

  342. Cindy

    Want to hang them on an old ladder in my room. Love Them

  343. Pinky

    Just magnificent! I see it on my brown leather sofa right here in my own office!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing all pieces antique are to me….such wonderful HISTORY! I do have my own TREASURE that is not a TRUE antique but I inherited from my in-laws: it is a GORGEOUS Oriental screen that has a place of honor in my living room. My FIL was a pilot and brought it home from the Orient! I also have 2 elephants that he brought back from VIETNAM during the war…….oh, be still my heart! Pinky

  344. Monica P.

    Hello. I’ve never commented on your site before, but I’ve been visiting for a while and enjoying many of your posts. So many inspiring photos! I so enjoy trying to make my home warm and cozy – with very little money. :-)

    I’d love to enter the giveaway. I think I would just hang the sack on the wall, possibly with a strip of wood attached to both ends.

    Monica P.

  345. Michelle R.

    what a generous and great giveaway. hoping it’s me!! toes and fingers crossed. I’d have to frame it first, then gradually make it into a pillow, it’s absolutely beautiful!!
    .-= Michelle R.´s last blog ..firm foundation =-.

  346. Jamie

    This is an amazing give away!!! I am in love with sacks right now. I would hang it on the wall as is, I don’t think I could cut into something like this!

  347. cara hoffman

    Pick me!!! Love them!

  348. Leah

    loving the sacks! i hope i win!

  349. kellie at this blessed nest

    i would love to own this gorgeous piece! not sure whether i would frame it or make a pillow. i probably would be to scared to cut it! what a great & extremely unique prize!

  350. Denise

    Love them all. Would love to see one of them as a pillow in our newly built window seat. This is such a unique give-away – thank you!

  351. Helen Cox

    Oh, how I’d love to win that :)

  352. Arlene

    I would love to win this grain sack. I’d make it into a beatiful pillow or frame it!!!

  353. Candi

    I would love one of these gorgeous pillows! I’m currently working on redecorating my bedroom, and this would look gorgeous! :)

  354. Cathy B

    Well first thank you.. and secondly I desperately need throw pillows but would hate to damage that by making it into anything. wouldnt it be better to frame it? I absolutely love the linen and blue pillow with the bird of yours… you always have such awesome home decorating finds.. And that unusual chair.. wow.. its so beautiful! I love your site!

    Cathy B
    .-= Cathy B´s last blog ..Keeping the cup half full…. =-.

  355. Alissa Millsap

    i have really enjoyed your blog…such inspiration! i think it would make a great pillow or even a table runner. thanks so much!

  356. The Stylish House

    What a fabulous giveaway! I must say it would look ever so wonderful in my home if I was lucky enough to win.
    .-= The Stylish House´s last blog ..Antiques with Patina! =-.

  357. nina

    thank you for your faithful postings….brightens my day….
    love the grain sacks…hoping to win….

  358. Kathy Owen

    This has to be the biggest most gorgeous prize I have ever entered, or seen.. Wow I CAN’T get over how beautiful it is. What a treasure. I would make this the focal point of my bedroom. I would frame it right above my bed. Thanks a million for a chance to win something so pretty. Kath’ at [email protected]

  359. Jennifer

    How beautiful! The only problem would be deciding on which of the many possibilities to create with it!

  360. Kathy Owen

    I have just entered this give away on facebook to all my friends to join in.. They will love this one.. [email protected]

  361. Kathy Owen

    I have told all my friends about this give away on my Twitter site. They are going to love this one. Its so pretty. I am going to dream about this one tonight.. Kath’ at [email protected]

  362. Kathy Owen

    I am going to figure out how to add this to my blog too. On my way thhere now. I will be dreaming of this prize tonight and all day until the winner is drawn. kath’ at [email protected]

  363. Kim Obert

    Thank you for your blogs! I enjoy reading them and frequently go back to look at the photos. Community IS ALL about SHARING and you are doing a wonderful job!

