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Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}

by | Oct 15, 2009 | Domesticity, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}

Apple Pie Recipe {Pie in a Jar}

It is that time of year when I start thinking about yummy things I could make in my kitchen. And if I can make something tasty to give away as a hostess or holiday gift, that is a real bonus! That is what beautiful living is all about this time of  year, giving and sharing with others.

Since yesterday’s post was all about confessions, I’ll share another one. Come a little closer so I can whisper it to you….

I’ve never canned anything in my life.

I know, it is not very Martha of me, is it?  I remember my mom making freezer jam, but that is about the extent of my canning exposure.

When my friend Sandy told me she had a recipe for Apple Pie in a Jar, I knew it was one I wanted to try. And as long as I am going to try it, I thought I’d share it with you.  I am embarrassed to say I had to ask her to define a “canner” for me — sigh. I seriously need help in the kitchen. That is why this is not a food blog {go ahead and applaud, I’ll wait}.

But I do believe that as keepers of our home, we need to practice hospitality — and that very often involves food! Having a few great recipes you can use year after year is the secret to being a gracious hostess and friend.

Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}

So without further commentary from me, please welcome my special friend and guest today, Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer! Enjoy!

Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}

By Sandy, Reluctant Entertainer

I love my visits over here at The Inspired Room. Melissa makes me feel so warm and welcome, and if I could, I’d be taking a jar of this Apple Pie in a Jar to her house, to make a yummy dessert for her family.

There’s something about the cooler weather, Fall, and apples that I just love!

My friend Kristi shared this canning recipe with me a few years ago, and I’m so glad that I tried it. Because now I’m hooked!

Taking any of your leftover apples, I found that mixing different kinds of apples makes a richer flavor.

My secret? Add ONE Granny Smith apple to each jar. It adds the perfect amount of tartness.

Following the recipe, I’ll walk you through the process up until last night, when my daughter took a jar and made her own dessert for the family – in less than 5 minutes!

Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}What is Apple Pie in a Jar?
It’s a sugary, cinnamon-flavored syrup that is cooked up and poured over sliced apples that are tightly packed into sterilized jars. After canning, the jars are ready for gift-giving, or to pull out and whip up an apple pie or apple dessert.

This recipe makes 7 quart-sized jars!

4 1/2 cups white sugar
1 cup cornstarch
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon salt
10 cups water
3 tablespoons lemon juice
7 quarts peeled, cored and
sliced apples

Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}


1. Sterilize 7 1-quart canning jars, 7 lids, and 7 rings; allow jars to air dry. Fill the canner with water. Start boiling the water, to get ready for the canning process.

2. Combine sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and water in a large saucepan. Place over high heat and cook until thick and bubbly, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and stir in lemon juice.

3. Tightly pack apples into sterilized jars. Slowly pour syrup over apples. Take a knife and slide down the sides of the jar to remove air bubbles, and then continue to cover the jars completely with the syrup. Screw lids on jars.

Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}

4. Carefully lower jars into the canner. Make sure tops of jars are covered by 2 inches of water. Bring water to a full boil, then cover and process for 30 minutes.

5. Remove jars from canner and place on a cloth, until cool. Once cool, press top of each lid with finger, ensuring that seal is tight (lid doesn’t move up or down at all). Sealed jars can be stored for up to a year.

Apple Pie Recipe {A Pie in a Jar Hostess Gift!}

Now if this sounds like something you want to try, head on over to my original post and see how your kids can help prepare this pure-yumminess recipe, which includes Apple Pie in a Jar, in less than 5 minutes!

It’s perfect for Fall and perfect for joining the family together in the kitchen!

photos: Sandy Coughlin




  1. Janell Beals

    The apples look delicious, my kids would love this! I’m going to give it a try.
    In the meantime, I’m sitting at my computer waiting for my husband to get home from a business trip, now that is something to be happy about!
    Thanks for hosting this party…Janell
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..P.S. If You Doubt My Love For Target… =-.

  2. Mary

    thank you for bringing back a precious memory. My sister and I would take our children, whom we homeschooled, to an orchard every year to pick apples. Then we would get together and make apple pie in a jar and apple sauce! We had such fun helping each other put up yummy’s for our families. It makes a great apple pie or I used it to make cobbler many times as I am not the greatest pie crust maker!

    .-= Mary´s last blog ..My humble fall door welcome =-.

  3. Myrnie

    Mmm…I made this with my MIL a few years ago. So yummy! I’ll be linking my beautiful life post in the morning, as soon as it auto-posts.
    .-= Myrnie´s last blog ..You Fail Some, You Win Some =-.

  4. Karla

    Mmmm – looks absolutely delicious! My son’s favorite thing for us to make together is homemade applesauce. I bet he would like this even more! We will definitely be trying this! Thanks so much for the recipe and inspiration!

    ~Karla @ It’s The Little Things…
    .-= Karla´s last blog ..And The Winner Of The Tara’s Vintage Kitchen Giveaway Is… =-.

  5. Angela

    What a wonderful gift idea! And those apples in the bottle are beautiful.

    Thank you for hosting.
    .-= Angela @ ImagineCozy´s last blog ..Studio 5 — Visit Number 5 =-.

  6. Kate

    This just looks divine… cannot wait to attempt this! And ps… this girl has never canned. I’ll leave that to my mother.
    .-= Kate ´s last blog ..Frugal Friday =-.

  7. tasha

    wonderful post! I have a friend that loves my apple pie, but lives 2000 miles away. This is the solution!!

