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DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

Coastal Living

After creating my own “northwest coastal” style winter front door decor, I decided to look online for some more beach inspired Christmas decor inspiration. Of course, I found some inspiring ideas over at Coastal Living!

While I have no intention of having a mermaid as a tree topper, it is an eye catching, whimsical and unique Christmas tree (above!). Theme trees can be so fun.

DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

The rope on this stair railing makes a clever statement and hanger for the greenery and starfish. It is fun to think of unexpected items you can incorporate into your holiday decorating.

DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

The bedside branches and ornaments are a simple but lovely touch of festiveness next to the glass lamp.

DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

The pops of red are striking: the wreath hanging in the window, the ball ornaments suspended from the chandelier and the red towels or cloths hanging on the back of the chairs! And of course, the centerpiece is very pretty too!

DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

These little trees remind me of gumdrop trees, but they are actually made out of dyed shells!

DIY: Coastal Beach Chic Christmas Decor

I guess I am not the only one sticking starfish and shells on my front door greenery! I love seeing the starfish in contrast with the green leaves.

You can find DIY instructions for many of these projects and MORE at Coastal Living


Flameless Candles:
Perfect for the Holidays

Flameless Candles: <br>Perfect for the Holidays

Southern Living

I have quite a few lanterns at my house. I just recently decided to put flameless candles in them for safety. I love having my porch all lit up with candles to greet holiday guests, but it is hard to keep them lit if it is a little windy, not to mention the safety concerns of unsupervised flames inside or outside. I have been really pleased with how realistic some of the flameless candles look! Some of them would really make you do a double take.

I still prefer the scent and look of a real candle, but there are lots of times lately where I am finding a flameless candle works best and you won’t even know the difference.

If you want candles in your garland on a mantle or anywhere that safety or melted wax could be an issue, flameless candles would be a great solution.

Have you tried a flameless candle?