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It’s Time for Some Makeovers!

It's Time for Some Makeovers!
Fall Nesting Update: My fall wreath has made its way out to the porch.
Stay tuned…more of my fall nesting to come.

Wow. I had such a hard time picking the HomeGoods gift card winners. I wanted everyone to win. But finally I decided to make it easy and just pick myself, The Inspired Room. I want a $600 shopping spree. Thank you for your understanding. Good bye.

Oh, just kidding. I’m fooling. I wouldn’t do that to you. I like to share the winnings because you are all so nice.

It really was fun seeing all of your entries…I looked at every single one both on email and via links. I didn’t comment too much because I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up or mislead you! LOL! It was fun seeing all of your rooms and hearing your stories. But, after many hours of looking at your entries, I have finally picked my three winners. I could have picked a dozen winners, but alas, I could only choose three! I’m so sorry!

Our first winner of the $200 HomeGoods
Gift Card is Simply Modern Mom!

In light of the “make your bedroom a B&B post” this week, I think this mom needs to win!

It's Time for Some Makeovers!

Here is a snippet of her entry:

Even before I got married, I promised myself that my master bedroom would be a relaxing haven where my husband and I can turn to each night. I have this dream of light blueish gray painted walls, lots of whites, and nature inspired decorations. Then we bought our house, three years ago this October, 2 months after Kaye was born. We had minimal furniture and absolutely no decorations. Over the last three years, we obtained a few IKEA furniture pieces and mostly hand-me-down stuff from friends and family.

It's Time for Some Makeovers!

Then life got crazy. Nathan lost his job. My mother diagnosed with cancer. Nathan going back to school for his Master’s. Elle came into our lives. Nathan started his own business while going to school. And the house got neglected as I was trying to help everyone else. Our master bedroom became the storage place for things that didn’t fit in other rooms.

And now for winner #2.
Beach Brights!

Beach Brights won partly because she put her whole heart into winning. I won’t lie. She begged and pleaded. She was talking about winning everywhere she went, including twitter. I love that enthusiasm…and bribery, LOL! And when I saw her dining room, I thought to myself, “self, THIS is a PERFECT room for some new inspiration! It is a blank canvas!”

Can you imagine the fun you’d have at HomeGoods buying stuff for this space? I really picked her to win because I totally want to see this room decked out. Don’t let me down, girl!

It's Time for Some Makeovers!

It's Time for Some Makeovers!

Finally, I chose winner #3.
The Young and the Relentless.

The Young and the Relentless. She just cracked me up. And, we are kindred spirits. We both have giraffes. No one should have a giraffe in their room. Just sayin’.

It's Time for Some Makeovers!

Here is a snippet of her entry:

I really want to make this room clutter free….getting rid of the giraffe, the shelf leaning against the wall and the ironing board. I would like to put some candles on the dresser that could be lit during romantical moments.

It's Time for Some Makeovers!
This is my side of the bed. I have an old TV stand as a night stand and there is nothing on the wall above our bed. The only thing I like is the big mirror. I would put some artwork or pictures above the bed and I need a little side table for my books….and a lamp. A couple throw pillows would be nice on the bed too.

Congratulations to each of you!

Now you better have a HomeGoods near you! If not, please let me know! Please email me your addresses for the $200 card. We would LOVE to see your step by step progress and of course, the AFTER photos!!

It's Time for Some Makeovers!

Next week we will have our Procrastinator’s Party Proclamations!

If you have a room or project you have been procrastinating on it is time once again for all of us PROCRASTINATORS TO UNITE…at our FALL PROCRASTINATOR’S PARTY!

Ok, now my GOAL is to have a Linky up on Tuesday October 6 so we can all proclaim what project we want to do for our 2nd Procrastinator’s Party! I know I have been pathetic at promoting this–so if only three of you join me I completely understand. But I did finally manage to make a sad attempt at a button, so at least I’m trying!

Link up or comment on Tuesday to let us know what your project will be! You’ll have TWO FULL WEEKS to complete them and report back!


It could be a room redo, a closet redo, a fall makeover, a porch makeover, a cabinet makeover, or a painting project or whatever you want. The idea is to get something DONE in the two week period of time (the duration of the Procrastinator’s Party) that will make us happy all through the holidays…now is the little window of time we all have to make a dent in something before the holidays are upon us! I want to see the befores, during and after photos along the way too!

See you Tuesday!

Oh, drat, this is a long post. If I was smart I would have broken this down into a twelve part post. If you are still with me, I almost forgot it is BEAUTIFUL LIFE FRIDAY!!! Link up your posts to share what you found beautiful this week! And visit Hooked on Houses for Hooked on Fridays!