A Gift From Me To You

A Gift From Me To You

This has been quite fun. I am kind of sad that it is coming to an end. But all good things must end, right?

This last giveaway is just a little something from me. Just because. The number one thing I enjoy about blogging is the community interaction. I read all of the comments and you guys are so funny sometimes. I crack up at your humor and wit. Thanks for your support, I am so blessed by all the connections I’ve made here.

So today, for this little holiday something from me, I am offering a $50 Gift Card to amazon.com so you can do a little Christmas shopping. Maybe buy a holiday decorating book or a gift or something you’ve always wanted but felt guilty buying. A gift from me to you. Well, ONE of you. Sure wish I could give one out to everyone.

I will choose the winner out of ALL the comments on ALL the giveaways. So if you entered all the giveaways, you have more chances to win!! This $50 gift card will actually come via email later this week, so make sure you leave me a valid email address!

PS. The image above is from amazon.com to show you what you’ll be getting if you win. It is not the actual gift certificate. And I am not Kelly.

Love you all!