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The Evolution of The Inspired Room

by | Mar 27, 2010 | blogging, Creative Inspiration & Projects, Decorating Inspiration

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The Evolution of The Inspired Room

Inspired Rooms:

…take time and effort to dream up and design.

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

…take patience to get things the way you want them.

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

…should reflect where you’ve come from,
who you have become,
and where you are going.

The Inspired Room blog has been evolving into my home on the net for over two and a half years. And oh what fun it has been! I have a blast here with you all every day!

Have you clicked over yet from wherever you read blogs? If you haven’t actually been AT my blog lately, you should come on over to The Inspired Room and check things out!

You know how your home can get a little disheveled if you get busy and let some things pile up? Well blogs are the same way. A reorganization has been way overdue and on the agenda for several months now!

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

{this is just an image, be sure to look at the real inspiration board in the side bar, the one with links you can actually click!)

I hope you’ll find things a little bit easier to search now that my blog design hero Darcy from Graphically Designing helped me to create a new and improved category inspiration board! You can click on topics by room, by season or by project. I’m still working on getting the right posts in each category so some things might still be misplaced.

And if you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can use the search box or click the archive link just below the “inspiration board” to be taken to a full list of posts by date.

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

You can also scroll down to the bottom of the home page to see a preview of the last four posts!

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

I also have reorganized the pages below the banner to include some “Inspired Room” basics if you are new here or just want to see some of the foundational posts.

Be sure to check out my “best of” tab for a round up of some of my basics for creating inspired rooms or “authentic living” tab for a link to the posts on creating an authentic life!

The Evolution of The Inspired RoomAnd, if you click on those symbols in my sidebar, you can subscribe to my blog or connect with me in other ways including twitter and facebook!

Look around while you are here, little by little I’m getting things put away and reorganized! I’ve been a little distracted for the past couple of weeks by all that was going on here!

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

As with our real life “inspired rooms” this blog is always a work in process and will never truly be “finished.” But it is all done with love and I enjoy every minute of it! A couple of things that used to be here or have not yet been updated will be undergoing some changes in time, so thanks for your patience as I tweak things. Thank you all for hanging out with me through this process!

Please give three cheers for Darcy!

She put up with my inability to read or understand code, me inadvertently inserting “back-splash” instead of “back-slash” into our conversations, and all nighters trying to interpret the crazy ideas I dream up in my head.

Oh, and she even taught me how to stop confusing google about what my blog is about, among other things. She is truly the blog whisperer (her blog is awesome too, check out this photoshop post!) Darcy is the best. That is all. Thanks Darcy.


Featured blog reader (and a great blog!):

The Evolution of The Inspired Room


  1. Muthering Heights

    It looks GREAT! :D
    .-= Muthering Heights´s last blog ..Respect and Love and Devotion =-.

  2. Barbara

    Love the new look and ease of access!

    Great job Darcy!


  3. Lea Anne Wood

    I love the new layout and I go to your page almost everyday. I loved the Inspired Links tab with all the blog pages that I would go to. Is that still here and I just can’t find it? Thanks for all the inspiration you offer on your blog. I love it.

    • Melissa

      Hi Lea Anne! That page is still here but it is in hiding :-) Sorry to throw you! :-) Darcy is working on that page and it will be back soon! :-) Glad you enjoy it!

  4. Lesley

    It looks fantastic and the new organization is really nice.

    I so want to reorder parts of my blog as well but I haven’t been willing to take the plunge yet. This is so inspiring!
    .-= Lesley @ The Design File´s last blog ..Orange: Is it the new neutral in home decor? =-.

  5. laney

    …you are a lovely young woman melissa…who inspires not only the love of home…but the love of people …and your grateful heart always comes shining through…

    • Melissa

      Thanks Laney, very sweet of you to say! :-) I appreciate it.

  6. Kathy

    It looks great Melissa! Darcy did a wonderful job. I noticed a difference as soon as I clicked in and saw your “Welcome to the Inspired Room” box.

  7. Traci Hutcherson

    I love the changes Darcy has made to your blog! Looks great.
    Darcy is creating a new blog design for me the first week of May and I can hardly wait! Seeing your design makes me even MORE excited! Yeah!
    .-= Traci Hutcherson´s last blog ..Great Gift Ideas! =-.

  8. Laryssa

    It looks wonderful!
    .-= Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home´s last blog ..New Creation =-.

  9. Amanda

    Melissa, it really does look fantastic. :) I love how you have everything organized!!
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..The Peacock Shop (Giveaway!) =-.

  10. Vee

    Call me officially “Confused.” I haven’t been reading your blog all along? When I find more time, I’ll be back to snoop into all the corners and figure out if I need to change/add information for you in my own corner.
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..Palm Sunday =-.

    • Melissa

      You’ve been here all along, Vee! No need to worry and nothing to change on your part. Not much has changed except I reorganized a little so people can find stuff they are looking for! Same place, same content, same address, same me! :-)

  11. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    I’ve always loved your blog, but this is just wonderful. Congratulations on your “new” home!

  12. Megan

    You know, I always liked it before, but the fresh face is so nice! I love Darcy’s work, now if only she could squeeze me in, that popular chick.