    I love this grain sack. I would frame it and hang it in my guest room which has a Swedish theme (I spent most of 2001 in Stockholm) with lots of treasures from my travels. Guests (and me too!) can enjoy books, local arts and crafts, postcards and photos of my travels. My German heritage will be celebrated with this grain sack!

    Thanks again!

  364. nina

    hi again…forgot to wish you a happy blogaversary:)…here’s to many more years!…nina

  365. Jeannine Wayman

    I love the style of writing and have no idea what I would do with it. Maybe redo my bedroom and make a pillow. That would not take too much effort.
    .-= Jeannine Wayman´s last blog ..Cats out of the Bag! =-.

  366. Cathy ~Tadpoles and Teacups

    Oh wow! What a wonderful giveaway. Please throw my name in the hat. And I’ll “tweet” about it for an extra chance!!
    (Twitter name: TadpolesTeacups)

    Thanks for sharing about 3 Fine Grains!!

    .-= Cathy ~Tadpoles and Teacups´s last blog ..The Tree From Which the Apple Fell =-.

  367. Elizabeth Marchus

    What a special and generous give a way. If I was to be the very lucky winner of this grain sack, I would have it framed.
    Please enter my name. I found you through Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams.
    Enjoy your day,

  368. Stacy~Creativemuse

    These are so Stunning I adore this lovely Grain sack. My family is from Germany so what a treat to have this in my home. I’d love to make a wall hanging with vintage photos around it. Or maybe the occasional pillow to sit upon by the warm fall/winter hearth.
    I’m spinning with ideas! thank you
    I’ll attempt to link you to the blog too (new at this)
    Stacy~Creativemuse[email protected]/[email protected]/
    .-= Stacy~Creativemuse´s last blog ..TODAY IS THE MAD HATTER TEA PARTY =-.

  369. Spencer

    Oh my goodness……………..I want this so badly….I’m number 424 in the list of hopeful folks though………….what are the chances? But say I AM the lucky gal? I’d make a lovely pillow out of it. I’m re-doing my den and how chic it would look in my new room….hoping, hoping, hoping.

    .-= Spencer´s last blog ..It Was A Super-Duper, Wonderful, Fabulous Day With My Little Guy! =-.

  370. Mary

    Hi Melissa ,I love your blog and am inspired by your faith in Christ and the positive way you have handled the hard things you have had to go thru this year.Life isn’t always the way want it ‘but the way we handle the obstacles determines the future. keep this blog going for many more years. Mary does leaving a comment enter me in the grain sack giveaway? I Love That grainsack

  371. the wild raspberry

    it is beautiful beyond words!
    put me down for 3 entries….i’ll put it on facebook and my blog…holy moly…it may be worth starting a twitter account just for one more chance! :)
    have a wonderful day~
    .-= the wild raspberry´s last blog ..The August Giveaway and a very special BirThDaY! =-.

  372. Deb

    Beautiful post & photos about grainsacks. I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway ~ Thank you. I think it would be gorgeous stretched on a frame and hanging above the fireplace mantle :-)

  373. Karen Miles

    I imagine I’d enjoy looking at the sack for months before deciding what to do with it, if I were lucky enough to win. How lovely!

  374. Dee Guinn

    What a great giveaway! I’m feeling lucky today………….

  375. Karen Z

    My family is of German and Swiss (German speaking) descent and this would make awesome pillows for my family room – to go on the couch below my family tree. A little bit of history close to home.
    .-= Karen Z´s last blog ..Just for a moment =-.

  376. Wendy

    would love the grainsack! Love your blog, so beautiful great inspiration!

  377. Laura

    I know this is kind of unoriginal, but I would use it to make a pillow for the daybed in our guest room. I just finished piecing out some drop cloth fabric for that very purpose, but a grain sack would be soooo much prettier!

  378. Debb

    I would love to win… however; I would feel really bad about cutting or changing the appearance…. framing would be what I would do.. thanks

  379. Marsha

    Love this sack – don’t know exactly what I’d with it – Right now I just want to make this comment before they change their mind.

