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Ten: Design Solutions
to Kick off Your Resolutions

Ten: Design Solutions <br>to Kick off Your Resolutions

Oh, hi there! I’m just finishing up work on my new fitness room (NOT). I’m gonna get so buff in this room you won’t recognize me.

How many of you are letting out a big sigh of relief today that the holidays are over? I know today will be rough for my son (and everyone who comes into contact with him) — he is used to staying up until 11 and sleeping in until 10 the next day, with nothing but fun and games in between. But, for me, I am happy for the peace and quiet again. My apologies to his teacher.

Even though I adore the holidays, I am very ready to go back to “normal” daily life. I’m happy to be back here blogging!! I’m ready to make some progress around the house and all in all just happy to be moving on into the new year.

But I do have to confess, my tree is still up. Fully decorated. I wish it was all put away.

I am excited today to be able to tell you about a special event one of my blog partners is hosting this week! Yippee! Bloggers are coming back in full force with new inspiration!

{NOTE: It is a good thing she is having an event I can talk about, or The Inspired Room would be totally uninspiring today. No one wants to hear me whine about taking down a Christmas tree.}

Ten: Design Solutions <br>to Kick off Your Resolutions

Here is what you’ll find starting TODAY at Ten:

2010 is the beginning of a new year, a new decade, and new ideas for design solutions!

Over the course of ten days, January 4-8 and January 11-15, ten will bring you design ideas from the experts that will help us stick to New Year’s Resolutions in style. Start each day at the landing page and then you’ll be directed to the days events!

  • Ten Days!
  • Ten Resolutions!
  • Ten Experts!
  • Ten Prizes!

There are some AWESOME big time guests and prizes at this event so click on over to see what I mean and start off each day on their landing page to be directed to the day’s inspiration…I’ll see you there!

PS. Come back to The Inspired Room tomorrow (Tuesday) for the big reveal of one of the Homegoods makeovers! I can’t wait!

So, what do you have planned for this first week of 2010?

Small print.
Disclosure: Ten is an event put on by one of my blog partners, Home Workshop. Thank you, Kathy, for being a faithful supporter of The Inspired Room. I admire and respect and believe in my blog partners enough to promote them. It is a win-win for all of us. There. All disclosed and legal and all that.