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Ten: Design Solutions
to Kick off Your Resolutions

by | Jan 4, 2010 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Decorating Inspiration

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Ten: Design Solutions <br>to Kick off Your Resolutions

Oh, hi there! I’m just finishing up work on my new fitness room (NOT). I’m gonna get so buff in this room you won’t recognize me.

How many of you are letting out a big sigh of relief today that the holidays are over? I know today will be rough for my son (and everyone who comes into contact with him) — he is used to staying up until 11 and sleeping in until 10 the next day, with nothing but fun and games in between. But, for me, I am happy for the peace and quiet again. My apologies to his teacher.

Even though I adore the holidays, I am very ready to go back to “normal” daily life. I’m happy to be back here blogging!! I’m ready to make some progress around the house and all in all just happy to be moving on into the new year.

But I do have to confess, my tree is still up. Fully decorated. I wish it was all put away.

I am excited today to be able to tell you about a special event one of my blog partners is hosting this week! Yippee! Bloggers are coming back in full force with new inspiration!

{NOTE: It is a good thing she is having an event I can talk about, or The Inspired Room would be totally uninspiring today. No one wants to hear me whine about taking down a Christmas tree.}

Ten: Design Solutions <br>to Kick off Your Resolutions

Here is what you’ll find starting TODAY at Ten:

2010 is the beginning of a new year, a new decade, and new ideas for design solutions!

Over the course of ten days, January 4-8 and January 11-15, ten will bring you design ideas from the experts that will help us stick to New Year’s Resolutions in style. Start each day at the landing page and then you’ll be directed to the days events!

  • Ten Days!
  • Ten Resolutions!
  • Ten Experts!
  • Ten Prizes!

There are some AWESOME big time guests and prizes at this event so click on over to see what I mean and start off each day on their landing page to be directed to the day’s inspiration…I’ll see you there!

PS. Come back to The Inspired Room tomorrow (Tuesday) for the big reveal of one of the Homegoods makeovers! I can’t wait!

So, what do you have planned for this first week of 2010?

Small print.
Disclosure: Ten is an event put on by one of my blog partners, Home Workshop. Thank you, Kathy, for being a faithful supporter of The Inspired Room. I admire and respect and believe in my blog partners enough to promote them. It is a win-win for all of us. There. All disclosed and legal and all that.


  1. Josanne

    Looking forward to the watching over the next 10 days! We bought a house this past summer, and I still have half of the rooms to still decorate, so I’ll enjoy some fresh ideas!

  2. Jessica

    My decorations are down, woo hoo! My kids don’t go back to school until tomorrow so today I wll use my oldest to babysit while I cash in on the pedicure Santa put in my stocking. Also, I’d like to take them ice skating and to the library. I will be so glad to get back to my normal schedule tomorrow.

    Join me for my first ever (RED) MEATLESS MONDAY linky party.
    .-= Jessica @ These Are The Days´s last blog ..(Red) Meatless Monday = Garlic – Basil Shrimp =-.

  3. Mrs.Rabe

    We are headed out to a cabin for 3 days to celebrate my daughter turning 18! Since we homeschool, we can set out own schedule, but I do understand your desire for everything to go back to it’s normal routine. I am ready too, to get back to routine!

    Though we have had such a wonderful holiday season!
    .-= Mrs.Rabe´s last blog ..A Cold Anniversary =-.

  4. TidyMom

    This looks like FUN!!!

    and Melissa, I still have ALL of my Christmas up too! My hubby brought all of the boxes out for me this morning….guess that means it HAS to come down today! lol

    Happy New year!
    .-= TidyMom´s last blog ..Lisa Leonard Designs {jewelry} GIVEAWAY! =-.

  5. Penny

    Hi Melissa,
    Just popping in to wish you and your family a happy, healthy, peaceful and inspired New Year!

  6. Imperfect

    We just took down our Christmas tree and put away decorations yesterday. It was a little sad to see them go, but I’m with you – I was ready to return to life after the holidays (though not so happy to return to the cold after a week in FL). This first week of 2010 will be spent refusing to make resolutions and simply trying to settle back into routine. Can’t wait to see all the style and inspiration in the next 10 days!
    .-= Imperfect´s last blog ..Getting Back To It =-.

  7. Michelle

    I can’t wait to see the HG makeover, stop by blog and enter to win the giveaway box of my favorite things.

    Take Care

  8. Suburban Princess

    My big plan this week is to get all of the xmas stuff packed up and put away! I have been working on it all weekend but with a toddler and a party to organize with a friend next weekend I dont have a lot of time! I need to dig in today and devote a couple of hours to it!
    .-= Suburban Princess´s last blog ..A Tiffany & Co PSA =-.

  9. LesleySW

    I need to finish putting away my Christmas decorations. I started out so strong and spent most of Saturday getting the bulk put away. But I suddenly ran out of steam and now have bits and pieces and boxes all over. It’s making me crazy!

    A heavy work schedule will prevent much else from getting done this week. But…there’s always next week…
    .-= LesleySW´s last blog ..Pretty in purple, lavender and aubergine =-.

  10. Missy K

    As much as I love the easy schedule and freewheeling atmosphere of the holidays, and mourned their end last night, I see the gift of a routine, and welcomed it this morning. I love a new year– everything seems so bright and fresh.