  8. Suzanne

    Yum…I want to make these for gifts and for all of the company we get year round! I’m wondering if there is a way to do it without buying a canner…but if I have to, I will:-) Thank you for telling us about it!
    .-= Suzanne ´s last blog ..The Power of Words… =-.

  9. Elizabeth

    Delicious! What a great idea!!

  10. Gina

    I’ve seen Sandy’s recipe before-and now I’m thinking that not only would these be good hostess gifts but great Christmas gifts as well. Perhaps I should hunt down some apples, oh, and maybe a canner too? Melissa, you’re not alone-I’ve never canned either!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Playing in the Sand =-.

  11. lylah ledner

    A few weeks ago, dd Candace and I packed 24+ quarts of peaches. A few days ago, she was talking about canning apples. THIS looks amazing and it’s something we’ll definitely do soon! Thanks for sharing Melissa and have a great weekend!

    .-= lylah ledner´s last blog ..Alfresco – Morning Glory Cafe =-.

  12. Jenny 867-5309

    That’s WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to try that this next week…
    .-= Jenny 867-5309´s last blog ..Soccer season =-.

  13. Denise

    I confess too that I have never canned anything in my life! Living in the South hasn’t even converted me yet! This looks like something I could do…thanks for posting.

    I am back from my trip and will be e mailing you soon…the rooms are almost done!

  14. laurie miller

    My father-in-law just brought me some apples from Hood River, now I know what I’ll be doing with them! Thanks for the recipe!
    .-= laurie miller´s last blog ..OOPS!!! =-.

  15. Joy

    FANTABULOUS!!! My husband took the kids apple picking and got a 1/2 of bushel of apples. I was wondering what on earth I was going to do with so many apples. Right before reading this post, I made some carmel apples. Now I am going to run to the store to buy canning jars and make Apple Pie in a jar! THIS IS PERFECT! I am SO excited :-). THANK YOU AS ALWAYS!!!

  16. Amber

    COOL! This looks like such a great idea! I would have never thought to can up something like this, but how perfect!

    I wonder how fast one could make a real apple pie (with homemade crust and all) using this as a filling? I may have to try that!
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Make Your Own Peanut Butter~! =-.

  17. Melanie

    That looks soooo yummy!

  18. Erin

    This is a great idea! I think it would make a great hostess gift, at least one I’d love to receive.

    I’ve done the chocolate chip cookies in the jar, where you add the dry ingredients and let the recipient add the wet ones. It’s pretty to see the layers in the jar.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Time for a yellow weekend =-.

  19. The Stylish House

    I’m a freezer jam kind of gal too! However, this looks good enough for me to actual give canning a try. Have a nice weekend, and thank you for hosting Beautful life!
    .-= The Stylish House´s last blog ..Treasured Decor! =-.

  20. Jen

    Looks so yummy! Now you just might have inspired me to bake! Thanks for sharing!!!
    .-= Jen @ After The Alter´s last blog ..Enough With The Socks!!! =-.

  21. Patty

    oh that apple pie in a jar sounds yummy! I bet its wonderful – my mom makes the best apple pie and her recipe calls for a couple Grannie Smith apples – a recipe passed down from her mother..
    .-= Patty´s last blog ..Bucket Day, A Shade Of Gray, And Frog Tape =-.

  22. Down Home DIY

    I loved your post so much that I featured it as my “Friday Favorite”! This is so clever and is a jar full of fun! Thanks to Melissa for posting and to Sandy for sharing this goodness.
    Here is a link to my Friday Favorite blog post
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Love your blog.
    .-= Down Home DIY´s last blog ..Friday Favorite – and full of flavor =-.

  23. Carolyn

    What a great, unique gift idea!

    I linked up, but when I clicked on it to check, it was pointing to the wrong post. (#49). Will you please delete? Thank you! I reposted the correct link at #50.

    .-= Carolyn´s last blog ..Good Morning World =-.

  24. sandy

    Melissa, thank you for having me here today! It was fun! In between putting my kitchen back together … I enjoyed checking in! xo
    .-= sandy´s last blog ..Dreaming of Apple Butter … =-.

  25. Melesha

    That does sound yummy. I also have never done any canning but may give it a try.

  26. Shannon

    Wow! I love this idea! I’m hosting a celebratory party for friends in December to praise God for my feature magazine article in Exemplify Magazine! This is a perfect gift to give away to those who come!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..My If =-.

  27. Dagmar Bleasdale {Dagmar's momsense]

    I just found your blog via BlogFrog (your were mentioned in a coment) and absolutely love it! I am inspired to try out the apple pie in a jar.

    Thanks for the opportunity to add my Beautiful Life Friday entry to your list.

    .-= Dagmar Bleasdale {Dagmar’s momsense]´s last blog ..Win 7-DVD Set of Saturday Night Live! =-.

  28. Jackie

    .-= Jackie @ Lilolu´s last blog ..Keeping Track of the Kids =-.

  29. Donna

    this looks so yummy…I remember helping my grandmother and my mom can SO MANY things…I definitely want to begin that tradition with my own kids!
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..Friday Feature…reveal! =-.

  30. Rona

    I just love apple pie!

  31. Kelsey

    Oh goodness I think I will have to go right out and make this now!! Delectable!
    .-= Kelsey´s last blog ..::The Broken White Crayon:: =-.

  32. Jess

    Oooh … so yummy. I have been looking for a good holiday gift idea. Where does one get a canner?
    .-= Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish´s last blog ..Inspiration: Red Rocks =-.

  33. Peggy Dukes

    I want to make this but I have only used a pressure canner and wonder how to modify this recipe. I would love to make up a batch and if all goes well it may become a Christmas food gift.



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