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Simple Decorating:
The Parable of the Spoons

Simple Decorating: <br>The Parable of the Spoons

Yesterday one of my daughters was home from school and we were walking around the house together picking things up and dusting. We began moving this and that accessory around. We were not putting any pressure on ourselves to make the perfect vignette, nor we were worried about making any major decorating mistakes.

We also weren’t thinking about how we could “style” the room with extra accessories and the perfect lighting to make a great blog post for this week. Although that can be fun too, blogging was not on my mind. There was no agenda and no pressure — we were completely living in the moment.

We were simply enjoying the process of beautifying our surroundings.

As I was dusting the dining room furniture, I had to move a bunch of mismatched silver spoons that I had set out on our buffet. I had pulled them out of the drawer about a month ago, thinking I might all crafty and make something blog-worthy with them. Yeah. What WAS I thinking?

Simple Decorating: <br>The Parable of the Spoons

As I stood there holding those spoons in one hand and my dust rag in the other, I had to get real with myself. As hard as it was for me to admit, I am too busy to get crafty with spoons. Even if I had some spare time for a project, I have walls that I should paint. Spoon crafts are not my priority right now.

Even marvelously good things like creative spoon projects might not be right for this season of life.

The spoons had been sitting there in a pile on the buffet for at least a month, mocking me. It was time to end the mocking once and for all, and take control of my life. I had to “just say no” to spoon crafts.

While I had to put creative spoon crafts on hold for now, I found a more simple solution to still enjoy the beauty of those spoons.

I simply set them in my freshly cleaned apothecary jar.

Simple, easy, DONE. It is so freeing to make decorating (and LIFE) SIMPLE!

How have you simplified your home and life lately?

What could you “just say no” to that would help you to re-prioritize this season of your life?

I found another simple way to showcase my spoons! Check out my silver spoon Christmas trees?

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Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}

Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}Written by: Tim Layton (aka Remodeling Guy)

Tim’s love of creativity and design mix with a perspective built on a career as a remodeling contractor.He can also can be found at his blog,

Molding Ideas

Great pictures are a constant source of new ideas for me, and Melissa does a wonderful job of finding them!  One that she posted recently in her article on colored walls, caught my eye.  But it wasn’t just the wall color that got me, it was the trim.

Take a look:

Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}
House To Home

I love the way the top and the bottom of the wall are treated with a similar size section of white.  It frames the bold wall color perfectly. But it’s not what you think at first.  Look closely at the “crown molding” and you’ll see that it isn’t crown molding at all!

My first thought was that it was the same baseboard upside down, which is a great idea and I would have written a post about it then too!  But what they did is actually even more simple than that! It’s not easy to see, but I think they just have small piece of picture molding on the wall and white paint above it.  How easy is that?!

Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}

I found a picture of a similar idea in progress at (though I wish the painting were a little neater and the ceilings weren’t popcorn).  You can see the idea up-close.

You can buy some very small molding that is great in a number of ways:

  • Easy to handle (you can probably strap it to your car to get it home!)
  • Easy to put up with small nails and maybe a little bit of hot glue!
  • Easy to cut on the corners with a simple hand miter box.
  • Easy to paint…if you do it my way instead of what you see in this picture!

My Way To Paint This


  1. Paint the wall first. Go ahead on up past the place you’ll be putting the molding.
  2. Paint the molding before you put it up. Totally finish it on the ground.
  3. After the molding is installed, paint the white wall area with the same paint as you used on the trim.  This way you won’t have to bother with the blue tape and you’ll get a much nicer job on your trim.

The piece of trim right at the ceiling is optional.  It looks good both ways.

There you have it… a simple alternative to crown molding!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}

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Molding Ideas {A Simple Alternative to Crown Molding}

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