    P.S. I know readers and email are convenient, but the “feel” of a blog is half the fun for me and I always come here to read, it feels nice here. :)
    .-= Megan @ Meanwhile, back at the ranch´s last blog ..Weekend Plans =-.

  13. Rona

    Very cool. I really enjoy my visits to your blog. Your home is so beautiful. After almost a living a year in our “temporary” place we have decided to clean out our storage and create a home.
    I’m not sure if it was on your blog or not where I read that one should put making your current living arrangements a home but I’m now taking that advice.
    Keep up the great work.
    .-= Rona´s last blog .."Look Mom! No Cavities!" =-.

  14. Debi

    Darcy does it again! Now we can be *inspired* in a whole new way.
    Love it.
    .-= Debi´s last blog ..Raising Patriots II =-.

  15. Sarah

    I’m loving how organised things are here now – I particularly like the inspiration board!
    .-= Sarah @ Natural History (was Passementerie!)´s last blog ..Stockholm Elegance =-.

  16. Diane

    Hi Melissa –

    Your blog looks so fresh now. I am doing a bit of spring cleaning myself. There are so many ways to re- organize, it is hard to decide which will be the right way, plus trying to get your vision across so the designer understands can be a bit difficult. You and Darcy at Graphically Designing did a great job. Nicely orgainized, updated, but still has The Inspired Room feel to it. You must be :) with how it came out.
    .-= Diane @ InMyOwnStyle´s last blog ..Day 3 Give-A-Way Winner of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution =-.

  17. heidi

    Well done! Looks GREAT!! Love me some organization, in ANY form. ;)
    .-= heidi @ wonder woman wannabe´s last blog ..Re-Ignite Date Night {#31} =-.

  18. Liz

    It looks beautiful, I really love it! I need to organise mine, stuff is all over the place. Well done Darcy!

  19. Kathy

    I love your website and visit everyday. It is the first decorating blog that I ever encountered! I do love the new look. i am wondering if you might like just a little feedback from an everyday reader. The first days that I came to the new look I searched a very long time to find the archives. Once I found it, it seemed simple, but I have learned in life, if I have trouble with something, there is likely that someone else might have the same difficulty. Anyway, today I read your intro to your new look and thought you might like the feedback.

    Thanks Melissa,

    • Melissa

      Thanks Kathy. The archives were actually hidden for about a week! We just put up the link below the inspiration board. I’m sorry for that week where you couldn’t find it, but you were not going crazy, it just wasn’t linked from the home page at all! You definitely would have had to do some major searching to find it.

      Hopefully it will be easier to find now that the link is directly under the inspiration board. If not, we’ll have to get some flashing lights or something :-)!

      Thanks for reading! :-)

  20. Minnesotamom

    Love it! The categories make it so much easier to find things. Congrats on your renovation. :)
    .-= Minnesotamom´s last blog ..The “Fit” Challenge =-.

  21. Grace

    I noticed some changes last week and thought they looked great. It always seems to get worse before it gets better, doesn’t it? You are definitely at the looking better phase.
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..Blogs that have Inspired Me =-.

  22. Mary Joy

    So you have been spring cleaning with spring fever for a bit! It looks great!!!! I love your new current look…very impressive looking! Nice!

    Thanks for the tour!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

    Mary Joy
    .-= Mary Joy @ Life Moments´s last blog ..We found a house…let the nesting begin!!! =-.

  23. Becky K.

    I love the changes…they are very pretty and I am sure user-friendly, as well.

    Just wanted you to know that my order from your shop arrived in great shape and I will be putting it to good use this week for my son’s 19th Birthday party! Look for pictures after Thursday.

    Becky K.
    .-= Becky K.´s last blog ..Prayers Appreciated =-.

  24. Diana

    You are inspiring me to update my blog. Love how you’ve got things organized!

  25. Mary Jean

    it is super fab!!! makes you want to hang out here all day long!
    .-= Mary Jean´s last blog ..The Nutshell =-.

  26. Irene

    I love the redesign. It’s so much cleaner.
    .-= Irene´s last blog ..Dining – Alfresco =-.

  27. teresa

    Love what you have done with the place =)
    I need to do the same thing, get organized- maybe I can talk one of my children into helping me some time soon… I don’t do well with a lot of “tech” stuff like URL, Html, code etc. etc.
    You are an amazing lady, thanks for a wonderful place to visit in the morning.
    Happy Day
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Easter Decorations- =-.

  28. Darcy

    Awwww, thanks, gf. You are a joy to work with. <3

  29. Michelle "Chaos Caretaker"

    Your new look is inspirational in and of itself. I not only enjoy decorating, but organizing items in an intentional way makes me feel in charge of my direction. Your new search categories make me believe that this is what my blog aspires to be when it grows up.
    .-= Michelle “Chaos Caretaker”´s last blog ..Win a Mention for Your Blog in a New Magazine! =-.

  30. lorrie

    love the new layout

  31. Diane Westbrook

    I have kept all of your colums for the last year or so and then when the 31 days blog started, I no longer receive anything from the “Inspired Room”….I have no idea what might have happened and I have even looked to see if they might have slipped into the Spam mail…but…not there…so please put me back on the list to receive your “inspiring” blog! Thanks a million!


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