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I Spy…
Sweet Touches & Charming Details

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details
Coastal Living

As much as I appreciate and even strive for a less is more approach, I am very much drawn to those tiny charming details of life. It is just part of who I am, I do love charm and personality. Sweet touches and unique details make me happy!

In the craziness of my life, I think a part of me is yearning for simplicity (have I mentioned that I have five kids ranging from 21 to 9 living with me right now? I’ll update on my life soon, right now I am hiding away in my room while they all run screaming through the house!). Even as I crave the simplicity of LESS, I thrive on the details. Call me complicated, or confused.

As many of you shared in the comments of the last post, a balance between “evolved over time” and “less is more” might very well be the best solution of all. I agree.

Just for fun today, here is a random collection of sweet touches & charming details that make me smile. Remember that childhood game, “I spy?” I confess, I play that game all the time! Yes, by myself. WHAT? I know. I am weird. I study photos and rooms — and enjoy discovering the details that draw me in! That is my kind of game.

Today I spy…

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming DetailsCountry Living

a painted checkered wood floor
a charming street sign
flowers casually arranged in a pitcher
a vintage stove
plates stacked on shelves and hung on the wall…

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details
Coastal Living

Oh, be still my heart.
I spy …
a sweet vine covered building
a charming covered entry porch
rock walls, brick patios and cottage gardens

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details
Country Living

I spy…
sweet handwritten labels
simple touches of beauty reflected in antique mirror

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details

Southern Living

I spy…
a well stocked guest room, full of details and textures
an antique suitcase
a luxurious and lovely patterned headboard
a stack of fluffy towels
a big mirror to expand the light and space
an assortment of goodies for the guests

I Spy...<br>Sweet Touches & Charming Details

I spy…
treasures just waiting to be discovered.

last photo: from my favorite beach shop, Sesame & Lillies (Cannon Beach, Oregon).

Evolved Over Time or Less is More?

Evolved Over Time or Less is More?

Evolved Over Time or Less is More?

Evolved Over Time or Less is More?

Evolved Over Time or Less is More?Evolved Over Time or Less is More?

I saw this collection of photos over at Southern Living (and the bedroom from Southern Accents) was curiously drawn to the simplicity of the design and the color scheme. I say “curiously” because I have noticed my design taste has evolved over the past few years.

In the past I was really drawn to the “evolved over time look”  — more patterns, colors, accessories and mixtures of styles. Things that “go” but don’t necessarily “match.” In fact, I still am drawn to that look. But lately I have also been intrigued with the peace and calm a design like this offers.

I think choosing a simple color scheme, less accessories and a lot of solid fabrics and walls like in these photos does simplify the design choices and the process.  If you are starting from scratch it is fairly easy to duplicate a look like this.

Successfully pulling off the “evolved over time look” with a wide variety of patterns and colors can be a real challenge.

However, reality is that most of us have all sorts of random pieces and upholstery we have to pull together or want to use, and it is not always financially feasible to recover or redo everything just to get this “less is more” look. Especially on a budget! It can be done but it would require some effort, patience and careful editing. And probably some sewing skills and a big can of spray paint.

So, let’s have a little fun weighing in on the “evolved over time look” versus this streamlined “less is more” look. They can both be lovely, but which do you lean towards right now and why? Which one is easier for you to pull off?

photo inspiration: Southern Living Laurey W. Glenn
bedroom from Southern Accents: Antoine Bootz