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Fall Nesting Tips: #18

Fall Nesting Tips: #18

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Fall Nesting Tips: #18

Small Changes

Elevate daily tasks into beautiful moments of the day. You know, we all have laundry. We all have to do paperwork. We have to shower and get ourselves presentable for the day. Most of us have to clean our toilets ourselves. In these long months of fall and winter, being stuck inside doing the same tasks day after day can be rather dreary and sometimes down right depressing — unless we make our homes a place of inspiration, peace and beauty.

Look around at the areas in your home where you perform daily rituals…your laundry room or closet, your bathrooms, your office or desk area.

Are they a pleasing place to spend time?
Do they make you happy when you enter or do you want to get out of that space as quickly as possible?

It is a great time to give those areas a quick makeover before the holidays take over our days. Most of those spaces are the smallest of the house, so the budget can be equally small and the time needed to spruce them up can be minimal. A quick coat of a fresh new paint color to make us happy when we open our closet doors, one roll of wallpaper to liven up a dreary office corner, a pretty quilt folded on a shelf, or a new set of baskets in the laundry room can work wonders on our psyche.

Fall Nesting Tips: #18

From my friend Alicia…Posie Gets Cozy

The impact of small changes in our decor can brighten even the darkest winter days ahead. Whether you live in an apartment, a rental or a custom built home, there are always small changes we can make to our surroundings to boost our spirits every day!

Go ahead and look around your home.


What small changes could you make today?

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Repurposing cabinet doors

Repurposing cabinet doors

So, remember last week when I took my kitchen cabinet doors off? They’re BAAAACK, all repurposed! Yep, my former kitchen cabinet doors are now hiding that big ugly hole above the fireplace (we don’t like to look up so high to watch TV so we put ours on a different wall). I needed a quick fix and those cupboard doors did the trick.

Why is one a different color, you ask? I didn’t plan to do it like that but, well it is a long story that involves a lack of primer, being too impatient to go buy new primer, and running out of time to finish painting all three cabinet doors before a party at my house. Eh hem. Perhaps a happy accident as I think it gave it more character than if they all matched? Yeah, that is it. I meant to do that.

Can you believe it is NOVEMBER already? I’m already catching myself humming Christmas carols. I don’t like to rush the seasons, I like to give each one its fair attention. Seasons are to be savored!

But since I start Fall at the very end of August, the beginning of November is when I start thinking about holiday decorating. If I wait until after Thanksgiving, the Christmas season flies by too quickly! I don’t do my tree or anything too overtly Christmas yet (I don’t want to rush over Thanksgiving!), just a few small holiday touches at a time over the next few weeks.

More on that later! For now, happy November!

So how about you, are you ready to start talking about Christmas yet?