    Love this blog, too –


  380. Jan Thomason

    amazing giveaway.
    simply amazing.
    and so many entries………………..please pick me! LOL

    i also am having a giveaway to celebrate my birthday and 100 followers – just hop over to my blog to enter!

    i’m entering and i’m posting you on fb – thank goodness there are a lot of late readers!

    warmly, jan
    .-= Jan Thomason´s last blog ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AND PRESENTS FOR YOU! =-.

  381. Kimmie in Fort Worth

    *Sigh* Please, Mr. Random Number Picker, PLEASE pick me!! This is so beautiful! However, I’ll force myself to be happy for whoever wins it. But I’ll be most happy if it’s me. :)
    .-= Kimmie in Fort Worth´s last blog ..2 Ingredient Dinner =-.

  382. Holly

    I would love to cover a chair with it or make a pillow. It is just fabulous!
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Tomatoes =-.

  383. Angela Barribeau

    Beautiful Grain Sacks! Would LOVE to win this prize!

  384. terri bush

    I LOVE that grainsack. I also have many from out area of Texas. We have a LOT of cotton and milo and the sacks are made of cotton…OF COURSE. The graphics are terrific, but I love the calligraphy type on the German variety, very romantic.
    .-= terri bush´s last blog ..Lurking pays off =-.

  385. Nisa

    Oh, what a fabulous giveaway! I would frame it – I have a wall that’s just begging for something and I like unique and different and this would definitely fit the bill.
    .-= Nisa´s last blog ..Five =-.

  386. Carmen

    I would make it into a fabulous pillow! What a great giveaway!
    .-= Carmen´s last blog ..Just pre-thinking about =-.

  387. Eloise

    I don’t have a grain sack yet, but I am updating our den with lighter creams and dark furniture. I’d love to have a grain sack pillow to use in our new room!

    Thank you for this offer.

  388. Nancy

    I found your site when a FB friend posted a link to it. I would be “all astonishment” (I just watched two Jame Austen movies last night) if I were to be picked to win this astonishing prize. I’m dreaming of it already and as soon as I get off the computer, I am going antiquing. But just as wonderful is the website that I discovered. I feel the same way about things old. I dream about the farm house I would love to own and how I would like to furnish it. I would have a scrapbook parlor in it for sure and a studio in the carriage barn to create whatever comes to mind. Now let’s see……. where in that house would I hang my framed grain sack?

    P.S. I am all vexation that I don’t own that stork pillow grainsack (more Austen-ism)!

  389. Amber

    Oooooo la la!! I’m thinking it would be cool to cover on an antique little puffy ottoman thingie…which I’m on the hunt for, of course! =-)
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Chocolate Zucchini Nut Muffins =-.

  390. Jessica

    Here is my first entry! I am so excited about this giveaway. I would love to have something like this for my house. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..thinking it is going to be one of those days =-.

  391. Jessica

    I tweeted this giveaway @jessicaoakes
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..thinking it is going to be one of those days =-.

  392. Jessica

    I also posted it on Facebook. Really keeping my fingers crossed that throws a little love my way and picks me!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..thinking it is going to be one of those days =-.

  393. caroll

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! I think I’d frame it and hang it in my livingroom.

  394. Tina

    oooh- pick me! although i would love use it to cover an ottoman- i think i would be afraid to cut it….so, i would probably frame it :)
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..glimpses =-.

  395. katklaw777

    I love old, beautiful things with a history. If only this bag could talk, but it does speak to me. Strong, sturdy practically invincible! What a wonderful and sharing give-away. Thank-you.

  396. kasey

    I love it. I myself have a bunch of found grainsacks…but this one is a true beauty….and I would treasure forever.
    .-= kasey´s last blog ..white buttons… =-.

  397. Carolyn Green

    You have a wonderful blog and have just discovered it through Mary Ellen.
    What a very lovely grain sack.

    Enjoy your weekend

  398. Courtney

    LOVE it!! I would love to win this.


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