    This week I’m cleaning and decluttering and filling bags for Goodwill. Hooray!
    .-= Missy K´s last blog ..Immanuel =-.

  11. Emily-Sarah

    What a cool and inspiring way to start the new year!

  12. Janell Beals

    Yes, waking up this morning felt like getting back onto the treadmill…the race is on! The kids have one more day off, and my goal is to get them to bed ON TIME Tonight!

    Glad the holidays are over, ready to jump into this new year! I hope it is a great one for you, looking forward to reading what you have in store for 2010!

    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..What Is In Store For 2010 =-.

  13. Irene

    Happy, healthy, loving and prosperous 2010! We will undo the Christmas tree after Epiphany and St. John’s (Jan.6 and 7). This year I only picked what really spoke to me, so it is quite light and sparse. But we decided to buy a living one and plant it afterwards, so I must think about where to plant it!
    P.S. Because you may not read my blog, I thought I ought to tell you that you are among my favorite blogs and among my three personal picks! Bravo!
    .-= Irene´s last blog ..Project {365} =-.

  14. Kristin

    I am also ready to go back to normal! I’m also excited to follow your blog and to be inspired! :)
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Why not enjoy an aftenoon tea here? =-.

  15. Lee Ann

    Oh how I love that fitness room!
    I’m in the middle of a living room/dining room renovation. I will enjoy checking out your ideas over the next 10 days.
    .-= Lee Ann´s last blog ..Back and Ready for the New! =-.

  16. teresa

    Thanks for the little kick…I still have half a house(the hamlet} to finish. I’ve been in kind of a slump….just what I needed to pick myself up out of it. {I have a little exercise room to do also…right now the total gym in just sitting in the middle of the room with dust on it. =)
    Have a wonderful day.
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Land of the Morning calm- =-.

  17. Gina

    Sounds like fun!
    We’re still Christmas vacationing-we took off across the country to celebrate Grandma’s 90th birthday. The first week of this year is finding us sightseeing and family visiting. It’s a nice slow way to start the year! Back to the grind next week.
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Clean and Fresh Home Decor =-.

  18. Karen B

    Melissa, I’m in the same boat as you are. Decorations are not put away yet and, I’m in a blogging funk. It’s seriously not interesting to blog about a very messy house. We don’t get back into a routine until next week. DD2 has one more week before returning to college. I should be on the treadmill and journaling my breakfast. Sooner or later, inspiration and creativity will return. Have a great day!
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..VICTORY! =-.

  19. Tracy

    Don’t feel bad about your tree! Mine got put up late so it’s comin’ down late! Well, no, it wasn’t as purposeful as that… I’ve just been too busy with work stuff. Bit by bit, it will all get put away this week. Really looking forward to this new year… much more than your son looked forward to this day! Your ‘apology’ cracked me up!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Crystal Balls =-.

  20. Marian

    Heading over there too. BUT my year is already off to a good start. ALL my Christmas decorations are packed away. I cleaned out my kitchen and changed the lay out. SO been busy already lool. NEED
    lot’ s more work though
    .-= Marian´s last blog ..Let it snow???? =-.

  21. Bethany

    Great way to start the new year! Looking forward to some makeovers! I started my new year off by cleaning and organizing and oh it feels so good!!!

    Happy New Year!
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..a new year means =-.

  22. The Pleasures of Homemaking

    My decorations are down and boxed up but still in the garage waiting to go into the storage shed. It’s just too cold right now to venture outside!

    Just came by to say Happy New Year!


  23. lorrie

    today im watching the bachlor premiere and exercising, tommarow coffee with friends and joining weight loss challenge , wednesday helping to undecorate the church, thursday and friday are still open and not sure what im doing that far in advance

  24. gina

    Sounds fun! I need some inspiration to help me with some of my goals- one of which being to create three things for our home myself. This week, i am working on props and scenery for my daughter’s class’ dramatic play centers- it’s been challenging and fun. I have also started thinking about Valentine’s Day- because my tree (and everything Christmas ) is down , away, and the house is clean. Yeah me for having four girls who can help. ;)
    .-= gina´s last blog ..The Magic Treehouse: Night of the Ninjas props and scenery for dramatic play* =-.

  25. Linda

    Thanks I needed this. I’m wanting to give my rooms some brighter color. Linda
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..2010 =-.

  26. Aaron

    The first (and probably second, third and fourth) week of 2010 will be spent getting ready for a baby due in 7 weeks! So much to do, but such a great excuse to decorate.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Nursery Sneak Peak…Getting Crafty =-.

  27. melissa stover

    thanks for stopping by today. i love your blog. can’t wait to meet you at blissdom.

  28. Gayle

    I must confess, I was secretly ready for the hubby to head back to work today. I got up early, made my list and got to half of it. Oh well, there is tomorrow!
    .-= Gayle´s last blog ..Winter Storm on the Sea =-.

  29. Melanie

    I am also ready for a schedule and a normal routine. My son has been homeschooled for the first part of his 10th grade year and he started back to school yesterday. I am like the commenter Gayle who said that she secretly was glad her hubby went back to work. I was like that about my son. I enjoyed him being home but I want my house back to myself during the day:)
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..The Biggest Loser. =-.

  30. Zarita de la Cerda

    What a great find. Thanks for the tip, I enjoyed listening to the video, great idea!


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